18 comments on “Prince Abdullah al-Sabah of Kuwait Announces… “I Have Converted to Christianity”

  1. Thank you Jesus…The Gospel ,the good news the power of salvation is spreading..nobody can stop it..Romans 1:16-For I am not ashmed of the Gospel,for it is the power of God unto salvation,for evryone who believes….

    Thank you Jesus…


  2. Just like St Paul who was converted you are now a true believer & can convert many in to Christianity……….. God bless you my brother in Christ.


    • re: boo lachica. Yes, you are absolutely correct. May the love and blessings of Yeshua always be with you and all of those you love.

      Your Brother by the most precious blood that ever did flow…

      His Servant and Soldier,



      p.s. Please do write again soon and thank you for reading… sharia unveiled.


      • re: Blessed are We… for, we serve a mighty king.

        Where some are slaves to a “god” that calls them to murder for him… We are servants to a Loving God… who sent His Son to die for us.

        Truly Blessed Are We…!

        Your Brother Forever…

        His Servant and Soldier,

        – Schuyler



  3. Glory to God for the wisdom he gave to us to know his will and guide us in our path of salvation. To all who still in doubts of their faith in Christ Jesus, continue to pray and meditate so that the Holy spirit will inculcate to your mind and talk to your heart that the truth will prevail in us he only Jesus Christ the son of the Living God is the way to salvation and nothing more. To all of us redeem by the blood of Christ Jesus, stand firm on our faith and whatever happens we will remain to him our faith till the end of the earth. God bless us all.


  4. This is really good news but this man’s life is in great danger, Lord Jesus have mercy on him and give him your guidance and divine protection.


  5. I would upload the video for you except I had my Yahoo Account deleted; and I don’t have it in my present email files. Go to You Tube…there is an amazing story of a man who converted to Christianity after he saw Jesus Christ and accepted Him.

    He went home to his family and told them of his beautiful experience. They poisoned him. Jesus appeared to him and Healed him.

    I am deeply sad I have to say this. There are millions of “c”hristians that are NOT “Christ-Centered”; and there is a huge difference. The Muslims who convert actually put their lives on the Line to do so.
    I don’t know any “c”hristians here in the states who appear(?) to KNOW HIM personally…”Christ-Centered” people.

    I can’t remember for sure how long ago it was…seems it was months ago, I got hold of two deacons in a HUGE Church in Ft. Worth, TX and tried to encourage them to get involved. We talked about it on here.

    “We don’t get involved in politics.”
    This is no longer about politics. We are are the victims of an “un-holy” war.


    • re: upaces;

      I’ve seen that video before. I’m quite sure it was you that posted it.

      If I remember correctly, it takes place in one of the nations of Africa. Nigeria I believe.

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


      • Yes, it was there.
        I am just “thinking” and “remembering” that video, and the hair all over my body is standing straight up….the “quickening” in the Soul when such an amazing blessing connects us all that “believe.”


  6. You will understand this because of your articles and what we have talked about.
    I had two people, who I refer to as “BIBLE POUNDERS.” They know all of the scriptures; and quote them frequently. However, they have lost the “touch” of the Christ. I have had to cut off all ties because they clang on and on about it…but were talking to me and “wanting my approval” for both of them to commit adultery.
    Then or course, there are those who profess to be “c”hristians who turn their backs on the
    “Christ Centered” and as far as I am concerned,THE “anointed” ones who have experienced the Love and Power of The Christ Himself.

    “Many are called, and few are chosen.”


  7. There are people in the Middle East who are being tortured, raped and murdered because they ARE true Christians. It makes me deeply sad, and angry that the Christians here are not getting involved at all.


  8. We are here in this country a great distance but we are praying for peace in the world. we are one in l0ve and peace. Let Jesus, the Son of God be our shield always. God Bless you my brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus.


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