16 comments on “To Whom it May Concern:

    • re: Sidney;

      You are very welcome. And, Thank you for standing up for our beloved nation of Y’israel.

      Baruch Haba B’Shem Adonai.

      Shabbat Shalom.

      p.s. Would you please provide me a link to your groups site? I would love to see it and I hope we could work together in the future.

      – schuyler.


  1. as i am a bible student, i always love and bless the restored covenent people of ISRAEL to their promised land ancient CANAAN and all enthuastic sincere christian nations who love,help and bless israel. at present the situation in around Israel going towards much more complex, especially IRAN, Hence i request all the ISRAELIS, We know from 606 b.c. to 1917 a.d.without nation, now you will receive manifold multiple blessings awaiting from God to compensate all losses as DEUT18:15-20 to recognise


  2. dear ISRAELITES i appreciate all your talents,intelligence and methods overcoming all adverseries, Apart from and all above i tell you divine grace is protecting and watching on you to bless many many times greater for all the losses I request you humbly as per DEUTRONOMY 18:15-19 refer to:pray BLESSED IS HE JESUS OF NAZARETH,THE LONG AWAITED MESSIAH MEANS CHRIST NOW WHO COMES IN THE MOST HOLY NAME OF GOD ALMIGHTY, and experience full favour.


    • re: Emmanuel;

      Thank you for this beautiful message to our people of Our One Lord thy God and His nation.

      Baruch Haba B’Shem Adonai.

      Sha-alu’ shalom Yerushalia-im’

      Shabbat Shalom



  3. I am very glad to receive your favourable reply, my most loving brethren,sisters,childrens and all the elders of Israel, the promised seed of blessed Abraham, God bless you all through the high priest and messiah Jesus who is christ means annointed and sent by GOD ALMIGHTY YAHWEH


      • Of course you, and all reporters who are reporting a truth all need to know. I agree with the ADL and EDL they now put out warnings they will handle it if the law doesn’t. Are we not to stand together? I got ur 6. Remember…lol. At first, about 8 years ago, when the first troops were returning for r@r, I really became aware. Our boys are still dying over there. People can be so selfish and blind. We will stand together, we will know one another by discernment. Even though we see not the face, we feel and know the person, his spirit shows in his writing. I’m getting old, I’m very happy to see millions finally standing up, i’m not as worried about my grand kids now, because people like you decided enough was enough. I think you, as I, have seen death, hard things, changes a person. humbles me. Made me want even more a civil society when I came back. My great country sheltered me many years, to lose what so many sacrificed for is unacceptable. We will know one another should it be necessary. We stand united, even old farts like me, still alive and breathing.


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