5 comments on “Boko Haram Terrorists Murder Pastor and 18 Others at Deeper Life Church in Kogi, Nigeria

  1. Reblogged this on The Nahmias Cipher Report and commented:
    On Sunday in Oak Creek, a town in America in the Midwest State of Wisconsin, Wade Michael Page attacked a Sikh temple killing 6 people before being shot and killed. On Monday, in an eerily similar attack half-way across the world, another house of worship was attacked and 16 people were killed by extremist including the pastor of the church. Killing people based upon religion, or rather one’s interpretation of religion is detestable. As is killing people based upon race, sex, political views or sexual orientation. This post provides insight into this growing phenomena.


  2. Would love to reblog and actually did but title is too long. If you decide to shorten the title I will gladly reblog on the Nahmias Cipher Report because it provides important perspective on violence against worshipers. I found the article particularly relevant in light of the Oak Creek, Wisconsin tragedy which occurred on the day before this massacre.

    Although, this hate filled violence was perpetrated by the group Boko Haram, whereas the attack on the Sikh temple was perpetrated by a lone gunman – Wade Michael Page – both are a violation of the sanctity of life and the freedom of religion. ~ Ayanna Nahmias


    • re: Ayanna. Thank-you so much..!! Absolutely… I will shorten the title now. It was much longer than I would have liked… I guess I was attempting to give too much info. in the title. Please give me a few minutes… and then I will send you a msg. as soon as I shorten the title so you can reblog the post.

      Thank-you again so much for reading my site and for the work you do for our brothers and sisters.

      Blessed are you my sister… for you truly are your brother’s keeper.


      Please write me anytime you would like…

      Your brother in His Abundant Love…

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


    • re: Ayanna; Okay… I just abbreviated the title… please let me know if it is still too long and I would be more than happy to shorten it further to allow you to reblog it and then I can add to it afterwards.

      Additionally, I just checked out your site… The Nahmias Cipher Report and it is absolutely beautiful, informative and very captivating. I am not a follower of many… but, I will definetly be a follower of you.

      May you and those you love always be protected beneath the canopy of Our Lord’s Loving Grace.

      Always Your’s and His,



      • Thank you so very much for your critical praise.

        I appreciate your shortening the title and have reblogged your updated post. Check it out @http://ayannanahmias.com/2012/08/07/christians-massacred-in-nigeria/

        Thank you for allowing me to publicize this important news to our readers and I look forward to working together to educate and inform readers about news and events that occur in the global community of which we are all members.

        This is important because what affects the least of us affects us all.

        Be well,


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