21 comments on “Islam: A False Religion of Cowardice

  1. Do you feel that Islam needs to be banned worldwide in order for human rights to prevail? Is it a matter of amending the texts so that they no longer support certain ideas?

    Most Muslims — or anyone — would say that you can’t amend a religion. Atheists and “freethinkers” will say that the Bible needs amending, too, or that all religion should be abandoned.

    Meanwhile, Islamic people will say that the criminal violence so endemic to their regions isn’t due to the religion, as it isn’t being followed properly (for instance, acid attacks happen dozens of times a year in Pakistan, but Muslim clerics say that one mustn’t harm the face of their wife).

    Another, much bigger issue is that criminality occurs among all peoples regardless of race and religion. It’s hard to say if it’s really Islam.


    • re: Matt. Wow… what an absolutely well written asertion. I am actullly in the process of writing on that subject as a semi-long term project. I began writing a few weeks ago… but, each new question i derived… yielded 2 or 3 new questions…

      You are really challenging me intellectually… and I respect and admire that very much. You are a very intelligent guy… I can tell….and I prefer an intellectual conversation more so… than just small talk and trivial bantor.

      Where do I begin..? Hmmm… Let’s See… I am going to be completely honest . I view Islam as a False Religion, Allah as a False God and Muhammad… as a murderer of innocent Jews and Judeo-Christians… who just happened to be a pedophile. This is historical record from his own accounts in al-Hadith. I will never view Islam, Allah or Muhammad any differently than what I have mentioned. To do so would be inconsistant with the Truth and Historical Fact. With that being said…

      All people have the right to choose their own Faith, just as we all have the right to choose our own Fate.

      The One God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob… is a loving God who gives us all free will. He does not make us worship him… but rather, He created us with a void in our heart… that can only be filled by Him.. He wants us to love and worship him… but, at the end of the day… It is up to us. Just as our destiny is in our own hands.

      I have read and studied much of al-Qur’an and al-Hadith but, I still am learning. There is a lot of violence in al-Quran and many of the muslims today (terrorists, etc.) refer to many of these sunnahs as their justification for their hatred, violence, etc. against Jewish and Judeo-Christians.

      Here is a Fact. No Buddists are beheading Christians. No Christians are beheading Hindus. No Hindus are beheading Jews and No Jews are beheading Muslims… but, Muslims are beheading them all. ALL of the other beliefs have co-existed for thousands of years… sure… there have been ocassional, disagreements… but, Islam cannot co-exist with any other religion. Why..? Because of Islam and only because of Islam.

      Al-Qur’an states… That you are either a follower of allah and acknowledge muhammad as his prophet or you are an infidel. It then goes on to command the muslim to “seek out the infidel… no matter where he resides in the world… and confront him.” “Then, convert the infidel to Islam… by his tongue or by the sword.”

      This means you must deny any other belief and confess allah as your god and muhammad as his prophet (ie. by the tongue) or they chop your head off. (ie. by the sword.)

      Oh… How tolerant… How accepting… How perverse !!

      The Bible teaches that I should do unto you… as I would have you do unto me. It teaches me not to steal your ‘property that you worked for. Not to sleep with your wife. Not to Lie to you or not to murder you (to kill without justification). The Bible teaches Love and Peace. Forgiveness and Redemption.

      Picture in your mind… two worlds… on two separate planets….

      The First… Every single person on the planet is a Christian.

      The Second… Every single person on the planet is a muslim.

      What would life be like on each of those planets..?
      How would life be different?
      Which Planet would you prefer to live on..?


      p.s. gotta’ go… but, I realize i did not get to touch on all of your points and questions in this “re” but, I will tomorrow evening.

      I will leave you with this thought…

      Muslims worship a God who commands them to Murder and die for him…


      Jews and Christians worship a God who sent His Son to die for us.

      Our Lord Loves You So Much Matt…!!

      I know it..!!

      If YOU were the only person on this earth… He still would have sent His Son (Jesus gr. / Yeshua hbr.) to die on the cross for you. That’s how much He Loves You.

      He does not exist because I believe…
      but rather,
      I believe… because He Exists.

      Goodnight My Brother…





  2. So by “all people have a right to choose their own faith” you mean that access to Islamic teachings, the Koran and other material, should never be restricted, or that Islamic practice in general should not be banned in any way?

