43 comments on “The Muslim Rape Epidemic in Oslo Norway (Video)

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    Norway EXPORTS oil, so the Eurabia thesis can’t be the whole truth. No blackmail by oil sheiks, so what is the explanation? The Netherlands should take over Norway, so the oil excuse can no longer be used. I am opposed to repatration. The solution should be a takeover of Muslim countries.

  2. Do not let these Muslims into your country. They have very different views on women than western men. They never say the word Muslim in the interview. These men are African Muslims and Pakistani Muslims. The worse. They should be deported.

    • WHERE ARE MY NORWEGIAN BROTHER???? They would surly get enough people together to fight this the way we used to do it in the days of old… Chop those azz holes up and feed them to the fish… PROBLEM SOLVED… Frick the muslims… they are a waste of air, need to be eradicated from the Earth… I am NOT against anyone in this world however, if someone, or group is beheading and raping people they need to be put down like any other rabid DOG… And they are so fricking twisted they use their religion as an excuse… Frick that… kill them all [the guilty ones anyway] kick the others back to the desert where they came from…

    • you kidding ? western man throw his sperm at the woman face and abuse her and rape her some time Constrained her by rope and in other times put her inside a cage like animal … you may don’t watch pornography coming from “West” , when we talk about 400,000 whore in Germany , when we talk about high number of women slavery from eastern europe , when we talk about high rate number of rape according to wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rape_statistics we can just compare the numbers coming from the west with africa ,,,

      • re: Gary;

        LOL.. Isn’t he though? I wonder what “religion” he subscribes to…?? Hmmm….

        You know, normally.. when I receive something so vulgar and disgusting.. and lacking any merit or intellect.. I just file it under “trash.”

        But, every now and then, I let one “slide through” ..just so our other readers can see the mindset, or a lack thereof.. of some of the commentors.

        You know, just for a laugh. He is a “sich fucher!” I bet he just described his sexual routine in the dungeon beneath his cave.

        s/m @ sharia unveiled

  3. Oil and Water do not mix – Just as Civility and Barbarism are alien to each other – WIRM makes sense

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  6. There is one supersolution: disarm these greasy little coward mus. The metrosexual Norwegians do not have the gonads for it however–they’d rather see their women raped by dirty little mus pseudomen.

  7. All western societies that allow muslims into their country fall into the category of who is worse, the Fool(?), or the one who follows him(?)….Is Norway foolish for importing the enemy(?)….that’s right! Islam is an enemy of Norwegian culture. Why did the Norwegian leadership bring this hell down upon their women? What did these girls do to the men of Norway to bring this on? I ask myself the same question about here, in the USA…these ‘fools’ in the governments are ‘benefiting’(?) because the people are certainly not benefiting…..Norwegian men must do what their forefathers had done….drive out the invader and throw the traitors in jail….exile or ban the leadership….After having secured the peace in Norway after centuries of trial the regular folk must again secure the peace. Assimilation of muslims is an impossibility…Islam is the enemy. Live or die is Norway’s only option. To live one must do what one knows he must do….It is sad but the King of Norway needs to command his ship and remove the enemy…..

  8. This is the result of the “good people for nothing” policies from the Scandinavian social-democracy/Christian-democray governments during decades. Now, deal with Stockholm riots, Norwegian rapes, guettos and financial support to minorities… one individual is not a problem, a thousand is virtually a headache ever, here, there and everywhere.

  9. “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.” No, they won’t assimilate into western society, so they must leave if even by force.

  10. fight back don’t let these bastards hurt great Norway don’t let these rapist bastard get away give them hell they will never for get

  11. Hi,
    I am really sorry to know. How foolish you are? Without watching this clip all of you are blaming on Muslims. Kurdish and African community is involved in it. Where is word Muslim used in it.

    • re: Samiullah Khan;

      Are you really that ignorant? I guess so…

      It mentions Pakistan. What do think.. they are Buddhists??

      Stop making excuses for Islamic rape.

      s/m @ sharia unveiled

  12. to Massinissa I am sorry to tell you that you are wrong about Wikings. the elit guard of constantinopel was Norse people. they traveled and created russia (swedish vikings was called RUS) danish and norwegian vikings traveled all over europe, middle east, north africa. they called eastern part of Libya and middle east for “SERKLAND” and western part of north africa for BLUELAND. the reason for BLUE is they had no name for black hence bluemen.
    The norwegian king Sigurd Jorsalfare (nickname muslimkiller)Was the first european statesman to organize a crusade to free Jerusalem. You better read a litle history ok?

