140 comments on “Container Ship Carrying U.S. Arms to FSA Rebels in Syria “Splits and Sinks”

    • If i am the ruler the world,what i will do is to get all Syrian civillians evacuate Syria leaving all Rebels & Assad’s troops behind.Once Syria is Civillian-Free,I will destroy Syria killing all those crazy,selfish and ambitious bastards(Rebels & Assad).Only with the death of Rebels & Assad,Syria can make a brand new start and eventually become a better nation..

      It’s good that Jesus teach us to love and not to hate.I am very proud to be a Christian…God bless Syria!..

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  2. This is unbelievable. This is what our government is stealing from us to give to Barack Hussein’s brothers. God allowed this to happen so we would see what an arms shipment looks like. This was all stolen from us in taxes. And we are not allowed to have arms to defend ourselve against the tyrants and thugs who are arming terrorists. Make this information viral. Flood your representatives with this. This is huge. This is for us…Don’t waste it.

    • I agree with you Dar. It astounds me how many boxes were being sent there to supply them. What we could do here in America if the time came with that much. By taking arms away from us, totally leaves us vulnerable to attacks. This is a Treasonist act again carried out by Obama. He just keeps going with trying to ruin America. The American people can fight back and maybe the time has come for that.

    • It was on it’s normal route making it’s normal scheduled stops and carrying it’s normal load of Asian consumer goods that it always carries. No weapons for the rebels and it didn’t sink, the two jalves have been floating for a week.

      • How does a ship that is broken in two still float after a week? Even the Titanic couldn’t do that! The reporter in the video even said it sank shortly afterwards…..the crew abandoned ship…they knew it was going to sink obviously!

  3. It’s a regularly scheduled container service from Asian ports to Saudi and a few other ports nearby. It’s a Japanese company, Mitsui O.S.K. Lines. The ship did break apart from what is called “hogging” and it happens, just not everyday. Loading to much weight forward and aft can do that. The ship did not sink. It is being salvaged, with almost containers still onboard.

    • re: citizenkla;

      I’m not sure where you are getting your information from but I have seen 3 independent sources reporting that the ship sank and it was a “total loss.”

      I have seen seen pictures on one site showing; in one frame, the nose sticking straight up in the air, the next frame had just the nose barely out of the water and the last frame it was gone.

      I would like to know:

      1. Could sabotage or terrorism have been involved?

      2. Who was there from beginning until end taking the pictures?

      s/m @ sharia unveiled

      • Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd, the company owner of the MOL Comfort container ship, which broke on 2 parts updates the status of MOL Comfort as of 23:00 JST (18:00 Dubai time) on 20th of June, 2013. The container ship still couldn’t continue floating under its own power from 17th of June, 2013 because the hull split off 2 parts while under way on the Indian Ocean:
        MOL COMFORT accident – the aft and fore parts of the container ship MOL Comfort are drifting near 14’10”N 63’27”E and 13’13”N 62’05”E respectively in an east-northeast direction. The weather condition at the site is still rough. The patrol vessel that has departed Port of Jebel Ali, U.A.E. on 19th of June is being expected to arrive at the ocean site on around 24th of June.
        Containers on the MOL Comfort – some of the containers on the damaged container ship MOL Comfort may be lost or damaged during the accident, but majority of the cargo are confirmed to be aboard the fore and aft part.
        There isn’t any changes on below items 3 and 4 from the Update released on 20th of June.
        Rescue of the cargo and hulls of MOL Comfort – We have contracted with a salvage company and are proceeding to rescue the cargo and hulls.
        Oil leakage of MOL Comfort – we confirmed no large volume of oil leakage.

        Read more at: http://www.vesselfinder.com/news/bytag/MOL-Comfort
        Copyright © Vesselfinder

      • Were the arms and ammunition still even on the ship? Seems like a good way to make it look like an attempt went wrong, while the real weapons are routed some other way.

      • Good questions! Point is it sunk and is gone…I would like to see the pictures of the sinking also.

