196 comments on “19-Year-old Gang Rape Victim to Receive 200 Lashes and 6 Months in Jail in Saudi Arabia

  1. This is the governing party and judicial system of Saudi Arabia and Laws of ISLAM, also known as “SHARIA LAW!” It goes against everything Americans stand for! Not to mention, the simplest “moral rights!”

    The ONLY thing, more disgusting and despicable that this, IS “WE, the People…” continuing to buy their OIL!!! Oh yeah, and electing a “Muslim” as President!


    • I disagree with the court system and what they are doing, and what they do in SA is messed up due to Muslim extremism, but the arrogance in your commentary is kind of over the top as well. It goes against everything Americans stand for? America is one country, not the world and there isn’t a single person outside of the USA that is required to follow what an American stands for.

      Side note: simple “moral rights” are entirely subjective, so not a valid argument either.
      And “We, the People…” do buy oil (and or steal) the oil because without it, North American culture would come to a crashing halt.


      • Well, we know what you are, “Mudslime!”

        When you can get your head out of the sand, and learn how to read, then you might have something to say…but for now, keep it yourself as I haven’t even begun to speak!!!


      • Sven your view is flawed so much it is sickening.Moral rights are not subjective,every person on this planet is entitled to be treated decently without the constraints of a despicable violent Political Ideology such as Islam,which has no right to define morality based on flawed beliefs.Contrary to your protestations,the West does not “steal” oil,they pay a premium for something that is pumped out of the ground to make the disgusting rulers of these countries filthy rich while the majority live in poverty.


      • re: Keshia;

        You are completely ignorant.

        He’s a muslim, dumba*s!

        We have video of him discussing.. ‘..his muslim faith..’

        Don’t discuss subjects that you do not know about.

        s/m @ sharia unveiled


      • While I agree with your overall dismissal of the previous comment, your assertion that moral rights are subjective is completely incorrect. At a basic level, we can easily assert that everyone has the fundamental right to their own body. We can also assert that rights are mutual; one cannot have a right that one does not grant equally to everyone else. From those two premises it becomes quite easy to describe a moral system and to describe actions as either moral or immoral. Unprovoked aggression against another is always immoral, since it violates their fundamental right to their own body.

        If rights were truly subjective, then there could never be any concept of justice or equality. If rights were determined by the majority (as is often the case here in the U.S.), then rights would not be rights, but mere privilege, without any rational ground.

        Fundamental rights are universal. The “arrogance” felt by many U.S. citizens arises from a culture that was founded on some of the most enlightened thinking in the world. We’ve certainly fallen over the last century or so (and the thinking often wasn’t put into action by those who penned the thoughts), but the ideas are separate from the actions of men. The ideas are sublime, men are fallible.

        The belief you espouse is certainly a commonly held one, but that doesn’t make it correct nor defensible. You might point out that other cultures adhere to different “moral” standards, but you would be merely describing a state, not providing a rational basis for their morality.


      • it’s OK if you detected arrogance, i think it’s called for in this case. And thank you for your contribution to modern culture, namely Oil. Instead of pondering what would happen to American culture, why don’t you consider where YOU’d be without that oil.


      • I’m with you on that one. Moral rights are subjective yes. It is just some are more commonly accepted. We call this barbaric, but people once said Samurai’s were barbaric despite being one of the most sophisticated cultures to exist.

        I don’t agree with this culture, however that is my moral right to believe, as they have theirs. As for Bobby, Sven I would say has done plenty of reading and has a lot of knowledge about them. It is you Bobby who needs to pick up a book. Resorting to name calling because someone disagree’s with you? These are the actions a child would take.


    • First, Obama is not a muslim. In Islam, killing a muslim is haram and there you have obama sending drones to Afghanistan and Pakistan? Those are from the US. Second, No true Syaria is being implemented today. About 1/3rd of Syaria is not being implemented (mostly relates to finance stuff). 3rd, the one who post this article truly doesn’t know Islam for whatever he/she claims that he/she have read the Qur’an and the Hadeeth. The evidence is very obvious. If you had truly understand, you wouldn’t be saying such things.

      The punishment for rape is death as applied in the time of ‘Umar r.a. (If you don’t know who he is, then how can you dare call yourself a muslim?)

      The girl is still in the wrong though but the punishment of the men being killed still has to be implemented. The women being lashed 200 times has no basis shockingly. If it has, I urge you to bring the evidence.

      Some good will not hide all the evil. The Saudis is a regime. Under them poverty rate has increased up to 60% all this while they themselves, the kings and princes are enjoying luxury? Drinking alcohol and the sorts (there’s pics to proof)?

      You still think that Islam is the problem?

      It shows your ignorance of history itself. What do you know happened during the Caliphate of the Rightly-guided caliph (and also of Umar II)?

      If you are an ex-muslim, and this is truly what you do then no doubt your punishment according to Islamic law is death. And this is where the death sentence can be applied correctly (agreed upon by all 4 imams). Leaving Islam and keeping quiet won’t cause you your life. But if you start inviting others to your cause then know that you are inviting trouble. Sadly, we don’t have true Islamic state to implement it. Hence we have people like you.

      Don’t you have fear of your creator? The One which has still given you the chance to breathe after what you’ve done? There is still time to turn back and if you turn back and invite others to Islam, you will be spared. There is a Sahabah who has a similar story of yours.

      Don’t be surprised, had Islam been a cult, it would never have spread so fast. Same goes for christianity. But something went wrong along the way. In Islam, we have a record, christians don’t. Bid’ah is forbidden, yet we still have people doing it. Hence why ibn Abdul Wahhab came into the scene.

      Christians themselves do not know who exactly is the authors of the bible. Muslims has a written record and a science for it too.

      We even had a golden age while almost the whole christian world were in the dark age. And proof of Science and Religion able to work hand in hand.

      My point is, if you are not sure, don’t act like you know.

      And I hope you change your ways and repent.


      • re: M Arifil Azim;

        Either you are ignorant or a liar. Which is it?

        I suspect it’s a combination of the two.

        Almost everything you stated is absolute wrong.

        1. Obama most certainly is a Muslim. 100%

        His dad, his mom and his entire family are muslims from Indonesia and Kenya.

        I have a video where he is being interviewed and he clearly states to the reporter:

        ‘..according to my Muslim faith _______ and according to my Muslim faith_________..’

        He’s always talking about his muslim religion.

        2. Do you know who the largest killer of Muslims are?

        Other Muslims! That is a fact!

        Don’t give us your haram b/s.

        Look at Syria. The Wahhabi and Shiite are murdering the Shia and Alawites.

        Same in Iraq.

        What about the Iran/Iraq War? Muslims killing Muslims.

        In Indonesia, the Shiite are slaughtering the Ahmadiyya Muslims.

        Same thing in Bangladesh.

        I could list 1,000 examples through history.

        I could list 100 examples today.

        3. The punishment for rape is death? Oh really?

        Well, tell me something then. The 7 men in this case were found guilty of the rape, correct?

        How many were put to death?

        0 “ZERO” 0

        4. Repent to your cult leader? Are you serious? LOL. You are funny!

        We don’t repent to the ‘Dajjallah’ of Islam.

        Islam is a death cult of lucifer.

        Your ‘al-qur’an is corrupted’

        Hey, I read somewhere that Muhammad was a mentally retarded pedophile. Is that true?

        Are you not ashamed to call yourself ‘a Muslim?’ I certainly would be. I wouldn’t tell anybody!

        If I were you.. I would seriously consider leaving Islam.

        Muslims are murdering the Christians, murdering the Jews, murdering the Buddhists and murdering the Hindus…

        Do you really want to be associated with that slaughter of humanity?

        Hey, just for fun.. answer this question for me…

        * How many Nobel Prizes have Muslims ever won for anything?

        Oh yeah…this site is for intellectuals. If you can’t tell already.. we know what we are talking about.

        I started studying al-qur’an and sunnah al-hadith in 1991. (21 years ago.)

        How old are you?

        Have a great day!

        s/m @ sharia unveiled


      • Are you for REAL??? Get a life! Islam has a “science?” OH HELL NO! Everything Islam claims as being theirs they have “ripped-off” from someone else! PERIOD! End of discussion!!! When you find out the REAL TRUTH, then come back and say something, until then…NOBODY WANTS TO HEAR FROM YOU!


      • I agree with M Arifil Azim, not all Muslims are necessarily killers and we should be accepting of others’ faiths instead of stereotyping and generalizing them by what a small group of muslims did. It is also HIGHLY UNNECESSARY to insult others and their faiths. Please, grow up and stop hiding behind a screen of anonymity while trying to insult others. Sure, there are certainly Muslim people out there killing people, but there are also Christians killing people out there, Taoist people killing people out there. And just because there are killers from pretty much every religion doesn’t make EVERY SINGLE FREAKING PERSON ON EARTH a killer, ignorant and a liar. I hope you get my point.


      • re: Cher;

        Well, if you agree with M Arifil Azim then you are an ignorant liar just like him.

        I disproved every one of his lies.

        I’m not going to waste my valuable time talking to you.

        s/m @ sharia unveiled


      • mohamed murdered all the men of one of the Jewish tribes in Yathrib (current day medina), enslaved the women and children (‘divided’ them between his ‘warriors’). This makes mohamed in one strike, a robber, murderer and rapist. On top of that he married later in his life the 6 year old aisha, thus a paedophile.

        This man is supposed to be a ‘prophet’?


      • What I’m trying to say is that Islam is a religion and it is a concept which every single person interprets different. Just like to a Christian, god could be a friend and to another Christian god could be more than just a friend and to another god could be something else all together. It saddens me to see people who discrimate kind-hearted normal Muslims. Not all Muslims are bad. I have Muslim friends who won’t hurt an ant, love just like everyone else does and it’s awful to see people calling them names and hurting them just because some people who interpreted their religion wrongly are out there in the world, doing extremely sick and disgusting things. I’m pretty sure that at least half the people here are open-minded adults who can think differentiate between what is right and what is wrong. Yes this article shows us some people who believe in Islam and have done an awful and absolutely intolerable crime and yes, it is alright to feel injustice for the poor woman who has not been treated right at all but it is not alright to start condemning all Muslims just because you’ve seen a small bunch of people in the Muslim world who act wrongly. I know that some will still continue to think their way and refuse to consider my point at all and that’s alright. But I hope that you’d see that there are really Muslims in this world who do not act in the way the article suggests all Muslims do.


      • re: forlornchild;

        Nobody said ‘..all muslims are bad..’

        I challenge you to show me one time.. just once, where I ever said.. ‘..all muslims are bad..’

        That’s ignorant. Only “you” have mentioned that subject.

        I have Muslim friends to. I also have ex-Muslim friends, Buddhist friends, Hindu friends, Jewish/Judeo-Christian friends and one atheist friend.

        Personally, I prefer my Muslim friends over my atheist friend.

        And why? Because my Muslim friends treat me with more respect than my friend who is an atheist.

        We are against Islam. We also see Muslims as the first victims of Islam.

        Here’s the bottom line: I’m here to be a voice for the victim of the crime, not the perpetrators.

        Yes.. I may speak against these 7 muslim men who raped this woman. Should I not?

        But who am I speaking for? A MUSLIM woman.

        Wake up!

        90% of the time when I am speaking against one Muslim, I am also speaking in defense of another Muslim.

        I am not going to silence my voice from speaking for the victim, just to protect the image of the perpetrators.

        Perhaps “you” should consider spending less time confronting those who are speaking out for victims..

        ..and speak for the victims yourself.

        Peace be with you.

        s/m @ sharia unveiled


      • Just so you all know, Thomas McElwain, probably thee most renowned author on Religion, has been trying to reconcile the differences between Islam and Christianity, all to no avail!

        If he can’t do it, then I highly doubt anyone else will ever be able to! 


      • re: Bobby;

        Thank you for this info.

        I will look into this.

        p.s. What are your thoughts on 100% Repatriation of ALL Muslims (that are not born in the U.S.) being repatriated to their country of origin or any other Islamic country of their choosing?

        s/m @ sharia unveiled


      • “Repatriation?” Who suggested this? Whomever it is, give ‘em a “GOLD STAR!” I’m all for it! Heck, all they do is come here and live off welfare, or take advantage of our education system and then, attempt to “change our laws!!!” Oh HELL NO! Give ALL a “free ticket” to WHATEVER COUNTRY THEY SO DESIRE!!!

        AND, while we’re at it, eliminate these damned “Mosques!” After all, the money they collect at the Mosques, goes to financing “terrorists” around the World! If that’s not enough, what about their desire to “take over” the U.S.? OR, their desire to be the ONLY (so-called) Religion (more like a “CULT!”) in the World!

        There, I just gave THREE (3) reasons to “BAN FOREVER” any and ALL Mosques’ in this country!!!


      • re: Bobby;

        Well, I guess I get a gold star. lol.

        This is the method I prefer to ending the Islamic Occupation of the West.

        I first had the idea several years ago..although I have made some adjustments to it as the dynamic has progressed.

        I’ve written out a detailed outline although I have never published it yet. I want to incorporate it into an article that I have been planning on writing but have not had the opportunity yet.

        ALL Western nations are dealing with this same problem so the concept I conceived calls for ALL of the Western nations to take part in a simultaneous repatriation. This would ‘reset’ the clock in many of our nations. This method of ‘simultaneous repatriation’ would also prevent any one nation from looking like the bad guy. Everyone would be doing it so, no one would be pointing the finger at another nation or having the finger pointed at them. I see this as a matter of National Security and the preservation of our cultures and civilizations. I also support providing a ‘relocation and travel voucher’ to cover each household. It will cover all of their costs for relocation.

        Would this be an expensive endeavor? Yes.

        Would it be cheaper than allowing them to remain here? Absolutely!!

        s/m @ sharia unveiled


      • I’m with you One Hundred Percent and then some on this! The ONLY question I have for you, IS…”Why would any of these Muslims WANT to be repatriated???” Especially since they have it so good…right here!

        ANSWER: NONE! NOT one single Muslim would “want” to leave the U.S….PERIOD!

        I still think, that this “CULT of Islam” needs to be “BANNED!” from the face of this Planet…ONCE AND FOR ALL!!!

        I mean really! What makes ANY religion…”think”…it’s better than any other…religion???

        Well, all we have to do, is ask, Jesus!

        AND, what did He say?

        That we should NOT believe in ANY religion…whatsoever!!!

