186 comments on “Hindu Women in India Found Raped and Chopped Into Pieces by Muslims

  1. Wonder why America TV such as CNN won’t show this in the news? they would show it when God forbidd it happened to Muslim or Christian women. Whatever the race is, this is disgusting! what is Indian Priminister doing a about it? and the Muslim chif minister of Aasam? All are cowards. india needs Narendrea modi in every state.

    • Two days after the fall of Baghdad, CNN’s chief news executive Eason Jordan confessed in a New York Times editorial that he concealed knowledge of the vicious and brutal tactics of Saddam Hussein’s regime in order to protect CNN’s Baghdad bureau and the Iraqi employees on the bureau’s staff. (Protect, not in terms of “safety” but to insure that Hussein allowed CNN to maintain a news bureau in Iraq) CNN and MSNBC are the Democrat party’s equivalent of Hitler’s “Der Sturmer”.

      • re: hitman; Wow… Does’t surprise me at all. That seems to be the modus operandi of this marxist-islamic regime headed by one who is a true “obamanation” to our beloved republic.

        Thank you for sharing the truth !!

        And, Thank you for reading sharia unveiled !

      • re: Ali;

        Sharll is correct !

        I know, I know… the daily stories for 1,500 years about beheadings, stonings, acid burnings, hangings, attacking Judeo-Christian Churches, Murdering Jews, Murdering Judeo-Christians, etc.,etc. is all just one big conspiracy against the poor little peaceful, loving muslims right?

        Yeah… right.

      • You speak the truth! I knew this since before he was president but everyone callede crazy! But now only one half of Americans believe he is! But for his true faith of Islam, and teachings given to him, no one in congress will call him what he is, a Muslim!! We all in America have our beads up our asses which we won’t need worry once the Muslims take over because we won’t have a head to stick up our Assad!

      • yes…wish I could defend him but i’d be more inclined to add to your comment

      • You guys are dumb or haven’t seen much of the world. Then you would know those acts are acts of religious fanatics not ‘Muslims’ in general. Just as there are Christian fanatics and Jewish fanatics. And don’t yall start about mass murders. Christians are huge in homocides (Indians, Jews, Russians, not to forget the numerous innocent men, women and kids killed in Irak and Afghanistan). Oh and btw your President Obama is a great, intelligent man with great ambitions trying to clean the mess that Bush left behind. He’s trying to keep your shit together and you should be proud to have him as President. If you knew anything but coca cola and wonderbra, you would know how bad the State’s reputation is worldwide and what a great job he does to change that.

      • re: Blubb;

        You are really ignorant. But, I bet you hear that a lot.

        In one sentence you condemn the deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan and in the next sentence you praise Obama. The one who did it!!

        You are blinded by your own hypocrisy! Obama has more innocent blood on his hands than Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin and Genghis Khan combined!

        Christians are NOT chopping up Hindus, Sikhs are NOT chopping up Jews, Hindus are NOT chopping up Christians and Buddhists are NOT chopping up Sikhs..

        ..but, MUSLIMS are chopping them ALL up. Every religion listed above peacefully accepts and coexists with each other..but, Islam does NOT believe in Peaceful Coexistance.. but rather, Hate, Domination and Submission.

        How many stories have you read about Hindus flying planes into buildings, Buddhist Suicide Bombers or Sikhs shooting missiles into Israel?

        The truth is.. Islam is a Death Cult that must be completely eradicated from the planet.

        Until it is.. there will NEVER be any hope for world peace.

        s/m @ sharia unveiled

      • I agree Sharill. He does not want us to know how bad it really is. He said just last week that “America will be an Islamic nation by 2016.” May God forbid it.

    • Milton Friedman, American Nobel Laureate Economist

      “While extolling the various aspects of Sikhs, he has said that Sikhs not only fill the hunger of India but they keep a watch over India. They have also played a major role in securing India’s freedom. According to him, if India comes solely under the authority of the Sikhs, then the problems of degeneration and poverty will be solved. The fear of any foreign invasion will cease to exist.”

      Narendra Modi? The same guy who hates sikhs himself and promised to wipe us out? you sir are a fucking idiot. He is just another wolf in sheep’s clothing.

      p.s. don’t say manmohan singh is a sikh PM..wearing a Turban doesn’t make him a Sikh. His actions show he dislikes his own people and prefers to be the spoon of Sonya gahndi and other hindus…(and no, not all hindus are bad, but a majority have serious issues)

      • re: Manny;

        I take it you are a Sikh.

        My brother.. now is not the time to facilitate discourse and division among the peaceful and loving beliefs of Judaism/Judeo-Christianity, Sikhism, Hinduism and Buddhism. Now is the time for us all to unite together against Islam. We must stand united, shoulder to shoulder.. and fight this evil force of Islam, that seeks to enslave or murder you.. just as it seeks to enslave or murder me.

        I encourage you to reach out to your Hindu, Buddhist and Jewish/Judeo-Christian Brothers and Sisters.. and ask them to unite together with you against Islam.

        I assure you of this.. if you go in peace.. with a loving heart.. they will receive you in peace.. with a loving heart.

        The “Bigger Man” is the one who reaches out first. You will be welcomed and viewed as a great man with honor.

        If you live in India and would like to be introduced to some wonderful people in an awesome organization.. please respond here and let me know. My friend in India and myself set up an organization in India to fight Islam. In this group there are people of all of the religions I mentioned.. several Sikhs.

        In Peace and Love,

        s/m @ sharia unveiled

      • When did Narendra Modi say even one word against Sikhs? Never. In fact, the BJP has always been pro-Sikh. Always.

      • @manny…I have been living in India since you were still in the liquid form. After reading your comments I can’t understand that how come out of 9 million sperms …you made it!
        Narender Modi does not like religion in national growth. He has repeatedly challenged congress(I) party that ” Don’t play politics of religion play politics of development.” The Congress(I) party id unable to take up the challenge as they have never done any development- Only scams. The gandhi family that controls India has never been challenged before , like today. Did you know there has never been a riot in Gujarat since 2002. But in the congress(I) or their political partner states there riots since 1947. In India the general elections are scheduled for 2014. The congress(I) as usual is paying cash in billions to stay in power. In Gujarat, Muslims Members of legislative assembly have switched to BJP(modi’s party) because inspite of being in his opposition , he , modi, spent generous amount of money in developing their(muslim localities). Modi’s mantra is ” No religion is higher than Nationalism”. Oh BTW…forgot to tell you that I am a Sikh and was in delhi in 1984 when we were dragged out on the street , with a tyre around our necks, hands tied behind our back…and and then set on fire-alive. I escaped those days but the memory of what happened kills me daily. Manmohan singh is NOT a SIKH! He was instrumental in getting those responsible for the sikh riots …aquitted. Also all the readers are requested to google ” nehru-gandhi family tree” , to see for yourself that Gandhi is an adopted name to achieve political ends and has nothing to with Mahatma Gandhi.

      • re: Mohammad Safa;

        Greetings to you.

        Are you sure no Muslim could ever do such a thing?

        Does al-Quran not instruct the Muslim to do these things to the infidel?

        Let’s take a look, shall we…

        Quran (8:12) – “I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them”

        Quran (5:33) – “The punishment of those who wage war against Allah and His messenger and strive to make mischief in the land is only this, that they should be murdered or crucified or their hands and their feet should be cut off on opposite sides or they should be imprisoned; this shall be as a disgrace for them in this world, and in the hereafter they shall have a grievous chastisement”

        Quran (2:191-193) – “And slay them wherever ye find them, and drive them out of the places whence they drove you out, for persecution [of Muslims] is worse than slaughter [of non-believers]… but if they desist, then lo! Allah is forgiving and merciful. And fight them until persecution is no more, and religion is for Allah.”

        Quran (2:216) – “Fighting is prescribed for you, and ye dislike it. But it is possible that ye dislike a thing which is good for you, and that ye love a thing which is bad for you. But Allah knoweth, and ye know not.”

        Quran (4:89) – “They but wish that ye should reject Faith, as they do, and thus be on the same footing (as they): But take not friends from their ranks until they flee in the way of Allah (From what is forbidden). But if they turn renegades, seize them and slay them wherever ye find them; and (in any case) take no friends or helpers from their ranks.”

        - – - – - – - – - -

        I think we both know ‘the Muslim’ is very capable of the greatest, most horrific crimes against humanity.

        Muslims are slaughtering the Hindus.

        Muslims are slaughtering the Christians.

        Muslims are slaughtering the Buddhists.

        Muslims are slaughtering the Jews.