  4. I’m sorry, I can’t help myself ROFLMAO TIPPIMP!
    Divine Intervention?

    If I’m wrong? I can’t keep up with who the good guys are vs. the bad guys. I figure that if Obama supports them, they are the bad guys.

    Please feel free to educate me. Soooo, confused over all of this mess!

    Israel is the only Good Guys that I know of? So?????

    • re: upaces;

      I never thought I’d hear myself say this…

      Russia are the GOOD guys and America are the BAD guys…

      ..but, in an upside down world.. It makes perfect sense!

      s/m @ sharia unveiled

      • I do understand your thinking processes on that one! I have been thinking the same thing… ESPECIALLY, when I saw a video of Putin talking about his Baptism…He is a Christian; and Inever knew that!

      • I am thinking the same way. Sad when one believes America is the BAD Guy. Think Russia has this one right, oh yes I do. Never thought this would happen in my lifetime.

    • There are no good guys in this battle, and probably no not-so-bad guys, either. We need to build a wall around the entire Middle East, nothing/nobody goes in and nothing/nobody gets out. When the screaming stops we send in the Marines to kill whoever is left…

    • when the only thing you know is that the Israelis are the good guys I fear you are in a situation of knowing less than nothing.

      • Israel are the good guys in the Middle East…your post proves that you know nothing at all!

    • You must be a Christian lol Yeah you are confused if you think Israel is a good guy LOL They are the biggest terrorist on the planet and no I don’t hate jewish people….Just their Gov.!

      • Adam, I am PRO Israel.

        Last time I checked, Israel was not slaughtering a child right in front of the mother, then EATING the child’s flesh.
        Last time I checked, I have never known of Israel chopping off heads of the British in their own country and laughing about it.
        I have never heard of Israel raping women and their small children then beheading them.

        Last time I checked, I never read an article about Muslim Hospitals (IF there is such a thing) Treating the illnesses and wounds of Jews in their hospitals (Oh! do they even have hospitals?)… I have read of hospitals in Israel treating illnesses as well as war wounds, then turning them to go back to their own country (not paying them)…only to make war against the very people who healed them.

    • Seriously? Israel is the good guy? What show have you been watching?? Time to wake up.

      • You’re an idiot. Time for YOU to wake up. And Im Palestinian. You dont know what you are talking about. Israel is NOT the bad guy.

      • Time for you to see a Doctor about the Cranial Rectumitis you are suffering from! Yes…Israel is the good guy!

    • The US has a sad history of supporting the bad guys. Get ready for alot more “blowback” coming our way!

      • When God rejected 10 tribes of Israel . he sent the Tribe of “Judah” (Jews) and the Levites (Priests. into Canaan to occupy the land. where did the other 10 tribes go. ?? Spread right through Europe from east to West . The Supposed Jews in the Govt of Israel at the moment are Azkanazi jews. ? Descendants of one of the other tribes of Israel when are still jealous that God chose Judah . . If God is to anything in the future with Israel there will have to be a change of Government . The “Shepherdess Jews are of the tribe of Judah . and many more spread through the world. And they are out spoken about what is happening in Israel and the So called Zionist movement. . a very corrupt Government.

    • Obama should not have caved to pressure to help either side in Syria. Look at all the countries the USA helped: Iraq, Afghanastan, Egypt, got rid of Omar Q….they all turned their backs on the west and USA in particular. Let the middle east fight their own battles will be less terrorists for the western world to deal with when the dust settles


  5. I’ve seen this type of incident before it most likely was from a type of torpedo from a sub the Americans, russians, and maybe the swedes (may still be working on theirs) . it detonates about 35′-50′ below the center of the vessel causing a shocking burst of air and concussion that breaks the vessels back . But that is a very good question who in the @!#@ was there in the middle of nowhere fishville ocean to take the pics beyond the right time and place Hmmm

    • re: Nathan Duerre;

      Lol.. I have been waiting for someone to suggest the torpedo. Thank you. That was my first inclination of thought when I read this story.

      But, had I mentioned it.. I probably would have taken a pounding.

      Actually, I didn’t want to plant the seed of suggestion, but rather see if anyone else concluded the same.