        He said, “…whenever, two or more people, are gathered together, in His Name, “THAT” is the Church, and He Will (there’s that word again “Will”) be present…” (paraphrased). Since we don’t “Pray” for ourselves, or for money, or any other “ignorant” possession, etc., we should only be Praying for “others.”

        sorry…got carried away :(


      • re: Booby;

        I agree, very few (if any) will ‘want’ to go back.

        I am not suggesting at all treating them disrespectfully. I’m not saying, round them up in some sort of police action. We could simply tell the Muslim community…

        ‘..look, this is what we must do to preserve our own nation, our own culture and our own civilization..’

        Just explain to them.. It’s not something we necessarily “want” to do.. but rather, something we feel we have to do.

        And, at the end of the day.. it is our country. “WE” the people, have the right to decide what is in the best interest of our nation and our children’s future.

        It’s just like if you allowed a family of 8 people to come stay in your home. Let’s say a few of the women had babies while living there. Now there are 11 people in your home. If you decided one day.. it’s just getting too crowded in your house and you would like them to relocate somewhere else.. at the end of the day, that is your right. That is your house.

        Well, America is our house. It is our home. And it’s getting too crowded. We need some people to relocate.

        It is a matter of national security.

        Unfortunately, we cannot pick and choose among them.. ‘..this one can stay and that one must leave..’ We cannot tell a wife she can stay and the husband he must go. If they have children.. would they stay with mom or leave with dad? We cannot tell the parents to leave and allow young, parentless children to remain unattended. Essentially, we cannot break up the families.

        The ones that are natural born citizens on our soil could stay. Legally and ethically, they are American citizens. Just like you and I.

        s/m @ sharia unveiled


      • I understand your position on this. Unfortunately, these people already have the option of returning home…now! How many do? NONE! Do you blame them? NO! All the conveniences of home…and then some.

        SO, we’re back to “Square One!” AND, it’s NOT the people we have a problem with, it’s their socio-religious-governmental ideology we have a problem with. These people want to create their “own” governmental system and apply it to everyone. They want everyone else to “conform” to their religion. AND, on top of that, the funds “they” collect, go to “our” enemies!!!

        “IF” half of these people “were” to leave, it would still leave half behind “still” attempting to change “our” way of living. AND THAT, is totally “UNACCEPTABLE!!!” It’s their “teachings” that have to be stopped. Their “hatred” of America has to change. Their “Laws” cannot be allowed to be enforced as they represent everything we have fought to eliminate in this world.

        The ONLY people that don’t understand this are these “Muslims!”

        Next idea???


      • re: Bobby;

        I unequivocally support Repatriation. There is no ‘next idea.’

        I don’t think you fully understand the concept behind repatriation.

        And, no.. it’s NOT back to ‘square-one.’

        It most certainly does become ‘..the people..’ that we have a problem with when they put those ideologies into practice.

        Why don’t you simply ask a rape victim if she has a problem with rapists.

        Ask a child that has been molested if he/she has a problem with child molesters.

        It’s not ‘just’ the ideology of rape and molestation where the problem resides.

        What, are “you” going to tell them.. that they can stay here if they agree not to practice Islam?

        And what.. you really think they will listen to you? Even “if” they agreed, you would believe them?

        We do NOT have 100 years to ‘unteach’ the Islamic indoctrination.

        I say, let them keep their cult.. but keep it over there.

        s/m @ sharia unveiled


      • Azim,

        I want to respond to your post as best I can, but first I want you to know that I say this to you as a western woman, living in a democratic free country (Scotland), who also lived in America for 20 years. I believe in God 100% but am not yet a baptized christian (although am heading back that way). So no radical Muslim hating Bible thumper here. HOWEVER that said, I will tell you that upon returning to Scotland after 20 years in the States I was absolutely shocked and stunned by the changes that mass immigration from Muslim countries ( mostly Pakistan and to a lesser degree Middle Eastern countries) has done to my beautiful historic Scotland, and many other parts of beautiful European countries suffering under the same weight of mass immigration. Firstly our laws have been subverted to cater to Islam and deny OUR national laws. RAPES have increased exponentially, in particular vicious gang rapes of young vulnerable under age children and mothers of young children. Violence and segregated ‘us versus them’ communities have sprung up everywhere. There is mass unemployment whilst the immigrants to the 2nd and 3rd generations are breeding us out of our country whilst simultaneously bleeding our welfare dry. There are mosques everywhere, whilst Islamic leaders complain that church bells ( in a christian country) are offensive to them while they say their 5 times daily prayers. We have Muslims taking over entire areas to pray on the street – as a show of force- although they say it’s cos they have no room -utter nonsense. We have the ‘call to prayer’ being blasted out of minarets ( in a christian country), and women walking around our cities in the full Niqab (face veil)- 3 of these cities, which are in a major metropolitan like London – are now Muslim Majority and the whites have fled them. We have Muslim gangs patrolling the areas harassing the natives telling them ‘this is a Muslim area you cannot wear that’ etc. Sickeningly protesters have and continue to take to our streets carrying signs saying EVIL things like ‘kuffar burn in hell’, ‘Islam will dominate’, ;behead those who insult the prophet’ and most sickening of all ‘Wait til the REAL HOLOCAUST BEGINS;, Doing THIS, are MOTHERS standing besides TODDLERS holding these signs. AGAIN this is in a western christian democratic country, that these protestor’s mothers and fathers FLED TO in order to ESCAPE their ISLAMIC countries and give these last 2 generations the chance to be raised and educated and live in peace and freedom in a democracy!!!. YET when they got here, they refused to integrate, broke the laws, and when their numbers grew, they subverted the laws and raised those NEW generations to be marinated in the same sick, twisted Jew hating, christian hating, bigotry that they themselves FLED FROM. The reason they fled their own natural countries was that eventually for those like minded islamists over there, killing Jews and Christians wasn’t enough and Muslims turned on other Muslims because they either weren’t Muslim enough, or weren’t from the right sect, like ahamdiya, alawite, shia etc!!! SO believe me when I saythat to see the change I have witnessed is sickening is putting it mildly. To TOP ALL OF THIS OFF 4 of Scotland’s Muslim immgrant DOCTORS ( just 20 mins from my home) BLEW UP our airport, this was after, said musllim immigrants blew up the buses in England and now have just recently BEHEADED a young off duty soldier in broad daylight in the center of the city. NONE OF THESE ATTACKS WERE COMMITTED BY IGNORANT UNEDUCATED BACKWARD PEOPLE. THEY WERE ALL INTELLIGENT MEN, AND THE ONLY THING THEY HAD IN COMMON WAS THAT THEY WERE MUSLIMS WHO FOLLOWED THE evil ISLAMIC QURAN TEACHINGS. DO NOT FOOL YOURSELF. THE INNOCENT, DECENT, LAW ABIDING MUSLIMS THEMSELVES ARE NOT THE PROBLEM BUT THE SICK RELIGION OF ISLAM and it’s ISLAMIST FOLLOWERS ARE!!!!

        *OBAMA has made many references to being Muslim, and he has made many many Muslim friendly laws that do not help the US in it’s fight against terrorism.

        *The punishment of rape is death but only if the women has FOUR WITNESSES bearing in mind a WOMENS testimony is only worth HALF THAT OF A MANS. Ergo she can never prove rape!! THIS IS SICK

        Leaving ISLAM absolutely is punishable by death whether you are quiet about it or not. Although some sects do allow a 3 day period of repentance before a fatwa is issued. This is SICK

        ISLAM was spread by the SWORD and death and torture, do not fool yourself. Christianity was not. There was NOT ONE war for the first 200 years of Christianity. The violence ONLY came when a roman emporer embraced Christianity and he SUBVERTED all that it taught by being violent.


        Your assertion that Islam has a scientific record to prove it, is FALSE again that is something else that has been stolen from Christianity. THE BIBLE has been picked apart for over a hundred years with scholars from every religion In particular the ones who specifically want to prove it wrong, namely Judaism and Islam and ALL have verified it accuracy and authenticity. NO SCHOLAR FROM ANY RELIGION HAS EVER DENIED IT. THE QURAN HOWEVER has NEVER been PUT TO THE TEST LIKE THIS AS ISLAM DOES NOT allow us to do that with it’s EARLIEST MANUSCRIPTS, ALL OTHER RELIGIOUS scholars are BANNED from doing that. Now why is that? DON’T be FOOLED and led astray by deceptive corrupt leaders who lie.




      • I “Pray to God, in the Name of Jesus Christ, that some Muslims will read your post, allow God to enter their being and be saved from the, Evils of Islam…Amen!”


      • Arifil Azim… “the girl is still in the wrong” you really spoke like a desperate pervert. You know what, the guy whom you think deserves death because he quit Islam and is questioning those perverts does not deserve it but you deserve to be castrated and burnt. It is only because of perverts like you that women are oppressed and terrorists are created. Grow up and stop advocating for terrorist…infact stop being one.


      • The problem is not religion (Islam or otherwise). The problem is the state. The state in this particular case uses religion as a means of subduing the population. Christianity has been used to similar ends in the past (see the Spanish Inquisition or the history of the Conquistadors).

        Religion, in and of itself, is beneficial or harmful only to its adherents. It is the power of the state that makes it dangerous. The same is true of any ideology. An ideology is just that: an idea. It is only when an idea is given a monopoly on the use of force that it becomes dangerous. Karl Marx is not responsible for the deaths of 60 million people, Joseph Stalin is. Marx represents an idea, Stalin represents a state. Without a state, communism would be just an idea, it’s harm entirely restricted to those who followed it.

        Let’s not oppose ideas. Opposition to ideas is fruitless and can only lead to more harm. Instead oppose the utilization of force, and the monopoly on the use of force known as the state.


    • Bobby, I think “YOU” are on the money as far as “MUSLIM” presidential comment go’s, THEY NOW HAVE THERE “FEET” firmly ON the “GROUND & “UNDER the TABLE,” so to speak, & will no doubt be WORKING towards making themselves at home in THE-STATES, as they have in BRITON, ONLY THING these people have to “CONTRIBUTE to our COUNTRY’S” is out-dated BARBARIC-PRACTICES that have “NO-PLACE,” in any “CIVILISED-SOCIETY” disgusting filthy FAITH & RELIGION who treat there “WOMEN as ANIMALS,” SIMPLE as that, “SATANIC-VERSE’S” comes to mind, look’s like “S,RUSHDIE” had it “CORRECT”, SATANIC FAITH who practice “SATANIC” rituals I have SEEN the VIDEO’S & the “BEHEADING’S” etc, COWADLEY, FILTHY, FAITH, that as said, has “NO PLACE” In “ANYOTHER COUNTRY” “EXCEPT” there “OWN!” &”IF IN ANY DOUBT, THEN “KICK THEM-OUT!”


    • Dude.. their oil keeps us AMERICANS afloat. How do you think the US economy is still surviving despite all set backs we keep having? Answer: black gold!! If oil were traded in any other currencies other than the US dollar in the global market, our economy would have collapsed long ago. We hold the advantage over the world simply because black oil is traded for the US dollar. Which is why we still control a sizable portion of the developing world.

      And as for electing a moslem president, you couldn’t be farther from the truth my friend. Our president’s estranged father was a moslem, but Barry was not. As a matter of fact before he became the president of the United States, he was Christian though after becoming the president he cut all affiliations with any Christian groups he was formerly associated with.


      • re: jo;

        There is an ‘element’ of truth in your first paragraph.. although, your second paragraph is 100% B/S.

        Yes, what you said about the oil being traded in the $ is correct. But that is in the process of changing. Historically and currently, “theoretically speaking” Saudi Arabia or Qatar etc. can drill the oil.. but “if” they wanted to purchase their own oil.. they would have to do so in dollars which means taking a hit on every currency exchange. Opec (and the rest of the world) is preparing to drop the dollar. The effect will be, like you said.. an economical collapse.

        But here’s the thing.. it did NOT have to be that way. “WE” the US, have more oil in crude deposits and shale than the entire Middle East and Russia combined. The US and Canada have more oil (combined) than ALL of the rest of the world combined. At least, based on what has been discovered. The US and Canada together could be a POWERHOUSE that makes the Middle East look like a joke. So why are they not? Obama!

        Obama has placed restrictions on drillers, refiners, frackers, etc. We could be 100% Energy Independent. Just imagine NEVER sending even 1 more dollar to the Middle East to be used for terrorism against us. Just imagine, every single dollar we spend on oil or natural gas being spent here in America and immediately going right back into our own economy. We could easily have full employment. 100%. We could have 3x more jobs available than we have people to fill those jobs.

        Obama is a Muslim. 100%.

        His loyalty is to King Abdullah and that ties in with the reason Obama will not allow the US become energy independent by drilling our own oil. Abdullah gave Obama Billions of dollars in 2007. Abdullah got Obama into Harvard and into the White House. That was a “Saudi investment.”

        Now, they are getting the return on their investment.

        s/m @ sharia unveiled


      • To some extent you are right Jo. But historically that oil that you buy from the saudis is of captured territory. You are paying to X what you should actually be paying to Y and Y is struggling to survive being surrounded by X. And I don’t belong to X, nor Y nor U Mr America

        The Evolution of Man :-)


    • Nowhere in Islam has it been said or nowhere on the Quran is it written that a women if alone with a strange man should be punished with a woapping 200 lashes. So how about we not blame a religion here and restrict our self to criticizing the government? Because what you just said is no better than saying osama bin ladin was a muslim and so all Muslims are therefore terrorists. Islam has a complete different meaning to Jihad, Sharia etc and that’s absolutely not how it’s understood by a lot of people.
      p.s. I’m absolutely against the verdict.


      • re: Sana Shah;

        Even if what you say is accurate.. Islam is the only ‘religion’ that has members waging jihad to establish sharia law.

        We do not see Buddhists waging jihad to establish a ‘Buddhist Kalipha’ beneath sharia law.

        We do not see Hindus waging jihad to establish a ‘Hindu Kalipha’ beneath sharia law.

        We do not see Jews/Judeo-Christians waging jihad to establish a ‘Judaic Kalipha’ beneath sharia law.

        We do not see Sikhs waging jihad to establish a ‘Sikh Kalipha’ beneath sharia law.

        – – – –

        So, ..if there is ‘..no connection to Islam..’ then, why is it that 100% of people that wage jihad in an effort to establish an ‘Islamic Kalipha’ under sharia law, profess Islam as their religion and call themselves ‘Muslims.?’

        – – – – –

        Have you ever read al-Qur’an?

        I have!

        Quran (8:12) – “I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them”

        Quran (9:29) – “Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, nor acknowledge the religion of Truth, (even if they are) of the People of the Book, until they pay the Jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued.”