        Muslims are slaughtering the Sikhs.

        Muslims are slaughtering the atheists.

        - – - – - – -

        Do you know who the #1 Murderer of Muslims are?

        Other Muslims.

        Yes, the Muslims murder the Alawite and Shi’a Muslims in Syria.

        The Muslims murder the Ahmadiyya Muslims in SE Asia.

        - – - – - – - – - -

        There cannot be peace on earth until Islam is eradicated.

        s/m @ sharia unveiled

      • Gr8 response to muslims…actually adding pig grease to waterballoons is great! workd all the time

    • It does happen to Christians, Budahist and honor killings of muslim women. It happens everyday.

      • just because it happens does not make It right. These people who do this are not of any religion- They take the torah the bible the vedas and the quaran literally. Women came from the same place as men -the womb they will go to the same place as women . I abhor any violent treatment to women I am one. Old traditions re women must be protested and honour killings must be punished

    • Jagjit i agree with you however they are not reporting Christian deaths either including in Egypt last year where dozens were crucified in the presidents courtyard we are not getting the news in the USA not even all that is being done by our government

    • They wouldn’t show it regardless of what women the MuzzPiggies did it to, dear. Showing MuzzPiggie brutality in all it’s “glory” goes entirely against their narrative, and must be suppressed at all costs.

    • Unfortunately, I doubt if CNN or any of the mainstream news stations other than FOX would even show it if it happened to Christian Women… as you say ALL are cowards even here.

      • I balance all the networks including Al-Jazeera because you have to throw them all in the proverbial blender and filter it to find the real truth. It also helps to have contacts internationally…

    • You are right that it does not matter who it is, except that there is basically only one worldview causing this, but you are mistaken if you think this would be broadcast on CNN if it were a Christian woman. CNN and the Obama administration hate anyone that is peaceful, which includes us both.

    • THey will not show it on our mainstream media because we have a Muslim in the White House. Sad to say, those of us who are against the pretender in the Oval Office are bound by legal resources to get him out.The Mainstream media here, CNN, CBS, MSNBC, to name a few are LYING to our people. We are under attack as well – only we are not allowed to hear about it in the press.

    • They don’t report Christian Coptic women getting raped in Egypt do they? No, I think that the Christians are lumped with the Hindus right now and forgotten by the press.

    • Bless you for noting that, why wouldn’t CNN show this? and it’s annoying and embarrassing that this so called muslims are raping & killing women just cause they are not muslims like them, I mean who gave them the right to judge anybody religion. I am short of world but I hope his stops.

    • @Jagjit, forget about US media, even the Indian media will not show anything that happens against the Hindus, because in India, people widely believe that Secularism means anti-Hindu. Else, how would you justify people still voting for a communal party like the Congress, BSP, SP, etc. BJP is the most secular party in India. Talking of US policies, they are not willing to give Visa to Modi, the most secular leader in India, yet they give visas to Congress leaders who openly create policies against Hindus.

    • A tiny mistake: when Christian women are killed and/or raped, there will be no news either. See the recent rapes, burnings and killings of Christians in egypt and syria…. not a peep.

      BUT you are definitely right, that as soon as a muslim is badly treated, you will hear it over and over again, all over the press.

      Maybe we should follow the example of the Buddhists in Myanmar.

    • American TV is used by the government to make us trust the Muslim Future dictator of america Mr Obama , the indian people are submitting out of fear and the Muslim Cheif minister of aasam He is no coward he i am sure is nodding his head in approval of these women being delt with by proper islamic law ….Islam is a cancer on the butt cheek of the world and is focused only on jihad

    • Oh, really Carlos? So, please share…what exactly was the violence that began the 1500-year rampage that the Muslims have been on?

    • Rough men stand ready to do harm so that freedom may be lived in peace. There is terrorist violence- and then there is the fight for freedom. As long as there are those who will victimize such as Sharia Law, there will be those who are willing to die to stop them.

  2. muslims must be kicked out of india and islaam must be banned in the whole world also all madarasas and mosquas should be destroyed ———

    • re: bhagavaan; I could not agree more…
      Islam is the “false religion” of satan… and the muslims are his workers of all that is evil in this world.

      The Jewish People, the Judeo-Christians, the Hindu’s, the Buddhists… and many other true, peaceful, loving faiths… all can live together in harmony.

      There is only one thing standing in the way of a peaceful earth… and that is the muslim who desires to eradicate all of the above.

      Islam is a disease, of which, there is no cure. Therefore, It must me eradicated immediately.

      Blessings be upon you, bhagavaan and all of those you love!

      Thank you for reading… sharia unveiled.

      • re: Gary M. — Very well said…!! I could not agree more !! Islam is definitely a religion of satan. Just look at the evidence… “A tree shall be known by the fruit that it bears..”

        Islam is “Anti-Christian” … (ie. “Anti-Christ”..!) It is of the “Anti-Christ.”, himself. Their stated goal is to… “purge the earth of ALL Jews and Christians!” and to “…seek out the Jew and Christian and slaughter them..” They are sick, twisted, evil bastards..!!

        They chop up bodies… human lives… that God Created. God made those lives…all so precious, in His Image… and, they have absolutely no regard for the sanctity of life at all. They throw acid on their own beautiful women, stone their women, subjugate and enslave them. Enslave, …not just in the physical… but rather, enslave in the spirit. They break their women down and hold their spirits hostage. Their women must be so scared and so withdrawn into their own little dark corner of their heart…

        I wish i could free them all… and show them the way to the true light of love that exists.

        Gary… I know every muslim is the child of Our Lord thy God… just as we are. I must remind myself of this. God created them and loves them… just as He loves us.

        The muslim is lost … and, I do mean lost in satan’s grasp. Without islam… the muslim would probably be a loving, gentle person. But, islam… teaches hate.. preaches hate… and delivers it every chance it gets. The greatest threat to ALL “religions”…ALL faiths… ALL beliefs.. and to the earth and civilization itself… is Islam..!!

        Thank you for writing us Gary… Please keep it up… and blessed are you my brother…. for you truly are your brother’s keeper !! — s/m @ sharia unveiled

      • Sharia, Hitler was not a Muslim so why the holocaust….hmmmmmm ….. can you pleaseeeee educate me LOL …. What you are saying and thinking and maybe even act upon puts you in the same category as all those exterminates of all religions. Open the Bible and read something that God wrote you may actually learn some truth and find some peace.

      • re: Melissa;

        Whether Hitler was a convert to Islam may never be known.. but, not only did he closely identify with Islam.. but, he often praised Islam. I have photos on this site of him with the Mufti of Jerusalem (the muslim leader), the Mufti saluting his troops with the NAZI salute, and others..

        Jihad literally means “our struggle” and Hitler wrote a book called “Mein Kampf” which means ..”My Struggle..”

        but anyway, Hitler was an antisemite of the highest order. His goal was to eliminate ALL Jews and Christians from the face of the planet.

        Most people do not even know that Hitler stated.. “..once I’ve finished with the last of the Jews.. I’m coming for the Christians..”

        Hmmm.. the same two groups of people the muslims seek to eliminate. Coincidence? I think not.

        The muslims did not get their “idea” to exterminate Jews/Judeo-Christians from Hitler.. but rather, Hitler learned it from the Muslims.

        Perhaps you should consider spending a little less time judging others falsely and a little more time educating yourself.

        s/m @ sharia unveiled

      • I think you should immediately become a muslim. Their Prophet really treats women well. These verses from Quran are especially for you. Enjoy!

        Bukhari:V5B59N512 “The Prophet had their men killed, their woman and children taken captive.”

        Ishaq: 676 “‘You obey a stranger who encourages you to murder for booty. You are greedy men. Is there no honor among you?’ Upon hearing those lines Muhammad said, ‘Will no one rid me of this woman?’ Umayr, a zealous Muslim, decided to execute the Prophet’s wishes. That very night he crept into the writer’s home while she lay sleeping surrounded by her young children. There was one at her breast. Umayr removed the suckling babe and then plunged his sword into the poet. The next morning in the mosque, Muhammad, who was aware of the assassination, said, ‘You have helped Allah and His Apostle.’ Umayr said. ‘She had five sons; should I feel guilty?’ ‘No,’ the Prophet answered. ‘Killing her was as meaningless as two goats butting heads.’”