    I think some Jews see the trinity concept in Christianity as polytheistic, or close to it. They certainly don’t condone worshipping God as a man or as physical. In that sense they are aligned with Islam and not Christianity.


    • hey matt. I’m sure i see your point in sending the links to the 2 articles. They are different though… One is commited by one’s personal choice and one is committed in the name of religion.

      For Example: Someone killing their spouse in a personal domestic dispute is far different than an entire segment of a religious sect beheading Christians in the name of allah. The first example can be resolved from reoccurance by incarceration for life. The latter will occur over and over because it is a philosophy of hate within an ongoing population of an organized religion.

      I am not saying that one of the victims lives is more valuable than the other, nor am i saying that one of the perpetraitors of the crimes is less guilty than the other. Ideally, All lives are of equal value and every life is a creation of the One Creator of All.

      As to your above letter…

      I truly believe the world would be a much better place if islam did not exist. It was evil from the inception and continues to be evil to this day.

      If you desire to go into your backyard and worship a rock, that is your perogative… but, when your god tells you to pick up that rock and hit me in the head with it… the storyline changes and I assure you…
      I will be writing the last chapter !

      I believe, 100%, without a doubt that Islam is a form of worship of the Anti-Christ. It’s followers are the workers of the anti-christ, here on earth preparing the way for the final days. Preparing for the arrival of the anti-christ (Satan in human form). In islam they state they are “awaiting the arrival of the “Mahdi” aka. “the 12th Imam.” He is the one the muslims claim will come and rid the earth of ALL Judeo-Christians and Jews. And where does he reside.?
      In the center of the earth.

      Hmmm… what a “coincidence.” The Bible speaks of one who resides in the center of the earth and will one day rise and take human form. The Bible also states that this “person” will attempt to kill ALL of the Judeo-Christians and Jews. Who is this person?
      Satan / Lucifer / aka. the anti-christ.

      So, there is common ground on this subject except… “WE” will be doing battle with the anti-christ… and the muslims will be fighting for him and worshipping him.

      Now… Do you see why they are killing the Judeo-Christians and Jews for one reason and one reason only…?

      Because they oppose Christ. ie One who holds opposition to Christ is known as the Anti-Christ.
      The Trinity is not polytheistic but rather, The One God in 3 Forms. They are all one. God the Father in Heaven, (Jesus/Yeshua) is God in the Flesh and the Holy Spirit is God in the Spirit Form.

      You and I are One Person… but, in various forms. The obvious to most is the physical… but, that is the least of who and what “we are.”

      When you look at another human being… everything you see with your eyes is dead. The Hair, the outter layer of skin, the nails, … all dead.

      The eyes actually are more like windows to the soul. They give you a glimpse of the inner beauty.

      What truly makes you… “you?”

      That, which is on the inside. Your love, compassion, desires, cares… and there is nothing physical about that.

      Then, there is your spirit.

      but, we are still just “one person.”

      I have never met a Jewish person that expressed seeing Judeo-Christianity as polythestic.

      The two faiths are truly a continuim of One Faith. One is NOT a replacement for the other… but, like a tree… from the roots and one trunk grow many branches. Torah and the Old Testament are virtually identical. As they should be… Since the truth never changes. I know many Messianic Jews who were Jewish… of course. And, ‘lest we forget… Judeo-Christians worship a Jewish Rabbi (Jesus/Yeshua was, is and will always be a Jewish Rabbi.)

      Hope to hear from you soon.

      p.s. Do you live in the States or England or…?


      • You’re not supposed to worship a man as God. God is non-physical. That’s a normal belief in Judaism, that he has no physicality. You can look that up from many resources.

        But back to my original question, I guess you don’t have an answer to it, but I wanted to know if you were for banning Islam worldwide, as I don’t see how it can be destroyed if we don’t at least agree to making it illegal.


      • re: Matt.

        As to your first point, I am not sure your understanding is correct. Your source (‘s) that you are referencing may be incorrect. Judaism completely and 100% believes that the Lord will come for them in Human/Physical Form and He is referenced in the Torah in many places as “Our Lord Thy God With Us.”

        You are correct that they see “One Entity” but, that is how we are all taught to see God, the Lord and the Holy Spirit. ie (3 parts of a whole) Not 3 separate beings. Our human minds struggle to understand the complexities of this concept…as they should since we are the created, not the Creator.

