3 comments on “50,000 Christians Forced Out of Homes in Homs, Syria by Muslim Violence

    • re: bunkerville. You are so right…!! So many in the world today give greater value to the life of a single muslim, than that of all of the Judeo-Christians and Jewish Believers, in total.

      That is… except for the muslims themselves who place absolutely no value on human life at all, to include their own women and children.

      Most of the people today speaking out in defense of the muslim women and children and the cruel punishment they endure are westerners from Europe and North America. Most happen to be Judeo-Christians and Jewish Believers also…

      …Interesting..huh..? Although, Completely Consistant..!

      Thank-you so much for reading and commenting on sharia unveiled.

      Silence is never an option…

      Our Lord’s Blessings Always Be Upon You…


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