        Women, slaves and camels are same; must seek Allah’s refuge from all these…(Sunaan Abu Dawud 11.2155)

        A prayer is annulled by a passing woman, dog and a monkey…( Shahih Bukhari 1.9.490)

        Volume 1, Book 9, Number 490:

        Narrated ‘Aisha:

        The things which annul the prayers were mentioned before me. They said, “Prayer is annulled by a dog, a donkey and a woman (if they pass in front of the praying people).” I said, “You have made us (i.e. women) dogs. I saw the Prophet praying while I used to lie in my bed between him and the Qibla. Whenever I was in need of something, I would slip away. for I disliked to face him.”

        There are many more,but as a beginner this should satisfy you.

    • Hey SATANS dont say more with out any proofs.Read Quraan and study What is Islam then comment Please,Islam is not a religion of riot and terrorism its also a religion of peace,But some Muslims are terrorists its not a mistake of Islam.Also many terrorists of all other religions but this is not the fault of any religion. People like you (All of the bad commentors) become terrorists and satan
      because of your culture ,Please dont blame any religion.once again please Learn Quraan.

      • islam is a religion of terrorism mohamad SAW is a big terrorist he killed million of innocent people he raped a 9 year old girl Ayesha i hate islam and request all non muslims wake up and fight against religion of terrorism and kill all muslim terrorists no kindness for muslims this is the cancer of all world wake up

      • Please Mr Indian Muslim, don’t play a wise man. If people learn Quraan, they become TERRORISTS. All terrorists recite Quraan all day long and while committing terrorist acts. I know what the Quraan says. Don’t fool yourself.

      • very soon the Lamb of God, the Son returns in Glory… The One slain before the foundations of the earth;; no prophet He but lord of lords ..King of kings …Alpha and OMEGA… repent and be saved.. for even the stones shall praise Him.. they cannot conceal your heart..He is not your ally.. but your Salvation ..IF you believe and are born again.. there is no other way..Indian muslim.

      • If islam is a religion of peace, then why are there so many atrocities committed by muslims in recent years? And why are all the ‘peaceful muslims’ saying NOTHING to denounce the ‘terroristic muslims’? I had a friend who studied the quran. It is not all peaceful as you claim. You could not pay me enough to learn the quran.

      • Every muslim is a devil, demon. If not he/ she is not muslim. That is Pislam. Fu*k allah. Fu*k Pislam. *____ all muslims. Burn all QURANS.

        * Denotes Moderation

    • if there were no islam in india and other part of the world then you would have never learned about humanity, respect and knowledge, this is very true about Islam, the picture you see can’t prove that it is done by muslims, if you read about Islam and its teaching then you would understand about the true religion. No one has ever been able to talk to prove their religion as true religion in front of any muslim speakers, Zakir Naik is the big example, speaks with truth, proof and with comparison, the religion you have, whatever, we muslims know it better than you, actually we even can’t call it religion, so you have to be thankful to live alongside the muslims so that they learn the real clean and respectful life

      • Really….! The problem is if you’re a good person, you can’t be a “good” Muslim and you don’t qualify to speak on the “good” Muslims’ behalf. Pick your choice.

      • Zakir Naik ???? WTF ….he is a terrorist banned in many countries ….. search in google Zakir Naik Banned …you will get it

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  5. This is truly sickening, the fact that this can happen in the name of religeon make’s me sick to the bottom of my stomach, I myself am a none beliver , so i suppose i would be killed by muslim’s if they could find me, the muslim faith is truly warpped and twisted and should be wiped off the face of the earth.

  6. Reblogged this on Brainlogs and commented:
    Alhoewel ik deze blog niet gebruik voor racistische propaganda wil ik toch dit afschuwelijk nieuwsbericht delen.
    Even ter attentie: Deze daden zijn niet gekoppeld aan alle Moslims, maar een kleine gemeenschap Indiërs die zichzelf Moslims noemen. Het bericht dateert van 11 augustus 2012. (ongeveer een anderhalve maand)

    Toch raar dat zulke gruweldaden de Mainstream Media niet halen. Zulke en verschillende andere nieuwsberichten verneem je niet via MSM maar wel via Social Media.

  7. When one sees the gruesome effects of the “religion of peace,” it becomes more difficult for the “nice” people who believe such nonsense as a “religion of peace” to explain except — as above — to rationalize “violence begets violence.” The vapidity of such a comment is extraordinary. Were it true, similar gruesome violence could be documented from followers of Christianity, Judaism, and other world religions. This is not possible. The regularity of cruel, deadly attacks on non-Muslims by Muslims is testimony that Islam is incompatible with the modern, civil world. While socialism in all its forms has killed hunreds of millions, the tally from Islam since its inception far eclispes that horrible number. “Violence begets violence” is an empty phrase, while defending one’s culture from such muderous assault is a necessary requirement to the freedom of the world today and in the future. Thank you for posting this photo.

    • re: SW; What an educated, intelligent and well written contention. I could not agree with you more.

      Islam is the “false religion” of the devil. (Literally, Not rhetorically). They are the religion of the “Anti-Christ.” Their stated goal is to pruge the earth of ALL Christians and Jews. The muslim is most definitely the “worker of satan” on earth.

      They lack the mental fortitude to offer a defence to their archaic evilness. Primarily, because their can be no defence viable for their savagery and barbaric practices.

      Do governments and their leaders speak out against the evil practices of Islam and attempt to enforce laws against such attrocities as those in that photo??

      Absolutely Not !!

      They just attack us who point out the evil for what it truly is…

      The New World Order (ie) One World Government Charter only allows for the practice of one religion. It calls for the elimination and eradication of all others.

      Would you like to guess which one religion they deemed… “viable and sustainable” for the future of the world?

      You are certainly welcome, SW for the photo.

      I will always print the truth here. ALWAYS !!

      I fear not their threats, their intimidations, their unjust laws… or anything else they have.

      I answer to a much higher authority…

      Thank you for taking the time, SW to write your articulate comment… and, thank you for reading sharia unveiled.

      I hope to hear from you soon…

  8. I pray to my God, Christian, Hindu, Buddist or whatever that Mohammed is stopped. This is not right. Why is a fourteeth century country taking over the world? Why is the sane world letting this happen?Thank you Pamela Geller for all your good work. It is time for the sane world to stand up.


  10. The real question here is where does this kind of narcissistic rage and shame come from? What provoke such sadistic behavior? SHAME is behind this, and who place shame in these muslim minds? Probably the islam way of making everybody a slave to the religion. This is obviously disturbed minds.

    • Rune, I have a great uncle by the name of Rune, and other than yourself, I’ve never see it outside of my family.

  11. Secondly, Muslims should not merely be treated the same as everybody else, but should be made to pay the price of their totally negative antisocial and damaging presence in our countries.

    - Muslim immigration must be stopped.

    - Islam’s status as a religion should be rescinded.

    - Muslims must be regarded as enemy aliens and banned from sensitive occupations where they may be a security risk.

    - All illegal Muslim immigrants must be deported, or if they can’t be sent back to their countries of origin they must be held in internment camps until some country will accept them.

    - All Muslims guilty of serious crimes must be deported.

    - Translation at public expense must be stopped.

    - All Muslim clergy must be put under surveillance and deported at the first sign of trouble.

    - Muslims who leave the country should not be allowed back in unless they can prove they were here legally in the first place.

    - Cousin marriage must be banned to disrupt their breeding cycle and spare the Health Service the cost of their inbred offspring.

    - Muslim welfare parasitism must be clamped down on rigorously. Hopefully they may move elsewhere once they realise they’re no longer going to get a free ride.

    - We need to get out of the EU to prevent other EU countries ‘Muzzie-dumping’ on us.

    - Remains of terrorists should be buried in pigskin, Russian style, to prevent them entering paradise.

    - Extended families of terrorists should be rounded up and deported as accomplices, since family members often encourage terrorism in the hope of a free ride to paradise.

    - Unbelievers should boycott Muslim businesses and products.


      • re: Hashrat Ali;

        See, that is one of the primary reasons muslims today cannot advance themselves as a society. You could look at that picture and say…”that is terrible that any person or people would do that to another human being… I am going to speak out against those attrocities and attempt to stop them…”

        But no… muslims just point the finger at other people. They seek to find fault in others. They refuse to simply acknowledge their own hypocracy.

    • To Faded Glory: I totally agree with everything you said. Looks like you have it all covered. Now, how do we make it happen?

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    • re: nertew;

      This story was received through a media outlet. If you notice, this occured on 11 August 2012. It would not be in the news now.

      Second, It was never reported in the Main Stream Media (MSM) because things of this nature never are.

      And, Why? Because it would expose islam as being the evil religion of torture and hate that it truly is.