        Quran (9:14) – “Fight them, Allah will punish them by your hands and bring them to disgrace…”

        Quran (8:39) – “And fight with them until there is no more fitna (disorder, unbelief) and religion should be only for Allah”

        Quran (2:216) – “Fighting is prescribed for you, and ye dislike it. But it is possible that ye dislike a thing which is good for you, and that ye love a thing which is bad for you. But Allah knoweth, and ye know not.”

        Quran (3:151) – “Soon shall We cast terror into the hearts of the Unbelievers, for that they joined companions with Allah, for which He had sent no authority”.

        – – – – – –

        Would you like to reconsider your prior statement?

        Is al-Qur’an not the Holy book of Islam?

        So Sana, ..are you uneducated on Islam or are you educated about these scriptures, but you are here to attempt to deceive us?

        If you are unaware of the truth.. I would never hold that against you.

        s/m @ sharia unveiled


      • Sana,

        It’s great that you have an opinion. I wouldn’t want to dwell into what’s written in the Koran, the Torah, the Bible, the Hindu scriptures or for that matter scriptures of most religions, if not all. Regardless of what is written in the Koran and the Hadith, the question is do you have the guts to introspect and bring that change in Muslims? The Christians brought that change in the 15th century by questioning the Church. The Hindus had a hero in Raja Ram Mohan Roy and in some towns continues until now. The fact that we are discussing about it is substance enough that there is a problem.

        As much as I seem pessimistic, I doubt it is even possible considering the dominance of the Maulvis and the punishment meted out for even questioning them.

        All the best


    • It’s quite amusing to see you ranting about your President. Do you you honestly think that he represents the whole Muslim community? Do you think that very move of theirs is executed after consulting him? Stop blaming Muslims, as a whole. There are just some sick people out there, twisting the ways of the religion to their own use. I live in a multi-racial country, so yes, I know what I’m talking about!


    • I’ve never responded to a comment on a forum, but it’s people like you that stunt the world from progressing into a tolerable, more intelligent place. I hate to stoop to your level, but you need to get your head out of your ass and stop blaming other races for your problems. You obviously have never spoken with a Muslim in your life, and your ignorance on all levels is a testament to that fact. This issue is not about what “American’s stand for”, this is about an outdated justice system in a country that doesn’t yet incorporate a full scope of women’s rights into their government system. It’s wrong, but you are even more disgusting for propagating ignorance of a part of the world you know NOTHING about. You can either continue to sit behind your computer screen anonymous posting hateful slurs like a coward, or learn something.

      YOUR CHOICE, but as a Californian you should step and smell the diversity that propels the society you live in.


      • re: ignoranceisntbliss;

        He didn’t blame any race. Point out where he blamed a race of people.

        Put up or shut up.

        And certainly “you” are not so ignorant that you think “Muslim” is a race of people..

        If so, what race is a “Muslim?”


        Well, I personally know;

        1. African Muslims

        2. Asian Muslims

        3. Anglo Muslims

        4. Arab Muslims

        5. Hispanic Muslims

        6. Aborigines Muslims

        So, what race is “Muslim?”

        Muslim isn’t a race dumb ass. Muslims come in all races.

        Now go get an education. And no.. not at the liberal arts community college down the street.

        A real education.

        And I’m going to give you a test before I allow you back on this site.

        Educate yourself.. because a brain is a terrible thing to waste.

        s/m @ sharia unveiled


      • sorry, s/m, I didn’t read your comment to “ignorantisntbliss” till “after” I posted mine.

        ‘ya know!  Normally, I wouldn’t even reply!

        damn it!  I have a “freakin” headache!

        Ooops!  Guess I read his comment at the wrong time…huh!

        Take Care and God Bless!

        bob wise

        btw…just because I don’t agree with “EVERYTHING” you say, doesn’t mean we aren’t on the same side!

        HELL!  No one agrees with ANYTHING…I say!


      • re: Bobby;

        Hey brother!

        How are ya’? I hope you and your family are doing well. Oh.. I know we are on the same side.

        Hey, you’ve seen more than a few of my comments to. Don’t feel bad.. I catch hell on a daily basis. You just never see those comments. That’s what the “delete” key is for.

        The volume on this site is increasing at about 10% a month. I’m receiving hundreds of comments a day. And of course, I moderate them one at a time. I think I have about 800 comments in the cue awaiting moderation currently. Some of them have been here a while..

        I need a staff of people.

        Hey.. did I ever ask you if you had any connections or contacts in radio broadcasting?

        I really want to get into radio broadcasting.. but, that’s an industry that’s hard to get into unless you “know someone.”


        Peace and the love of our Lord thy G-d be with you..

        s/m @ sharia unveiled


      • you certainly live up to your name!


        …never mind!

        that would indicate you have a brain…which obviously you don’t

        You’re a “Mudslime?” sorry to be you!

        “Muslims” are NOT a “race!”

        are you really that belligerent?

        You’re simply a group of disillusioned people that have been brain-washed into believing in a “CULT!” get real!

        Your “Holy Koran” changes every day depending on “who” wants to interpret it!

        And PLEASE! don’t go back to the so-called “original”…since no one can “find” an original…oh yeah! the oldest one known to exist has all the “BAD” things in it that “some” Muslims of today DON’T want to acknowledge…huh!

        Well, as long as you and everyone else “wants” to follow a “Religion”…then this world will never progress any further than it has in the past six thousand years or so.

        “Christianity” and “Hinduism” along with “Islam” and the rest of the “RELIGIONS” of this world are ALL man-made religions, bent in favor of one group of people or another. This country (the U.S.A.) was “founded” on the principles and “moral conduct” (hey “Mudslimes”, bet you’ve never seen that word before “moral”) of Christianity. AND, for the most part, those principles ARE “just!” Unlike the backward and ignorant ways of “Sharia Law!” Sharia Law punishes the victim, Hell, it makes the victim the “criminal!” How backward and ignorant can that be? To follow those “laws”…one HAS TO BE AN…”IMBECILE!”

        Speak to a “Mudslime?” Oh Hell NO! That’s impossible! We have nothing in common! Mudslimes have no understanding of “common sense!” NO “moral understanding!” I’d rather talk to a “dog!” It doesn’t need to be taught difference between “right and wrong”, it is loyal to the death and will “care” for it’s loved ones. Unlike Mudsliime’s who will KILL there own loved ones, for what? “HONOR?” give me a break! To kill someone is…MURDER!

        Go ahead, continue on your “ignorant blissful way!” follow your “RELIGION!” Do what you want! It’s your prerogative…here in America, that is!

        As for me, I follow the teachings of Jesus Christ…NOT SCRIPTURE or the Religion based on it!

        Follow your Religions and continue to be ignorant!

        Take Care and God Bless!

        btw…ONLY, the Koran, endorses the Killing of another…NO “OTHER” Religion does! Therefore, it is NOT “Holy”…PERIOD! It is someone’s attempt to control other’s…nothing more. Islam, the CULT!


  2. Pingback: 19-Year-old Gang Rape Victim to Receive 200 Lashes and 6 Months in Jail in Saudi Arabia | just2bwise

  3. Yes, and the muslims here are trying to insert the Sharia law into our court systems. So, if a teenager get caught stealing someting out of one of their stores, they wil lose a arm or a hand. Just and fair isn’t it. One of the federal judges stated this was acceptable. How dare they. In reply to your statement about Obama and being a muslim, he took his presential oath on the Koran and the Bible. How come Armiericans didn’t get alarmed over this? Do they have blindfolds on their eyes and wax in their ears? Are they like sheep? I finished reading a book by Asia Bibi who is a Christian in Pakistan. She was sentenced to hang because she told some of her muslim neighbors when they told her to accept the muslim faith and she said why don’t you convert and become a Christian? Of course the women knocked her to the ground and beat her up. She has been in a dirt dungeion since 2009. Two political minister who spoke up on her behalf were assinated. She was convicted of Blasphemy. I bought her book because this is the only way her family can make any money. They are in hideing because of fear of being killed.

    Muslim is nothing but a non religion of hate. They are going to be surprised when they fall before the Lord on judgement day and He says, “I know you not.” Their souls will be condemed to eternal fire. I question how when the Muslim faith the way it is, how they are going to be brought around to a One World Government. I know if if happens when I’m alive the antichrist wants me to worship, I will go to meet the Lord.


    • re: slewriter;

      You make a very interesting point. A muslim man can steal a loaf of bread.. and lose a hand.

      Or, he can rape a woman or molest a little girl.. and he loses nothing.

      The bread can be replaced… but, what he stole from the woman or little girl cannot be.

      The muslim men rob the women of their dignity and their humility. They rob their little girls of their innocence and their purity.

      Just shows you what a backwards 7th century, cave dwelling evil cult they are in.

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


      • you are saying somethings are very wrong .. I am a muslim and I want to clear the point which is interested by you

        If someone steal a loaf of bread ((as you said )) or anything we are not allowed to cut his hand .. and Islam said we haven’t lose or cut his hand :)

        we cut his hand Only in one condition .. If he steal something very expensive or a lot of money .. the government the only one who allowed to make this condition ..)

        If someone rape a woman or a little girl that is a big crime and we have a role is called ((Herabah)) he lose his hands and legs because we are very sensitive about women and we want to protect them from bad guys

        I hope if you want to know the Islam well Just read Islamic book not from a Christian ((because He/She has same religion ))
        and I recommend you to listen to Dr.Ahmad Deedat

        and thank you for reading ^_^


      • re: Ra;

        Greetings to you.

        Thank you for this information.

        If I am not mistaken, I believe you are writing from Saudi Arabia.

        If the information you are giving me is accurate, why then did the 7 rapists in this case not ‘..lose their hands and legs..’ as you stated? (Herabah)?

        I have studied al-qur’an for 21 years and sunnah al-hadith for about 16 years. (for educational purposes, not religious.) By no means am I an expert. I admit I have much more to learn.

        I suspect you are a woman. Regardless, I hope you understand the underlying principal in this story about this young woman that was raped.

        That being..

        NEVER does a woman deserve to be raped.
        The decision for a woman to engage in ‘sexual activities’ of any kind must ALWAYS be willingly and with her consent.
        Regardless of how a woman is dressed, where she goes or who she is with.. no man has the right to force her to engage in ‘sexual activities’ unwillingly and without her consent.

        I hope you agree with that.

        I will look up Dr. Ahmad Deedat as you recommended.

        You are welcome to write back if you would like. I would be very interested to hear about Saudi Arabia.

        Peace and Love be with you and your family.

        Thank you for writing and reading…

        s/m @ sharia unveiled


      • Oh dear, you sound extremely racist to me.

        I thought the “intellectual” would be more sophisticated and hence understand the importance of racial harmony. Not everyone under the Islamic religion rape and kill. Christians also rape and kill.

        Granted, the sentencing by the SA court is ridiculous, but your extreme views of Islam also lead me to thinking that Christians can be very extreme as well.

        I’m an atheist by the way. Feel free to blast your extreme views at me — I’m already very used to people trying to fill me with the greatness of their religions.


      • re: Audrey;

        You are obviously ignorant from the onset if you think that ‘Islam’ or ‘Muslim’ is a ‘race.’

        Islam is a ‘religion.’ Muslims are followers of the religion.

        There are Muslims in ALL races.

        Anglo-Muslims, Asian-Muslims, African-Muslims, Hispanic-Muslims, Arab-Muslims and so on.

        You obviously lack the ability to challenge me on the intellectual level.

        Go get an education and then come back and talk to me.

        s/m @ sharia unveiled


      • To believe in the “Teachings of Jesus Christ is to NOT believe in any kind of religion!” as He specifically said to NOT follow any religion of any kind! I’m sure no one has ever told you that, now have they!

        A “true” Christian is simply one that follows the “…teachings of Jesus Christ…” NOT those of Scripture, per se’ as Scripture is “bent” toward that of a specific group of people! So I would never attempt to change your views as, in a way, they are consistent with the teachings of Jesus Christ!!! Hmmm…??? I’ll bet that comes as a surprise to you…huh?




    • Slewriter: Where can I find the book by Asia bibi? I would love to support her, too. It’s heartbreaking to think what happened to her for defending herself. No humans should have this kind of power over another, to attack her for being a Christian.


      • Hi Jean!
        I’ve told everyone about it, but no one even came to my blog when I discussed how Muslims around the world are killing Christians. I am so glad you want to support this family with five children. As far I know Asia Bibi remains in her dungeion It is called Blasphemy:A Memoir: Sentenced to death over a cup of water. You can find it in Amazon. It is paperback of you can put it on Kendal if you have one. Please tell other Christians to help this family. Thank you. In Christian Love. Sharon


      • Hi, Its so refreshing to read all this comments knowing that people around the world care for you. I am a Christian living in Muslim country.We face prejudice all the time.We have always been someone they hate.


      • re: LC;

        Blessed Greetings to you, LC.

        Thank you. Yes, we do care. We are small but we are mighty.

        The thorn in the foot of a tiger can often halt his aggression more so than that of the bear in his path.

        I would love to hear about your experiences and situation.

        If you would like to write an article for us and our many readers around the world..I would graciously publish it on our site.

        I’m sure you have witnessed things that we can only imagine.

        Additionally, our comments are moderated. I read each one carefully, prior to approving it.

        So.. if you wish to provide information but remain anonymous.. just write: “DELETE THIS COMMENT” at the top and I will after reading it.

        Please know that we are praying for you, your family and all of our other brothers and sisters.


        s/m @ sharia unveiled


    • Hi again Slewriter: I found it, bought it on KINDLE and read it in one sitting. It’s an outrage and I am doing all I can. I have tweeted and put the story on my FB page, and now I’m going to blog about it (next week when I return) and then I’m going to write to the Pakistani Prime Minister — not that I expect him to do anything, but I must try.

      Frankly, I want to fly over and try to break her out of jail and bring her and her family out of the country. I feel that kind of outrage over this heartbreaking situation. I do know that this law in Pakistan is used against Muslims just as it is against Christians. Evil people use it to accuse people they are upset with, and happily see people put to death for NOTHING. It doesn’t say much for human nature… Thank you for bringing this to our attention.


      • Yes, you feel the same way as I do. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for blogging and put this on tweeter. This is something I didn’t do. Maybe, I should follow your example and do so. I did blog on her and other atrocities commited by muslims. I hope this is all right to put this in my blog is called Bee Stings and Honey by slewriter. I blog on girl and women issues mostly. Just recently, I was called a racist on another person’s blog and my last blog was I’m not a racist I am a Christian. Next blog is going to be on Touched by an Angel. I’m still trying to find my nich. So, I decided to blog on something light. What is your blog site? I’d like to read it.
        Take care. God bless and thank you again. Gee, if 100 of us bought this book think what we could do for this family.



