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    I predicted this ten years ago. But even if Saudi-Arabia deals with Iran, it then will have to deal with Pakistan or even Turkey. Pakistani men are oppressed in Saudi-Arabia, as they cannot marry Saudi women, while Saudi men can marry Pakistani women. And Pakistan has nukes, so Pakistan should reverse the marriage rules. Pakistani men can marry Saudi women, but Saudi men can no longer marry Pakistani women.

    • Saudi Arabia has nukes. They simply have them all here in the US. Obama will do whatever the Saudis want, even nuking someone they want nuked.

    • I didnt see how to post separate, so I put my thoughts here. After readind all the posts.
      I see time and time again, the arguments between Christian s, Morma, Catholic, Babtist, The way i see it, we MUST stand together Dixie and Marboro. Anyone think they are purposly wanting us to argue, these are all western religions, and we ALL have basically the same morals, lets stop it. Lets put our energy into fighting the real enemy, islam. We can hash it out later eh? For now, we must stand united.

      • Robinson….

        That was what I was saying before… We must stand together. Pope John Paul II said that also…he called for all Christians of all denominations to stand together against Islam. There are some though who figure that they should slam the Religion that first started all other religions….cuz they don’t worship the same as they do!

      • mr. Caruso, you have obviously seen the light. organize and destroy. they do everything they can to divide us. we won the first time by coming together for a common goal. it’s time again. Demon53

      • Right on Alexander Selkirk/Robinson Caruso! I have said this myself. And I have seen this senario playing out divisively on facebook and comment sections of articles. We do not know who is on the other side of the keyboards posting. For all we know Islam is dividing our country in this way. Keep posting this message for us all to stick together as Americans and Westerners. We can talk our differences face to face in all civility. Thank You for being a staying force of the virtue of proper civil discourse. We need to agree with what we have in common. I debated my Kingdom Hall friend just yesterday in person. A code of ethics that talks in person about our differences is in order. so we don’t get divided or sidetracked. This is and aways has been our strength as a nation. We are dealing with a whole new animal in Islam. Our first ammendment can not apply to a religion that says we are “Infidel’s” and worthy of death until we turn to Islam. Islam and its murderous ways can not be tolerated as deserving religious freedom promised in the Constitution because it comes with a build in death threat and shariah laws that can’t be tolerated. Enter Womens Rights in Islam…We as Christian’s believe that we should protect women because physically they are weaker in general, And protect our children. It is ok for men to beat their wives and women are considered less and even evil, they have no problem strapping bombs to their children to kill Infidels.

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  4. Pingback: Obama Tells Senior UN Official “The United States Will be a Muslim Country by 2016″ | Myrtle Beach Tea Party, Inc.

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  6. Hey … at least they’ll all be in one place at one time. Think about how awesome that could be? Pig urine filled water balloon fight!! LOL

  7. Wonder how much longer before the Elected One declares Islam as the Official Religion of AMERIKA!

      • re: s. edwards;

        What an utter lie! This nation was founded by the Puritans who escaped religious persecution.

        All of our forefathers and all of the founding documents reflect their profound love of our Lord thy God.

        You really should get an education.. because a brain is a terrible thing to waste.

        s/m @ sharia unveiled

      • How utterly ridiculous, s. edwards!!! Maybe you should both take a history lesson and open your eyes! Not only is Sharia Unveiled correct about the founding fathers, but it’s also freedom OF religion, not freedom FROM religion! Add to that the fact that the Islamic religion is being widely accepted in the U.S. (even some schools are beginning to allow muslim prayers) and yet Christianity is being persecuted (same said schools won’t allow Christian prayers) and you think we’re safe?? Get your head out of wherever it’s at, my dear!

      • Are you serious? Have you been watching FOX News? Have you been listening to the posts on Facebook? Our Constitution is all but an antique document to Obama and he is doing everything he can to destroy it. I think we must understand there was reason why he studied the Constitutional. It is so he could destroy it when he obtained the position he is in now. Laws are being passed nation wide in school boards, city councils, judges rulings, police departments etc that violate our Constitution or support Muslims. It shouldn’t be any surprise that the one area that it is spreading quickly is Illinois. There are at least 6 people inside the presidents circle that are Muslim Brotherhood operatives. This man has the codes for the nuclear weapons of this country. He is on every level quietly targeting Christians, Christian organizations, the Bible or any group who supports it. The Billy Graham organization was audited. That is a joke! they have for years published their financial statements openly. This IRS scandal is less about “Conservatives” than it is a target of CHRISTIANS who are conservatives. This is a religious target. The Constitution is being handed to a shredding machine because the people of this country do not even know their rights, have not read any of our founding documents or the books written about them. Our younger generation has been dumbed down to not care about them and is too lustful for self indulging behaviors. The norm is to embrace everything that is wrong and immoral. To pass laws that justify them to make them look okay. Freedom of Religion is part of the Constitution and when it is destroyed it will not exist, thereby allowing a dictator or a religious group to denounce all other religion but one and force the people to support and live by it. The Muslim Brotherhood agenda is real..I downloaded it off the internet and it is scary to see that Obama is following it’s dictates according to his religious Muslim beliefs. He will lie, cheat, manipulate or do absolutely anything to guarantee the Muslim Brotherhood agenda and it’s success here. He is a traitor and that even is debatable because it is looking more and more like he is not even an American Citizen. If this is true then he is being loyal to his true country and national heritage from a Muslim country. Americans need to educate themselves, their family and their friends on the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the Declaration of Independence, the nature of our beginnings in reading The Federalist, The American Commonwealth, and even A Living Bill of Rights, by supreme Court Justice William O Douglas (he served over 36 yrs on the Supreme Court). I had a lady on here yesterday that actually stated that the Declaration of Independence was a Declaration of War. It was a declaration of independence from the King of Great Britain and freedom from allegiance to the State of Great Britain by the people of the colonies. It established the colonies as free independent states capable of declaring war, peace, commerce, or any other acts a state choose to do. Our rights and freedoms are highly at risk and America is sitting back letting it happen. The 2014 elections for the Senate and the House will give the final outcome to the stability of this country and the Constitutional rights and freedoms. If the Democrats gain control of the House and keep control of the Senate…..we will cease to be the United States of America and the Constitution will be DEAD! Millions of Americans will fight against this after it is too late and their blood will run in the streets trying to regain our freedom to no avail. Even those who vote Democrat and then come against the on-slot will be too late to make a difference. Now is the time for Change! Now if we as Americans truly want to see our country survive must not be silent, we must vote the status quo out of office…we must regain the checks and balances. I hope and pray that the people of this great nation do not let down my childs future.

      • To s. edwards: actually it’s “Freedom OF Religion” not “FROM” it.

      • Freedom of religion is a right given by the Constitution and Obama is doing his best to do away with the Constitution. Between Obama and Holder, the Constitution means nothing and they are constantly violating it. If Congress doesn’t go along with Obama, he just signs an Executive Order to by-pass them.

      • BOY ARE YOU NAIVE……Islam has NO RELIGIOUS FREEDOM FOOL….you’ll be bowing, not drinking, no sex without marriage, a beard and NO JOB….

      • Really?! Are you sure about that s.edwards??? The government ( obummer ) is taking our rights away and inch at a time! Gotta wake up to that one!

      • If Obama IS a Muslim, he was elected by MASSIVE FRAUD. Also, he HAD to have had help from the CIA, for which he apparently work from his school days on; and SOMEONE had his past “sanitized’ so well that he was able to get through that first election cycle without setting off too many alarms. Of course it’s all coming apart now, but he’s gotten the chances he wanted in gaining the presidency. He wasn’t eligible to begin with due to his birth, so he lied about it; he lied a LOT about his education and his family and past history; he lied MASSIVELY to the American people about what he intended to do as President in order to get elected, and promptly did the opposite of EVERYTHING he’d promised when he WAS elected and is still doing so. He is a foreign agent whose mission is the destruction of America. I don’t see any other possible conclusion.

        S. Edwards – If you think that the Constitutions promise of freedom of religion is absolute protection, think again! Look at how many unconstitutional laws are being passed and HAVE BEEN PASSED since George W. Bush’s terms, and now continued and accelerated by Obama. America is under attack by the owners of the Central Banking system, and it HAS BEEN for a very long time! They’ve been gathering wealth and power to themselves, creating networks in which participants are powerfully conditioned and mind-controlled (and they have access to everything DARPA has discovered and used themselves, all the mind control, brain entrainment, and you-name-it; techniques that are FAR ahead of anything we’ve actually heard about or had a chance to evaluate. The Intel agencies seem to have been infiltrated or otherwise compromised, as is Homeland Security, the NSA, etc. America is going to have to start digging, and PRUNING BACK all these “secret” agencies! It’s the nature of such things to take control by the back door of everything around that they can using any techniques it takes. As far as I can tell, they’ve been doing JUST THAT. It’s going to COST America and Americans to repair that, but it MUST be done if we are to return to the country we’ve thought this was from the beginning! The penalties for losing aren’t anything I’d like to have to live with. Neither would you, I’m sure!