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  20. Islam is a religion of pure violence.What is the point of killing people whom god lovingly created just to please him.Do you really think this stuff would really please god?It is true Islam cannot exist without violence.These people take pride in killing their own people.Who are these Islamists to decide who has the right to live and who doesn’t.The people following Islam don’t remain people.They become slaughtering machines with heart of stone.In India,the country where i live,all the religions exist peacefully and moreover it is such a beautiful site to see people of different religions visiting other religion’s religious places.But in the case of Islam it is like-”you have betrayed your religion by going to a church,a temple or monastery, so you have no right to live you will be killed most painfully”.These Islamic people chop people like “wood” .Even the animals of slaughter are killed most painfully and if they are killed painlessly then they become unfit for for consumption.what the hell is this logic?this is a sure sign of insanity and brutality.Muslims themselves are not bad,they can be good and loving but the satanic rituals and values taught in Islam make them gruesome.
    All the religions like Christianity, Hinduism, buddhism, Jews etc are like brothers.They are children of one father that is GOD.But the father of Islam is Satan.We all have to get together and get the world to know about reality of Islam and stop the disease before its too late.
    (if someone wants to know which religion i belong to,i am a christian, a Hindu, a Buddhist and all the religions that support true God that is all the religions which exist peacefully and live with harmony.)
    Always remember God is one and religions are just the different paths leading to ONE GOD.But the sad part is Islam is the religion leading to SATAN.

    • re: abhinav;

      Very, very well stated! I absolutely agree with everything you wrote! Why? Because you have written the truth. All of the true peaceful and loving faiths of the world must unite! Judaism/Judeo-Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism etc. are all brothers and sisters of the One True Creator of all. The one loving God. We have all coexisted together, with an admiration and respect for our own unique paths.

      But, Yes.. you are exactly correct. Islam cannot ‘coexist’ with any other faith. Islam is rooted in darkness, hate, deception and domination. Islam is the “false-religion” of Satan. Their followers are the Army of the Anti-Christ! They are the Army of Evil on Earth!

      Abhinav, please continue to spread the message you have shared here with me and our readers. Please reach out to ALL of the peaceful and loving faiths in India.. and bring them together. Go to them in peace and they will receive you in peace. Reach out to both the leaders and the followers of Judaism/Judeo-Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism etc. and explain to them that we must unite our faiths against the evil of Islam or it will consume us all. Then, encourage each of the people you speak with to do the same thing themselves. I promise you.. you will make a difference. I promise you.. that the seed you plant will come into season and bare fruit of beauty for India.

      Remember Abhinav, it all begins with one brave person of courage willing to share the truth. You are that person.

      Blessings of Love and Peace be upon you and all of the ones you love!

      Please do keep in contact wth me… and, I will assist you and work with you in every way possible.


      s/m @ sharia unveiled

      • Yes ,you too are absolutely right.For a few people out of billions,its is difficult to bring about a change.But if we unite we can surely uplift the world from the evil Islam.We have to spread the word and truth about Islam so each one knows.As per your suggestion,i would like to inform you that i have already started some meetings regarding to brutality of Islam.Each of my member is actually making an effort to bring the change specially,by educating others about Islam and its brutal past and present.According to recent surveys conducted by members of my group the most prominent reason that people do not rise and protest against Islam is “fear”.Fear of these Muslims as they can go to any extent of brutality.They are afraid to raise their voices fearing that they might be killed.WE must find a way to overcome this fear.Another sad part of the story is that my group had also tried to make some of the Muslims realize the evil they are doing but their efforts bore no fruits.Islam has brainwashed these people so they do not and do not want to understand difference between good and bad.All they think of is “our very fine and great religion-Islam”.
        I personally recommend that we the people should make up some communities to fight against this evil as it is rightly said”a single stick can be broken easily but a group of sticks cannot”.we all have to spread the word,the truth and the fine print about Islam.
        My personal appeal to the readers of this blog is that they should try to spread the word about this blog so that the world comes to know about the reality.
        sharia unveiled,i will keep you updated regarding the progress of my local group.

      • re: abhinav;

        Wow.. that is wonderful that you already have a group doing this great mission. Yes.. from one, will come two.. and from the two, shall come four. And, from the four shall cometh forth a multitude. I have learned that most things that we aquire easily and without hard work are rarely worth possessing. From our labor and our dedication to the truth.. we will achieve a bountiful and abundant harvest.

        I have readers and followers in all 195 nations of the world. India is actually my third largest nation of readers, only behind that of: 1. United States and 2. United Kingdom. I tell you this for the reason that, If you would ever like to bring attention to your group and your mission, Please feel free to let me know and I will gladly write an article about your group and mission. This is just something for you to think about and there is no hurry. My offer will always be open for you. As I am sure you are aware.. much thought and prayers must be given to this before-hand. There is always the increased possibility at inherent danger that comes with increased visibility, when speaking about islam. I know you already know that. There are methods of providing a “wall of protection” between “you” (the real person) and the information provided publicly.

        Your email address is visible to me (and me only) inside of my website statistics. If you would ever like to discuss certain things between us in private, please just inform me here to send you an email and I will do so. In turn, you will be provided my email address so discussions will not be visible to everyone.

        Thank you for the compliment on my website and yes.. please feel free to share it with your group and anyone else you would like. You are welcome to send me stories and photos etc. on islam in india, news, activities, etc. and I will gladly publish them. I am sure a lot occurs in India that does not make it on the news or maybe even out of the country.

        Thank you again, abhinav!

        Blessings and Peace on you and your group.

        s/m @ sharia unveiled

    • Jesus is; “‘the stone you builders rejected,
      which has become the cornerstone.’
      Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to mankind by which we must be saved.” Acts 4:11-12

      Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. John 14:6

      This is the truth of God’s identity. All other religions must repent and join with Christians as brothers saved by His shed blood.

  21. Firstly, I am very glad that I found people like you and other blog readers who share the same thoughts as me and are ready to support me .I will surely send you my group’s updates and images related to Islam in my country. Moreover I will be glad to share the stories that happen with us regarding fight to end this brutality. As you know that we cannot exactly “openly fight” because of the nature of people who follow Islam and moreover the judiciary doesn’t permit criticism of any religion. However Islam Is not a religion but something negative, so much negative that no one can actually describe it.But we still make huge efforts in the hope that society wakes up from its slumber and get to know the truth about Islam. We have to fight as well as keep our identity private for our wellbeing and you know managing of two things is difficult.
    I would greatly appreciate your help if you can suggest me the way to do the two things simultaneously.
    (a private email would be appreciated)
    Moreover I have introduced this site to my group and I will talk on their behalf to you.
    Our next group meeting is on Friday where we will plan our next action and your ideas would surely be really appreciated.
    Also In a few days I would share a story with you regarding my first and presumably the last visit to Pakistan.
    May god bless you and thank you in advance.

    • re: abhinav

      I will write my response to this by email later this evening. I understand it is approximately 9:30pm in India at this moment. So, you should find it tomorrow (India time). Have a wonderful nights rest. And, I to… am thankful and blessed to have met you. s/m @ sharia unveiled

      • Brother, i am eagerly waiting for your reply.It seems that you are busy today so you don’t have time for replying.I can understand that you have many different jobs to look after.However i request you IF YOU CAN AND HAVE SPARE TIME please send me an email regarding what i asked as we are having the group meeting tomorrow.However if you are busy then you can email me at your own will as i will discuss your ideas in the next meeting probably next week.
        May God bless you.

  22. I am really thankful and i will be eagerly waiting for your reply.Thanks again and may god bless you and may he give you the strength to carry on and accomplish your mission to world peace.

  23. that’s all bullshitt,, it’s only bullshit made by cursed people they were israel zionism and the brothers who hates the noble mozlem and islam as peaceful religion for all mankind, that picture took in my country during a riot in our village, exactly in POSO indonesia, i repeat in POSO indonesia,, you can check it to UNCLE GOOGLE.. they were who killed and decapicated were our neighbour, and i know each their parents too..there were killed and mutilated when going to school by cristian people, so it’s clear now.. its only bullshitt creat by cursed zionism and the brothers..

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  26. fu*k off islam and fu*k off Muhammad message from ex-muslim. My family kick me out cuz i became an atheist and i said that muhammad is liar and killer we should stop this fu*king religion of blood.

    * Moderated for language

    • re: Hussein Shaaban

      Well.. I am very proud of you. Not so much for the atheist part.. but, when coming from islam.. even atheism is a giant leap in the right direction.

      I am just happy they kicked you out, as opposed to the alternative. Know what I mean? I see those stories everyday.

