2 comments on “15 Year-Old Afghan Girl Murdered by Honor Killing Illustrates the Growing Violence Against Muslim Women

  1. It appears, as we can clearly see, shariaunveiled exposes these atrocities while the number one news story on the likes of CNN is something like Treyvon Marten and Jodi Arias murder of boyfriend for about a year and a half straight for the television masses. That’s a great deal more than just a bad sign.


    • re: Jim Rich;

      Thank you Jim for the acknowledgement. I greatly appreciate it.

      That is precisely one of my objectives: To report the news stories that “should” be on the MSM but are not.

      Like you pointed out, CNN and the other MSM sheep news networks are more interested in reporting “Soap-Opera News” than the stories that really matter.

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


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