      • No one has ever been put to death for blasphemy in Pakistan till this date. Its a silly law and only came into being in the 80’s after a military dictator tried to enforce his version of Islam. The Quran which is the ONLY authentic book for Muslims has no such punishment. Rather, it says if you hear someone talking against Allah or his prophets just turn your back to them and move away from them. Not to retaliate.


    • I feel bad for Asia Bibi for I am a Christian too. I am from the Philippines and I have Muslim friends. They are not all evil as you say. I feel really bad for the discrimination that they are receiving. It is not their fault that some of their brothers have committed crimes such as 9/11. But they too have been “terrorized”. “HOLY CHRISTIANS” has discriminated them, treating them badly throwing rocks at them. As Christians we are thought to love our enemies; to cast a stone if we have not sinned. But we have all sinned. Religion is normally what is dictated to us by our culture and how we are raised. If you have been born as a Christian then most likely you become a Christian all through out your life unless you decide not be so. Same for our Muslim brothers. They are born Muslim so they grow up to be Muslims. I formerly lived in an area where everybody’s a Christian. I recently moved in an area where there about an equal number of Muslims and Christians. We live peacefully here. WE RESPECT EACH OTHER’S BELIEFS. I love Jesus and we have an amazing relationship. ONLY GOD HAS THE RIGHT TO JUDGE. As Jesus said “A new commandment I give unto you, That you love one another; as I have loved you, that you also love one another.” – John 13:34


      • Buying the oil is indeed disgusting, BUT having ‘normal’ relationships with sharia or sharia enabling countries is far worse on my scale!

        Boycotting South Africa for it’s apartheid was not so difficult…… oops, yeah right, no oil!


      • The ONLY reason the U.S. “buys” oil from outside it’s borders is due to “GREED!!!”

        The U.S. already produces enough oil for it’s “own” people…NO PROBLEM!!!

        BUT, “OUR” oil producers “SELL” the oil overseas as they get a better “price” (or “PROFIT”) by doing so! NO OTHER REASON!

        It’s ALL done, “…for the love of…MONEY!!!”


      • Where do you think your mozlim friends will be, when push comes to shove? The Christians in Maalula (village in Syria, attacked by the syrian mozlim criminals) can tell you everything about their friendly neighbours: they sided with the mozlim criminals!


      • Hi Marie!
        I continue to have difficulties posting. So, I hope my reply does not post and repost. I’m going to make it short. As long as a muslim who reads the Koran continues to want to change my country, as long as a muslim continues to spill innocent blood, as long as muslims wish to destroy Christianity, as long as muslims desire to take over my country, I’m going to write about the injustices occurring in this world and in this country. Do I believe the murders of people in country by muslims is going to occur? Ya, you betcha! One more aspect until muslims respect Israel as a nation, they are my enemies. You are entirely welcomed to you feelings, but don’t become surprised when their true colors shine through. My Bible says to beware of the wolf in sheeps clothing. For me there is no wool pulled over eyes.They are not to be trusted.


      • Please Maria stop deceiving us, You are a Muslim! I am also a Filipino so you cant deny to me what is happening to our country specially in Mindanao (Zamboanga Region), Mindanao is the Muslim Capital of the Philippines and if you are a real christian of the Phils, you know how us Christians fears going to any Muslim Regions specially in Mindanao, where different Muslims’ Rebels lives, you know that and everyone here in the Phils knows that! Even Reporters from local and abroad doing their jobs being kidnapped and killed by this Muslim Rebels if negotiations didnt go well. And now the country is facing terrorist violence by this Muslims Rebel where innocent civilians are also being implicated… Muslims are not peaceful to live with, here in the phils if you have even a lil trouble with them they will kill you in an instant otherwise they will plan how they can kill you….


      • re: BriggsM;

        Blessed Greetings from the states to you in the Philippines.

        Thank you for sharing the truth.

        Please keep in touch with us and if there are events occurring that need to be told.. please let us know and we will report it to the world.

        Yahushua’s Peace and Love be with you and your family always.

        s/m @ sharia unveiled


      • (It is not their fault that some of their brothers have committed crimes such as 9/11). Our own government is just as guilty for that atrocity. It’s pretty sick to me that they were willing to sacrifice more than a thousand lives just for a piss poor excuse to go to war because as we all know, war is incredibly profitable.


  4. The world is afraid of the Muslim, why? Because of oil! If nations could find another source of oil we would not be forced to put up with these monsters, for that’s what they are. Our love of the car, the need to be warm and everything else supplied by oil has placed us in this jeopardy. These crazies are rushing like a flood across the world and no one is doing a thing about it. They are all blind, or Muslim. Time to wake up folks, before it’s too late…if it’s not already!!!


    • re: Y.I.Lee;


      Actually, there are plenty of other sources of oil. The U.S. alone has enough raw crude, shale and natural gas to supply the world for more than 100 years. Canada has more than we do.

      But, here is the thing..

      In 2007 Obama (the Muzzie) made an agreement with King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia.. to restrict U.S. drilling, exploration and refinement. Obama also agreed to purchase our oil and natural gas from the Middle East. Primarily Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the UAE. So, not only is Obama ‘directly’ funding terrorists, but also indirectly through petrol purchases.

      Obama also fought against the Keystone Pipeline from Canada to the gulf of Mexico. Again, to keep supply low, prices high and support his Muslim Brothers in the Hood. The Middle East-Side Hood, that is.

      Until we get this Muslim Terrorist out of our bloody White House.. we are fu*ked 7 ways to Sunday…

      C’ya’ bruv.

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


      • Absolutely spot on this comment.There is enough oil in the world as you say to flood the market but Governments,Oil Companies and investors want it capped to keep the price high so the wealthy get wealthier.Hardly rocket science is it.


      • re: Stew;

        Definitely not rocket science.. yet, so many are ignorant of the truth.

        Maybe if Oprah, Joey Bayhard or Jon Stewart told them, they would believe it.

        You know as I do.. education counters ignorance, but there just ‘ain’t’ no cure for stupid. ;)

        s/m @ sharia unveiled


    • Did you forget Obama has not allowed the Pipe line to go through our country which would supply us oil and thousands of jobs. Also, environmentalists are pressuring Obama, but I don’t think he needs any influence. He doesn’t care about this country. He, after all is not a US citizen. Besides this drilling off our shores for oil is occuring by other foreign powers, but we are not allowd to because of environmentalists again. They, also have become to strong and too powerful in Obama’s government.


      • slewriter why do you not seemed concerned about our environment? Do you worry at all about polluting our environment? BP spilled huge amount of oil in the Gulf all because they did not care enough to spend the money for safety at a number of levels. Pilelines have a history of leaking and again the rich pay off the right people so they do not have to fix or clean up properly. Maybe you believe the world will end soon when Jesus returns and why worry about the environment? Just wondering.


      • I do not know where you got this idea. I am conserned as I see the fish in the rivers, the oceans, the animals in the forrests and deserts because of pollution. The birds who die because we are posioning our plantet. I hate to see animals held in capitivity such as in Sea World and the Zoos across the world.

        Jesus is coming. It could be tomorrow or it could be 200 years from now. I don’t know. When I go, my children and grandchildren are still left. I believe we should have a pipe line through this country. Greed, money power is what makes the world rock. Yet, in the mist of this there are people who care about the helpless humans as well as animals. I do not believe in extremism only in Christianity. I hope you see a little glympse where I stand. SLE


      • The Saudi(s) are the ones who provided Obama with the Harvard, the(supposed education.
        Their oil is almost depleted. He is NOT going to allow the pipeline from Canada UNTIL they are completely depleted.
        After the BP Oil spill, his friend Soros has an oil company in Brazil that Obama promised we’d buy oil from them.

        He stopped a man in my community here in Texas who found oil…purchased everything, hired everyone he needed to pump it out. Obama stopped him. It destroyed his businesses because he had already spent all of the money to drill KNOWING THE OIL WAS THERE.

        The Canada Pipeline will NOT harm the environment. It is a “pipeline” NOT a river.


  5. Bobby, you are right. It is a cult. I wonder the reason for the doors of this country to be opened to muslims and complaint over Hispanics influx. I never knew groups Hispanics coming into this country to kill and murder old men, women children. For the most part most Hispanics are hard working and try to obey the laws of the land. I know because I’m married to one. He started working at seven in order to bring money to his family. Never, never would he think to impose Mexican laws into his now country. He is a now a proud citizen of this country.

    I think the Muslims are going to kill, wound large groups of people in shopping malls like they did in Africa. Anyone who disagrees with me is in La La land.


    • As much as this will offend you, I will say this to your face. The problem is your ignorance Mr & Ms America. Osama bin Laden was a ticking bomb that was bound to explode that wasn’t detonated and so eventually – Exploded! I saw it coming just by reading Indian newspapers in 1997-98 in the not so important middle pages. But he was a threat that hid under the American ignorance. I’ll dare say, the ignorance of the American people too. (did he also not echo what I just mentioned -the ignorance of the American people – “the American people paid the price for standing by that government in it’s policies”, precisely what he had said later). You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to gauge a terrorist. You just need to value that freedom you enjoy!

      It is still not too late Mr and Ms America. I say this because I value that freedom. Maybe it is my greed or fear; a fear that someday that freedom will be robbed, rather decimated, and maybe 30 years from now extinct; only to be read in books of a cult existence of the human race. A race that invented gadgets & tools, a race that sent men & women to space, a race that invented airplanes (including those that knocked our pride down), a race that invented the television and the radio, a race that invented the internet (something that might also be extinct that time), a race of great inventions and discoveries, more importantly, a race that had the guts to question and introspect. Maybe, we may not even have that race being discussed at all, like it never existed. And America – You stand for my freedom miles across the ocean. You Mr and Miss America can save our lives as much as yours. You might want to ignore this as just another post, or you may really want to get your authorities to act.

      Europe is already under the cloud of that extremism and shamefully even Great Britain is. Is she really that great anymore? I doubt !

      Anjem Choudhary. The next Bin Laden. Watch-out !!! Hopefully this time the world doesn’t make the mistake of letting ideologies like that continue to thrive and exist. Weed the ideology, the terror will weed its way. Indoctrination happens from their childhood and kids are produced like rats to expand their tribe. You have no control over your lands as to how many kids they produce, how will you have a control over theirs? Don’t expect their ‘moderates’ or ‘liberals’ to speak. Some are double-dealing while some are fearful that their voice might lead them to be killed; much like we had a few threatening on this page.

      A task for the American authorities & Western governments would be to exterminate the fundamentalists & the also the ones that justify and empathize with their radical cause. Afterall, just because I am horny it does not give me the right to rape, does it? Do we empathize with a rapist? NO ! We, with a sane mind, don’t ! For the ones that justify the terrorist’s activity, the choice until now is ours. We can pity them for their dogmas, until through them explodes out the next terrorist waiting to kill more that do not follow their dictum. There will be ‘secularists’, so called ‘peace lovers’ etc that question this, ignorant if not oblivious of the fact that it is for this very freedom to protest and for that very tranquility they enjoy that this action needs to be carried out. Afterall, as Churchill said “an appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile hoping it will eat him last”. Wonder if they’re just waiting for another 9/11 to wake them up from that benighted slumber. You may always choose to fight those human rights groups who question these preventive eradication policies in the court of law for the next 50 years. By then those acting for our people & freedom might be long buried. But for now, get rid of the potential terrorists. America has the power. Get the world together or under like Bush did after 9/11. Trust me, there was fear. There was fear of the backlash driving them to the brunt of extinction, until Musharraf saved them. Your Government has the power. Think of it, why would I, someone living oceans across believe that if America goes, world freedom goes!

      But it isn’t just about the American government. There is something you need to ponder about too Mr & Ms America. A task for the people of America is to bring in is a value system. A value system of respect for parents & society, a value system for education. Christianity has that value system as long as you do not drive it the fundamentalist way. So does Buddhism and so does Jainism – Religions that teach you to become better human beings. Their books aren’t two fold that have different interpretations unlike one that we all know of. What point in believing in God, if you use God’s name to kill. But I’m not here to preach religion, that is a matter of individual choice as long as it does not become a problem to another human being.

      Coming to education, I was ashamed when my friends in the US told me that most Americans are dumb and a reason for the US government to thereby permit foreign students, including some ticking bombs in the guise of students, by granting student visas. Not to mention, it is a money making exercise for the domestic agencies in our countries that send those students, the local visa authorities and most importantly the Universities also rake in gold out of it. Let’s be more precise, the Chancellors and higher ups of those Universities. (allegory) Besides, a few Govt officials ofcourse. Why not? In a land of ignorant fools (pardon me for that), it is bound to happen. Don’t blame the government for that. Blame yourselves.

      Inculcate that value system and you may or may not see an immediate change but you will definitely see that change in 20 years.


      • re: AJ Syles;

        First let say, we “should” never be offended by the truth, but rather rejoice in it.

        Second, this is definitely one of the most well written comments I have ever received.

        If you do not mind, I would like (and be honored) to publish this on our site.

        To simply say it is worth of being read by all of our readers around the world would be an understatement.

        I would prefer to have your permission prior to publishing it.

        If this would be okay, please reply and provide me with your preferred ‘byline’ (eg. Aj Syles, etc.) and if you have a link to you personally or a site/page etc. that you would like me to place with the article, please do include this.

        Thank you Aj.


        s/m @ sharia unveiled


    • re: Stephen;

      First of all, “I” do not have ads for anything. WordPress.com “forcibly” started putting ads on our sites a few weeks ago.

      Secondly, ..no, I have never seen any of the ads. I cannot see them. It would take too long to explain, but I do not see the site from your vantage point. Simply put, their system recognizes my computer and automatically logs me into a different view.

      Third, yes, I am stunned to hear that.. but, I have no control over their ad choices.

      Common sense should tell you that I would never do that myself.

      Do you see anywhere near the ad where you can complain about the ad choices? If so, please do.

      Thank you.

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


  6. Women don’t have respect here. How can someone who was raped be punished? She didn’t ask for that. She didn’t want to be kidnapped then gang raped by SEVEN men.. Saudi Arabia..