      • No there IS the RIGHT TO religion and faith, NOT from it. Our nation was founded on and by Christian principals….in fact when the Constitution was being written they adjourned to pray at the very church that was saved on 9/11 before every part of it!! It is truly ignorant that many Americans have turned for them the very foundation that made us a great nation in the first place: faith, honor, patriotism and military strength!! Now we are falling a part because we are not a untied country anymore and there are communists, socialist and..oh don’t forget the muslims! So if we do not stand up and shout NO and make our idiot government listen to us, we are doomed to worse than any nation has experienced because we knew better and built a nation that said so! Many then gave up into immorality, depravity, run down education, and the dumbing down of all of us into believing we have a government that cared and was on our side…how stupid was that? Unless we unite and stand together for the Constitution, faith in God and freed we are not going to be any of those things ever again!! Islam is NOT a religion per say; it is a totalitarian governmental system that demands it’s way until they rule and then they start swinging the blade on all who will not knuckle under to Muhammad, the Koran< Islam and their Imams etc……..worse than any group ever!!!! Oh and we will be wearing burkka's too don't forget and get slapped around by the men folks……..yeah right over many a dead men's bodies!! It is all evil and of satan and if we do not stop it -it will be the ruination of all we have fought for to build America and freedom for the world! Obama is a satanic warrior! Evil to the bone and so are his followers!

      • Apparently you have not read the first ammendment. I’ll help you…AMENDMENT I

        Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

      • It’s not Freedom “from” religion. It’s Freedom OF religion. And America was Founded on Christianity. It is in every document and quotes of the Founders. The Crusades was a battle between evil islam (the Satan) and good Christianity (the light) Jesus. That is what saved humanity centuries ago. We may have another, and good will win again. That is the way it works.

    • Prior to the election of Dumbama, there were articles on the internet about the Saudi prince that paid Dumbama’s way thru Harvard, and how he used his influence to get him admitted. I wish I had cut/pasted and kept those articles, as I now do with others that might disappear in the future!!! They have ALL been removed!!!! I am not into conspiracy junk, but I believe he went thru college as a FOREIGN STUDENT. Easy way to get money before hooking up with his prince.

      As for his attitude towards Islam…….remember his statement that the muslim “call to prayer is the most beautiful sound I’ve ever heard. ” His christian church going was for political purposes…..he is, in his heart, a true muslim. ANYONE can become a muslim…..a muslim is not a people, but a belief. All you have to do to become a muslim, is believe in Islam.

      • You have to repeat the shahada, then you are a muslim. Or if your father is a muslim, you are automatically a muslim according to sharia law.

      • I read it, saw it and said it too….and yup, internet was scrubbed and they got in and wiped my computer clean of all the files I had saved last month……

      • CW…..

        They do that to you too? Scrub your files…have had that happen to me also. I have now started doing back up files…in paper!

      • And allah is satan, the muslims bow down to satan 5 times per day. I have a book about 10 former muslims who were seaching for the truth, all had a revelation from Jesus and were converted. Now they are witnissing to other muslims. and now they have peace. Jesus is the way, the truth and the life and nobody comes to the Father ( God) except thru him. For other foundation can no man lay then the one that is laid which is Jesus Christ.

      • He also said that when push came to shove he would side with the Muslims!!! and that was a direct quote! He TOLD us he planned to change our nation fundamentally….did we not know what that meant? Were we deaf and just stupid to let such a vial person sit where a real president should have been? We are going to pay dearly for the stupidity of so many from Washington on down! When people turn their backs on God, He acts accordingly….we were His nation and now….we are the devils so!! Guess we deserve what is coming and when it does get here there is going to be so many shocked people …those that have stood with this horrible evil satan member: Obama! But then it will be way too late……the left are his army and could careless about the freedoms, honor or formation of the Constitution or any faith in God! They are evil too…..half of America has become the enemy too…Good heavens such insanity!

      • Angus….

        I do believe that the Judeo-Christian religion is the official religion of America.

      • No ,but we were founded by Christians and most of all the nation until in the later 60′s went to church and were faithful Christian people!!! No ONE can deny that- who knows history and our heritage! We were a Christian nation by CHOICE which had nothing to do any law but Gods! Most people in government were also Christians! Everything to do with faith in God that the founders had they wrote all the documents and laws with that in their hearts and made us a great nation! That IS who we are…or were, until so many got so stupid and evil! This trash that is floating around now is what will kill us all, unless everyone prays to God for forgiveness!! Would YOU rather have the Islamic faith as a national religion then? Because that is what Obama and crew want and there are many of them in place already working to that very end because we are idiots and cannot fight together for America !!!!

      • yes Dixie. Your so right! And im ONE American that will NEVER allow or accept USA as a muslim nation! Dont ever strike a muslim? OH alot more than striking one will be done by MAJORITY of Americans! Including me!

      • Quit trying to distract patriots with facts! Your left-wing reality has no power here in the land of the American Taliban. We must blame all of our problems on Muslims and undocumented workers, or the sheeple might realize that it is the same wealthy 1% that they are working so hard to defend that are the one’s who broke our economy and sold their children’s birthright to the global financial system.

  8. That will never happen. He can ram this right up where the sun never shines. We’ll get ‘em all as time allows…there or here

    • They do not plan on working. They just plan on coming here, in mass, and start collecting the benefits our federal government bestows on them and live off the largess of our country. The sheer volume of the population wave will convert our country into another “dust bowl” and our 3rd world living standard will look just like what they live in today so they will feel right at home here. 2 camels in every garage!!!!!!

    • Nononono, you have it wrong my friend. The question is “How are 100 million Muslims gonna treat their American slaves?” if we don’t nip this in the bud right now.

    • they want. you will you pay the taxes so they don’t have to work. their only job is to teat you like crap and kick you into the street. you step aside for them. you give them your seat and you never ever strike one.

  9. the bible told of all this thousands of years ago. islam will end up being the one world church spoke of in revelation. now just to figure out who the antichrist is then we will have it made. least we would know who to watch out for

    • re: Michelle Arnold;

      Blessed Greetings, my sister!

      A biblical scholar revealed to me that: (reference, Ezekiel, Isaiah, Daniel and Revelations)

      1. Islam is the BEAST.
      2. Muhammad was/is the FALSE PROPHET.
      3. The Mahdi aka the 12th Imam will be the ANTI-CHRIST.
      4. The Islamic Caliphate will be the ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT / NEW WORLD ORDER

      If you re-read Ezekiel, Isaiah, Daniel and Revelations with this in mind… it fits 100%!

      So much so.. that it is scary.

      s/m @ sharia unveiled

      • You may be right. But the most shocking thing is how people love Obama when Obama is purely evil and out to destroy the America and our constitution, declaration of independence, and bill of rights. I knew Obama was an anti-christ when I heard his speech blaspheming Jesus and the Sermon on the mount. Now somehow the US government is allowing the muslim brotherhood to take over the middle east and to rule with sharia law upon the people there. I fear that very soon something very horrible will happen in and to Americans. Jesus open the eyes of all Americans, christians and non christians so that they may see that we are in great peril.

      • re: Steve Brown;

        I completely concur with you brother.

        This nation is in for a very rude awakening in the “not so distant” future.

        s/m @ sharia unveiled

      • I believe this, but on Roget what it says in the bible concerning Germany either, the BEAST is a church/state government which will be the European Union (headed by GERMANY) which is going to drop down to ten core nations that will be led by the Roman Catholic Church, they are going o destroy and enslave the people of America, Great Britain, and Israel. The Europeans are going to establish some kind of peace treaty for 7 years, in the middle of them seven years the treaty will be broken and ww3 will commence, Jesus said if he does not return to this earth the human creation will annihilate itself, people the Islamic threat is real! We can not let Obama take our FREEDOM, there is NO freedom in Islam and it CAN and will happen in America, BE ON THE LOOKOUT FOR GERMANY, things are going to be worse than the holocaust worse than hitler, people they are going to DESTROY ALL who is for Christ! Who will you stand for!
        Jesus said you can only have one master, either you are for Christ or satan, but time is running out the bible prophecies ARE fulfilling right now before our eyes!! Awake people open your eyes and ears our savior is coming, that’s the good news, he’s SOON to return, but the bad news is that there will be barely any flesh saved alive if you are not covered by GODs Holy Spirit , HIS words not mine!!

      • Fateshia….

        You really believe that the Roman Catholic Church is going to be the one? They are Christian. They have been saying that all Christian based Religions should pull together against Islam. Not that all need to follow the theology of the RCC. Each Christian religion is to practice their faith as usual….just that we need to stick together to defeat Islam.

        This bashing of the RCC is stupid in my opinion. They have a large following and we are going to need all the Christians we can get to stand together.

        If one feels they must bash another Christian religion then you aren’t acting very Christ-like.

        Bash the un-Christ religions like Mormonism and Islam.

      • You must be RC. What’s so Christian about worshiping Mary, praying to her and dead saints instead of the Father, as if she or they have some influence that a born again believer doesn’t have. How about wearing scapulars for good luck? That’s nothing but superstition. Open your eyes and your Bible, but don’t tell the priest, he wouldn’t like you to discover the truth.

      • re: Mardabo;

        You better duck down..

        ..’caus you’re ready to catch it. lol

        Please play nice with Dixie okay.. she is a very good friend of mine.

        s/m @ sharia unveiled

      • LOL Thanks. I’m experienced with this and am compelled by conscience to expose heresy where ever I find it.


      • Mardabo…

        Actually I am affiliated with no organized Religion! See how you are judging people over something you know nothing about. They don’t worship Mary, they pray to God and Jesus Christ. Mary is just given a special place cuz she is the Mother Of Jesus. God thought she was pretty special also…so I don’t think He’ll mind much!
        I have the Bible numerous times and other religious books…something perhaps you should look into doing! BTW…keep an open mind about it!
        You’re are not acting very Christ-like when you are sitting in judgement! One of the main reasons I won’t affiliate with any organized religion…. I have found that most who attend the churches are hypocrits!

