8 comments on “BREAKING NEWS: American and English Children Kidnapped From the U.S. and England by Muslim Gangs are Turning up in Muslim Nations Around the World

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  2. Ane the ppl of America cant believe that the muslims are nasty ppl? But ya they say it wont happen in nAmerican listen up.. this tells you it did happen in America


    • re: bsfurg. Yes… unfortunately you are correct. There are many naive, blind Americans who have been disillusioned. For many years now… the American government has been conditioning and desensitizing the American citizens into believing this facade of diluted rhetoric. That being… “Islam is a peaceful, loving religion” that has simply been hijacked by a tiny, miniscule minority of radicals. As both you and I know… That is a blatant lie. Many Americans will allow themselves to be lead … like lambs to the slaughter. Well, Not I…!!

      The One World Government headquartered in Brussels, Belgium has already established Islam as the one and only “allowed ‘religion’ ” under the New World Order. This is a fact. If you look at all of the pieces of the puzzle… with an open mind… I believe you will see this. There is no justice of prosecution of the muslims in this world for murdering Jewish, Judeo-Christians, Hindu or Buddhist followers, etc.

      On the other hand… no one is allowed to even speak a word with an “inferred” negative connotation against islam or any muslim without the fear of reprisal and / or persecution.

      Islam teaches… “they will follow the one whom they await … who shall rise up from the center of the earth..” — They call him the “12th Imam (ie.) The Mahdi” — Their ‘unholy book’ claims this leader will rise up and murder all of the believers of Judaism, Judeo-Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, etc.

      That’s Interesting…

      Because the Holy Bible describes one rising from the center of the earth, as well. And yes… He will do those things. The Bible refers to him as “Satan.” in the form of a man. (ie) the “Antichrist”

      So… In all honesty… Muslims are just a bunch of Satan Worshippers… of whom.. act accordingly.

      We shall prevail in the end.

      Thank you for reading “sharia inveiled”… and thank you for writing…

      His Servant and Soldier,

      s/m @ sharia unveiled



  3. These kidnappers should be “educated” by myself and other Western parents in the error of their ways. I would dearly love to get one of these bastards in my hands.


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