      Yes.. we often fail to notice the “fly on the wall.”

      “Someone(‘s) was there set up with the camera rolling from beginning to end.

      To me.. that lends more credence to the “assisted sinking” theory.

      We know how terrorists, attackers, etc. like to record their actions. Future training videos, etc.

      The hand of God works in mysterious ways.

      I can’t help thinking.. “How many lives were saved?”

      s/m @ sharia unveiled

    • When the large super tankers were built . many split in 2 and went straight to the bottom . They strengthened them a lot and rebuilt them with airtight sections . completely different ships now. but if too much weight is put on fore and aft. then they are weak in the middle. the 2 broken pieces have all their airtight sections intact so they still float .

  6. Or, just a sly way to say “we didnt send them any weapons..the ship sank.” Yeah, all my weapons sunk on my sailboat too.

    • I can agree with you . Years ago the ship builders lost a lot at sea breaking in half and going to the bottom very quickly with total loss of all sailors. they strengthened them and made them in airtight sections. that’s why fore and Aft still float. sabotage. a big possibility .

  7. How fortunate…. do you really believe that there were arms on here or is it just a ploy for our government to say they never really armed our enemies?

    • re: Jarhead;

      Knowing this administration… who knows?

      p.s. Thank you for your service to our beloved republic Marine.

      Semper Fi and Molon Labe!

      s/m @ sharia unveiled

  8. thank god,
    all the innocent people will live longer now. i also have to say (hey obama,hahahahahahahaahahahahahahahhahaaaaahahahahahahah

  9. Nice to see this ship of death sinking. But there’s some seriously nasty links to this page. Whatever happened to Peace,Love & Understanding?????

  10. I am not sure who your sources are, but they are sadly mistaken. Very few of the containers were lost and both halves of the ship are being towed to safety as we speak.

  11. Over loading anything is a no no just as trying to hard to help is it is never the way the other person wants it the president should have held war games with other allies in the waters outside Syria as a show of unity and military might and then no fly zone to umbrella the people of Syria no matter what I would have rather seen an air craft carrier full of F-18 Hornets to protect the human life lost daily in Syria. Sometimes you just have to feed them some of MOMS APPLE PIE but we should be prudent about who we arm theory : stableize war no fly zone talk within country called Syria with out any out side except through UN. To have some kind of peace to halt human loss an bring about a accountable and responsible leadership. Just saying.

  12. I think Russia should start supplying with weapons and we can viollently overthrowing the multicults politicians in jail.

  13. Divine Intervention? Torpedo’s?..WHOM the Hell cares?? No lives were lost here. The point, as far as I am concerned is this…the WEAPONS are at the bottom of the ocean….instead of in the hands of the Military Industrial Complex, ‘branch office’ in Syria, where they are distributed to US ‘pawns’ and used for slaughtering innocent CIVILIANS..Men, Women & Children…in yet another unnecessary onslaught from the US…all to simply prop up the political wanna be’s of this world…!! Yet in the US they want GUN CONTROL??? Hhhmmn..sounds ‘iffy’ to me and only about 100% hypocritical….Belle

  14. Do you really believe our gooberment would fill up 4500 containers with weapons and ship them on a commercial ship? And do you realize just how many guns etc that would be? As dumb as our gooberment is with some things, that is not one of them.

  15. Russian Cosmosphere has done it? Please read Dr Peter David Beter’s byrd’s eye view!

  16. How did the reporters know those containers had weapons in them? They don’t explain in the article.

  17. I doubt this is true. U.S. Arms do not route through Singapore and the U.S. does not use ships unless they are Flagged as U.S. Ships. They have specific contracts with U.S. Shippers only.

  18. A torpedo can explode under the hull and create a cavitation which results in ships splitting in half! Could Russia be involved?

  19. BEST NEWS OF A DAY!!! GOD is in CHARGE and it happened for a reason. The only US have left now is to fight with a sharks. HAHAHA . The only bad is OBAMA wasn’t on that ship.