  13. why why ????? muslims rape every where??? they consider every non muslim is animal. try to live in a muslim country for 1 year, you will know how much they hate non muslims. first they live with you then they make their specific area in city then they demand special recognition then they want reservation in perliament…then.. then… you. why nobody is understanding future threat. if we dont stop muslims right now. our future will pay the price. do some thing please don’t destroy great civilizations by these animals. they will destroy your country stop them right now. they will stop science, space, education, freedom. when muslims are minority they fight for being majority after that they fight for clean sweep and after that again they find something new for fight. muslims are non human. please do something…please..try to understand.

  14. Its stunning to learn this fact (if it is true story). I do not consider that behavior is bound to religion. Anyhow all those persons may belong to some certain area (Asia Arab or any specific other )

    • re: Ataurehman Saman;

      If it were not true it would not be on this site.

      You can ‘..not consider..’ anything you wish.. the facts are facts. This rape epidemic is 100% the result of Arab Muslims. It is the same in almost every western nation.

      s/m @ sharia unveiled

      • I agree with you. People who haven’t should read the koran. Then they will understand why Muslim men rape non Muslim women. As I wrote above, they have contempt for their own women and they look at non Muslim as animals. It is all in their holly book and thought to them since childhood.

  15. Those who commit this crime are well addressed in Islam,

    If he is unmarried , 100 lashes & one year prison
    If he is married kill him by stones

    Do it and do it in public soon you will not find anyone doing this crime. Never show a mercy to criminals as they were not merciful when they committed the crime and killed , robbed or rapped a human,

    • re: ASR;

      Yes, we should all be against these crimes.

      I do not believe it should be necessary to conduct public stonings in Norway in order to keep Muslim men from raping Norwegian women.

      Why do you feel it is necessary to have a 7th century punishment in 2013, in order to deter Muslim men from raping women?

      “I” have never raped a woman. Nor would I ever rape a woman. It is not because I ‘..fear being stoned or lashed..’ because we do not have those punishments in my country.

      I have never raped a woman, because raping a woman is wrong. I have respect for women. I would never want to be raped. Sexual relations is the most intimate physical contact possible between two people. It should only occur when both people involved are of a consenting age and willingly agree of their own accord. Never should anyone be forced to do so against their will.

      Do you not find it disgusting that so many Muslim men require a punishment such as lashing or stoning in order to deter them from an activity that they should know is wrong regardless?

      s/m @ sharia unveiled

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  17. Here, in India, Muslims were aggressive before the 80s till the Hindus started getting aggressive too. Now, when the Muslims start a riot (Its always Muslims who start it), they lose 10 times the numbers that Hindus lose.
    I am not condoning violence here, just stating a fact on how it happens. That said, things have become a little safer when you walk into Muslim neighbourhoods, unlike 20 years ago. . I am thankful for their newfound sense of tolerance (whether it has happened because Hindus grew balls – I don’t know).

    • re: Narayani;

      Greetings to you in India, Narayani.

      I am happy to hear that you feel safer today than in previous years.

      I have several friends in India that are working together to educate people about the dangers of Islam.

      If you would like to make contact with them, let me know. I will gladly do so. They are a very nice group of people.

      Some are Hindu, Christian, Buddhist, Sikh, Secularist, Atheist, etc. All working together towards the goal of making sure that India remains a free nation for the indigenous Indian people.

      The goal of Islam is to convert or murder all of the above people.

      We work to ensure that never happens.

      Peace and love be with you.

      - – - -

      s/m @ sharia unveiled

      • Bitch no you did not just say that. You need to learn what Hindus are before you make a comment like that.

        Hinduism is the only peaceful religion on the planet and is far superior to Islam and Christianity. So learn your history before you make a fool of yourself.

      • re: Jigger Jones;

        Actually “Jainism” is known as the ‘..world’s most peaceful religion..’ if you take into account their reverence for ALL forms of life. They do not even walk on grass for fear of killing a bug that they cannot see. They filter their drinking water thru a special cloth to ensure they do not consume the micro organisms.

        Buddhism and Christianity rank in the same category as Jainism.

        I have never heard a claim from any person that is well educated and versed in comparative religious studies that “Hinduism’ is among the ‘..most peaceful..’ religions of the world.

        You are the first. And I have many Hindu friends and not one has ever made that claim.

        I’ll run your contention by them and let you know what they say.

        - – - -

        s/m @ sharia unveiled

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