      Blessings of Peace and Love be upon you, my brother!

      s/m @ sharia unveiled

  27. I’m no fan of Islam. I firmly believe Allah is a false, pervert god and Muhammad is his is his pervert, pedophile prophet. It’s a filthy religion with a filthy god.
    But I clicked on your google link and found no stories related to the search. Curious, I searched “Assan Bodo violence” and got 12,800 links.
    So, it would seem your “link” above is bogus. If you want credibility, don’t play games like that.

    • re: zzjimsr

      Let me tell you something.. Do not come on my site making false accusations. You got it?

      The link worked properly when it was embedded almost a year ago. Did you stop to think.. perhaps the link became detrunct? Did you stop to think.. Perhaps since it is a “Google Link” maybe they archived that file? No .. you didn’t stop to think about anything!! You just shot off with your ignorance…

      Now.. “Take a hike!”

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  29. Killing people is not a true solution. It will go on year after year. The true solution is killing the demon of ignorance within the people by the sharp sword of supreme knowledge. These knowledge are about Atma (soul), paramatma (supersoul), God (Bhagavan), Nature (Prakriti) and Time (Kaal). All rubbish are happening due to lack of these knowledge. Therefore ignorance leads to bad actions, bad actions leads sin, sin leads to hell and in hell suffering of all kind for thousands of years. Kill the devil within the people not the people because everybody is acting under the order of that devil. The only way to kill that devil is by loving God. God is ‘ONE’ and has many names. Hindu call Him Krishna, Christian call Him Heavenly Father, Muslim call Him Allah and Buddhist call Him Buddha. Problem is not with God but it is with the fake followers of God. These fake followers (may be muslim, hindu, christain or buddhist) should be treated from that disease. If man fails to treat them, God Himself will treat them. But that time the treatment may be more harsh than that would have been by man. Choice is yours………….which road you choose to walk.

    If any body agree this, you can share your views……….

    • I chose to believe that Deva for awhile, but after digging into something as simple as “what would Jesus do?” and reading more of the Bible and truly just looking within, going inwards and feeling my gut instinct and listening to what I was spirit led to, I’m convinced that muslims are the “weeds among the wheat” and will be destroyed, gnashing teeth and all. islam/shariah synonymous with Satanism, period.

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  31. I couldn’t agree with this article more! Islam and other Abrahamic religions are narrow-minded, rigid, orthodox, and fundamentalist. They indoctrinate their believers from a young, impressionable age, and go on to breed bigotry and communal animosity. Unlike Hinduism which is more of a faith than a hard and fast religion, Islam outcasts those who do not adhere to its socio-cultural and religious norms. Religions like Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism are more about spirituality, enlightenment and self-awakening, which is why I do not have a problem with them (I am a Hindu agnostic at heart). They instill in us virtues such as non-violence, wisdom and love for the arts (as incarnated by Saraswati), handwork and sincerity (as personified by Karthik), prosperity and optimism (Laxmi), goodwill (Ganesh), feminine power and independence (as embodied by Durga and other shakti Goddessess), brotherhood and familial unity (Rama), discipline and intelligence (Krishna). They are not coercive like Islam, and do not stifle our basic rights and freedoms of expression, thought and belief. As a Hindu, I can follow whichever path I choose to today, for instance, I can abort my child or dress however I may please; if I were a Muslim woman, however, I would be a social pariah if I did the same. Islam marginalizes, oppresses, and silences its women; it is extremely patriarchal. Let’s not forget the manner in which it treats its animals. As an animal lover and vegetarian, I am appalled by the cruel and gory ritual of halal and believe it needs to be put an end to if we are to call ourselves a civilized, ethical society. Islam was written as a means to mobilize a primitive, war mongering race of people, unite them by means of a common cause. Its prophet was backward and barbaric, and wrote the tennets of his religion only to suit his own selfish motives. Pagan religions like Hinduism, on the other hand, are less dangerous as they worship the various facets of nature directly or through idols. Though they are plagued by their own set of problem (like casteism in the case of Hindism), they do not hamper the attainment of knowledge and self-discovery. This is the reason they are flexible and adaptable and have room for improvisation, addition and improvement. Today, if someone were to challenge a Shia tennet on the other hand, they would be faced by a fatwa or stoned to death! Islam is a deadly malady which needs a cure as soon as possible!

    To borrow the insightful words of Schopenhauer who was greatly critical of Islam, “Religion is the masterpiece of the art of animal training, for it trains people as to how they shall think.”

    • re: Bhavna;

      What a load of utter ignorance. You obviously know nothing of what you attempt to discuss.

      First, only Judaism/Judeo-Christianity (which are essentially one in the same) is the only faith born of Abraham.

      Islam has absolutely nothing to do with Abraham. It is a “false-religion” born of the moon god of paganism more than 4,000 years after Judaism.

      Additionally, for you to read an article about “MUSLIMS” slaughtering Hindus and then attempt to falsely attribute that to Judaism/Judeo-Christianty is another example of your narrow-minded, uneducated ignorance and bias.

      Judaism/Judeo-Christianity is 100% rooted in forgiveness, non-violence and loving your enemies as you love yourself.

      If you took a little time to truly study a topic before you discussed it.. you might learn something. Like the truth.

      Otherwise, to the intellectual.. you appear ignorant.

      s/m @ sharia unveiled

  32. Can someone please send this to Bill and Hillary Clinton, since Ambassador Stevens was tortured much like these women were, and he wasn’t rescued when he might have been because Hillary was too magically-preserving Obama’s Presidency on 9/11/12.

  33. We in the US are inundated by the leftist media and politicians with their bushels of tripe. They constantly cry out, “You cannot blame all of Islam for the actions of the radicalized few. What of the good and moderate Muslims?” My question is just where are these good and moderate Muslims. When Muslims flew hijacked airliners into the World Trade center, the Pentagon, and, unintentionally into a field in Pennsylvania, where were the Good and Moderate Muslims that decried this murder?

    They were NOT because they know that to contradict the Imam or his teachings of Koran, is to deny their faith. that is not going to happen. I fear that when the jihadiis really bring their wholesale “business” to the USA, they will find there are many here that will take up where the Crusades left off.

    Pax Christi, my brother in the Risen Lord Jesus!
    Rev. Fr. Joel +

    • re: Rev. Fr. Joel Osborne;

      I concur 100%.

      Thank you for doing the work for our Lord thy God.

      You have an amazing Boss, huh?

      Blessed are you my brother, for you truly are your brother’s keeper.

      A Servant and Soldier of Yeshua HaMashiach,

      s/m @ sharia unveiled

  34. Some of you are including Sikhs and Hindus in your talking points but the argument is a fallacy of equivocation: Sikh and Hindu honour killings are inspired by an Indo-European CULTURE of honour killing, most historically spread from Safavid adherents into Mughal sub-culture centuries later. That’s why you’ll see honour killings among Hindus and Sikhs even though honour killing is a violation of Sikh philosophy; it’s a bastardization of an Islamic sub-culture from endemic to the REGIONAL culture, NOT the religions. As for Islam, I cannot say the same thing, because historically, this sub-culture didn’t seem to penetrate Moorish and Ottoman culture, until recently. It makes you wonder: is it endemic to Islam, or to a region of Islamic culture which has corrupted the whole of the Indo-European world (Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Iran, etc.)? Curiously, as Islam becomes a polarizing theme of “independence and compassion” sweeping up all Islamic cultures across the globe which would normally hate one another, I’m inclined to believe this is a culture of violence inspired by Islamic doctrine, for when I read different translations of Qur’an, I’m always chastised for not understanding the original Arabic. In summary, while Sikhs and Hindus and Zoroastrians are innocent of this disgusting honour killing practice in their tractate and spiritual laws, they are guilty of accepting into their culture the sinful preoccupations of Indo-European Islam.

    • I’m sorry; Sassanid, not Safavid. Though, the hardlining Safavid Empire would also have made an impression. It’s difficult to trace honour killings that far back simply because the Safavids, who were Shi’a, had a separate law of taqiyah which Sunnis don’t observe, which was to lie to the infidel and to people of the Book to advance the spread of Islam. It’s also evident that Mohammed’s followers were the ultimate spin doctors; after his massacre of the Banu Nadiri, he is quoted in Quran as being “compassionate and merciful” enough to let the rest of the tribe live. Well, he killed all the men and boys, and trapped the young women and girls into sex slavery (as “wives” to his soldiers). If you call that mercy, then it’s a matter of perspective. So, we as non-Muslims and even other Muslims have a very difficult time getting accurate histories of Islam, its tenets and the hadith/sunnah in non-Arabic translations, and finding a line of demarcation – if any – between regional cultures within/inspired by Islam, and Shari’a. One thing is for sure: whether the Zoroastrian Sassanids were weak-willed and succumbed to Islamic pressures in the region, or whether the Shi’a Safavids spread their tyranny into it, both the Sunni Islamic presence AND the infidel Sikh and Hindu communities stink of the Islamic stench of honour killing. Thankfully, it is, again, NOT part of Sikh doctrine spiritually, which is why I pray that in gog me’gog, Jews and Christians will do their best to protect Sikhs, Hindus, Zoroastrians, Baha’i, Native Americans, and all others who are too weak in number to resist the insane honour killing culture of Islam.