        Jewish people had a cloak or veil placed over their eyes by God (Ha Shem (hbr.) which prevents them from seeing that Jesus / Yeshua is the Lord thy God. It is stated in the Bible clearly that this veil will be removed from the eyes of the Jewish People in the end times and they will see the Lord thy God when He returns. It also states that the Jewish People (Once the veil is removed and see the Lord is God) … will be the prophets to the world who spread the message of the Lord’s return. They will be His most devout followers.

        Remember, When Jesus / Yeshua was here on earth.. Almost All of His Followers were Jewish. There was no such thing as a “Christian” during Jesus’ Life on Earth. Jesus did not convert people to Christianity… He converted them to Judaism.

        Christianity came about a little later… but, ALL of the Followers of the Lord were Jewish, ALL of His Diciples… Every Name you read in the Bible are the names of Jewish People.

        And, The Bible was written by Jewish Monks. ie The Dead Sea Scrolls.

        Personally, I see the Jewish and Judeo-Christians as One. We are united forever. We are brothers and sisters of the One God,
        Forgive me for not being more clear as to your other question…

        Yes.. I would absolutely support a worldwide ban on Islam !!

        I do not believe that would ever happen, and here is why…

        1. Under the One World Government, their charter allows for One Religion. This means ALL others will be banned.

        Look how ALL of the governments around the world are allowing and facilitating the spread of Islam. I believe Islam is being set up by the One World Gov’t under the New World Order to be the One Religion that they allow.

        I believe all of the evidence points to that conclusion. There are concentration camps all over the united states. I am sure there are many in most nations. Islam is spreading like the plague.

        Hmm.. actually…Islam may be the new plague. Perhaps we must consider eradication.

        There is a video I want to send you a link to… let me get that, and I’ll send it in just one moment.

        Bless You My Brother Matt.



  3. Every Jewish source I’ve seen has said that God is nonphysical and they make no mention of him having a human form — in fact they say he has no form. I think you are getting your ideas from “Messianic Jewish” websites, which are Christian.

    There’s no worship of the Messiah as God in Judaism. He may be an important leader for Israel, but not the creator of the world. I know of course that the early disciples of Jesus were Jewish, but it doesn’t mean they weren’t apostates, or perhaps not all of them saw Jesus as God. Even the divinity of Jesus as written in the gospels is a little open to question in my opinion, with several instances of Jesus praying to God or saying that all his power comes from him.

    Remember when “the Jews took up stones to stone him” because he said (or they thought he said) that he was God? I forget which part — but that’s an example of the Jewish belief of many at the time (and today) because they wouldn’t have taken offense at this suggestion if they were cool with the idea of a man being God.

    It says in the book of Numbers that no man is God. Here, just read the third principle from Maimonides: http://www.mesora.org/13principles.html


  4. Islam is a rubbish, dust bin religion. Islam will soon become extinct in Jesus name. No muslim will go to heaven. All muslims will go to hell. Prophet muhammad is in hell now with satan.


    • re: Tim. I understand what you are saying… and i am not refuting your sentiments at all.

      I am not defending islam at all… but, the muslims are our brothers and sisters… created by Our One Lord Thy God. They are His children… just as we are. I believe He loves us no more than them… and them, no less than us.

      They are lost… and lost in a big way. Just as Zaa stated, Islam is the religion of Satan on this earth. Those who practice islam are followers of the Anti-Christ. Whether they realize it or not…

      The greatest threat to the united states and the world, at large… is not unemployment, not the economy… not the environment… nor is it even the socio-marxist administration in power right now…

      The greatest threat to the united states and it’s future is … Islamic Infiltration. If America fails… and falls… it will be at the hands of Islam.

      Let’s work together to ensure that day never arrives…

      Baruch Haba B’Shem Adonai.
      (Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord)




  5. The spirit that rules and controls Islamic religion is satanic and demonically controlled. Whether you believe it or not, Islam is satanic. Matt, listen to the truth, there is no salvation in Islam. Islam leads to hell. Come to Jesus christ. Jesus christ is the way to heaven.


    • re: Blessed Greetings.. Zaa..!!

      The entire time Matthew and I were writing… I just had the feeling he was challenging me…

      …not in a negative way… but, almost like playing… “devil’s advocate..” just to see… how strongly i believed in what i was professing to believe and whether i could support my position with facts.

      Deep down… I believe he knows the truth … just as you and i …

      Thank you for reading sharia unveiled… and I hope to hear from you again soon….