  7. Saudi Arabia is run by savages. I’m British and hate the fact that the British royal family are so friendly with them ( including the Bin Ladens- seriously!) I am personally an atheist but I have moral integrity which was given to me by my family and I agree that a woman should walk freely without danger of rape. Any woman who is raped is a victim and should be supported not punished!!! We have to diminish the power that Islam has on our culture if America and Canada has so much oil then can we buy it from you please. If you charged what we are paying for the stuff now your economy would be sorted in no time!


  8. Just an observation, while I agree Islam is bad news and an awful ideology that enslaves people with violence, the people who follow it are just people like the rest of us. Our task is not to call them names but show them a better way and live it. The ‘evil’ we see in this system is demostrated in this article. No system of thought that condems the victim like this is worth our time or consideration. What we believe is important and the root belief that human beings, male and female are created equal with a worth and dignaty that now gov’t nor person can over ride is a good place to start.


    • re: John;

      “..the people who follow it [Islam] are people just like the rest of us..”

      Are you serious? That is utter ignorance.

      If that is the case.. fly to Pakistan tomorrow.. stand in the city square and hold a sign that reads..

      “I AM A CHRISTIAN” and then invite them to sit with you and sing Kumbahyah.

      They’ll chop your damn head off.. NOT the ideology.. but, the PEOPLE will chop your head off.

      You know, those people that are ‘..just like us..’

      Wake up!

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


  9. Can anyone please make me understand what this news is about and why that victim got punished so brutally?? Why? What wrong she did? and whats the rape case? I want to know….


    • re: Aashi;

      Blessed Greetings to you.

      Thank you for writing and asking.

      As a victim of rape by 7 men, this woman should not receive any punishment. Never should any woman be punished for a crime that is committed against them. Especially rape.

      This case takes place in Saudia Arabia which is the center of the Islamic world and culture. Their legal system is based on a very strict adherence and rigid interpretation of Islamic (Sharia) Law. Within Islamic law, derived from the passages of al-qur’an and sunnah al-hadith, the testimony of a woman is much less than that of a man. The woman could possibly be absolved of any culpability in any rape (including this one) if she has 4 male witnesses to testify on her behalf that she is innocent. Well, rarely is there ever 4 male witnesses to a rape.. and when there is.. they are almost always the perpetrators of the rape.

      In this specific case, I believe the woman was ‘alleged’ to be in the presence of a male that she was not married to when the assailants attacked her. Under Islamic law, a woman is forbidden to be alone in the presence of a man that she is not married to. The prosecution for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will probably make that their argument.

      This young woman has already suffered so much physical, emotional and mental trauma from the act of the rape itself. That alone is a punishment that the Judiciary of the Kingdom will never be able to fathom. That young woman will suffer the effects of that for the rest of her life. In my opinion, if their was a crime on her part by being alone with a man.. she has already paid the price. She is deserving of no further punishment.

      I hope this helps you understand the case a little more. Please feel free to write back if you have further questions or would like to share your thoughts on what I have written.

      Blessings of Love and Peace be with you.

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


      • Wow..this is Sacrilege. Poor woman!! I won’t want to go to Saudi Arabia..anyway, can Saudi Princess..do something about it. This is so primitive..no justice. Right now, I’m fuming mad, I Can’t imagine what I will do if this is my daughter!! She should have some sort of compensation or severe punushment for the rapist.. I’m Christian and from Philippines..


      • re: liza;

        Blessed Greetings to you my sister in the Philippines!

        I agree with everything you said.

        As a guy, I could easily tell you what “I” would do to those animals if that young girl was my daughter.

        We’d hold trial and sentencing on the streets… and “I” would be the judge, jury and executioner.

        Just being honest…

        Thank you writing Liza.

        Our Lord thy God’s blessings of love be with you always.


        s/m @ sharia unveiled


  10. Rape is wrong no matter what. She should not be punished when she has already been hurt and raped.

    However on the subject of hating Muslims and Islam, I think that is kind of low coming from the people who come from first world countries and democratic nations. Even Jesus said in John 13:34 “A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another.” also Leviticus 19:18 “Do not seek revenge or bear a grudge against anyone among your people, but love your neighbor as yourself. I am the LORD.”.

    All this hate, all this wanting to prove that one’s belief is right is the NUMBER ONE CAUSE OF WAR. Have we forgotten our history that us Christian were the underdog religion before and that we have before wreck havoc in the orderly pagan city of Rome. No one is perfect. Do not discriminate. God may be called different names but HE is still the One Ultimate God. AND ONLY HE HAS THE RIGHT TO JUDGE WHEN THE TIME COMES


    • re: Marie;

      I agree with your first sentence, but the rest is rubbish. (Except for the scripture.)

      First, we do not hate anyone. We are here to be a voice for the victim, not the perpetrators.

      You dedicated one sentence in your above comment to the victim.. and you dedicated the remainder of your comment to defending the perpetrators.

      You are lost. We are to love our fellow brothers and sisters of our Lord thy God.. but, we absolutely are not to be lovers of evil and those who commit evil.

      “Do not seek revenge or bear a grudge against anyone among YOUR PEOPLE, but love YOUR NEIGHBOR as yourself. I am the LORD.”

      It does not read: ‘ALL people’ but rather, ‘Your people.’

      ‘Your People’.. is our brothers and sisters in our Lord thy God. Muslims are not ‘our people.’

      ‘Your neighbors’..are supposed to be your brothers and sisters in the one Lord thy God.

      You should read: Isaiah, Ezekiel, Daniel and Revelations with the following in mind:

      ISLAM = The Beast

      MUHAMMAD = The False-Prophet

      ALLAH = Satan

      The MAHDI/12th IMAM = The Anti-Christ

      MUSLIMS = The Army of the Anti-Christ

      The al Aqsa Mosque on Temple Mount = The Abomination of Desolation

      What I have just written above is truth from divine revelation of our Lord thy God.

      When our Lord thy God returns.. the scripture states that He will go into battle and destroy many nations.

      Have you noticed that EVERY NATION He destroys is an Islamic nation in the Middle East?

      Our Lord thy God is a mighty warrior.. not a pacifist!

      You speak in defense of the muslims but you do not even speak in defense of your own Judeo-Christian brothers and sisters that are being persecuted for their faith all around the world.

      Shame on you!

      That’s why “WE” are here.. to be a voice for the persecuted. (NOT the PERSECUTORS!!)

      Ezekiel 33

      s/m @ sharia unveiled



      • I sense hate and grudge in you for the people, you yourself is going against the verse “Do not seek revenge or bear a grudge against anyone among your people, but love your neighbor as yourself. I am the Lord.” And above all you have totally misjudged the messenger of God, Jesus Christ (Isa), his people are all the people including his enemies.
        At the time of Jesus Aramaic was spoken instead of Hebrew and Jesus called God as Elahi another name of Allah which you call satan, there are 100 names of God but God is One. May God forgive you, God is merciful.
        And now who is in favour of perpetrators? You? The 19 year old girl’s lawyer, Abdul Rahman al-Lahem?
        In one place you said:
        Your People’.. is our brothers and sisters in our Lord thy God. Muslims are not ‘our people.

        And at last in which I stand with you:
        That’s why “WE” are here.. to be a voice for the persecuted (Obviously the 19 year old “MUSLIM” girl)

        I think your’e lost, really.


      • re: Muhammad Ali;


        First, we absolutely do not hate anyone. We most certainly do not hate muslims. We actually see most Muslims as the first victims of Islam.

        We speak out in defense of a lot of Muslims. Usually the Muslims we are speaking in defense of are the Muslim women and children. They are usually the victims. We have spoken often in defense of the Shia and Alawite Muslims in Syria, that are victims of the Shiite and Wahhabi Muslims. That terrorism is financed by the Barack Hussein Obama Administration, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Britain, France, Qatar and others.

        We have spoken in defense of the Ahmadiyya Muslims that are constantly persecuted in Indonesia, Malaysia and Bangladesh by the Shiite Muslims.

        If we ‘hated’ muslims, would we ever speak in their defense?

        Me personally, I never use the word ‘hate.’ If you heard me speak.. you would NEVER hear me say that word. I don not allow my heart to be a place for hate. My heart belongs to my Lord thy God. It is only a place for His love.

        However, we strongly dislike Islam. If you see or witness contemplation on this site.. that is probably what you are noticing.

        I have studied al-qur’an and sunnah al-hadith for many years. I think it is evil.

        Here is what the Judeo-Christian Holy Bible reveals to us through the prophecies of:

        Ezekiel, Daniel, Isaiah and Reveletions

        Islam = The Beast

        Allah = Satan

        Muhammad = The False-Prophet

        The Mahdi/12th Imam = The Anti-Christ

        Muslims = The Army of the Anti-Christ preparing for the Anti-Christ’s (Mahdi’s) arrival.

        All of the above is completely 100% consistent with Judeo-Christian scripture and 100% consistent with Islamic Eschatology.

        Do I believe the above? ABSOLUTELY! 100%

        Now Muhammad, I do not tell you that to be mean to you or to hurt you. Okay?

        I tell you that to be honest with you. I’m not going to lie to you. I hope you can at least respect that.

        Please watch the video at the link below when you have the time. It will help you understand “our thinking” so much.

        The video below is based on Islamic Eschatology from al-qur’an and sunnah al-hadith. The man in the video compares the Islamic Eschatology to Judeo-Christian Eschatology. It is very educational.


        If you any questions or comments about anything I have written, the video or anything else.. please feel free to write back.

        Peace be with you and your family.

        s/m @ sharia unveiled


    • Marie, really?

      How come you, as a Christian (?) are appeasing this cult by stating what Christians did 100s of years ago?

      Do a little bit of research and you will discover that mohamed cannot be a prophet! He was a robber, murderer, rapist and paedophile, claiming he is an example for mankind, and indeed that is exactly what lot’s of his followers did and still do.

      In Christian terms, he is satan.


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  12. I guess most of you have not read about Islamic history. Islam was divided into many firqas (sects) after the end of caliphates and begining of kings’ rule. First of all no one is king or superior than others in this world, only God is the King! All are equal in this world no matter what their races or colors. The Holy Quran is the only Book which is pure, untouched by evil, the rest i believe are outdated or being produced in different editions by different sects. I do recite Holy Quran, and it feels like I am being loved. Who is Muslim? The one who follows Islam and would be the first one to protect the innocents no matter what their religions, races or colors. I really disagree when the word “Muslim” is targeted while reporting a crime committed by a certain person or goup. Have you ever heard the word “Christian” in the news whenever a Christian named person commits a crime? Like Christian did this and that….No, never. Jews hate for Jesus, and now Christians hate for Muhammad, we have to break the chain and love eachother.


    • “Who is Muslim? The one who follows Islam and would be the first one to protect the innocents no matter what their religions, races or colors”

      Are you serious?? can you please recite and translate to me the exact line from any of your most accurate Quran Books about the line you are talking about the thoughts living with infidels….tell me if your most accurate Quran Book tells protection and love for other people specially to infidels and nonbelievers of islam……Tell me, i have read this verse from different versions but proves only one meaning, but i want to hear it personally from a muslim follower like you…. WE know about this verse so if you failed or defiant the meaning, it means only you muslims are doing the “taqiya” moves….

      “would be the first one to protect the innocents no matter what their religions, races or colors”,


  13. Never heard of the word “takkikay??!!###” i dont even know how to spell it. Well, the truth is the real Muslim and Christian will never say anything against the Holy Prophets. The religion is the light and light always gives the true picture of anything, since we are learners and seek knowledge, we are always in need of this light. Now think for a moment Islam says Muhammad is the “last” messenger of God, means the completion of our religion, the light and the guidance, after 1000s of years. Islam the “Peace” existed since the first step of Man on this world. We compare one religion with the other, which are actually the counterparts for the completion of the religion. But we ourselves try to change and write different versions of books for our own benefits. Talking about myself, I love all the true messengers of God, Ibrahim, Jesus(Isa), Muhammad and the rest of them.


    • re: Muhammad Ali;


      I believe the word he is referring to usually has the English spelling of: “Taqiyya”

      Taqiyya: Meaning the practice in Islam utilized by Muslims to deceive the non-muslim. Taqiyya allows the Muslim to lie to the non-Muslim if it is for the benefit of advancing Islam.

      No other “religion” allows lying and deception. In Judaism/Judeo-Christianity lying and deception is considered ‘giving false witness’ and is a sin.

      Furthermore, the one Muslims call “Isa” referring to “Jesus (the prophet)” is not the one Judeo-Christians refer to as their Lord thy God.

      Muslims deny the death and resurrection therefore, they are referring to the wrong person.

      Yahushua most certainly did die on the cross for the sins of all of mankind (to include “you” Muhammad) and He arose on the third day to heaven where he awaits His return to earth.

      It makes no sense to say, as Muslims do.. ‘..we acknowledge Jesus as a prophet..’ but then, deny who He was and what he did.

      His life, death and resurrection are a matter of historical fact testified to by many witnesses to include His followers and His adversaries alike.

      To deny this truth is to deny history.

      What if I were to say to you…

      ‘..I believe Muhammad lived but I do not believe the Angel Gabriel visited him and I do not believe he received any message from allah..’ ??

      That is precisely what Muslims do when they “pick and choose” parts of “Jesus/Isa’s” life to acknowledge and parts to dismiss.

      Can you understand that?

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


      • Thats whr the difference lies. We believe in Jesus(may peace be upon him) as much as we believe our Mohammad(may peace be upon him)…we r bound to do so….bt Jesus , believe me is the predecessor of the last propht Mohammad.



      • re: Syed;

        Greetings to you.

        Okay, perhaps you believe in “Jesus” (the one you call “Isa”) as being a prophet.. but, Muslims deny who he was. It makes no difference to us when you say you believe He existed.. when you deny the purpose of His existence.

        Jesus was not “another God” in addition to the one in heaven. He was the God in heaven in the flesh form. The One Lord thy God of heaven wanted to come down to earth to give His life for the sins of the world. He came in the form of us.. a man.

        Judeo-Christians are NOT polytheist. They believe in one Lord thy God only. Just one. The exact same one of Judaism. The one Lord thy God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. They believe this one God.. manifests in 3 forms. (ie. The Triune God) or Trinity. Those 3 forms together make the One God.

        Just look at yourself, Syed. Are “you” only flesh and bones? Is that all that you are? Nothing more? No.

        “You” (Syed) have a physical part of you. Your flesh and bones.
        “You” (Syed) have a Spirit / Soul. That part of you on the inside that is invisible to the eye.. but, it is the “Real Syed.” Your Love, compassion, etc.
        “You” (Syed) have your Mental / Mind. That part of you where your thoughts, ideas, etc. are.