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  22. As a guy the did 5 years in the Navy on submarines, I can say this looks a lot like what a torpedo would do to a ship. My rate was to fire torpedoes, so I would know…. Looks like Russia is playing dirty.

    • re: SeaWolf;

      I agree with you about the Torpedo. That was my first thought when I saw this story.

      I would guess the primary actors would be fluent in Russian.

      Russia is on the right side in this one.

      Thank you for your service to our beloved republic.

      s/m @ sharia unveiled

    • So what was your rank Seawolf? What is a nickname for a submariner? Were you on the “Seawolf?”
      Have you ever seen in person what the damage on a ship looks like when a fish blows up underneath it? Are you Shellback? What town is the US Submarine Force School located?
      One last question… What is the type of the torpedo used that would cause such a split?
      What is anther abbreviation for boomers besides “SSBN?”

      About me, I served on both Boomers and Hunter/killers in both the SubLant & SubCom for 2 hitches.

      IMO, there’s way too much speculation going on in this thread which is why too many folks are jumping to conclusions here… Also, if this really did happen, then why haven’t the major news media outlets reported this more often – if at all? Something smells too fishy here.

      • Ischcabible: I was an FT2. Bubble head. Sub School is located at Groton, CT. We currently use MK-48 ADCAP torpedoes. As for what boat(s) I have been on and what exactly I saw and did on them, I with hold comment. For one, I prefer my privacy and saying the boats I was on as an FT2 would narrow names down; and two I am not allowed to even say what I may or may not have done while out on patrols. Neither are you, as I’m sure you know.

        As for this ship sinking I agree w/ you that something is fishy about it. I brought this to the attention of a very experienced/knowledgeable Navy vet that has spent a lot of time in the Indian Ocean (As well as elsewhere) and he had issue w/ it as well. Mainly because he says that the Indian ocean never looks like that during this time of year. He said that looked more like the North Atlantic or the Pacific South of San Diego. But he was positive this wasn’t in the Indian ocean. The other thing about it is that those waves couldn’t possibly break that ship in half. Period. So it was either a torpedo or a bomb on board it. Looks more like a torpedo though.

        Another thing that gets me is: Who took the picture? It was taken from a high elevation so people from the life raft is out of the question (Though I doubt they would have enough time to abandon ship if it was a torpedo attack). It would have to be either another ship, or a low-flying aircraft. So then was this ship under escort, perhaps? These type of ships don’t usually follow each other so close for it to be another one near it out in the open sea, but if it was carrying all those weapons then perhaps one of our surface ships was escorting it? As you know surface ships can’t find subs for shit, so a Russian sub could easily sink this bitch and disappear before they knew what happened, lol. Of course, another idea is maybe *WE* sank it. This way we can claim we tried to ship shit over there, but it had an “accident”. Thus we look good for trying but deny them weapons (Albeit to not piss off Russia too much, perhaps?).

        As for why we don’t hear about it, why would we? It would make America look bad and raise a lot of unwanted questions. Plus America would lose face either way. The news is owned by he feds so sweeping this under the rug is easy.

  23. read Crossing The Rubicon and kiss the boys goodbye and you can get an idea about what our gov is about and has been for the past 50 years or as i call it life after JFK

  24. The ship had Russian officers and Filipino crew. There’s a lot of conspiracy theorists on here :)

  25. My thoughts are; it could have been an intintional sinking. The salvage company may or may not provide the arms to the wrong side. Or the right side. Which is which? Perhaps Israel will receive the shipment. I haven’t read “all” the post by the way. Just read the article and a few post, then read more at a couple other sights.

    • re: CE;

      There is rarely ever a “right side” in war. Especially when innocent, uninvolved human lives are the “collateral damage.”

      Russia and Iran have it right this time. They are supporting the “right side.” (Bashar al-Assad and the Syrian Government)

      The U.S. / Nato / Turkey / EU are on the wrong side. They are supporting the FSA (Free Syrian Army) Rebels, Al-Qaeda, Al-Nusra and The Muslim Brotherhood.
      Obama and Erdogan are working together to take down Assad and replace him with another Muslim Brotherhood led Regime on Israel’s border.

