10 comments on “FSA Rebels Executing Children by Firing Squad for Supporting Bashar al-Assad (Video) – عاجل اعدام طفلين شيعة من قبل دولة العراق والشام الاسلامية


  2. I hate all moozlims because all these wars an terror torture there all moozlims committing this they think they have a right to sacrifice people in the name of the devil (allah) there prophet was a warlord perverted wanker an thief rapist !!!

      • lol I just say what I see I’m a Londoner fed up with multicultural bollocks all male moozlim need castration & the halal certification group need shooting with pork jackets lol

      • re: bacon sandwich;

        I hear you brother.

        I know things are bad for you guys across the pond.

        Your infiltration has been more “socially focused.” Your percentage of muzzies is higher in society, per capita.

        Whereas, here is the states.. our entire government has been infiltrated by muzzies from the top down.

        Hell, we have “Obama bin Laden” steering the ship.

        The Titanic ain’t got nothing on us…

        In the future.. as we move forward.. watch for those two dynamics to reverse between our nations.

        The muzzies will seek to get control by getting a muslim as PM. Control of Parliment, etc.

        Here.. they are beginning to bring in muzzies by the boatload.

        s/m @ sharia unveiled

        p.s. Every time I see your username, I get hungry.. perhaps a bacon sandwich is in order. (cooked over a Qur’an gives it that nice, smoked devil flavor) ;)

        Here’s a little “Infidel Porn” for ya’… http://youtu.be/4E_SGX3IEDg

        That is the pathway to prosperity!

      • re infidel porn rewound it twice Qaulity mate will be burning our Queeran in sept on the day of 911 an lighting a blunt off that shit we make a family day out of it my kids know who these moozlims are & what there about we should educate our kids about islam ! enjoy ya bacon Sarnie bruv NSFE

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