        Now Syed, are you 3 people? No. You are one person with 3 forms. A Mind, Body and Soul.

        Together, those 3 forms make the 1 Syed.

        That is precisely how the Judeo-Christians view the ONE SINGULAR Lord thy God.

        And one last thing.. he loves “you” and He died for “you” to. If “you” were the only person on this earth.. He still would have come down and died on the cross.. just for you, Syed. Just so he could hold you in His arms in heaven for eternity.

        Peace be with you and your family. Hope you write again.

        s/m @ sharia unveiled


      • The only thing Muslims deny is that Jesus Christ ( Isa ) was a God in the form of human being or son of God! Jesus is the messenger of God. Muslims do believe and witness the death and resurection. What we should do is follow what our prophets taught us instead of worshipping prophets as gods. The satan will be more read, heard and seen if we follow an ideology created by ourselves. Islam is not an ideology, islam is a message from God, and those who conveyed that message to us are all messengers of God. I strongly disagree with taqiyya ideology which has nothing to do with Islam. But flexibility, liberty, modernity, sociality have alot to do with Islam.
        Islam teaches us not to be offensive than being defensive, the people you call muslims are actually not muslims, they are people who have chosen to be burned in the fire of hell


      • re: Muhammad Ali;

        Greetings to you.

        You sound like a very nice, intelligent person.

        Perhaps I can explain a different way. First, Judeo-Christians are NOT polytheists. I believe that is a common misconception among many Muslims. Judeo-Christians believe in the ONE Singular Lord thy God. The same exact one the Jews believe in.

        First let me say.. just like “you” (Muhammad) are not just flesh and bones. That is your “physical body” but, that is the least of who you are. Do you believe you have a spirit (a soul)? You know, that part of you that is the “real Muhammad.” That part of you that existed before your physical body was created and will also exist forever.. after your physical body dies. I’m sure you believe in this, as well. The body eventually dies, but the spirit lives forever. And last, there is your mind. (Your intellectual being.) The place where your reasoning and thought processes take place.

        So, you have many forms. Your physical, your spirit and your mental being. But, are “you” 3 people? No, just one person comprised of 3 parts. 3 forms that together make the one person.

        Well, Judeo-Christians see the Lord thy God in this way. He is the heavenly creator of all. He also exists in the spiritual form, like our spirit. They call this the ‘Holy Spirit.’ And, because “we” as humans are sinners of the flesh.. we required atonement for our sins. The sin of humans created a disconnect between man and God. So, God did not want us to spend eternity separated from Him. Therefore, He came down to earth to give His life for us on the cross. Now.. as you know.. God in heaven is invisible to our eyes. His spirit is invisible to our eyes. We would not see him with our eyes if He came here on earth in that form. So, He took the form of a man. Just like us. Torah and Brit Chadasha (Holy Bible) states that ‘..God created man in His image..’

        If we are created in His image.. and “we” have a body, mind and spirit..is it not possible that He could as well? How could a man, that is ‘the created’ possess more forms than that of the Creator Himself?

        I was wondering Muhammad.. if you do not mind me asking you a question…

        Do you truly feel loved by Allah in Islam?

        Peace be with you and your family.

        s/m @ sharia unveiled


  14. The 19 year old girl is innocent, the government ruled by ruthless so-called king should not punish her but rather condole with her.


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  16. So ignorant and foolish arguments r going on from the side of dwellers of hell…
    On the topic of Obama being a muslim I would say-‘Only Allah the almighty know wats inside him n each 1 of us. Being biologically a muslim isnt enough 2 be called a muslim….Islam is a way of life! I must be practised.
    Does Obama practise or observe anything Islamic?
    The fact that the whole world is against 1 religion shows hw powrful it is…isnt it?..u astrayed soul


  17. The victim punished for being slutty just as simple as that.
    These are the Sharia law from my understanding:
    Hey sexy girls, don’t show your bare skin to wrong guy. (That’s only for your husband)
    And for the guys don’t be tempted if you see bare skin of the sexy girl (Whom not your wife)
    Guys and girls, please avoid above conditions.


    • re: nomonikureda;

      Who said she was slutty? The article doesn’t say that…

      And, even if she was ‘..slutty..’ that is no excuse to be raped.

      There are no excuses for rape.

      Perhaps someone will perceive you to be slutty one day…

      Rape only exists today because of ignorant people like you willing to accept it.

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


  18. Hi guys.
    Greetings from Malaysia
    Yes I’m a Muslim
    You guys need to understand one thing. In islam, the truth and supposed to be followed is sunni, while in certain other countries out there are practicing syiah which the wrong path of islam where the adherents changed almost all statements. hadith, and did not follow the haditdh. No real religion (except for the cult) in this world asked the followers and adherents to do bad things as we all seek peace and happiness in return for doing good.

    After i went thru all the comments, some of it were true and some were not.
    The real law of islam called hudud – http://www.iium.edu.my/deed/hadith/muslim/017_smt.html
    But this law can be said not being implemented correctly in almost each muslim’s countries, no hudud law being implemented 100% . for the first time reading this hudud law, some of us might think that the law is too much but take a look from the other point of view, will anyone brave enough to do bad things after considering the punishment that the particular person have to face if he get caught in hudud law? I don’t really think so which it will lead to a good environment where everybody including female will not live in fear.

    But as a muslim, and after reading this shocked news to that poor sister, this is embarrassing other adherents like me. And if in real hudud law, those guys :-

    if married – death penalty
    if not married – 100 times whipping
    (by following the real law of hudud after all considerations and evidences)

    which from me, it supposed to be done as to punish those guys and at the same time to show to the world that the real muslims that practicing real islam respect our muslim sisters and will seek for justice to those who are persecuted..


    • re: Aiman Samsudin;

      Greetings to you in Malaysia, from the United States.

      Thank you for your informative message.

      I do not believe I have heard of this “Hudud law” before.

      Thank you for the link.. I will research this.

      Please feel welcome to write again if you would like.

      Peace and love be with you and your family.

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


    • For all that you may have said could be true. I won’t argue with you as you have Peace & Love at your heart! However, by the same token, Islam, even as you follow it, “STILL” calls for the death of someone if they should do wrong. Christianity, does NOT!

      Think about it! As a “society” we should NEVER have death as a penalty for anything! Christianity, NOT the Catholic Church, but the love of Jesus Christ Himself, under no circumstance, EVER calls out for the DEATH of anyone! THAT decision is left to God…ONLY!

      Your “so-called” religion, Islam, calls out for the DEATH of a person if they should do wrong! That is barbaric…PERIOD!!! Sorry, but I cannot condone ANY religion that calls out for DEATH!


      • hi bobby90247.

        The hudud law being implemented in Islam. but the one that create the hudud law was not muslim or prophet muhammad, peace be upon him. the hudud law being created by Allah the Almighty. not by adherents of islam or by any other person in this world. it is the law that been told by Allah the almighty in the quran.

        And before you straight judge Islam as barbaric, take a look at the world now. Howcome muslim being labeled as terrorist when they actually need to fight for their own land?

        As an example, if someone tries to break into ur house and take everything that is yours, would you just stay quiet and let that person do or you’ll fight for your house n belonging?

        i know what i said here was waaaay out of the context from the title above. but sometimes, i feel that all muslim, we have been labeled because of the minority of groupies that might be be bad, so we all hv to take the blame? Enlighten me in terms of these context please..


      • Excuse me? At what point in time, do they need to fight for their own land? ALL of the lands they are being fought in…AREN’T THEIRS TO BEGIN WITH!!! So, where do you get off saying anything of this nature? Iran, Iraq, the the other five countries occupying that area belongs to the Assyrians!!! Guess what? The Assyrians no longer have a country!!! And, “Why?” Because Islam and your dear Muslims have taken it over and are in the process of killing-off everyone of any other faith!

        btw…where do the monies go that are collected by the Mosques’ your sweet Muslims donate too? That’s right, it ALL goes to these Islamic terrorist groups that ARE KILLING EVERYONE ELSE! So, get a life! Get real! Just because you belong to small minority of Muslims that DON’T believe in killing, doesn’t mean you aren’t SUPPORTING IT! BECAUSE YOU ARE!!!


      • btw…Thomas McElwain, is probably the most renowned author on Religion there is in the world today, and he has been trying to reconcile the differences between Islam and Christianity, ALL to no AVAIL!!! There is NO reconciling their differences! That ARE at ODDS WITH ONE ANOTHER! The basic principle which differs ‘tween them is that Islam calls out for a DEATH sentence, whereas Jesus Christ…DOES NOT!!!

        Excuse me but, what kind of world do you want to live in? One in which a religion calls for Death or one in which the religion calls for LIFE?


      • Asalamo Aleikum (Peace be with you) to everyone

        Who calls for death? I am shocked by the comments which are against Islam instead of maniacs (crazy insane people), please refer to any verse in Holy Quran that calls for death, the word death alone in a verse doesn’t mean it calls for death, please refer to the full verse. As far as Islamic history is concerned, you are talking about the age 1400 years ago, even before your independence I believe. Now look there are two extremists already working for the sake of power from both sides, only God has Power believe me, and to hide their greediness for power they call themselves Islamic Fighters, Anti-Islamists, Jehadists, Talibans ( which actually means “Learners” not fighters) etc. I would always blame the government and its laws and not the girl nor the religion. The point is you are blaming the knife not the one who is misusing it, the knife alone can both save life and cause death.

        For Knowledge as we are knowledge seekers, I share with you some of the miracles in this facebook link (https://www.facebook.com/notes/%D8%B3%D9%8A%D8%AD%D8%B1%D9%82%D9%88%D9%87-911-theyll-burn-it-911/miracles-in-quran-1400-years-agoshocking-nowdays-science/156113484401655)


      • Sorry Muhammad, but I don’t need to read about “things” that the Muslim community has “taken” from other societies! I’m sure there are a “couple” of discoveries so-called “Muslims” have made throughout history. However, they ARE very few and far between!

        As I’ve posted in other comments, Thomas McElwain, the “MOST” knowledgeable person on “Religion” in the world today, CANNOT, reconcile the differences between Islam and Christianity! They are at ODDS with one another! There is NO reconciliation! So save me the ignorance! Islam represents Death & Satan, Christianity represents Life & God…PERIOD!!!

        Believe what you will…it doesn’t change the…TRUTH!

        btw…you mentioned something about 1400 years ago…do you mind answering, exactly what year that was?


      • @Aiman Samsudin

        If it is TRUE that there are still and majority of muslims are good, my question is why this “Muslim Majority” do not and dont want to stand up and fight against this extremist muslims,and perhaps why most muslims government leaders do not practice this “Good Teachings” and yet spreading hate to infidels ad non-believers specially in their national TVs.
        And why this “Muslim Majority ” do not want stand up and condemn this mistreating law to women of islam,
        And why this “Muslim Majority ” do not want stand up, fight, condemn and voice out to the Whole Muslim World what should or how peaceful real islam teachings should be?
        Why?? Is it because this “Muslim Majority” afraid of their own ghost-the Sharia Law that Dictates by the Quran???? afraid to get stoned to death, behead and get killed for honor because of fighting and condemning this rule which again Dictates by the Quran???


      • I “hear” you, Briggs!!!

        Perhaps for the same reason that the Catholic Church doesn’t stand up and say anything?


        Maybe for the same reason that the General Public here in the States doesn’t stand up and say anything?



        I bring this up with EVERYONE I MEET…whether it’s on the street, bus, train, etc., and REALLY don’t care if there are any “Muslims” present when I start talking about their lack of “morals!!!” However, here in the South Bay/Long Beach area of Southern California, I really haven’t seen any “Muslims”…at all!!!

        I AM “LOOKING” FOR THEM! “IF” THEY ARE AROUND, then they are remaining “invisible!” This area of America is very-well integrated as we have people from every part of the world living…next door!

        With this said, there is a “new” Mosque being built on the borderline of Gardena/Torrance. It’s in, Torrance, Gardena will NOT allow such a thing! I, myself, am starting a petition to ban this Mosque from being built within a mile of any border of Gardena as we DO NOT want their influence within our City…PERIOD!!!

        Until Islam can stop being the “CULT” that it is…”Muslims are NOT welcome!!!”


      • Wow.. talking about Muslims being protective of their land and homes. And there you are saying that the Muslims took it from Assyrians. Bobby, you said that you are an American right? Please enlighten me about your country. How it was found, founded. Are you a native Indian? If not, what happened to the original people who were there when your ancestors came to their shore? Who is Columbus and which religion that he belongs to? Did Muslims were part of the ethnic cleansing in the US? What really happened to the natives back then? From what I learn, history bounds to repeat itself its just that this time, you are not on the winning side I guess.

        Do you even know the meaning of Islam? the word Islam itself. I am a Muslim women and I’m proud of it. I live in a free country where I can choose to wear hijab or not because the sin of not wearing one is strictly between me and God. Islam teaches us to be good to your neighbors( other people non related to you) because when you commit a sin towards others, it is up to that person whether to forgive you or not. Like what Aiman said, there is a different paths in Islam. The syiah are the extremist. Astray from the true teaching of the Holy Quran.

        We were thought to love all prophets, the messenger. Prophet Muhammad is the last messenger. However, he told us when the time comes, Isa (Jesus) will descend from the heaven to guide us and fight with the dajjal. He preach to us to welcome Isa and his teachings as well as love him (Isa)just like how we love Muhammad and from there on, Muslims will be the people under prophet Isa. I am saddened by your rage calling everyone to destroy the mosques. How would you feel if we call out the same thing?

        If you are a Catholic, then I understand why did you do this. Do you even know who wrote your new testaments? If im not mistaken, among it they were John, Paul and Peter. They are your saints.
        The old testaments, the original bible which the Vetican claims that it is not aligned with the modern times thus shunned it away in the Vetican vault. I doubt that you ever laid your eyes and read the olden bible that hasnt being altered in any ways.There is a few still holding on to that old teachings.

        You question and said that the mosque generates money and funds it to the terrorist. That tickles me. Mosques does not generates money. Zakat is. Zakat is a tax implemented to all muslims. To build a mosque, a community will donates the money required to build one. Well, tell me then, what did your church do with all the money as well? Oh, I forgot, it went to the Vetican. Do you see Makkah and Medina are richer than your Vetican? Do you see our Imam bearing all the gold he can wear?

        With all this points, I do not wish to enrage you and others more. I wish for peace and I hope we can achieve peace by trying to be more understanding towards each other. I do pity the girl as to why she’s getting the punishment as well. I hope the rapist repent or rot in hell. Punishments are made to deter others as well as the wrong doers. In a male dominant country like saudi, these are likely to happen.