      • Mardabo….

        See the cat has got your tongue! LOL!

        Since you are so “enlightened” please tell me where in the Bible Jesus said that it was alright with him to break apart his church into special interest groups with their own agenda’s? I can’t seem to find it!

        I did find though where Jesus said that Simon Peter would be the rock which he would build his church on and Paul would be the one to take the word to the Gentiles.

        Perhaps though your Bible isn’t the true or complete word? Perhaps your bible was rewritten from the Bible that Constantine and the Nicean Council screwed with so badly. Does your Bible have the three books of Mary in them or the book written by Mary Magdalen? What about all the other apostles who wrote books…does it have any of those? Did you even know that those books existed and are housed in a special Monastery?

        Did you know that the apostles are deemed Saints? They are asked to intercede on behalf of the one asking for their prayers to be answered by God. Catholics do not pray to them….prayers are prayed to God and Jesus Christ. I see though that you might not know that as you would not have taken the time to research for yourself or to even visit a RC church or talk to someone of that faith to ask your questions to! Nope…just plain ignorance on your part there mardy!

        I can’t seem to find anywhere in the Bible where it says that clothing worn by anyone is heretical. I have never heard that wearing a scapular was worn for good luck. That’s like saying that the Yarmulkes worn by the Jewish men are worn for good luck! Not sure what conspiracy stuff you are reading but it sure ain’t the truth! Ignorance once again!

        I will say also that you better hope that when Islam is taking over that the RCC members are standing beside you to save your sorry Christian wanna be behind! There are more RCC than there are Islamics. Also more than all other churches combined! If you don’t stand united you will be trampled. Your church won’t stand a chance of surviving the onslaught! Put away your holier than thou outlook! There will be more than enough time after the war to start judging again based on ignorance and arrogance!

        Quit being an arrogant dumb ass and start standing beside others who believe that Christ was the Son of God and died on the cross for all mankind’s sins! You can’t walk on water there boy so you have nothing to be proud of! Your judgement and pride will be your downfall! If you look in the mirror you will find your heretic! He’ll be looking back at you!

        Namaste and Maranatha

      • S/M…

        It was just a statement. I didn’t think I was that predictable. LOL! Okay…yeah…when challenged I will reply in kind!….Okay…I’m predictable! Dang!

      • for redneckdixiewarrior:

        i think what is happening is the term “Christian” has not been defined yet, so folks are presuming things are Christian when they are not.
        would you define what the term “Christian” means?

        your rationale about not attending church is skewed according to the Bible. you’re not to forsake the assembling of yourselves together as the manner of some. since Jesus died for the church, that you don’t attend indicates something you probably don’t mean to ummm indicate. you’ll want to review how much Jesus loved the church and since you’ve read the Bible through, that should not be difficult for you
        also sinners abound in church because well, the Bible says we’re all sinners. so when you get a bunch of saved sinners together, you of all people should know that it will be an interesting environment. they have to deal with you as much as you have to deal with them and neither is very pleasant i’m sure.

        regarding differing churches, you’ll note there are many members of the body, but one body. such is the same for the church. God created each of us unique so being unique is not a bad thing – variety is not bad. imagine every human being like you – very bad – no church at all according to what you’ve said thus far.

        just a couple things from reading your responses.

      • Robert….

        “Christian”…..One who believes that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, who died on the cross for mankind’s sins and who follow his teachings. ( Is this clear enough for you to understand?)

        I didn’t say that I don’t meet with others to pray or study….I just don’t attend a church setting. Doesn’t it say in the Bible that “where ever 2 or more are gathered, Jesus will be there also”? It doesn’t say one must gather with 150 or more! If a church feels good for you…great! It doesn’t for me and I refuse to be with those who proclaim loudly how much of a better Christian they are than me and yet their deeds and way of behavior towards others is anything but!

        I don’t have to deal with those who just wanna look like they are Christians cuz they attend a church every Sunday. My way of doing the Sabbath ( which is Saturday) suits me just fine, thank you!

        You seem to think that your judgements of who and what I am are the whole truth, but in reality…they are just your opinions. Opinions are like assholes…everyone’s got them! Just some folks ( like yourself) actually have them all over their bodies like a bad rash and start behaving like one! Your opinions of me matter not …..when I look in the mirror I am happy with the person looking back at me.

        Your statement….” since Jesus died for the church”…..Jesus didn’t die for the church! He died for ALL OUR SINS and to FULFILL THE PROPHECY!!!!

        If we want to go off of your theory, that is wrong and faulted, the church that Jesus would have died for is the Catholic Church. He died then for the church that folks find amusing to attack…..so, tell me, what DOES it feel like to attack Jesus?

        Then you have the gall to call yourself a Christian! You are just about as much a Christian as the Roman soldiers who nailed Jesus to the Cross, only they are one step up from you…. they actually got to touch him and knew him!

        If you are going to argue about this….you really should actually read the Bible! But I’m thinking that that just might be too difficult of a task for you to perform what with your cranial rectumitis problem.

        The differing Churches statement you made….once again ….FLAWED! Show me where in the Bible Jesus said that anyone could break His church into different fragments, each with their own rules and agendas! It is not the same as each of our bodies!

        If every human being was able to use the common sense that God gave them ( like me!) …then we wouldn’t be having this conversation! Folks actually would care about one another and realize that we must stand together or we will fall! They also would know that Jesus wasn’t joking when he said for us to “Love thy Neighbour” !

        Love your last judgement of me that you couldn’t help yourself to throw in (“imagine every human being like you – very bad”) ! It shows just how ignorant you are. It’s okay though….I have just pigeon holed you into the (_?_) file! Don’t feel bad….you have many with you! Perhaps you could start your own church!! :)

        Now since I have tired of this I will take my leave. NO..it doesn’t mean you have won…it just means I am tired of your dumb ass and have no more patience.

        Maranantha and many blessing be unto you…

      • for redneckdixiewarrior:

        you said, “Jesus didn’t die for the church! He died for ALL OUR SINS and to FULFILL THE PROPHECY!!!!”

        the Bible says: Ephesians 5,
        25-27 Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her to make her holy, cleansing her by the washing with water through the word, and to present her to himself as a radiant church, without stain or wrinkle or any other blemish, but holy and blameless.
        32 This is a profound mystery–but I am talking about Christ and the church.

        conclusion: Jesus died for the church.

        stop throwing around your erroneous windbag commentary and get back in church so you can figure out what the Word says so you don’t sound as stupid (use your favorite foul-mouth expressions) as the people you accuse.

        i’d go further with explanations on the variety within the church, but until you fix your first problem above by getting back into Jesus’ church and the Word, it would be a waste of time for me to continue with more Bible quotations to deal with your ummm… willful ignorance.

        you have much to learn after your prideful downfall…

      • Robert…

        I think you should clean up your own back yard before we try to clean up mine! There are many things that you need to work on…being judgemental is just one of your sins…..bearing false witness is another…….

      • so quoting the bible to show you don’t know what you’re talking about is ignorance? i think you have a problem with yourself and the funny thing is… when you start attending a church you’ll figure out your problems the best and even resolve them if you choose, but until then, you’ll just wallow in your own pride and self righteousness based on your own comments and foul language you’ve spewed out on this blog.

    • Look for the Antichrist (“the Assyrian”, “Gog”) to come from the region bordering Syria and Turkey. Watch that region. A previous television evangelist, now deceased, Howard C. Estep, predicted Anwar Sadat’s assassination long before anyone else did, and was right on the money. He also predicted that the Antichrist will come out of Egypt, which contradicts Joel Richardson (“The Islamic Antichrist”, “Mideast Beast”) who says that he will come from this region of Syria and Turkey (in Ezekiel’s and Isaiah’s time, the city was known as Magog, of the region of Meshech and Tubal). However, if there IS a mass exodus from Egypt to other parts of the Middle East, as Mr. Mordechai writes, then this scenario would be plausible, as the Antichrist would be an Egyptian, and become a chief and prince or “leader” of this region). In short, just watch this region’s activity, and watch the leadership shifts of it, as well.

    • The Roman Catholic Church is the one and only authentic Christian religion, and the Holy Father is Saint Peter’s successor here on Earth. The Holy Father’s authority comes directly from Jesus. Those who reject the Holy Father’s authority are the true servants of the Anti-Christ. They are the ungodly infidels who must be cleaned.

      Smile, pendejos! My Latino brothers and sisters are doing a fine job of making sure you mindless and godless Protestants become a powerless minority, so we can bring God’s Rule to America.

  10. Everyone should start a pig farm in their backyards. Pig heaven! Send them all crawlibng back to where they come from.

  11. * TO muzzpigs !!! I live in Dearborn(istan) <Michigan and these vile, nasty, evil skanky animals think they own and they will RUIN MY CITY !!!! These heathens are going to churches and ORDERING these churches NOT to ring their church bells!!!!!! They claim izzslumm forbids CHRISTIAN CHURCHES from ringing their bells!!!! W T F S ???? MY church was here since 1948 so SCREW THEM MUZZSCUMS !!!! These koranimals are telling CHRISTIANS to NOT speak ENGLISH in public!!! That arubic IS Dearborn's official language????? These scum are telling AMERICANS that we must be silent around muzzies??? WHAT THE HELL ??? * TO MUZZSCUM!!!!