  35. Lookin at this it looks like the World is going to have another World War but this time its going to be the biggest religious war….Cant everyone just go to work or do their business quietly and live in harmony and peace….what is with this hindu-muslim-sikh- christianity thing ppl…Come on learn together and live together

    • re: Mel;

      It’s not a ” hindu-muslim-sikh- christianity” thing as you referenced.. but rather, a “Muslim against everyone else” thing.

      Christians are NOT chopping up Hindus, Sikhs are NOT chopping up Jews, Hindus are NOT chopping up Christians and Buddhists are NOT chopping up Sikhs..

      ..but, MUSLIMS are chopping them ALL up. Every religion listed above peacefully accepts and coexists with each other..but, Islam does NOT believe in Peaceful Coexistance.. but rather, Hate, Domination and Submission.

      How many stories have you read about Hindus flying planes into buildings, Buddhist Suicide Bombers or Sikhs shooting missiles into Israel?

      The truth is.. Islam is a Death Cult that must be completely eradicated from the planet.

      Until it is.. there will NEVER be any hope for world peace.

      s/m @ sharia unveiled

      • Which would explain all those Islamic drone strikes…..don’t worry- they are coming. Notice how nobody blames the people who sell the arms to both sides for $$$? The arms industry is the ultimate ‘death cult’……

      • Why blame me? I don’t chop people into pieces nor do I support it. I always love the “people like me” stupidity because not only is it a shallow, ignorant statement that supposes you actually know me but it just proves my point – the only people who benefit from these actions are the people who support the folks who sell the arms and dogma for money and power. Religion only exists because of the fear of the unknown…I’m all ears if you would like to prove me different but in the mean time, open eyes and education will serve you well.
        Good luck….

      • re: James S.

        Your comments clearly reflect your ignorance of the truth, your prejudice and your willful blindness.

        I say “prejudice” because it is accurate. By definition.. it means to “prejudge without knowledge or evidence.”

        You present neither evidence nor knowledge on the subject matter which makes you appear as ignorant to the intellectual.

        You throw “all religions” in together and “stereotype” them. (Another form of prejudice.)

        Prejudice is not a disease but rather, the symptom of a disease.

        A symptom of the disease of ignorance.

        You obviously suffer from “Normalcy Bias” and “Delusions of Grandeur.” (Look them up!)

        And, a little advice to you..

        If “you” chose not to believe in in the truth.. If “you” chose not to believe in a Loving God.. then, so be it..

        ..but, do NOT attack people who do.

        That just makes you appear as an angry, hate-filled atheist.

        Remember.. YOU were the one who came on this site and decided to attack people of ALL BELIEFS!!

        That.. IS IGNORANCE!!

        p.s. I assure you my education far supercedes that of the average citizen. I worked for NASA up until Obama shut down our facility 2 years ago. Are you familiar with the prerequisitional hiring requirements for NASA ? To even be considered, you must be in the top 3% of the top 1%. Do the math Einstein.

        s/m @ sharia unveiled

      • Then perhaps you as a well educated person would understand the term ‘Ad hominem’ since you wield it well…and I never claimed to be atheistic, merely agnostic which of course means belief in spiritual path as opposed to religion. . And of course you know why NASA even exists…arms race but you knew that by working for them…their budget comes from where?
        Point being, organized religion has been the source of the biggest atrocities known to cause human-on-human annihilation and this is why I don’t participate in any sect or cult as my moral backbone…don’t need to because common sense supersedes. There is plenty of blame to go around when it comes to slaughters but to reiterate…..follow the money and who makes it as well as who manufactures the weapons and who distribute them and it becomes pretty clear. Simple economics and history….Any questions?

      • re: James S.

        Yes.. war is futile at the expense of human lives. And even one life is one too many.

        Yes.. the corporate arms industry is to blame for a lot of this.

        And, while I am prior military.. and fully support the Constitution of the United States and each and every one the Amendments to the Constitution..

        aka. the Bill of Rights.. I will acknowledge that the world would be a much better place if the first gun was never made, if the first bomb was never built and the first missile was never created.

        But, James.. we are beyond that. The bell has been rung and it cannot be “un-rung.”

        You must also acknowledge yourself that the first murder did not result from the creation of the first gun.

        There were murders with swords, murders with bows and arrows, murders with stones…etc.

        Murder is a result of the sinful heart of man.

        Please think about this:

        It is impossible for a “Judeo-Christian” to commit murder. ALL of the teachings of Judaism/Judeo-Christianity, from the beginning with the 6th Commandment that states: (Very Clearly:) “Thou shalt not commit murder” (Murder is the taking of the life of another “without justification.”

        There are so many more scriptures that clearly command (not recommend).. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you..”

        “Love thy enemy as you love thyself..” “..when someone smite thee upon thy cheek, turn to him the other cheek..” and many, many, many more..

        A person that follows “Judeo-Christianity” as it is taught.. would be incapable of violence, hatred, murder etc.

        It’s only committed by those who either do NOT follow the teachings, have never followed the teachings or falsely profess to follow the teachings.

        A “Christian” is one who follows in the way of Christ! The greatest example of true peace.

        One is NOT a “Christian”.. just because they claim to be..or just because they say they are..

        Are you an astronaut just because you may claim to be? No.. of course not. You are an astronaut when you actually get on a space shuttle and leave our atmosphere.

        Islam is completely the opposite. One who follows the teachings of Muhammad (al-hadith) to the letter.. and the revelation of allah to muhammad (al-qur’an).. are either violent, hating people.. or people with the propensity to do so.

        As “Christians” are taught to “follow in the way of Christ” (which is love and peace.) .. muslims are taught to “follow in the way of muhammad” which is War.

        Have you studied Islam? Muhammad murdered (beheaded) 900 Jews for absolutely no reason. Muhammad boasts and brags about this in al-hadith.

        He kidnapped a 6-year-old girl and had intercourse with her at the age of 9. He was in his 60′s. That is rape and molestation of a child.

        He then instructs ALL muslims to live as he lived.

        There are good muslims.. but, almost all of them are the ones that do NOT follow the teachings of Islam closely.

        (Just the opposite of “Christianity.”)

        Can you see James why I say that it is unfair for you to just.. “throw ALL religions in together.?”

        It is incorrect.

        p.s. As I am sure you could tell.. I was personally offended by your original comment and I was a little rude to you.

        My apologies to you James.

        s/m @ sharia unveiled.

      • Not only is your apology accepted but I can tell that you are indeed intelligent. Just because I am not of a single faith does not mean I have stopped my education and I am still learning . Where we fail as humans is our capacity to actually change our behavior despite our genetic code of our nature but I don’t expect that to happen in my lifetime. Our insistence of domination is a learned condition based in survival and of course what fuels submission better than a fear of the unknown? I believe that we live in a time where the changes have started for the better because of our ability to communicate internationally – there lies my sense of hope for the future. I am glad that we can at least exchange ideas…. :)

      • re: James S.

        Thank you so much for accepting my apology and for the compliments.

        Your intelligence is obvious, as well.

        That is very honorable of you and I appreciate that. I am looking forward to our future discussions.

        s/m @ sharia unveiled

      • It is always my pleasure to confer with people who examine all sides before making a judgement call – hard to do these days unfortunately.

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  37. Just more examples here in the comment section of why I am an agnostic – appears that ‘God’ is in collusion with the religious ‘rednecks’ of all races’ to be a serial killer. Pretty pathetic really…

    • re: James S.

      Christians are NOT chopping up Hindus, Sikhs are NOT chopping up Jews, Hindus are NOT chopping up Christians and Buddhists are NOT chopping up Sikhs..

      ..but, MUSLIMS are chopping them ALL up. Every religion listed above peacefully accepts and coexists with each other..but, Islam does NOT believe in Peaceful Coexistance.. but rather, Hate, Domination and Submission.