        In the end, we are all under the same god which follows different prophets and holy books. I am not looking out to bite anyone’s throat and present it as a sacrifice like you will label me to. And I got no problems with others as well like Jews, Christians, Buddhist, Hindus, Pagans and etc. I Have problems with extremist because they have such a thick head and skull that protect their teenie weeny brain. These people, no matter what you said, they are just plain ignorant.


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  20. Hey…I didn’t see a spot where it said what sentence the 7 men received. Does anyone know? It said the victim received 90 lashes. Then that was over doubled when she questioned her sentence. Since I can say I don’t know the laws in Saudi Arabia, I didn’t know speaking about your appeal could wind you up in more trouble.
    As for President Obama; yes I do believe he is Muslim. However, to be president he said he was Christian. Which, since he has lied about so many things. Why not his religion as well? I don’t really care that he is Muslim, I do care that he lied about; In my mind says a lot about him.


    • re: Betty Tolken;

      When I was initially researching this story I located the sentences of the 7 men although I apologize but I cannot remember where that was at the moment.

      I know their sentences allegedly doubled as stated in the article:

      ‘..The decision handed down by the Saudi General Court more than doubled her sentence last week. The court also roughly doubled the prison sentences for the seven men convicted of raping her, Saudi media said..’

      ..but, from what / to what I cannot remember. I do recall thinking ‘..this is too lenient..’

      although, that is always the case.

      If you google the title of this article you should get numerous results from other media outlets and one of those articles may have that info.

      Maybe one of our readers from Saudi Arabia will see this and answer that question for you.

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


  21. This is horrible!

    What is also horrible is that the author of this article refuses to acknowledge that the girl’s friend was also raped, and that he received the same sentence as she did.

    I guess sexual violence and injustice doesn’t matter when the victim is male…


    • re: Solarcide;

      Yes it is horrible. And I had no idea that the guy was also raped and received the same punishment that she did.

      I am sure that the write of the article did not know that either.

      No. Sexual violence and injustice matter equally, regardless of gender.

      If you look at the bottom of the article now (above the video) you will see where I added the information you provided us.

      Thank you so much for taking the time to write us and let us know.

      We appreciate that.

      Peace and blessings of love be with you.

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


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  23. Tell me o follower of the prophet Isa pbuh (jesus),and follower of the Musa pbuh (prophet moses) are your people forgot 10 commadment what is that all about for the criminal.your country not apply 10 commandment of GOD.It is muslim fault.but your fault and who are claim to be follower of the prophet Isa(jesus) and the prophet musa pbuh(moses).your people and your country goverment are not obyed 10 commandment of GOD.but your people when anything happend to muslim world straight way come and criticise to muslim.what is double standard.unjust them self and try to speack out for justice .what a Hypocrisy .


    • re: Ilyas;

      Greetings to you.

      Yes, you are correct in a sense.

      In the United States for example, the nation was originally founded by Judeo-Christians seeking to escape persecution in Europe. The Constitution was written based upon Judaic Law. For the majority of the first 3 centuries, the government, the courts and the people followed Judaic law closely. Whether they were Jews, Judeo-Christians or otherwise.

      There has been a falling away to some degree. The origin of this can primarily be attributed to:

      1. Atheist and Secularist attacks on Judaic morals and principals and their association with government.

      2. Less money available to the Church due to the Atheist induced litigation that has bankrupted many churches in America.

      3. The rise of the liberal-progressive agenda pushing their evils of; Abortion, Homosexuality, Euthanasia, Atheism, Secularism, etc, etc.

      The far majority of Americans still adhere to Judaic law in their everyday lives. In other words, they do not steal, they do not commit murders, etc. Are there exceptions? Of course.

      America possesses a very UN-Godly government right now. But that will change in the future, by any means necessary.

      And please do not forget.. our legal system, with all of it’s many flaws and accounts of injustice still has many Judaic laws in the codes.

      Murder is still illegal. (Except for abortion and euthanasia.) Stealing is still illegal. Adultery is still illegal, but unfortunately has not been punished for many years.

      Also, please understand that many of us in the west do not disagree with many of the laws within Islamic law.

      I personally agree with many of the laws of Islamic law. They are very similar to Judaic law.

      What many of us in the west have a problem with are the “punishments” for breaking those laws.

      Like stonings, lashings, etc.

      And a woman that is a VICTIM of rape.. should NEVER be punished. Is being raped not enough of a punishment already?

      Thank you for your comment.

      Peace be with you.

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


  24. So who are to blame.the people who are trying to follow commandment of GOD or the people who are trying to oppose commandment of GOD.


    • re: Ilyas;

      I guess it depends on how you look at it.

      It would be easy to say.. ‘..all of the blame lies with those that oppose the commandments of God..’

      And generally speaking, I believe there is truth in that statement. Although, I do not believe “ALL” of the blame lies ‘only’ with those who oppose God’s commandments.

      In some respects, we are all to blame to some degree. Perhaps some people, more than others.

      I know that God judges us individually in the end, when we die. Based upon our own personal accountability. He knows whom among us are trying really hard to follow His commandments, who are only trying somewhat and who does not try at all or rejects Him outright.

      But here is the thing Ilyas.. when His wrath and judgement are handed out upon this earth, we will all suffer together. In other words, if a Nation has sinned against God and disregarded His commandments as a whole, the entire nation will suffer. Even the people that held to the commandments. Perhaps He will direct such tragedies around His most devout.

      But, when Israel sinned against God.. He allowed for their nation to be taken and “ALL” of the Israelite (Jewish) people were scattered across the earth. I’m sure that there were devout followers that held the commandments among them. But He told them what would happen if their nation sinned against Him, and He kept His promise. I believe that can easily happen today. I truly believe in my heart that America has sinned terribly against God’s commandments, much in the same way that the Israelites did. I believe God has lifted His hand of protection from America and I believe His judgement upon America is about to be handed out. I pray that I am wrong. I hope I am incorrect. I just feel in my heart that I am not. My feelings are so strong on this that I actually advise Americans to move away. To take their families and leave the country.

      America is the modern day Sodom and Gomorrah.

      What are your thoughts? If you do not mind me asking, in which country do you live?

      Peace be with you and your family.

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


  25. Than why this page so supporting against GOD commandment .If you think more and concered deply about GOD commandment.That is my questions to you.I am from India and i am live in u.k


    • re: Ilyas;


      What on earth are you referring to?

      You know, ..I give a voice to the voiceless. I publish the stories that should be on the television, in the main stream media. For example, this story here about a young Muslim woman and her guy friend that were gang-raped. Did you see this story on BBC? Look at the injustice she and her guy friend received. They were raped by several men and what justice did the victims receive? Their justice was to be ‘re-victimized’ by the judiciary of Saudi Arabia. This young man and woman were raped, yet they received 200 lashes and time in jail. Why? Is that right? Is that true justice?

      So, what would “you” prefer? That “I” be silent in the face of injustice? That “I” hide their story from the world?

      The entire foundation of God’s Commandments are based on justice. That is precisely what I seek.

      When “anyone” desires that the truth remain in the dark.. that is simply because they desire their lie to be in the light.

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


  26. I am not talking about for favour to unjustice but on this page how much mocking about muslim and islam.that is my concern.if unjustis happen than they are responsible. not islam and not GOD commandment.lots of unjustise happen in the world.why are you not speak about all people of world.who are practis thier religion and done somthing wrong to victim.e.g in hindu religion lots of thing happen like if husban is die woman should also die to burn her self.etc.


    • re: Ilyas;

      Greetings to you.

      Yes, I do tend to focus on Islam but that is primarily because I see Islam as the greatest threat to our Western Culture and Civilization.

      We have millions of Hindus here in America. They live here peacefully and they show us great respect. The Hindus have no agenda to establish a ‘Hindu Caliphate’ and take over America and enslave the rest of us or force us to convert to Hinduism.

      The same can be said for the Jews/Judeo-Christians, Buddhists, Sikhs, etc. There are millions and millions of all of those religions here. And we all live peacefully together. We all accept each other and respect each other.

      But the Muslims that live here have an agenda. Oh sure, some pretend to be peaceful..but their objective is to portray the image of peace until their numbers get large enough, and then establish the Kalipha and Ulemah. They will either force us to convert to Islam or enslave us and we will have to pay the ‘Jizya.’

      Our goal is to educate Americans and others around the world about some of the things that occur when Islam comes to town.

      It is a proven fact that.. as the population of Muslims increases in a society, so do the following occurences:

      1. Rape of Women

      2. Molestations of children

      3. Honor Killings

      4. Beheadings

      5. Acid Burnings

      6. Terrorism

      7. Child-Rape Gangs

      etc. etc.

      We do not want these things in our nation, in our society or in our civilization.

      Now, of course we know that ‘..not all Muslims do these things..’ That is not my point. My point is..we do not want any of that in our nations.

      We do not try to say.. ‘..all Muslims are bad people..’ We know that there are Muslims that are good people.

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


  27. In your previous comment you describe Western Culture and Civilization special America as modern time Sodom and gomora.and you are fear from God warth not coming on them.Now you are want to protect Western Culture and Civilization and america from islam.It does not make sense.


    • re: Ilyas;

      Yes, my point is.. we have enough problems already. The last thing we need right now are the wonderful cultural influences of the ‘..7th century teachings of Islam..’

      We already have too much of that.

      Christians have already been beheaded in New Jersey by Muslims.

      A couple other Muslim men beheaded their wives.

      Many Muslim men have ‘Honour Murdered’ their daughters.

      There are several cases of children that have been raped and molested by Muslim men.

      – – –

      While we appreciate the contributions of the Islamic community.. we would sure be taking a great step in the right direction if we could eradicate it.

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


      • re: Bobby;

        Obama hackers are probably taking the signatures off at a 2:1 ratio.

        Hey..do you have edit capabilities for that form?

        The reason I ask is:

        1. There is an inaccurate word. Where you wrote: ‘through’ ..it should read ‘throw.’

        2. The government has now re-opened.. (albeit temporarily).. I would recommend omitting that and putting in something more current or relative.

        Just a suggestion…

        Perhaps the support of terrorist organizations around the world. (Muslim Brotherhood, al-Qaeda, Jahbat al-Nusra Front, FSA Rebels in Syria)

        The Murder of innocent people in Syria.

        The facilitation of domestic terrorism via Muslim Brotherhood in his administration.

        The Benghazi murders and the fact that, not one person has yet to be apprehended, charged or prosecuted.



      • And what about for the people of Western Culture and Civilization who are practice sin like people of sodom and gomora. Any plan for them.how you will be eradicated ? Can you put 10 commandment law for them.and if you will be successful put 10 commandment on them than how you will be avoiding human right which you are shout out.


      • re: Ilyas;

        Ideally, our western nations need to adhere to the Judaic Law that they were established upon. The reason sin exists in the individual, is a result of distance from God. The same can be said for a nation.

        My personal preference for the idolaters, the fornicators, the homosexuals, the pedophiles, the rapists, the murderers, etc. would be that they come to our Lord thy God and seek forgiveness for their sins and repent.

        If they refuse to do so.. I would have no problem seeing them all go to a remote island and live there. If they insist on living in sin, then so be it. Then, “we” should not be forced to live around them.

        Judaic Law is perfect law. It is the law of the one Lord thy God.

        It is the foundation and the bedrock for all western society. Qur’anic law is basically an ‘offshoot’ of Judaic Law. The laws are similar in many respects.

        Where the difference arises is in the punishments that are prescribed for violations of those laws.

        That is where “I” come in.

        p.s. Would you mind telling me.. are you a man or a woman? In which country do you live?

        I am a male.. and I live in US.

        s/m @ sharia unveiled


    • re: Ilyas;

      What are you talking about?

      I’ve been very honest with you in our discussion.

      I have not touched any of your comments. I have been responding to you on every one. And you have been responding to me.

      What are you referring to?

      – – –

      p.s. My apologies to you.. I have not had the opportunity yet to reply to your last comment from 2 days ago. I will try to reply very shortly. I still have your comment here. It will appear as soon as I reply. Thank you Ilyas.

      Please do not make false allegations against me. I have been very honest with you.


    • re: Ilyas;

      I just looked at all the comments and I believe I saw 5 from you and 5 responses from me.

      I have not removed any of your comments, nor would I. Why would I? We are in the middle of a discussion.

      If you remember what the comment said..I will gladly replace it.

      Please remember.. I have not replied to your most recent comment from a few days ago. I will do so now.

      That comment from you and my reply will appear momentarily.

      Thank you.

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


  28. You are giving me your opinion on GOD LAW but you are not talking about how you will be appyling it on to them If a sinner is forced to live on a remote Island.but what are about for justice which a sinner commited.so problem stil there not solving crime.this not fair for victim who are oppressed by sinner.and you are favouring judic law to apply on people.why are you not applying it on the people of Israel and yourself? You are talking about freedom for everything and also talking about applying judic law but how will this work together. problem is that you are not talking about when will western countries and yourself will apply GOD LAW so then how will you shout out for human beings right.

    I am male.

    Thank you.


    • re: Ilyas;

      Greetings to you.

      “I” will not be applying any punishment on them if they are placed on a desolate island. That would be the punishment. Especially if they were accustomed to living in a western society with some of its luxuries. Put all of the homos, rapists and child molesters on the island and I believe nature will take its course. They will deliver each others punishment.

      I do believe in Judaic Law and that is the Law that “I” follow. Just because the government is making concessions to secularism in their legislation and execution via the judiciary’s enforcement does not mean that alters my beliefs or practices.

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


  29. But you and your goverment today not applying 10 commandment.so how can be you and your goverment consider as follower of 10 commandment.they are ignoring 10 commandment.if they are applying 10 commandment on the people than how can they protects human right.which is my point and what will your response on to them. Who are imposing 10 commandment on the people.


    • re: Ilyas;

      Greetings to you.

      I believe I understand better now what you are asking. First, let me say..

      ..where you state: ‘..you and your government today are not applying the 10 Commandments..’ is not entirely accurate.

      “I” do apply the 10 Commandments in “my life.” That is the law “I” live by. I only follow “man’s law” (the laws set by the government) if they are consistent with God’s Law. If they are ‘inconsistent’..I ignore them. That is what we are instructed to do. We are taught in our faith to follow the laws of our government, as long as they are consistent with God’s Law. But, if man’s laws (the government) strays away from the Law’s of God (The 10 Commandments) we are supposed to put God’s Law first, before that of man’s law. That is what I do.