    * Denotes Moderation of Content

    • re: awojoone;

      I completely understand your sentiments.

      p.s. Sorry, but I had to moderate two words from your comment. I hope you understand. It could be misinterpreted.

      s/m @ sharia unveiled

    • re: awojoone :
      If you are so hot with the MUZZSCUM !! Why don’t you join us in “Wake up America “-ADL; You can shed all yr desire , and we can talk freely , I think. There are many patriot there, so bring yr patriotic friends too. See you !

    • you should ring the bell 7am 12 noon and at 3pm 5 days a week and Sundays for Sunday school 9am again at 11 am for preaching. then again for the evening worship service. the Saturday just for practice.

  12. I’m a Christian and even though I don’t consider myself a good one, But even I know it’s right there in revelations in the bible. Obama is the anti Christ.

    • I do not believe he is THE ANTI-CHRIST, I do know for a fact that he is an anti-christ. anyone against Christ is an anti christ…… that being said, He could be in line as the beast…. still a part of the evil, twisted, wicked anti-trinity….. the anti-christ is the religious leader, the beast is the political leader… We do not know the day or the hour…. HOWEVER , we have been given the information to know what season that all this will take place. Matt 24, gives us some of the info, as does Daniel, Isaiah, Jesus, John and many many others…..
      I have been watching the “mark” develop since the early 1970′s, it is ready in several different forms. There are already some companies in the USA that in order to work there (condition of employment) you must have the RFID in you …
      Even before Obama was officially on the ballot in 08, I knew he was trouble. then he started showing his true colours, that of being a tyrant.

    • No….Obama isn’t the anti-Christ. There is another coming! The true anti-Christ will have more charisma than Obama could ever hope to have! He will have most of the World population eating out of his hands. He will do miraculous things also. Obama is just a minion….

      • As IrishCowboy stated, Obama is “an” antichrist, but not THE antichrist. Anyone who denies the Son, denies the Father, and that is the definition of an antichrist. That would apply to ALL muslims, since they do not recognize the Son as the Son of God. Just an ordinary prophet.

        However, IrishCowboy has it wrong… we CAN know the day/hour of the beginning of the Tribulation, and when it will end. We cannot know the day/hour of the Rapture… because only the Father knows that, based on the traditions of the Jewish wedding (if you note, in the Bible, all the parables of the virgins awaiting the arrival of the groom for their wedding? That’s the references to the wedding traditions). In Jewish traditions, the father and groom go to build a house for the new couple, and when it’s nearing finish, the father tells the groom to go fetch his bride and bring her to their new house, where they are secluded for 7 days, prior to the actual nuptials. This is the same that will happen in Heaven… we who belong to the Church (the Bride) will be carried away to our new home (remember, Jesus told His disciples that He was going to leave, to prepare a house for us), and we will be secluded in Heaven for 7 years (the timing of the Tribulation/Great Tribulation), and at the end, before we join Jesus as His army, riding white horses behind Him as He leads us, we will celebrate the wedding feast in Heaven.

        The timing of the Tribulation has been determined, by Scripture… Revelation 12:1 tells us what to look for, in the heavens… this constellation configuration will appear on September 23, 2017. This will be the halfway point of the Tribulation, at the time that the treaty of the Antichrist will be broken with Israel. Count back 1,260 days, and we arrive at April 12, 2014. This is the first of the lunar eclipses of the last Blood Tetrad in which ALL the lunar and solar eclipses fall on the Lord’s Feast Days. This is of significance. April 12, 2014 is Shabbat Paran, the Shabbat of the Red Heifer, the period of purification of the Jews, in preparation for Passover. Passover starts on April 14, 2014. Count forward 1,260 days from September 23, 2017, and we arrive at the same event, Shabbat Paran, on March 6, 2021. This is the day that Jesus and His army, His Bride (Church), return to earth, to end Armageddon and the reign of the Islamic world.

        The Mark of the Beast is not an RFID chip. It is, instead, the shahada that is inscribed on the head scarves and armbands required to be worn by muslim jihadists… the forehead comes into contact with the head scarves… therefore, on the forehead per Scripture. Same as the armband… worn on the right arm (hand). When muslims are in complete control of the world, by overtaking all nations, as Mr. Mordechai and Mr. Lipkin predict will happen when Egypt collapses, and a diaspora takes place, then only those that are recognized as muslims will be able to buy and sell, freely. Everyone else will be slaves to them, and not have that right, if they pay tribute to the muslims in control. Otherwise, they’ll be dead, and martyrs under the Throne in Heaven, waiting to be redeemed by the Son.

  13. The story is very much a misinformation and disinformation campaign when you have hearsay from one party attempting denigrate persons or groups, who are, and were not present at the alleged event.
    That is like me saying the Bush family, along with the Carlyle Group, has been attempting to buy water rights from any available source so they can control the market!

  14. * In America’s streets, I would sacrifice my life so that I may take out as many as I can to prevent Sharia Law to enslave our women and prevent our female children to fall to these pediphile worshipping Cult of Mohammad. The facts are out there for those to look under the veil of misinformation to fool the gullible. Just start researching the names mentioned and their placement. The more you start collaborating these “conspiracy reports” that sick feeling will fill your stomach. By researching and using multiple sources lies the undeniable truth. And you will find the only solution…

    * Denotes Comment Moderation

    • re: John Maness;

      First, .. My apologies John.. but, I had to moderate the first part of your comment. While I completely understand..(the moderated portion), it could be misunderstood and used against us.

      Yes.. everything you said is correct. I live with that “sick feeling” constantly. But, I believe the feeling of sickness from knowledge of the truth is far better than the feeling that many will come to know as a result of their ignorance, denial and willful blindness.

      s/m @ sharia unveiled

  15. I fear it may be too late as this man has too many minions doing the devils work,no to mention those
    who refuse to see the Handwriting on the Wall.Even in our small town I am seeing more women in
    burkas.It’s like if you see one roach the others always show up.Inch by inch we realize they have
    taken our country.

  16. It will not stand. People have to come to the realization that we are in a WAR here. They declared it. We, as a group, are in denial that Islamists are bent on world domination. Hitler was an obvious threat but it took the U.S. 5 years after he started to get involved in the defeat of this would-be Emperor. I find it lamentable that religion is being used as an excuse to commit genocide, but the Christians did it, Hindus did it, and most major religions have tried to expand their worshipper base by killing. Rational thought must be brought to bear that this is yet another religion attempting to expand and dominate the Earth. Islam = Convert, Submit, or Die.

  17. I have clashed with these fanatics on three different fronts. If we allow them to gain more ground here, it’s not going to be pretty. The deceitful muslim in thief is doing some serious damge to America. The Americans supporting him have no idea whats in store for our great nation if they don’t awaken. Obama is a born liar. and paid to do so.

    • re: 12th gen. American USMC;

      First, I would like to say “Thank you” Sir for your honorable service to our beloved republic. Additionally, I would like to extend my gratitude to all of the members of your family who also did so.

      Yes Sir, I concur with your assessment 100%. This Saudi bought and paid for Obamanista Rebel is doing irreparable damage to our Constitution and the Republic for which it stands. We are only a few months into the second 4-years.. and just look at the damage he’s done. I am quite sure that if he completes this term, there will be nothing left to preserve. We must do everything within our power to ensure this does not occur. It may require great sacrifice.. but, all things worth preserving require a great sacrifice at some point.

      For a moment I would like you to think of what a great man of the highest honor Chris Kyle was. (and, still is in heaven.) He possessed talent and skill in his M.O.S. that most before him and after him will only dream of. A threat assessment was conducted by this administration and c.k. was listed as the “number one threat to national security.” It was a result of his skill set. What “we” consider an asset.. a few considered a “liability.” I am shocked that so many just bought the lie about his “accidental” death.

      Semper Fi Marine!

      s/m @ sharia unveiled

      Molon Labe and Sic Semper Tyrannis!

    • How do we stop this before it gets out of hand? If it isn’t already. ‘

      On the 1st Inauguration when he signed the executive order giving the billions of dollars to Hammas to relocate here I was certain we were in trouble.

    • The Saudi Princes paid Obi $38 billion dollars, which is sitting in a Saudi National Bank account. They paid him this before his run for President in 2008. He was to bring America to her knees in four years, which is why Obi once mentioned that he wouldn’t run for a second term! They believed that the American people are lazy and so self-indulgent that they would not care what was happening around them. The Tea Parties kinda screwed up their plans and showed them that it wouldn’t be as easy as they had first thought!

      Obi had to run again! He was paid so handsomely for a job he had failed to do and he doesn’t want his head to roll in Chop-Chop square!

      At some point here the American people will have had enough of the chit! I see a day coming when 5 million veterans will march from San Diego to just outside Washington DC. Congress, Senate, Judiciary and the WH will be told to surrender and the traitors will be dealt with accordingly.

      • re: Dixie;

        Lol.. “chop-chop square”.. that’s hilarious..

        I hope you are correct about the veterans.

        America is divided today. 1/2 of the nation is willfully blind, utterly ignorant and suffers from normalcy bias, delusions of grandeur, schizophrenia and psychosis.

        The other 1/2 knows the truth.. but, they are complacent. They prefer to get up, go to work and watch the world unravel on tv.

        I think both 1/2′s are in for a very rude awakening in the very near future!

        s/m @ sharia unveiled

      • S/M….