      How many stories have you read about Hindus flying planes into buildings, Buddhist Suicide Bombers or Sikhs shooting missiles into Israel?

      The truth is.. Islam is a Death Cult that must be completely eradicated from the planet.

      Until it is.. there will NEVER be any hope for world peace.

      s/m @ sharia unveiled

  38. Oh I see now – Islam is a religion of peace according to Obama. I think he may have meant … Religion of Pieces.

  39. “.. by Muslims”, seems over generalized. Indicating this is singular to Islam philosophy by the first line “The effects of Islam are deadly.” In reality, this would be the act of a few, more specifically Lashkar-e-Taiba and or Jaish-e-Mohammed.

    • re: Cj Isaac;

      Christians are NOT chopping up Hindus, Sikhs are NOT chopping up Jews, Hindus are NOT chopping up Christians and Buddhists are NOT chopping up Sikhs..

      ..but, MUSLIMS are chopping them ALL up. Every religion listed above peacefully accepts and coexists with each other..but, Islam does NOT believe in Peaceful Coexistance.. but rather, Hate, Domination and Submission.

      How many stories have you read about Hindus flying planes into buildings, Buddhist Suicide Bombers or Sikhs shooting missiles into Israel?

      The truth is.. Islam is a Death Cult that must be completely eradicated from the planet.

      Until it is.. there will NEVER be any hope for world peace.

      s/m @ sharia unveiled

  40. This is only possible for hardness person of muslim… Any Hindu can not do this….. I want to a new law for this…. I hope that it is possible and kill this person who are kill and raped the fresh Hindu woman…………..

    • re: watts data;

      I agree with you 100%. Only a vile creature of Islam could do such an evil crime to the innocent, peaceful, loving Hindu women.

      I assure that the followers of Judaism/Judeo-Christianity love and respect the Hindu people very much. They would give their lives in defense of the Hindu before they would ever consider taking the life of even one.

      Please reach out to the others in the peaceful, loving religions where you live.

      My friend from India and myself formed an organization that is comprised of Hindus, Jewish/Judeo-Christians, Buddhists, Sikhs, Secularists, Atheists and others.. all united together against Islam. We are all working together to defend each other and eliminate the violence of Islam.

      Please consider starting a group like this yourself. I would be more than happy to assist you.

      If you live in India and would like to join our organization there.. please let me know by replying again and I will provide you with the contact information.

      Blessings of Peace and Love be upon you!

      s/m @ sharia unveiled

  41. I see that you have deleted my post. This only proves that your post is merely to stir up people’s emotion. If what you are posting is true, please provide relevant information on this chopping. State the day, the place, the names of the victims and any other relevant information on this. I can also make the same claim on any other religion just by googling horrible images and using it in my blog. Also, the link given for this post has no credibility.

    • re: Lame;

      We have not deleted anything. So, you are wrong there.

      The story has been confirmed in India.. that’s where the story was first reported. Check the media in India. I am sure you should be able to find it if you search the archives. So, again.. you are wrong.

      Do a simple google search of this story yourself.. I am sure there were many media outlets that reported it. (Again, you are wrong.)

      The link all the way at the bottom of the article is our primary (original) source. The News Outlet “Before It’s News” is a very reputable news outlet.
      (There again you are wrong.)

      We also confirm every story through a minimum of 2 additional, independent news sources prior to publishing.. and this story was confirmed 100% Accurate.
      (So.. Again you are wrong.)

      We have an absolutely amazing record of accuracy.. and we value that greatly.

      We are read daily by almost 800,000 readers in ALL 195 Countries of the world.

      And don’t forget.. even “you” are here on our site! (We are not on your’s.) Get the point?

      You are probably either a muslim or a muslim sympathizer who just likes to lie and deny the truth and facts! = TAQIYYA !!!


      s/m @ sharia unveiled

  42. Time to clean up America. Its up to us. That be from the government , muslims, illigal alians & gans. Rite in that order. We need to push the reset button.

  43. You are a real real time fool. Islam is never a religion of violence. there are extremists as there are in all other religions. Just STOP lying in the name of publicity & get your self a better job. you most not lie to feed ok?

    • re: XYZ

      LOL.. ha ha ha. You are funny. Especially the part about “..Islam is never a religion of violence” Lol.

      There is obviously no hope for you so I am not going to waste my time.

      I would recommend though, cutting back a little on your opium consumption. Don’t smoke it all at one time.. you know, ..space it out a little.

      Or, maybe share some of it with others. Just don’t smoke it all yourself. You are clearly killing all of your brain cells.

      Now.. here is a little ‘reality check’

      Christians are NOT chopping up Hindus, Sikhs are NOT chopping up Jews, Hindus are NOT chopping up Christians and Buddhists are NOT chopping up Sikhs..

      ..but, MUSLIMS are chopping them ALL up. Every religion listed above peacefully accepts and coexists with each other..but, Islam does NOT believe in Peaceful Coexistence.. but rather, Hate, Domination and Submission.

      How many stories have you read about Hindus flying planes into buildings, Buddhist Suicide Bombers or Sikhs shooting missiles into Israel?

      The truth is.. Islam is a Death Cult that must be completely eradicated from the planet.

      Until it is.. there will NEVER be any hope for world peace.

      s/m @ sharia unveiled

  44. modern era requires religions or sects rooted in tolerance humanism spirituality and right to think differently spread the awareness among all even muslims to make people aware of this devilish mentality we are also trying to inculcate nationalism scientific temper otherwise this country will become a furnace

  45. The distinction must be made between fighting islam and fighting muslims. Muslims, as human beings must be respected and judged not according to their beliefs, but only to their actions. Sadly, this distinction is not welll enough understood, and we see many people for example, excusing Israel’s crimes against arab palestinians, just because they are muslims. And in turn, this drives more of them, many of whom have had members of their families killed by israelis, and their lands occupied etc., to more resistance-engaged groups, which are usually also the more religiously fanatical ones. So with such war, aggression and murder, only more of the same is created. Fight islam yes, and stand up for your freedom, but also stand up for the freedom of others to determine their own destinies in rightful measure, so that the same may be granted to you.

    • re: David Guerra;

      You’ve got it all backwards.

      The teachings of Islam are the roots of Islamic aggression. Al-Qur’an and al-Hadith teach hatred of the Infidel (Non-Muslim) and the muslim is instructed to murder the Infidel and spread Islam throughout the world and establish an Islamic Caliphate. (A world under Islamic Rule.)

      You can attempt to kill a tree by pulling off one leaf at a time.. but, the wise.. just cut the roots.

      You really should consider studying true history. Not the liberal, anti-semitic crap they shovel around the American Universities.

      1. There has never in history since the dawn of mankind been a nation called Palestine or a nationality of people called “Palestinians.” There was a region called Palestine that was in modern day Jordan.

      2. There was no such thing as “Islam” or “a Muslim” until 612AD when Muhammad “allegedly” received the revelation of Allah through the Angel Gabriel in the Cave of Hira, near Mecca. (Note: Think about that! 612AD! That is 612 Years AFTER the birth of Yeshua HaMashiach (Jesus Christ) in Israel.

      3. How could a group of people that did not even exist yet own land in Israel, long after the existence of the people that were already there?

      4. Israel has a recorded history on their land for more than 6,000 years. It is literally written in stone.

      David, you seem like a nice guy. I can tell by the “tone” of your comment, but somewhere along the way.. someone told you a lie.. and not only did you believe it, but you are spreading it.

      Well, now you have been told the truth according to 100% True Historical Fact!

      Where you go from here is up to you. You can continue to believe a lie.. or you can accept the truth. But, I must warn you that you risk sounding uneducated when you speak to intellectuals that have studied history in depth.

      Here is a link to a map of the world today:

      Please give it an honest, unbiased look.

      The GREEN represents the Muslim Nations of the World today.

      The RED represents the Jewish Nations of the World today.

      Compare and Contrast the land distribution:


      s/m @ sharia unveiled

      • It’s true, there has not been a nation called palestine, so what? The place where Israel stands has historically been called palestine. Not that it changes anything, it’s just a name. As for Israel’s conquest of palestine, or re-conquest if you make such a point of it, well, it’s true that agressive take-overs of land are an historical fact that Israel is merely perpetuating, the problem here, or the difference, is that instead of killing all the “non-existing” arab palestinians (or “cutting the roots” as you put it) or keeping them as field workers, much like conquerors and empire builders have done throughtout the centuries, most of the arab population of the territory has been made to abandon their homes and then kept from returning, and this has made the conquest war into something that still lives to this day. And I could even praise Israel’s achievement much like one congratulates the winning thug on a fist fight, if it wasn’t for the fact that this thug in particular receives such inconditional support from so-called “civilized” nations, and this is something that I don’t want to have anything to do with. My cheers go to the israelis who oppose the occupation, it’s the best thing to do next to getting out of of there and paying no more taxes to support a religious fanaticism-based war.

