31 comments on “18 UK Mosques Agree to Perform Underage Forced Marriages of Little Girls

  1. Discusting ! As a British born Muslim who respects and believes in the normal human behaviour of mankind asks all imams and sharia law believers to leave the uk .

    • Discusting ! As a British born Muslim who respects and believes in the normal human behaviour of mankind asks all imams and sharia law believers to leave the uk .

      • just don’t let them come over here, when they leave wish they would take our president with them

    • Why leave shak. They should respect the law of the land and within that law they should try t omake ammendments. A girl can mary if she reaches puberty, no matter what age she is.

      • Some girls reach puberty at a very young age, pedophilia is illegal in the United Kingdom and there are NO exceptions for religious beliefs, we do not practice that sickness here and it will never be ok to marry a child in this Country EVER!!! I have no problem with any race/religion taking up residence in the UK but it is a must the law of the land be followed as I’m sure it would be expected if I were to move to a Muslim Country…The UK is far too lax on punishing those that break the law partly due to fear of upsetting anyone, f**k that….you commit a crime you pay the price, the protection of our children should be a high priority. Any mosque, Imam found performing illegal under age marriage should be shut down and no longer allowed to practice here.

      • A girl can’t marry if she reaches puberty in the UK or other Western countries! They are still children at that age.
        No…they shouldn’t try to make amends for muslims to marry off their young daughters! If you go to live in that country for a better life…. then you follow the Laws that have already been in place for a very long time! You don’t go and try to make them change the laws to your preferences! You wish to marry young girls….then go back to the countries that allow sharia law and that type of abuse of young children!

  2. What is wrong with the heads of these countries? This is just so wrong on so many levels. They come here to America yet are exempt from American LAW? They go to other countries and are exempt from the laws of that country while citizens are told ignorance of the law is no excuse while they are held bound to the law? It’s past time for governments to stand against these atrocities and deny entrance and hold those who have finagled their way in to the laws of the land. It’s called ASSIMILATION!

  3. Who the hell are these people that they have such control over not only the US but now the Uk? Don’t we have any men with balls left to take care of these pedophiles?

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  6. one should follow the law of land. I wonder why people of a particular religion are given so liberty that it becomes headache for others.

  7. Who says the prophet was right at all? Of course muslims justify their lust to pedophilia following their stupid prophet. Was he prophet at all? Who confirms it?

    • re: Andy;

      You make a valid point. I’ve read in historical texts that were written by ‘non-muslim’ neutral parties at the time that Muhammad was mentally ill. Today he would be termed clinically insane with delusions of grandeur and probably classified as a schizophrenic. I read years ago that he was a heavy opium smoker, which would explain his visions in the cave. Surely, at this point he would be committed to a psychiatric ward today. Now combine all this with his propensity to violence, running around swinging a sword and insatiable inclinations of pedophilia and uh…

      ..you’ve got the makings of one hell of a prophet. lol.

      And if that’s not bad enough… you’ve got 2 Billion people on the face of the planet, who are trying to be just like him.

      s/m @ sharia unveiled

  8. You people who believe it is OK to enter into marriage with a young girl are lower than garbage. You are not human. They are babies for Christ sake!! Muhammad should have his ass kicked. He was a moron. Just like you people who enter into this practice. I spit on you all…spppt.

  9. Coming to a disused chapel near you, just after HM Queen Elizabeth has been executed. The 11th Century Crusades were not fought for no purpose and nothing has changed in Mohammed Agenda.

  10. Real men want a woman who is equal in wit, intellect to provide companionship and share a home.

    Those who are marrying underaged girls want biddable, submissive girls that they can dominate, abuse and control.

    Those individuals need to grow up and those that aid them should not be shaping or influencing the minds of their communities.

    Furthermore, those who knowingly do nothing are guilty of allowing fear stop them from saving an innocent.

    We all must act to ensure we protect the children in our community.

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  12. You should see the damage these men do these young girls bodies. So young that they can’t have intercourse yet that doesn’t matter to the Man that has just married the young girl. She has to come into a clinic to have her torn vagina stitched. What about the young girls that die in child birth to young to have their baby normally. These are little girls that should be playing with toys not married. These poor little girls have no understanding of marriage at such a young age. Let the world move with the times. Back then when this law was so called passed they didn’t understand about the human body like we do now. They didn’t understand about so much that we know now from evolving over hundreds of years. Look at them as they are small children.

    • re: Jackie Stone;

      Yes, so true.

      These bastards literally worship Satan and they are too deceived and spiritually blind to see it.

      They are members of a brainwashed pedophiliac cult. They most certainly do follow in the way of their ‘false-prophet.’

      Most Muslim men fear ‘a real woman’ and they are intimidated by them.

      ALL Muslim males should just be completely castrated of their male genitals at birth. While this would not completely prevent Muslim males from sexually molesting little girls by other means, what it would prevent is reproduction and pregnancy.

      Eventually, the ‘Muslim male’ would become extinct.

      Muslim women could simply reproduce with non-Muslim men, 99% of which would treat them with the love, equality, respect and humanity that they are deserving of.

      Thank you for your informative comment Jackie.

      s/m @ sharia unveiled

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