        The military is not happy with the Liar and Thief…..the vets are not happy either. At some point they will have had enough. They’ve been talking for a while now and preparing. I get sent some articles sent to me by some friends who know I am a supporter of the Military. My hubby is a Vietnam Vet.

      • re: Dixie;

        Please tell your husband I said.. “Thank you very much for your service to our Republic!”

        My dad is also a Vietnam Vet. I have the utmost respect and admiration for all vets, especially Vietnam Vets.

        s/m @ sharia unveiled

      • I pray with all my heart that happens. I know he changed out some of the major generals, etc. replacing them with his people. That does have me very concerned.

      • That is why he is NOW trying to take the guns away from the veterans. I saw that article yesterday or today. My brain is so damn full, the days are running together!

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    • Works only if all others believe in the same thing…..unfortunately…Islam doesn’t practice those three words.

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  21. Gosh, I love Conspiracies, always brings a smile to my face. This is so full of mis-information and opinion. But ya gotta love the imagination!!!!

    • re: Kmd;

      And, your comment is so full of willful blindness and ignorance and I don’t have to love anything about that.

      There is absolutely “zero” conspiracy or mis-information here. Only Truth and Fact! (Which are synonymous.)

      Wake up and smell the tyranny!

      s/m @ sharia unveiled

      Sic Semper Tyrannis!

    • re kmd57, please get your plunger and listen for the pop. that’s the sound your head makes when exiting your rectum

    • The most compelling conspiracy is president Barack Obama. A man who never had a job in his life. A man who never owned a business. A man who never ran a business. A man who never ran a city (Mayor). A man who never ran a State (Governor). A man who never served in the US military – and he was elected to run a Nation? He never even ran a lemonade stand!

      He was a Community Organizer, who learned his tactics under Saul Alinsky, who had set up a school to teach aspiring Community Organizers in Chicago, who had also attracted the attention of Hillary Clinton. Obama had befriended Luis Farrakhan and Jeremiah Wright, who had deep ties to the Muslim Brotherhood – and mind you, all three – Obama, Wright and Farrakhan had all participated in the Million Man Muslim March.

      The Obama family has deep ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and actively participate in Saudi Arabia. Obama was named after the Islamic Horse the Prophet Muhammad rode on into the 7-Heavens. The name of that horse was Barak.

      These words are factual, and failure to believe so lays the groundwork for your own demise – as you are an American, regardless of your Democratic association. Much can be learned from the words of Barack Obama – he did authorize and publish his life via published books.

      • re: StandAsOneUnited;

        Barack Hussein Obama was paid 38 Billion in Cash by Saudi Arabia in 2007.

        This was a personal payment from King Abdullah. The money is currently in a bank account in Saudi Arabia.

        s/m @ sharia unveiled

  22. Also consider Obama’s stance on gun control. The reason why we HAVE the 2nd Amendment — is no longer just about the individual’s right to bear arms – but also to do with the nation’s ability to protect itself should it come under attack by external forces. Ten years of study on Islam and you get to understand what motivates them. That being said, disarming American citizens would be a priority on the list of those islamists with a goal towards global caliphate. We already know the Saudi’s rule by Islam even though they are an ally of the USA. We already know that they get to review our textbooks before publication and printing to ensure that islam is seen in a positive light. We already know that the Saudi’s fund madrassah’s (muslim schools where the kids go to memorize Qu’ran in Arabic – not necessarily to learn it’s meaning in their native tongue). We already know that there are organizations such as CAIR that wage peaceful war via lawsuit in order to get our existing constitutional laws to be officially subservient to their islamic/sharia laws. We already know the Saudis are actively funding existing and the construction of new mosques all over America – spread evenly throughout the nation on all corners and all states. This is ALL DONE BY DESIGN people. I have no reason to sit here and lie about it or be paranoid….besides you can’t be paranoid about something if it is REALLY happening! It is not just the Saudi’s who strive to bring Islam to America. It is the entire muslim world aka the ummah. It is the duty of every muslim, if they are in a position to do it, to perform al hijrah (migration to new lands to bring islam everywhere that it is not already)
    If you haven’t seen what the hijrah has done to Europe, under what rock have you been hiding? We can call it Eurabia now. European powers of the 1970′s traded oil for immigration (see: Strasbourg Resolutions. ) All of them KNOW FULL WELL that they will not take America by force. The ones actively involved in making inroads through America know that it must happen peacefully if it is to happen at all. THIS IS WHY THEY NEED US TO BE DISARMED.

    • re: Domina Bellato;

      What an excellent comment you have written! You are 100% correct on every point you made. I believe you see things just as I do…
      ..first, looking closely at the details of individual cases ..then, stepping back, putting all of the pieces together and looking at the “big picture.”

      Just as you stated.. everything that is transpiring is all by design. Our Western Governments and their so-called “leaders” are ALL facilitating our demise. They are creating the environment to make us vulnerable for take-over. We are being set-up! The Islamic Caliphate will be the “New World Order (ie.) the One World Government.”

      Yes.. taking the Rights of Americans away.. especially, the 2nd Amendment Right to keep and bear Arms is vital to Islam’s advancement in America. It is the 2nd Amendment that ensures all of the other Amendments remain.

      Thank you for reading sharia unveiled and for taking the time to share your very insightful wisdom.

      Please keep in touch!

      s/m @ sharia unveiled

      • I’ve read that some scholars believe that the antichrist will assume headship of an already existing one world government. Whatever the case is it’s apparent that the world is headed in that direction and for me the question is; what is the Christians role in such a scenario?
        Please don’t get me wrong, I’m just a normal guy, a sinner who was saved by God’s grace and I believe that Jesus lived a sinless life, was crucified and rose from the dead. I struggle to live according to God’s will and I wrestle with my evil flesh. On one hand I want to see all of the people who spit in the ONE TRUE GOD’S face lined up against a wall and executed. On the other hand I know that it’s not God’s will for me to take upon myself that particular action. In the face of the persecution He promised (“if the world hates you, remember, it hated me first”) as the result of following Jesus, He said, “overcome the world in the same way that I have overcome the world” and, “take up your cross and follow me”.
        Terrible times are coming and the forgotten calling of the children of God is to take the Gospel to the world. Many may balk when I say that our founders rebelled against God’s anointed, King George, because of unfair taxes. Well, I never read that Jesus advocated rebellion against the Roman Empire.
        Who believes, for instance, that it was the duty of any individual Christian to assassinate Adolf Hitler? Wouldn’t that call be under the authority of governments and courts? I feel that Dietrich Bonhoeffer (I can relate to him) went a step too far, taking authority to himself that was God’s.
        Anyway, I’m glad I discovered your site and I just wanted to give the folks some food for thought.

        I’ll close with this:

        Revelation 13:5,6,7
        The beast was given a mouth to utter proud words and blasphemies and to exercise its authority for forty-two months. It opened its mouth to blaspheme God, and to slander his name and his dwelling place and those who live in heaven. It was given power to wage war against God’s holy people and to conquer them.
        All who dwell on the earth will worship him, everyone whose name has not been written from the foundation of the world in the book of life of the Lamb who has been slain. If anyone has an ear, let him hear. If anyone is destined for captivity, to captivity he goes; if anyone kills with the sword, with the sword he must be killed.
        Here is the perseverance and the faith of the saints.

      • re: Mardabo;

        I struggle with those exact same opposing forces that you mentioned in your 2nd paragraph.

        The flesh wanting revenge and the conviction of the spirit to forgive.

        Brother.. that is one my greatest challenges. Often, I bounce back and forth between the two.

        Do you realize that Islam and Judaism/Judeo-Christianity are opposing forces?

        A biblical scholar revealed the following to me:

        1. Islam = The Beast

        2. Muhammad = The False Prophet

        3. The Mahdi aka. the 12th Imam = The Anti-Christ

        4. The Islamic Caliphate = The One World Government

        There were many other references that he gave me that I cannot remember at the moment.. but, I can ask him again.

        If you read, Ezekiel, Daniel and Revelations with the above in mind.. It matches 100%.

        s/m @ sharia unveiled

        p.s. Thank you so much.. I am really blessed that you found my site!

    • Something else to be think about – why does Obama need a 2nd Army. They are graduating classes now,and the concentration camps around the US……why are they needed. There is one in an abandoned rail station in Indy that they installed gas chambers, and cremation facilities . There are others in ND and GA out in the middle of no where with stacks of coffins….what isup with that. Mass number of UN vehicles have been spotted on a runway in Fla. again – WHY?

  23. America has done everything possible to shut the true God out of her schools, law courts and public life in general. The Bible makes it very clear that when people turn away from Him and choose to worship other gods, He honours their choice and removes His hand of protection. That is what is happening in America now. The American people can still prevent the takeover of their nation by Islam, if they will just repent and turn back to serving the true and living God. If not, then He will indeed allow them to learn what it is like to serve other gods.

    • re: Lynn;

      I could not agree with you more!

      I hear people ask God to bless our nation.. but, first they must ask themselves… “Do ‘we’ as a nation bless God?”

      We murder 5,000 of His most innocent in the womb each and every day. We commit murder via euthanasia each and every day.
      We have not only legalized homosexuality but, we have legalized their marriage via a sanctimonious act that was created by Him for a man and a woman.

      As you referenced.. we have taken God out of the government, the schools, the courts, the workplace and the public square.

      A vacuum now exists in our society.. and in our nation. This empty space is currently being filled by the evil of lucifer’s false religion.