      Anyone that tells you Israel is supporting the U.S. / FSA Rebels in this is ignorant of reality and the truth.

      Israel is Neutral as far as any support. Israel does NOT want another Muslim Brotherhood led country on their border.

      “Hypothetically Speaking..”

      ..If Israel were to offer any ‘behind the scenes’ support…

      It would be to Assad.

      Sierra / Mike @ sharia unveiled

  26. Ok, if Americans are so angry with Obama, why don’t they DO something? It amazes me that a president can go on making so many people thoroughly dissatisfied – read outraged – and nothing is done about it but a bunch of talk.
    You don’t want your hard-earned tax dollars paying for weapons for the terrorists (what happened to the war on terror – now the American government is supporting terrorists????), you don’t want the government to spy on you, you don’t want GMOs – the list goes on and on – but NOTHING IS DONE! Have we become so civilized that we accept any act done by a corrupt government???

    I ask you….

    Hmmm… maybe you could follow the example of the protests in Turkey or Brazil.

    …just sayin’

    • re: mms;

      You are 100% correct!

      50% of Americans are liberal sheep, right of the top. These are the willfully blind who suffer from Normalcy Bias and Delusions of Grandeur. (ie. the Obama Supporters.) So, let’s not even discuss them.. because there is no hope for them.

      Let’s address the other 50%. This is the other 1/2 of the country that is primarily made up of the Conservative Judeo-Christians, the Patriots, the Independents, etc.

      It is my contention that most of this group were extremely energized in the 2010 mid-term elections, mostly fueled by the rise of the Tea Party. I believe the success experienced, combined with the false notion that.. “Obama will easily be defeated in 2012″.. created this false sense of victory on the horizon for 2012. Basically, so many thought that it was “in the bag” so to speak.. that a high percentage did not even turn out to vote. The Conservative Media Pundits are partially to blame because they were over-inflating Romney’s electorate.. and honestly, Romney should have never been in the race. He was a liar and flip-flopped on every issue.. and was only better than Obama if you vote by the “lesser of two evils” method.

      I think the wind just disappeared from the wings of this group. Then, Obama really cranked up his assault on the Constitution and essentially targeted Christians for his own brand of persecution and all others, simply for their association with certain conservative organizations. Just when you think Obama can get no worse.. he lowers the bar.

      I believe this 1/2 of Americans just feels like they have had the hell beat out of them. I think most are spiritually broken and simply lack hope.

      Obama is the “Teflon Obama-Don.” Nothing sticks. He has initiated or been involved in every form of Treason known to man. What has taken 232 years to build in America, he has destroyed in less than 5.

      Make no mistake.. This is ALL by design. Obama was NOT elected.. He was “ushered in.”

      He is highly funded by Saudi Arabia. He received a cash payment of $38 Billion prior to his 2008 Election. This was not an “on the record” campaign donation.. but rather, a personal payment from King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia.

      If there ever was an “Untouchable” president.. it’s Obama. He receives direction and has protection from places that most Americans do not even know exists.

      There is ONLY one method that would be guaranteed to return our nation to prosperity.

      That is if our nation repented as a whole and returned to our Lord thy God’s guidance. I am a realist and I do not see that occurring.

      Declaring war on the Federal Government and attempting to take “the entire country” back would also be a suicide mission.

      This is the option I support:
      Taking a state and declaring it an “Independent Free Republic.” Then, fighting (if necessary) to defend it and hold it. If you think about it.. I think it is the only achievable option with any chance of success.

      s/m @ sharia unveiled

    • He’s being protected by congressman, they’re is no true intention of taking this cookie jar away, via, our elected officials, neither Dems or GOP, they have their hands way to deep into that cookie jar.

  27. Vessel is still afloat. Salvage contract awarded. No foul play involved. Simply big seas 6 meter and hogging, Torpedo? yeah right . One Mk48 ADCAP and that vessel would have sunk in hours. Container ships only have horizontal water tightness. blow open multiple compartments and its done. This obviously did not happen. Looks like one compartment broken where the hull cracked in half. Conspiracy theorists? Phffffft!