  46. You people are asshole. Islam never says anyone to fight or any kind of violence. Please don’t spread such fabricated photographs. If you think so go and ask to your mother does any muslim raped her ever…

    • re: legacysittu;

      LOL.. ha ha ha. You are funny. Especially the part about “..Islam is never a religion of violence” Lol.

      There is obviously no hope for you so I am not going to waste my time.

      I would recommend though, cutting back a little on your opium consumption. Don’t smoke it all at one time.. you know, ..space it out a little.

      Or, maybe share some of it with others. Just don’t smoke it all yourself. You are clearly killing all of your brain cells.

      Now.. here is a little ‘reality check’

      Christians are NOT chopping up Hindus, Sikhs are NOT chopping up Jews, Hindus are NOT chopping up Christians and Buddhists are NOT chopping up Sikhs..

      ..but, MUSLIMS are chopping them ALL up. Every religion listed above peacefully accepts and coexists with each other..but, Islam does NOT believe in Peaceful Coexistence.. but rather, Hate, Domination and Submission.

      How many stories have you read about Hindus flying planes into buildings, Buddhist Suicide Bombers or Sikhs shooting missiles into Israel?

      The truth is.. Islam is a Death Cult that must be completely eradicated from the planet.

      Until it is.. there will NEVER be any hope for world peace.

      s/m @ sharia unveiled

  47. *____ all the muslims as early as possible. burn all the copies of Quran. Convert all these to other good religions like Hinduism, Jain, Budhdh, sikh, christ , jew etc. Not a single muslim should remain on earth planet. otherwise rest will die same death. because it is written in quran to do so with others.

    * Denotes Moderation

  48. Well watch this video how celebrities are converting to Islam http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RawbaoXJ2e8
    I’m shocked that what message are they trying to give? the whole world is fed up with Islamic terror, one side they are killing people, another side they are saying bull shit that Islam is religion of peace and love?
    They don’t respect any religion, they just give trouble to people of another religion wherever they are and these super stars are trying to promote them or they are trying to say that they are also from those wild animals who doesn’t care of anything else in the world other than their religion and all the crap about it??

    • re: Markus;

      Do you recognize the music in the background? It is a “Christian Contemporary” song called ‘Hallelujah.’ http://youtu.be/y8AWFf7EAc4

      I believe Leonard Cohen did the original and Jeff Buckley covered it.

      Like any resemblance of good in al-qur’an.. it was stolen by the muslims. Simply a false effort to add legitimacy.. where there is none.

      90% of the people in that video are bottom feeders. Ex-Cons, Current-Cons and Future-Cons.

      If they wanna’ sell their souls to the devil… as sad as that is.. that is their free will.

      Heaven will be just a little less crowded, I suppose.. and Hell always has room for one more.

      s/m @ sharia unveiled

      • I would be really curious about how many people here, who are devote in their religions, know the difference between Sunni and Shite…without looking it up. Seems to be an awful amount of false judgement going around….

      • re: thestutsman@aol.com;

        Well, I can only speak for myself.. but, I know the difference between the sunni, shiite, shia and wahhabi.

        Of course, the wahhabi is actually an off-shoot of the sunni. Usually when you hear of a very violent act of slaughter or terrorism.. it is often sunni, because they are the most violent of the primary sects. Not always.. but, usually. And, the wahhabis are actually more violent than the sunni. Of course, the wahhabi adherence to sharia law is more literal and strict.

        All of these sects have “sub sects” within them. Such as the alawites which are primarily native to Syria.. and fall under the shia. Same for the Alevis but they are more common in Turkey.

        If I had to pick a “favorite sect” … I would choose the “Ahmadiyya.”

        They actually believe in a peaceful and non-violent form of Islam. It is a result of their interpretation of al-qur’an and their denial of abrogation. They are often persecuted and slaughtered by the more violent sects of Islam. And why? Because the Ahmadiyya believe Islam should be a peaceful and loving religion and all of the other muslim sects perceive a peaceful message as a threat to the foundations of Islam.

        I think it is a little presumptuous and pretentious for you to assume our readers are “uninformed.”

        We have actually have many intellectuals on this site that would definitely pose a serious challenge to any ones intellect.

        s/m @ sharia unveiled

      • I make no assumption – I just go by what I read. Good for you for answering my query and I did learn something I did not know. I posed my question because I found so many making false statements and this had to be addressed…Thank you again :)


      • re: thestutsman;

        It’s all good. We all have more to learn than what we know.

        Actually, the more I learn.. the more I realize how little I know.

        p.s. Check out the next video I put on. It will be on in about 15 min.s

        It’s about the Ahmadiyya.

        s/m @ sharia unveiled

      • Sharia unveilded at Some point you are right and i agree but i’m a Muslim and i know what is written in Quran and true meaning of being a muslim it teaches us if you harm a innocent human or animal you will burned in torment of fire and sent to hell, i know nowadays there are lots of muslim terrorist, but blaming all muslim or banishing them is not good.. Cuz there are few good muslims like us who live their life happily with no racism against other brothers ive many friends from other religions we never had fight abt our religions cuz in quran its written every human being is you friend and peace must be your nature some random muslim guy taking a bomb and walking in public n killing thousand doesnt make all muslim terrorist.. I know you are spreading a kind word.. But the things which hurts is when everybody says all muslim are terrorist.. Hope you dont take me wrong thank you Peace !! Carry on the good work :)

      • re: Mussaveer Shaikh;

        What an awesome message of truth you have shared with us. Thank you so much, my brother.

        Yes.. everything you said is exactly right and I agree with every word. My brother, we know not all muslims are terrorists and anyone that thinks that way is ignorant.

        If a story comes on the news about a man who robbed a bank, they are not calling everyone in that nation “bank robbers.” Only that man who robbed the bank. Yes, there are other bank robbers like him.. but, only others who have robbed a bank before.

        My brother, we do not see the muslim as “the enemy” but rather, as the first victim of Islam. ALL little muslim babies are so beautiful and innocent, just like all other babies. But, some of those babies will grow up desiring to murder “kafir” (non-muslims). They were not born with that thought in their mind and feeling in their heart. It was placed there through some of the teachings within Islam. That is what we address. I am sure you understand that.

        I can easily see you are a very honest, caring person. If you would ever desire to work together on our common interests, please let me know and I would be happy to.

        Please keep sharing your message with us. Your voice needs to be heard.

        Blessings of Love and Peace be with you and your family, my brother.

        s/m @ sharia unveiled

      • I beg to differ….Please read chapter 9 of the Quran and that will bring out the true treatment of non muslims……Also read the Hadeeth……the manual of terror that all muslims try and emulate! This muslim is doing what is known as Taqqiya…the art of deception until you(muslim) are on the higher ground and then you can do “Coup de gras”

  49. do you remember Iraq .. with Usa.. and France and Algeria…??? killers …. sometimes be a Muslim, Christian, sometimes … sometimes … the Jewish and pagan…but the victims all the time., vulnerable people…I do not believe in the sincerity of you…please do not forget it …!! There is no religion, and race of murderers…

    • Well you want to say Murderers doesn’t have religion? Well then then me, which religion has more worse name in Terrorism? which Religion is Fighting more with another Religion in the world??
      They are fighting with Jewish in Israel, terror in Europe, USA, In India they are fighting with Hindus, in Syria, Iran and Iraq they are fighting with eachother, in Indonesia they just killed Christians and made others muslims. If you say that terrorism doesn’t have any religion then either you are Idiot, dumb or maybe muslim who try to protect their religion.

  50. I know the statement I am about to make sounds infantile (at this time in our history)…
    Does anyone reallllly realize how “CRIMINALLY INSANE” a human being has to be to perpetrate this act?
    A normal human being, as Just an observer, would feel sick enough to regurgitate everything in their stomach; feel faint; and the sight of this scene could cause such horror in a normal person they would never be the same as long as they live!

    Their very soul is dark and evil.

  51. if they want to rape you…call them pigs! they dont want to hear the word PIGS!
    if they come near you, throw at them pigs skin. that is the only ways they go away!
    better yet place pigskins at your fence, doorknobs, floor etc. let the slime begin! what ever they touch is slimy pig! and they will go away!

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