      Our Lord thy God will not be mocked!

      The way back that you suggested is in fact the only way..

      Bless you my sister.. and thank you for writing and sharing His love through you.

      s/m @ sharia unveiled

  24. Does Obama still serve the Muslim religion? Does he attend a Mosque and pray daily as they are directed to do? He claims to be Christian now! He has said America is no longer a Christian nation. God forbid he allows them to take over America and bring Sharia Law to America. I am a loving Christian and I pray to our God the Father and Jesus Christ that He will have mercy on America and not allow this perscution to take-over in the land of the Free!

    • re: terri;

      Is a tree not known by the fruit that it bears? Everything that Obama is doing is either an action of facilitation to Islam.. an obstacle to Judeo-Christianity.. or both. Christians are being persecuted and slaughtered everyday around the world. Obama will not even acknowledge this.. much less condemn it and demand that it stop. He could so easily ask the leaders of the nations where the persecution is occurring to take a hard stand against it.. but, he refuses.
      And, why does he refuse? Because the atrocities are all being carried out by muslims. When someone makes a harmless cartoon or amateur film about any reference to islam at all.. no matter how slight.. Obama is the first one to run to the defense of the muslims. Yet, Judeo-Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs, Zoroastrians and others are being murdered for simply following peacefully in their own faith. And, this persecution all comes from one “religion”… Islam.

      Islam is a hate-filled cult of indoctrination. Intolerance of all others is their core fabric. You have the choice.. Islam or Death. They allow you to chose..

      Obama is bringing them in by the plane load.. literally. He is doing this by Secretive Executive Order:


      Our Lord thy God has removed His Loving hand of protection from our nation…

      Do you really think America deserves mercy? We ask God to bless our nation.. but, do “we”, as a nation bless God?

      We murder 5,000 babies in the womb each and every day. These are 5,000 of His most precious least of these.
      We have not only legalized homosexuality.. but, we have made laws to allow them to marry. Marriage is an Ordainment of our Lord thy God in His Name. It is a sanctimony that He created for a man and a woman to unite as one in Him.
      We murder the elderly through euthanasia. The elderly are another of our Lord’s least of these.
      We have taken God out of the government, the courts, our children’s schools, the workplace and the public square.

      Now.. let me ask you again.. Are we a nation worthy of our Lord thy God’s blessings?

      Our Lord thy God will not be mocked!

      He blesses those whom bless Him.. and allows curses to befall those whom curse Him.

      America’s suffering has not even yet begun.. the true persecution has not yet reached her shores..

      But, it will.

      Instead of praying for God to Bless our Nation.. We must pray that our Nation begins to Bless God.

      If we do.. from that will come His Blessings.

      s/m @ sharia unveiled

    • terri…

      A muslim doesn’t need to attend a mosque…they just must do the prayers five times a day. Something which Obama could easily do in the WH. Remember he said that the call to prayer was the most beautiful sound he ever heard? Mosques are not only places for muslims to go and pray together…they are also monuments to tell the infidels that Islam has conquered that area. Mosques are also distribution centers for illegal guns and indoctrination centers for armed jihad.

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  31. Not that I have any love lost for Muslims but people who believe these ridiculous claims are a bunch of morons. How can anyone believe this bull* It is such ridiculous claims that help liberals to defend against legitimate actions against Muslim religion

    • re: Librarian;

      Oh what willful blindness. The truth is right before your eyes.. and you deny it.

      I believe you suffer from Normalcy Bias and Delusions of Grandeur. At least you exhibit all of the symptoms. Look them up..”librarian.”

      Now run along.. back to your MSM (Main Stream Media).. where they always tell you all of the truth.

      s/m @ sharia unveiled

    • Please state what claims are ridiculous? Do you by chance work for an Intelligence agency? What exactly do you know about this? I’m really interested in what you seem to believe is the truth.

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  33. Considering that around 280 million are in the US…making US a muslim country by 2016 is rather farfetched rather Obama is more likely to use these immigrants for other purposes. That UN source is still hearsay-but given Obama actions its obvious he is a muslim brotherhood plant and very likely a truthful enough statement. If you can’t impeach him-then him and his despot czars need to go send them to Chechnya Pelosi & Feinstein, Holder can go w/ them One way ticket…THE MAN IS A TRAITOR and needs to be removed by ANY means possible-its our duty as Americans he is an Enemy of the USA.

  34. the Bible has already spoken regarding the muslims invading Israel to eliminate the “Jewish threat.” the Bible mentions the areas involved in this invasion as: Persia (Iran), Cush (Ethiopia), Put (Libya), Gomer (Eastern Europe), and the House of Togarmah (nothing definitive, but scholars suggest Turkey is possible along with the southern Russian republics that are mostly arab). and as you may recall, our Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ is Jewish from the tribe of Judah, Rev 5:5: One of the elders said to me, “Don’t weep. Behold, the Lion who is of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, has overcome… soooo mankind definitely does not want to mess with the apple of their Creator’s eye, but they will – the world being what it is, which is currently run by the prince of the power of the air – satan himself – the deceiver of the nations. a fitting phrase for satan is it not? deceiver of the nations… anyways, when the enemy marches against Israel, our Creator will act in such a way that any person with a brain will know the supernatural outcome of the elimination of those forces marching on Israel was clearly beyond human intervention. the muslims will be decimated most severely! not bad for a religion whose main objective is killing infidels as they describe anyone who is not muslim. and what’s great is our Creator did the decimating, so you know it was a just move, besides being sorely needed. not that this bodes well for mankind in general, for those who have rejected their Creator’s gift of eternal life through Jesus the Christ alone, must give an accounting of their life to their Creator and deal with the outcome, that outcome is also in the Bible and is very simple; for those who have received their Creator’s free gift of salvation they will enter into eternal life, while those who reject their Creator’s only option for eternal life, will enter into eternal death, by their unfortunate choice (no one to blame but themselves). eternal death is a real place prepared for satan and his fallen angels and known as the Lake of Fire. imagine never being able to leave a lake and walk on dry ground. now add in fire… you get the point. that’s why the demon’s asked Jesus if He had come to torment them before the appointed time. they know this is coming and they still choose to deceive the nations and propagate evil in the world.

    • re: Robert;

      Thank you so much for your message of Truth.

      If I may add a few points.. moving forward, we must remember that Yeshua/Jesus Christ was NOT a pacifist. And, He will NOT be upon His return. I cannot remember the exact scripture at the moment.. but, the idea is this: Yeshua/Jesus Christ will return and do battle with the enemy and He will walk out of (Egypt) with blood on His garments. (Paraphrasing, of course) I do not believe the scripture I am referencing stated “Egypt” but rather, the name for Egypt. So, clearly he will be engaged in War.

      As followers of Yeshua/Jesus Christ, “WE” are not called to be pacifists either. We are not called to allow ourselves or others.. (especially the Jews) to be led like lambs to the slaughter.

      The 6th Commandment in the Hebrew is: “Thou shalt not commit Murder”

      99% of the time.. I see and hear people say.. “Thou shalt not Kill” (This is an inaccurate translation of great magnitude) I believe it is intentional in order to create this image of pacifism, over generations.

      I am sure you know why this is important:

      Killing is the taking of a life in the defense of ones own life or that of another.. “WITH Justification.”

      Murder is the taking of a life “WITHOUT Justification.”

      We MUST spread this message!

      “There will be many of my people who perish for a lack of knowledge.”

      There are going to be some very, very, dark days in our future, my brother.

      There are going to be many, many people rounded up to be led to their death. Much like what was done to the Jews under Hitler. But this time.. It will be the Jews and the Christians. This will be worldwide.. but, especially America.

      We CANNOT, We MUST NOT and We WILL NOT stand idly by in fear, intimidation or any other reason.. and watch as our Jewish and Judeo-Christian brothers and sisters be led away to their slaughter. NEVER AGAIN!!

      We will be warriors. And we will need to be. This message MUST be spread.

      Blessings of His Love be upon you!

      His Servant and Soldier,

      s/m @ sharia unveiled

      • Revelation 19

        The Coming of Christ

        11 And I saw heaven opened, and behold, a white horse, and He who sat on it is called Faithful and True, and in righteousness He judges and wages war. 12 His eyes are a flame of fire, and on His head are many diadems; and He has a name written on Him which no one knows except Himself. 13 He is clothed with a robe dipped in blood, and His name is called The Word of God. 14 And the armies which are in heaven, clothed in fine linen, white and clean, were following Him on white horses. 15 From His mouth comes a sharp sword, so that with it He may strike down the nations, and He will rule them with a rod of iron; and He treads the wine press of the fierce wrath of God, the Almighty. 16 And on His robe and on His thigh He has a name written,

      • re: Mardabo;

        Those are some powerful words right there. Thank you brother!

        I am sure you know that when our Lord returns and goes to war.. He will be at war with Islam. He will destroy all of the Islamic Nations.

        Knowing that already.. means “we” will not be doing so prior to His arrival.

        I truly see Islam as the most dangerous threat to Western Civilization that has ever existed.

        s/m @ sharia unveiled

      • Hi, thanks for the reply. I know that terrible, unprecedented persecution for Christians is coming and what we are seeing of late is minor compared to what we will experience before it’s over. I know that for Christians there is no choice about what the future holds. It will ultimately come down to – renounce Jesus as God and worship the anti-christ (whoever he turns out to be) or die. One of the major stumbling blocks in this end-time scenario is the fact that the majority of professing Christians are waiting, with fingers crossed, for a rapture to take them outta here before anything bad happens. Sadly, that isn’t the case and many will end up taking the mark of the beast, to keep their families fed, figuring that it’s ok because Jesus hasn’t come for them yet. When they finally figure out the truth it will be too late. All of this is the result of being people who say they are Christians yet never were devoted enough to make sure they knew the truths of God’s word.