  6. Everything exists from the darkness of the same principle and the same light Islan Luzcifer now choose which ethnicity will serve., I am on the side of love that exists on both sides and so the Father becomes the son and the son becomes the father, there’s how to choose a side because both become one and one becomes two, and so will be the beginning and the end will be the beginning and the end, if you judge Muslims Muslims and you think something round no end and no beginning.


    • re: Ronaldo Marcelo; First, please allow me to thank you for your comment…! I can tell the comment is intellectually based although, I had a little difficulty understanding your contention at the end. I believe your thoughts are deeply rooted in philosophy… which is one of my favorite interests.

      If you do not mind… would you please write back and expand and clarify what your point was beginning with… “..if you judge Muslims Muslims and you think something round no end and no beginning…”

      If i am not mistaken, I believe the point you were making is in that part…

      Now Ronaldo, If I am understanding you to say … “I am judging muslims…”

      Perhaps you are correct… but, in my heart… I do not believe I am and that is not my objective nor is that a tenet of my faith. Please allow me to explain:

      There have been a few readers on my site in the past that have written me and asked… “why do you write …’a muslim man’… did this… or that …?” “Why not just write… “a man?”

      And, I do understand… to some readers who do not know me or are not familiar with my writing style or my objectives… this can appear as … judgemental or stereotypical..

      My site is focused primarily on islam and sharia law and the effects on societies from their influence.

      One of primary objectives is Human Rights. (For All humans, but, I tend to focus on the persecuted and the victims of injustice)

      Evil usually takes place in the darkness…and tries to remain hidden from the light of the truth… and, attempts to conceal itself through deception and lies. I attempt to shine a light into the dark corners where the evil resides and bring the evil out into the light to be seen, acknowledged and confronted.

      Let me tell you a little about me; I believe in the One Lord Thy God through Judaism / Judeo-Christianity and I believe every single word of the Torah and the Original writings of the Holy Bible as written by the diciples in Hebrew from the spoken Aramaic.

      I see every human being… as a child of the One Lord Thy God, Creator of All. Every muslim is a child of the same Creator that created me. I know Our God loves them, just as He loves me. I know He desires their love and praise…just as He desires mine. I see them all as my brothers and sisters. I do love them… and it is not always easy to …but, even when their is discord between parent and child… love may be less apparent. I pray for all of the muslims, their leaders, their nations… etc… every time I pray.

      I have written articles before on this site that stated… “If muslims will ban Honor Killing, beheading Jewish and Judeo-Christians, stop burning, bombing and shooting at their houses of worship, refrain from stonings and acid attacks on their women… (etc.) and ‘truly’ become a religion of “Love, Peace and Acceptance of others…” I would begin to post all of their wonderful accomplishments for a period… and, then shut my site down and build a new site focused one one of my other convictions.”

      Islam needs a great awakening and a transformation from their centuries old practices of inhumane punishments. Many of their laws are not only understandable, but I agree with most of them.

      Of course, adultery is an act of complete betrayal. I totally agree…!! And, ..Should it be illegal and should their be punishment for it? Absolutely !! But, the punishments of stoning a woman or throwing acid on her face and body are inhumane and dispicable forms of punishment…especially when you consider, more often than not, the charges are based on suspicion or mitigating circumstances.

      Islam could retain many of its laws.. and just reform the punishments for violations of those laws to a more humane methods and practices. For example; Jail, Imprisonment, etc.. but, the punishment should more accurately reflective of the crime.

      The muslims are free to worship whatever “god” they choose… but, when their “god” tells them… “.. pick up this rock and hit him in the head with it…” … then, we have a problem.

      I know there are many peaceful and loving muslims… although, not as a result of islam… but rather, a result of their own humanity or personal decisions. I do not believe in quantifing every statement containing the word “islam or muslim” by then stating… “not all muslims” or “not all of islam.”

      Any person of reasonable intellect should be able to discern that when someone states… “a muslim did this… or, a group of muslims did that…” their is absolutely no implication that… ‘all muslims’ are being described or that the attribute being described if relevant to or fitting of… “all muslims.”

      That would be complete ignorance.

      Please write back and clarify that comment you referenced and feel free to address anything I have written here… and, I will reply accordingly.

      Thank you Ronaldo… and, Blessings and Love be with you always.



      s/m @ sharia unveiled


      • Ronaldo, ¿Podrías volver a escribir lo que tú me has enviado en tu primer comentario, en español?