    • re: Maritime Chief;

      There is a lot of propganda at play here which lends more credence to the fact that there very valuable “assets” aboard.

      The Indian Coast Guard responded immediately when the distress call went out.

      They issued a public statement at 1303hrs (Mumbai Local Time) that read as follows:

      “..when we arrived on scene, 1/2 of the vessel had already sunk and within minutes following arrival, we witnessed the second half sinking..” – Royal Coastguard of India 1307hrs (MLT)

      A few days later false stories started coming out making unsubstantiated allegations.. without absolutely any evidence.

      This vessel was and payload was a total loss.

      Some people lack “connections” to the truth and go in search of support of their preconceived notions.

      The propaganda machine is at work to convince everyone that there is NOT a large bundle of weaponry at the accident site.


      s/m @ sharia unveiled

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    • re: Anton;

      It’s propaganda. The vessel sank. The Indian Coast Guard responded immediately after the distress call went out and they issued a public statement reading.. “..one 1/2 had sunk before we arrived and the second half sunk within minutes after arrival..”

      Show me one picture of a tug-boat pulling the MOL into dock.

      s/m @ sharia unveiled

      s/m @ sharia unveiled

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  31. However much this sounds like great news there is no evidence from your own sources that this was headed to Syria or that it was AMerican weapons for rebels on this vessel. Can you corroborate this?

    • re: Editor;

      Our published sources are the publicly available sources of the story. Prior to publication, we verify each story through a minimum of three independent sources when possible. We also utilize a network of confidential sources in the U.S. Military, U.S. Government and numerous foreign military’s and governments. As a matter of journalistic integrity and professionalism, we never reveal their identities unless they specifically request that we do so.

      This story specifically was independently confirmed by a Syrian government official, a high ranking official in the U.S. Military and a Senior Official in the Royal Coast Guard of India.

      How often do you see a story where a vessel is reported as being sunk by numerous witnesses that were on the scene.. and then, 3 days later the story is retracted and the vessel is reported subsequently as.. “still being afloat with cargo intact?”

      Thank you for your question.

      s/m @ sharia unveiled

  32. I would like to know how you could know what was on board that container ship. I posted this link to another site; and they suggested that I verify the source of the information. Which is actually a very good idea. It sounds great to say that the arms from the US to the FSA rebels were destroyed when that container ship broke in two; but if the story cannot be verified, then that’s all it is – a story. Please let me know.

    • re: Susan Tobey;

      Perhaps “we” have a different circle of colleagues. This is our job and this is what we do.

      Our published sources are the publicly available sources of the story. Prior to publication, we verify each story through a minimum of three independent sources when possible. We also utilize a network of confidential sources in the U.S. Military, U.S. Government and numerous foreign military’s and governments. As a matter of journalistic integrity and professionalism, we never reveal their identities unless they specifically request that we do so.

      This story specifically was independently confirmed by a Syrian government official, a high ranking official in the U.S. Military and a Senior Official in the Royal Coast Guard of India.

      How often do you see a story where a vessel is reported as being sunk by numerous witnesses that were on the scene.. and then, 3 days later the story is retracted and the vessel is reported subsequently as.. “still being afloat with cargo intact?”

      Thank you for your question.

      s/m @ sharia unveiled

    • re: Ashley Hills;

      Omg.. this story just keeps getting better. This is the first I’ve heard about a fire.

      There is so much propaganda and ‘conflicting information surrounding this one vessel.

      I know there is a lot more to this story.

      Do you know the truth Ashley? Something tells me you may. If not, what do you believe is the truth?

      What caused this? “Who” caused this? Were there weapons on board headed to Syria? To the FSA Rebels?

      Ashley, I moderate ALL comments individually and very thoroughly. Nothing ever appears on this site until I personally authorize it.

      Please feel free to tell me any facts that you may know about this case.

      If you wish that it not be made visible to the public.. simply write on your reply.. “Please do not print this” and I give you my word I will not.

      I will delete your comment and no one will ever know you told me anything.

      s/m @ sharia unveiled

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