        Blessings, mardabo

      • re: Mardabo;

        I concur completely with all of your points.

        Whether there will be a “rapture” in general.. may be one thing.. but, so many are lost in this notion of a “pre-tribulation” rapture or a rapture at the midway (3 1/2 year point.) I think that is not only wishful thinking but, should not be taught by any church.

        Just as you said.. it facilitates a body of leuke-warm Christians.. not to mention, there will be many who lose hope and faith when it does not occur.

        My friend who is a biblical scholar is completely convinced that the “Mark of the Beast” will NOT be any physical mark, stamp, micro-chip etc.

        He said “the mark” will simply be the decision in your mind to follow the beast and the spoken acknowledgement.

        He said that ALL people will either be “sealed” in the Lord or “marked” in the beast. And, all of this will be based on ones personal decision in their mind to follow or not and NOT based on any physical microchip. He was basically stating that you could accept a microchip if necessary and still belong to the Lord, be saved and go to heaven.

        What are your thoughts on this? Do you agree?

        You know, I’m not so sure. While I agree with him about the concept of being “sealed” in the Lord or “marked” in the beast in your heart, mind and soul..

        I am still relatively sure there will be a physical element to it. I believe the microchip will be a “physical” acceptance/acknowledgement of the Beast and to accept it would be denying Christ.

        s/m @ sharia unveiled

      • Hi, as to the mark of the beast, I’ve seen arguments for both sides. Way back in Leviticus maybe it

        talks about the men wearing phylacteries (a little container for scriptures) on their foreheads or on

        their hands. There is an obvious subconscious aspect to this, as in having the word near your mind

        for your devotion and at your hand which speaks of action. To that extent I think your friend is correct

        but in Revelation 13:11-12 we learn that: another beast rises up out of the earth. It has two horns

        like a lamb and it speaks like a dragon. It exercises all the authority of the first beast in its presence,

        and makes the earth and its inhabitants worship the first beast, whose mortal wound was healed. It is

        during this time that all who profess faith in Christ will be killed by the first beast or his minions for

        refusing to worship him. Continuing in Rev. 13 v. 16-17 it says: The second beast causes all, both

        small and great, both rich and poor, both free and slave, to be marked on the right hand or the

        forehead, so that no one can buy or sell unless he has the mark, that is, the name of the beast or the

        number of its name.

        In my opinion the mark proves who you belong to and is yet another source of persecution for

        Christians as they won’t be able to feed their families. A great trial which could end in sorrow if one

        denies his faith for comforts sake. The Bible is clear that one may not take the mark, feigning

        sincerity, for expediency’s sake. We are called to die for our faith rather than bow to a false god

        Revelation 14:9-11

        “If anyone worships the beast and his image, and receives his mark on his forehead or on his hand,

        he himself shall also drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is poured out full strength into the

        cup of His indignation.

        And he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels and in the

        presence of the Lamb. And the smoke of their torment ascends forever and ever; and they have no

        rest day or night, who worship the beast and his image, and whoever receives the mark of his name.”

        Here is the patience of the saints; here are those who keep the commandments of God and the faith

        of Jesus.”

        As to what form the mark takes, I don’t think it matters. It will be something permanent and a micro-chip would probably be a perfect vehicle for such a thing. We’ll have to wait and when we see it we’ll know it.


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  36. Why are so many Americans so complacent about the idiot in the White House? You need to watch him and all of the other idiots in his cabinet. They are not to be trusted

      • re: Mardabo;

        I’m sure of two things.

        1. That you are absolutely correct.

        2. There is very little that I would be able to tell you, that you do not already know.

        We have created a vacuum in our society by forcing God out of our government, our children’s schools, the courts, the workplace and the public square. Evil did not infiltrate in.. or sneak in.. but rather, we created the environment that facilitated its entry. Essentially, we invited evil in.

        Today, while we did whatever we did.. 5,000 babies were murdered in the womb. And tomorrow, 5,000 more will be murdered. and the next day.. 5,000 more. And so on..

        Our Lord thy God said.. “I knew you before I formed you in your mother’s womb.. I ordained you as a prophet to the nations..” Jer.1:5

        Our Lord thy God will not be mocked.

        He clearly called homosexuality an abomination..and allowed the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, primarily for its practice. And not only do we accept it and allow it..but, we make laws to allow them to enter into a holy sanctimony that he ordained himself as a joining together of a man and woman as one, in Him.

        Our Lord thy God will not be mocked.

        I hear people ask our Lord thy God to bless our nation, yet they fail to ask themselves.. “Do we as a nation bless God?”

        His hand of protection has been removed from our nation and there is only one way to get it back. That is, our nation repenting of the evil practices we currently engage in and turning our nation back over to Him.

        Not to sound pessimistic.. but, I do not see that happening. We are full speed ahead in the opposite direction.

        All we can truly ask for at this point is .. that he have mercy on us in our time of judgement.

        I presume you live in the states..

        America is going to betray Israel.

        The day will come in the near future when you will need to choose between the Nation of Israel and the Nation of America.

        I’m sure you know to choose Israel.

        His Servant and Soldier,

        s/m @ sharia unveiled

      • Yes, I stand with Israel and I know what to do when the time comes. I do live in the USA . I think our society, the world included, has turned the corner concerning morality and traditional Christian values. I think we are now outnumbered by the pagans and it’s all downhill from here. But I rejoice to be chosen to live in times such as these.


      • S/M….

        Good thing Israel already knows that America will betray them! Israel and Canada have now entered into trade agreements…..Canada is scratching Israel’s back and Israel is scratching Canada’s! I can only see very good things coming from it!

    • Beverly, I only have one example…maybe it will help.
      A friend of the family that lived next door to us when my daughter was 14 yrs old…called me in a total panic. “Did you know Obama is a Muslim!!!!?????”

      She works 2 jobs and is a Mary Kay Distributor.
      One of of the jobs is 40 hrs a week (don’t ask what she does…it has something to do with the Mortgages, etc. The 2nd job on the week ends is with Hobby Lobby; then she also sells Mary Kay.
      She has 3 children…one of which is in sports and she attends all sports events AND takes care of the family.

      She was panicked….so I emailed her a lot of articles and what he was doing to the country.

      I am saying that because I think a lot of working people get home from work, eat dinner and watch the news “thinking” they are actually GETTING THE NEWS.

    • re: tazzz;

      Always remember.. every revolution since the dawn of mankind began with one courageous man willing to fire the first shot.

      I believe everyone is waiting on that “first man.”

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


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  39. Robert, Jesus DIE NOT DIE FOR A “CHURCH”.

    It is said where “two or three gather in my name, I will be there.” he didn’t name ANY specific church. He didn’t even refer to it as a church.

    Jesus NEVER EVEN HAD A CHURCH BUILDING. When he said to build my church upon this “rock” , there were no Baptists, Methodists, etc. “Upon this rock”…means to be solid in a specific belief.

    Dixie and I both have met a lot of Bible Pounding Christians who are NOT “Christ Centered” people. They have memorized many, many scriptures without even understanding that Jesus gave all of us ONLY ONE commandment, “Love One Another.”

    • i think you’re missing some points upaces88. an important point is that Jesus was changing things around from the levitical priesthood to the church age so one must understand there is a huge transition going on. the church could not be built until Jesus accomplished what He set out to, which was His death, burial, and resurrection. thennnn the church would begin and we see that in the book of acts in the Bible. possibly the most important thing you omitted was Jesus giving us only one commandment; actually He gave us two, Love the Lord God with all your heart, soul, and strength, and second to love your neighbor as yourself. it seems like you need to get back to the Word as it appears you studied it for some time and have gotten away from it; left your first love? when you do, you will understand the church aspect more. =)

      • If this is the ignorance that one finds in church…I’m so very happy to not be a part of it! They wouldn’t know Christ if he came up behind them and bonked them on the head! They wouldn’t even let him in Church if he showed up on the door step….


  40. Catholics are christians? Why does rome keep these? Like saying hitler is president of jewish defence league. Take a few minutes to watch.

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  47. No surprise that Barry Soetero, who changed his name to (or ‘back to’ as the creature alleges) Barack Hussein Obama is a raghead. I knew he was a raghead during his campaign before his first election from doing due diligence on this man from nowhere. It was quick and easy, since he had everything removed from public view by the oligarch George Soros and an army of sleazy, bottom-feeding, ambulance-chasing lawyers. Now, although many people would like to see him ballistically removed from office, simply tying him up and going to work with a baseball bat would be infinitely more satisfying. In fact, this could be a way we could introduce the merit of western sports to the ragheads on an individualized basis – wouldn’t that be illuminating? Bring their true thoughts to the surface, or at least their gray matter, bone, connective tissue, vasculature, nervous system, etc.

