20 comments on “Twenty-One Muslim Men Gang Rape a 13 Year Old and 15 Year Old Girl

  1. Then they are not considered Muslim by any account. They will burn for their choice and they will have the same punishment in hell. God is just.


    • Muhammad raped captive women (slaves coerced into “marriage”) and ritually raped a nine year old girl (again, calling it “marriage” makes no difference – a child is a child). This is made clear in the Quran, and explicit in the Sahih Bukhari.

      Muslims are to make war on the “unbelievers” until there are no more. And rape of unbelievers is permitted by Allah, according to Muhammad. And there is no lower age limit for sexual activity with children – the limit for vaginal sex is the structural integrity of the vagina itself. “Consent” is therefore a foreign concept under Islamic law with regard to women and sex.

      It is no coincidence that we see an epidemic of Muslim rape the UK; skyrocketing rates of rape in Sweden, which closely track the mass-importation of Muslim males; or the coordinated sex attacks that took place on New Years Day in Europe – and not only in Copenhagen, but simultaneously in many European cities. Rape is being used against Europe and the UK, as a weapon of jihad.

      Face the fact that Islam views children as sexual objects, and women as legally sub-human. These are the *cultural values* that arise from the clear and unambiguous religious precepts of Islam.

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    • I’m sure they will leave if you’ll ask nicely…
      NOT !!

      You English sissies will have to shed a lot of blood to rectify what had happened to you and your country…

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  2. These animals are so afraid to see any women who isn’t covered from head to toe. They know that they can’t even trust themselves to be near any woman, nevermind one that isn’t wearing a burlap sack.Can you imagine if they saw an elbow or knee,they must get all kinds insane. Sad to say it, but they belong in our worst jails, with our most depraved prisoners. Prisoners like themselves who will make death a welcome dream that never comes.Only more of what they know best RAPE & SODOMY, DAILY. NON STOP.WITH THEIR TEETH KICKED IN. SO THERE IS NO END POSSIBILL,AND NO WAY TO END,IT

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  3. Sadly this is NOT uncommon… Kids being groomed for all sorts of reasons we need to educate ALL RELIGIONS… But also there shud be very strong penalties…maybe what would happened in there own culture….stoning??????!

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  4. Again racist slurs and sexual asalts against young white girls by Asian men, is it me or is there a bit of a trend or a common denominator here, and no I’m not a racist for saying that, it’s just the facts, the people who committed these atrocities against these young girls are pedophiles and should be hung by the necks until dead, we need to send a message,no matter what culture your in in England we don’t tolerate this behaviour! .

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  5. These filthy heathens have NO right in the UK and every last stinking one of them should be frog-marched to the docks daily, until the UK is rid of their animal atrocities; they have taken the UK back to the stone-age with their heathen antics!

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  7. Now your country learnt the lesson for accepting these bigots into your country. More to come when they white wash your country when they have enough mass….


  8. Reblogged this on Islamafication of America and commented:
    This is fucking disgusting. These animals are no different now than they were a thousand years ago. We’re allowing them to enslave our daughters? It’s a disgrace and already happening here in America. By allowing them in, we’re endorsing this bs. Everyone of them should be castrated with their hands cut off. That’s my “Sharia” mother fucker.


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