        Voy a entenderlo mejor si usted escribe en su lengua nativa. Estoy casi domina el español … especialmente la lectura.


        Su hermano por la sangre ..!

        PD ¿Has leído lo que escribí antes?

        ¿Fue capaz de entender todo esto?

        Me puede volver a escribir en español, si quieres …


      • Ronaldo: entendí que … en Inglés. Me refiero al primer comentario que escribió sobre el .. “hijo se convierte en el padre … y el padre se convierte en el hijo …” etcétera

        ¿Podría volver a escribir todo el comentario en español? Creo que parte del contenido se pierde en la traducción cuando lo escribió en Inglés, sólo porque el Inglés no es su lengua materna.

        Si se escribe en español … usted puede escribir perfectamente y puedo leer y entender perfectlty.

        Gracias a mi amigo.


      • Ronaldo, mi amigo … por favor, simplemente escriba sus comentarios por primera vez en español para mí. Por favor, asegúrese de leer como los escribió en Inglés en primer lugar. Creo que hizo un par de errores en su escritura y la redacción y es ahí donde reside el problema en mi entendimiento. Lo traduje yo mismo en español y la gramática no se está traduciendo correctamente.

        Leí Lyev N. Tolstoi en ruso y en alemán Nietzsche Freiderich así, no es la falta de mi intelecto que está causando el problema. Aquí está su primer comentario … (Por favor, sólo escribo esto en correcto español) Gracias.

        “Everything exists from the darkness of the same principle and the same light Islan Luzcifer now choose which ethnicity will serve., I am on the side of love that exists on both sides and so the Father becomes the son and the son becomes the father, there’s how to choose a side because both become one and one becomes two, and so will be the beginning and the end will be the beginning and the end, if you judge Muslims Muslims and you think something round no end and no beginning.”


  7. Hey, My name’s Ahmed, from Egypt, and i’m very proud to be Muslim
    after reading 10% from your previous yellow articles and see the accuse to Islam to be false, Islam is real Allah is real Muhammad is a real prophet, as we don’t hate christians and the clue that Muslims can marry from other religions not to marry Muslims only, and love them too, we don’t hate Christians as my best friend ever 16 years friendship is Christian.
    You view Muslims as terrorists, they are not Muslims, they conceal in the name of Islam and shar’ia to do their goals of terror and ruling the world, and that’s the reason we the muslims hate them, they don’t belong to Islam or to Muhammad leniency , Muhammad Himself married a Christian and brought up Ibrahim his child from Maria the Christian…

    I’ve many words to say but i can’t summary it.
    But you’ve a very wrong idea about Islam cuz of those faggot terrorists called themselves Muslims.

    Thank You


    • re: Ahmed Sherif;

      Blessed Greetings to you Ahmed!

      I do understand exactly what you saying. You are not the first muslim to tell me this. So, I do know you are not alone in your thoughts.

      Perhaps you are correct…or perhaps you are following the teachings of Islam in practicing ‘taqiyya’, as I am an “infidel.” How am I to know which it is Ahmed?

      Please try to understand how it appears to us when each and every day we awake… we hear new stories of our Judeo-Christian brothers and sisters being beheaded by a group of people, holding a sword in one hand and al-qur’an in the other. We see their houses of worship being burned down, their children being gunned down… and they all yell.. “allahu ak-bar.”

      Yes.. I also know that sometimes evil people often do hide behind a religion that they do not even truly believe in. Those who do so are the worst of people. I also have a few friends who are muslims and I do care for them.

      Ahmed, I am not saying that you are being dishonest… because I know there are good muslim people. I know there are some good teachings within Islam. There are actually some things that I agree with. Just for example; I am aware Islam is completely against abortion and homosexuality. So am I! My faith teaches me that abortion is murder and homosexuality is an abomination to our One Lord thy God. He allowed the destruction of the cities of Sodom and Gemorrah because of these sins.

      I do not hate anyone. I love ALL people, my brother. I know that the muslim people were created by the same One God of All Creation that I was. At minimum, the muslim people are my half-brothers and half-sisters from Isaac and Ishmael.

      Thank you for reading sharia unveiled and thank you for taking the time to comment. I do hope you write back again because I would like us to talk more.

      Blessings to you, your family.. and you all be safe in Egypt.

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


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