  48. I’m all for execution of Obama and his conspirators although Obama isn’t a traitor because he’s actually not an American citizen I think he’s made threats to the families of the Senate and Congress otherwise why would they tolerate such blatant disrespect for the Constitution after he took an oath as well as holler did to support and defend the Constitution

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  50. obama’s do my is on the horizon Congress is running out of excuses to support him he is a criminal and by releasing The 5 Taliba terrorist he committed treason and Congress cannot deny that if they have one shred of patriotism and their soul they well impeach him otherwise they are complicit and should be held up on charges of treason themselves

  51. Byran! I think THIS new scandal and news item was just intended to be a distraction from the VETS scandal! They ALWAYS seem to find something else to take Media off of a current scandal they cant LIE their way out of! IF Obama is so DAMN sorry about ONE American hostage, that he would release 5 TERRORIST thugs!…. Well you already know he WANTS to assist terrorist muslims! The comment came out today that the reason he kept it secret was cuz they threatened to KILL that American! If he had ANY balls he would have said, “(and this is what ID have said)” (they threatened to kill him IF any reporting was done on it). Id have said OK kill him! and IF you do we will still deliver your 5 muslims as planned! BUT they will be dropped off from 10,000 feet without parachutes! CALL their bluff! TERRORISTS DONT GET TO MAKE THE RULES!!!!!!! This SOB Obama ISNT really president! He is a weak MINNIE MOUSE EARED GAY MUSLIM DRUG ADDICT Indonesian! HE needs to be dropped from 1000 feet at least!

  52. Where’s all the atheists and the ACLU ? Every time a Christian does something they are on board of crucifying them. So where is the out cry for this?

  53. The rise of destructions soon anyway, muslims will die off soon due to the same problem that crushed greeks and romans, a rise of soldiers. -Ghost

  54. In Switzerland it is forbidden to build minarets. Minarets are forbidden in Switzerland, it is impossible to build even one. And 2016 for the US to be an Islamic nation is unimaginable early date even during the possible term of BHO or in this decade. I like Sharia Unveiled, but this article is not the best.

  55. The Supreme Court decision today opened the door for Muslim owned businesses to implement Sharia in their workplaces. Nice job, SCOTUS.

  56. i swear insha allah america will be a muslim country and i will tell you how.see america want to finish islam from the world but it is highly impossible becaus allah is with us american will convert to islam by looking so many wars between muslims and christian

    • islam was beat down so badly that it took them centuries to recover. now after all these centuries, they not only have not learned to live with their fellow man in the world, they doing the same stupid stuff that got them in trouble last time. now it looks like we will need to simply finish it off for good so there won’t be another rising again – kind of like atlantis and all that.

    • Syed? Are you serious! Do you know the HISTORY of the Bible? READ IT! You will SEE that Christianity began with JEWS! You damn towel head Arabs are offspring from The TRUE PATRIARCH FATHERS! BUT ARE REJECTS! YOU are the scum that the JEWS were told to DESTROY when they went to Canaan from Egypt after Exodus! Too bad they didn’t do as told! Because YOU and your kind should be dust! BUT I SAY THIS!!!!! Where Israel failed so many years ago, AMERICA WILL FINISH THE JOB! Because you HAVE no God! WE DO! Well some of us do! I know our FKING illegal president doesn’t have a God either cuz he IS a Muslim! BUT you will find that a war will happen! SHORT LIVED! Because WE have GOD! More powerful than your ASS GOD! BRING IT ON BOY! !!!!! Sharia Unveiled posted a comment here saying one muslim at a time! OH NO! YOU WILL DIE! BUT NOT ONE AT A TIME! MANY AT ONCE!!!!!! AMERICANS ARE READY! COME ON LITTLE BOY! IM WAITING FOR YOU!

  57. So… are the Muslims going to take over America and kill all the Christians? Will this be like another Holocaust? Will this happen by 2016 or later ? I’m officially freaked out.

      • Do you think this will happen anytime soon? There has to be something we will do to stop it…the USA won’t just go down like that.

      • the u.s. will be in turmoil and conflict not later than the end of this decade, but most likely by 2017 based on behavioral patterns expressed by the leadership in our country and indeed by the citizens since 2000. the press is playing along by not reporting what is truly happening in the sense that the people collectively can move to stop it ahead of time. what is in the favor of the country is the fighting spirit of americans once engaged. in fact, that fighting spirit has slowed down their plans enormously and has them scared because if enough of the tens of millions of people amass and overcome the leaders who are causing these problems the leaders will be toast. they counted on about 12 million or so resistance initially, but then had to change to around 25 million. the longer they wait the more will fight. so hush-hush is the word – deception. make people believe what isn’t real; distract them with real events whether contrived or spontaneous, but that don’t deal with the real problems. (real problems meaning benghazi, usurper president, illegal voting, fast and furious, supreme court decisions against the constitution, etc.). so they create diversions to buy time. this keeps the people occupied with spurious stuff while they lay their groundwork to ensure their success. more and more people are waking up so they are going faster and faster and that will be their achilles heel if you will. they will need shock and awe to counter the tens of millions that will resist the criminals in leadership positions. shock and awe means nukes of course, and chemical warfare, and it also means they need to rapidly depopulate under the guise of a virus which has to move fast and scare everyone and of course must be pretty lethal. we are the wild card on the planet – we americans. we are armed to the teeth when compared to any other country and that’s why they keep on going after the guns – relentlessly. they know we will deal with the internal enemies so they have to whittle us down quick. and they don’t care how many americans die. we are fighters so if all of us died (fighters and wimps who won’t fight for any cause), no probs, then it will simply be easier to deal with the rest of the world. so they have their plans. they have warned us with the georgia guidestones (look it up) and the denver murals (look them up) for those who are awake. there is so much more, but everyone has to personally take the time to research because people will have a hard time believing stuff that i’m saying and it is hard to take decades of research and condense such into a coherent, concise, and believable understanding for people concerned. the biggest problem with people is they can’t believe something will end. the u.s. began and the u.s. will end as we know it. it may live on in name, but to everything there is a season and a time for every purpose on earth – a time to live and a time to die, a time to move into a house and a time to move out, a time to start a new job and a time to end it, a time to have children, and a time where one can’t have children, a time to be elected and a time to step down, and so on…

  58. NO it wont happen like that! The GUN confiscation didnt work! Even if it had theres still PLENTY of TRUE BLOOD Americans with guns and ammo and MANY OTHER ways of protecting themselves! Obamas Muslims WILL LOSE! The key words? Killing Christains? OH YEA some will be! BUT Christains have a real GOD! Were living in end times. Bible Prophecy will be fulfilled! OBAMA AND MUSLIM ASS WILL BE HUMILIATED! GOD IS KING!

  59. whoever posted that last comment i agree TOTALLY! Obama and his REGIME are desperate! All these illegals, how many Americans can disease wipe out! It IS UP TO US to take care of it! I think there will be ALOT more than 25 million! And Obamas hired UN SOLDIERS will drop like flies! AND OBAMA WILL TOO! If WE TRUE Americans take the leash off blood WILL FLOW! Innocent and guilty peoples, The innocent will be those of us trying to save our country!

  60. they should have known when Barack Hussein Obama was voted into the White House having aname Barack Obama should have told the world and expecially the United States citizens this moron is a Muslim now stick that in your ear and I hope everyone that voted for the moron gets everything they deserve thank you

    • re: Timothy;

      Yes, you would think so. And “I” and a few others knew. And we did warn people, only very few would listen.

      More often than not, those who possess the truth in the beginning will be very small in number.

      It is the duty and the responsibility of those few to share the truth with others.

      Unfortunately, we cannot “force” others to believe. It is up to the listener to choose to believe or not.

      Those who know the truth when they hear it and accept it are among the chosen and the elect.

      And those who reject the truth are among the lost..

      - – -

      s/m @ sharia unveiled

      • Im afraid the weight is going to ultimately be on WE THE PEOPLE! Americans! Storm Washington! Hopefully military support! And that is doubtful with all the leading military officials removed by Obama, replaced with MUSLIMS! AND/OR DHS or UN men! Perhaps after the first NUKE in Attmosphere and NUKE fallout, and return of technological services. (radio, simple things), People will finally understand. AFTER burrying our neighbors and friends and fellow Americans in MASS graves! And beat the shit out of politics, politicians, and Washington, and remake this country! Obama mentions the process of REMAKING AMERICA! That is NOT his job! America dont NEED remaking by a muslim SOB! America can be remade by GETTING RID OF SOCIALIST DEMOCRATS And the PLANET OF MUSLIMS!

      • re: malenursekenken;

        Yes, I agree. While I wish that it wouldn’t take all of that to wake up the American people, I do agree with you that 90% (+) of the American people are NOT ready to act. Complacency and normalcy bias (or sheer laziness) have paralyzed the American people. Of course, the blind, the ignorant and the disillusioned will never wake up. That’s about 50% of the population in the states. (The liberal / progressives.)

        But even among the conservatives and independents who are 100% aware of the tyranny in the US today, only a very small percentage are willing to “ACT.”

        (ie.) Walk the walk.. not just “talk the talk.”

        I see many “patriots” on facebook “talking” a big game with their posts..

        but why are the streets empty?

        The time to “ACT” is NOT once we have been locked down and lost all of our rights to do so…

        The time is ACT is while we still possess the capability to do so.

        America passed up their greatest opportunity when they stayed home and did not attend the “Operation American Spring” that Col. Riley organized.

        He put HIS LIFE and the lives of his family members on the line for that..

        ..and the American people sat home on their lazy asses..in their lazy-boy recliners (aptly named.) and did not attend.

        That was the catalyst for our “New Dawn” in America.

        - – - -

        s/m @ sharia unveiled

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