      For example; At one time in American history.. Adultery, fornication and homosexuality were illegal and punishable as crimes. If found guilty, you would go to prison. Today, I believe adultery and fornication may still be against the law..but the punishments are not enforced. As for homosexuality, it has been legalized.

      I disagree with all of those. I would like to see people who commit adultery, fornication and homosexuality still go to prison.

      I do NOT believe they should be stoned, lashed or beaten. I do believe they should go to prison though. There MUST be a punishment for the crime. A punishment is a deterrent to encourage others not to commit the crimes. So, as you can see.. there is no conflict with “human rights” unless any punishment at all is considered a violation of human rights. And unfortunately, there are those who would claim going to prison is a violation of their human rights. They are mistaken. There must be punishment for violation of the law.

      I’m sure you agree with some of what I write. We probably agree on more that you might think. I have stated many times in the past that I do not disagree with many aspects of Islamic (Qur’anic Law.) The laws of al-Qur’an and Judaic Law are similar, in many respects. Many people in the West just think the “punishments” in Islam are too severe.

      For example; Stoning a woman to death for adultery. What if she appears guilty of adultery, but she is not at fault? If she is found guilty..perhaps imprisonment would be a more humane punishment. Then, in the event that she is later found to be ‘not guilty’ she can be released.

      Also, a man being able to have up to 4 wives..but a woman can only have one husband. This is unfair on so many levels.

      First, ..rarely would a man ever be found guilty of adultery because he can simply marry any woman he lusts after.

      But more importantly, doesn’t a woman deserve one man’s undivided love and attention?

      I realize polygamy is cultural in some aspects of Islam..and I also realize that many Muslim families do practice monogamy. So, I am only referring to those that do not.

      Thank you Ilyas.

      – – –

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


  30. I am not going explain again.why is that because no point for that .I have not recevie any satisfiy answer form you what am try to say.if your people and your goverment are not working for applying 10 commandment of GOD on the people. This is act of disobeying GOD.

    If your goverment will apply 10 commandment on the people. can you imagine how many people going to punished by 10 commandment same like sharia law.Because of the western world the people live like the people of sodom and gomora type life.

    Than after you will stand up and put page on web 10 commandment unveilded.do not say 10 commandment is defferent from islamic law for criminal and sinner people.

    thank you


    • re: Ilyas;

      I agree that the government is disobeying God. This should have been clear from what I said before.

      Yes, if they applied the 10 Commandnments a lot of people would be punished. GOOD! They should be. Either the people need to live by the 10 Commandments or they should be punished.

      NO! I told you “I” already live by the 10 Commandments. I would NOT have a website against the 10 Commandments. That’s counter-intuitive.

      10 Commandments are different than Islamic law in many respects.

      There is nothing in the 10 Commandments that says;

      ‘..bury a woman in the ground and stone her to death..’

      ‘..chop off hands and feet..’

      ‘..commit murder..’

      Here are the 10 Commandments:

      I am the LORD thy God
      Thou shalt have no other gods
      No graven images or likenesses
      Not take the LORD’s name in vain
      Remember the sabbath day
      Honour thy father and thy mother
      Thou shalt not commit murder
      Thou shalt not commit adultery
      Thou shalt not steal
      Thou shalt not bear false witness
      Thou shalt not covet

      – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

      Here is ISLAM:

      Quran (8:12) – “I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them”

      Quran (5:33) – “The punishment of those who wage war against Allah and His messenger and strive to make mischief in the land is only this, that they should be murdered or crucified or their hands and their feet should be cut off on opposite sides or they should be imprisoned; this shall be as a disgrace for them in this world, and in the hereafter they shall have a grievous chastisement”

      Quran (2:191-193) – “And slay them wherever ye find them, and drive them out of the places whence they drove you out, for persecution [of Muslims] is worse than slaughter [of non-believers]… but if they desist, then lo! Allah is forgiving and merciful. And fight them until persecution is no more, and religion is for Allah.”

      – – – – –

      Read those verses from al-qur’an

      Just be honest.

      Islam is about hate, murder and death. Chopping off heads, hands and feet.

      Judaic law is about love, forgiveness and preservation of eternal life.

      – – – –

      Judaic Law and Islam (Sharia law) are opposite.

      Judaic Law is of the one Lord thy God.

      Islamic law is of ‘al-Masih ad-Dajjal’ Shatanic law.

      Sorry, but it’s true. It’s pure evil.

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


    • re: Ilyas;


      Looks like you have been doing your homework.

      I wanted to write you and let you know that I have your comment with all of the Torah / Holy Bible scriptures.

      You asked some very good questions and I want to be sure to give you very good responses.

      Please allow me a little extra time to reply to your most recent comment.

      Your comment will become visible to you as soon as I reply.

      Thank you.

      p.s. Now.. I must go do my homework. ;)

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


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  34. Saudi Arabia is one of the most intolerant, extremist Muslim countries in the world and everyone seems to be so surprised that this happens. What I’m surprised about is why everyone in the world still buys their oil. It’s not just the United States doing it, hypocrites.


  35. Does anyone realize how racist most of these conversations are….this is about an innocent girl being punished for being raped….and everyone wants to be hateful towards a race of people….and btw you might be Christian nowhere does it specify that America only has one religion…


    • re: Ashley;

      There is no racism involved. Islam is allegedly a religion, not a race of people. Muslim is NOT a race. Muslims come in ALL races.

      There are;

      1. Asian Muslims

      2. Arab Muslims

      3. African Muslims

      4. Anglo Muslims

      5. Hispanic Muslims

      You are exactly right that: ‘..this is about an innocent girl being punished for being raped..’

      “THAT” is the reason this story is on this site. And the reason she is being punished is because of Islamic Law.

      – – – – –

      America is a Judeo-Christian nation that was founded by Judeo-Christians. Primarily, as a result of the Puritans (Judeo-Christians) that were escaping religious persecution in Europe.

      One of the primary initial reasons for the founding of the new nation was so they could practice their faith freely.

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


  36. And some day women will rule & men will be punished for the crimes they commit. That is the only real path to justice. Men commit all the crimes against women & children


    • re: riobella;

      Hey, I’m a guy.. but I’m one of the good ones.

      I speak out in defense of women and children that are mistreated or treated unjustly.

      So, please do not punish me.

      When women rule and the punishment starts being distributed.. I’ll let you know who I am.

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


  37. This is why Moslims are garbage and there whole pathetic religion. I am not talking about the women or men… Just in general… I bet you this 19 year Olds mother wished she was born another religion… Any religion but this trash… These Moslims r causing problems everywhere…. You don’t here no other religion punishing u for geting gang raped… Only this sharie bs trash


  38. these so called muslims, need to get out of the dark ages and get with the rest of the world, is it any wonder that people in the rest of the world don’t like them.


  39. Firstly, i would like to apologise if my English is not perfect, I am from Singapore and despite English being our first language, It is not my mother tongue.

    As much as I agree with loads of comments here, I must empahsize THAT the arabs are one of the worst muslims country in the world. Their greed for power and wealth has caused them to harm Islam.

    I am a born muslim from Singapore and I used to despise Islam for all these violence. I cannot read arabic and thus I studied the Quran using an english translation and after studying the Quran, I assumed that Islam Is violent. I believe there was no women right and I hated the religion I did not understand.

    I met a wonderful muslim women who was so honest and sincere and I began to wonder her kindness and the light within her. I raised my concerns and issues I had with the religion and without judging or being prejudice, she explained to me nicely. She did not preach but was just being calm and sensible. I decided to study Islam again – this time round with a proper Ustazah ( a female islamic teacher) She explained that certain words in arab can mean a lot of things and most english translation misinterpret its meaning.

    Islam itself is peace. There are no parts in the Quran that mentioned about killing one another. Infact we are taught to respect people of different race and religion and practice tolerance. There are many misunderstandings about ISLAM due to MUSLIMS. I agree there are many extremist and mental muslims people out there. Even I was turned off by Islam when I was in my 20s due to the fact that people are forcing me to practice it.

    I urge everyone to not associate the shariah law or any laws in arab to ISLAM. ALL THE ARAB countries are flawed.

    DO look at other muslims countries like Brunei – they are a small peaceful country, follows the shariah law but none of them are terrorist, none of them lashes women whom are raped, infact they punished the crime not the victim. Even though their country is rich with oil, they use it for their people and not SELL their country like the Arabs. Their shariah law is accordance to the Quran and Not the Arabs Islamic Laws. Arabs Islamic Laws are not ISLAMIC LAWS.

    Islamic laws are very different to what ARABS perceive them to be. I urge you NOT TO understand islam through the arabs but through other Islamic intellects around the world.

    Do look and compare different English translation of the Quran. You will find that It is very different from one another due to the language changes and interpretation of certain words.

    The reason why Quran was brought down in ARAB was simple. IT was the worst country during those times. Women were treated like dirt and the poor were treated like slaves.

    There was no mention of women covering their faces in the Quran. The women were told to dress modestly – so as to protect themselves because during those days, The Arabs perceive women like an object. To protect women from being harmed while trying to seek knowledge, the book told them to dress modestly when stepping out of their homes.

    Muhammad was about 25 when he married his first wife, His wife Khadijah was 45 and loved her.
    During those days, any women without a husband was taken in as a slave.

    When she passed away Muhammad was so distraught. Before his death, he requested that he wanted to be buried beside her grave.

    Just to clear why he married Aisha – like i mentioned in those days if u are an orphaned, a widower , men in arabs ( THE NON BELIEVER OF PEACE) will just abuse them. There was also a rule in arab that if the women are not related by blood or any relationship, they weren’t allowed to stay in the house. Muhammad had to marry Aisha in order to have a “legal” relationship to take her in the house. He did not touch her at all. Of course we have no proof whether he touched her or NOT. but according to the history of Islam, he did not.
    There was also a reason why men are allowed 4 wives. During those times, many men died due to war. Many women were left abandoned and the Arab kings took them as slaves. In order to prevent that from happening, Islam approved of men having up to 4 wives so there was a form of “relationship” and thus the women can enter the house. their intention must be because they are believers of peace and want to protect the women from harm. They are suppose to treat the women equally.

    Women are encouraged to study in Islam. In Islam we are encouraged – not only to study the Quran but to gain knowledge with regards to worldly issues. We are encouraged to study because in islam we believe that with knowledge ( be it in medicine, literature or business) we can bring peace to the world.

    When a man divorce his wife or vice versa he is suppose to continuously support her financially until she is married again. Women have the right to divorce a man in Islam if he lays his hand on her, cheats or not supporting her financially for more than 3 months. THAT is shariah law practice in Brunei and also Muslims in Singapore.

    The Quran was written a long time ago and There are reasons why Islam says “fight the non believers”. It was to fight the Arabs themselves who treated the people like slaves. ITS THE NON BELIEVER OF PEACE. not people of other races and religion. MOST people misinterpret that because they don’t go beyond to understand why the book was brought down and the purpose of it.

    The Non believer of Peace will burn in hell. NOT the people of other religion or race. The people who caused chaos, who does not preach peace will burn in hell. I am not judging but i am sure the Muslims in Arabs who caused a lot of trouble will burn in hell. The christians or buddhist or whoever have been preaching peace and tries their best for the good of the world, In sha allah will see heaven.

    The book was written and can be taken literally during those days but we are at a different generation and era now. that was thousand and thousands years ago. It was also mentioned in Islam that as generation pass by, the book has to be taken non literal and humans are suppose to see beyond words but the depth of the book itself.

    Saudi is still one of the worst countries in the world. The book was brought down to bring order to the country. However the Arab kings misused the book and attacked the entire world.

    The religion ISLAM has become a victim of the Arabs greed and muslims alike.

    There are many bad muslims out there, but there are also many good muslims who used the book for the better of the world.

    I know my explanations are not clear due to my english and there are many examples I would like to quote however I am still learning and I am not a scholar in Islam. I believe that its better for people to seek knowledge with a guidance of someone educated – not only in islamic studies but the worldly issues as well.

    and to Shariaunveiled I thank you for being the voice of the victim that was being raped. I myself am baffled and utterly disgusted by the Laws in Arab. I am ashamed that that the Arabs are doing this. It brings such a bad name to the other Muslims. They are not fit to call themsleves muslims before they are not a believer of peace.

    Shariaunveiled, do Check out Ustaz Nouman Ali Khan on you tube to understand Islam better.

    Islam is also a victim. Islam is a victim of greedy Muslims.


    • re: Sarah;

      Assalam Alaikum.

      Thank you for your well written message.

      And thank you for thanking me. Every innocent victim deserves a voice. Thank you for being a voice for them to. I know you are.

      There are a few points that you made that I might offer an opposing view to.

      1. You stated; ‘.. Muhammad had to marry Aisha in order to have a “legal” relationship to take her in the house. He did not touch her at all. Of course we have no proof whether he touched her or NOT. but according to the history of Islam, he did not..’

      – Actually we do have proof. There are actually 4 hadiths in Sahih al-Bukhari and 3 in Sahih Muslim, where Aisha Narrated herself that:

      ‘..the prophet Muhammad was betrothed to me at the age of 6 and he consummated (intercourse) the marriage with me at the age of 9..and I remained with him for 9 years after that..’

      You can find this narration by Aisha herself in: Sahih al-Bukhari Vol.7 Book 62 Hadith #64

      There are also narrations about the marriage and consumation in Abu-Dawud and a few other hadiths.

      2. Due to the abrogation of Islamic scriptures in al-Qur’an.. the Meccan scriptures are often abrogated by the Medinian.

      Unfortunately, it is the Medinian scriptures where we find:

      Quran (5:33) – “The punishment of those who wage war against Allah and His messenger and strive to make mischief in the land is only this, that they should be murdered or crucified or their hands and their feet should be cut off on opposite sides or they should be imprisoned; this shall be as a disgrace for them in this world, and in the hereafter they shall have a grievous chastisement”

      Quran (8:12) – “I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them”

      – – – –

      3. Additionally, ALL Muslims are commanded to ‘..follow in the way of the prophet..’ and Muhammad is acknowledged and recognized as the perfect example of a Muslim.

      Therefore, when Muhammad murdered 900 Jews by beheading at the Battle of Banu Qurayza, I believe this may have set a very bad precedence for Muslims that came later and committed violent acts. Rightly or wrongly so, these violent individuals are using Muhammad’s example and the scriptures above from al-Qur’an as their “justification” for their violent acts, even today.

      I welcome your thoughts on what I have written.

      And your English is perfect. Probably much better than mine.

      Peace and love be with you and your family.

      – – – – –

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


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