8 comments on “Muslim Women Forced to Strip Naked in Public by Muslim Men in Muzaffargarh, Pakistan

    • re: kashiv. Actually, the headline is correct. This incident occured in Punjab, India but the story was sourced from a newspaper in Pakistan.

      Thank you for your attention to detail… and Thank you for reading.. sharia unveiled.


      • re: sat123

        Thank-you… that is a mis-print. I will correct it immediately. I only knew of Punjab, India. I was not aware there was a Punjab in Pakistan, as well.

        p.s. No..I am not Pakistani.

        …and Thank you for reading sharia unveiled.


  1. i support amjad ali amjad and demand the same. but i am unable to understand that sharia unveiled is seen this statement ” Sub Inspector Chaudhry Ghulam Rasool told The Express Tribune that the incident involved a property dispute instead of a marriage proposal. He added that Pakistan Peoples Party’s (PPP) local leader Amir Karamat gave protection to the women after the incident and brought them to the police station for legal activity.” if it happened in India do u know where is Multan located where is that police station where is inspector Mr. Rasool is posted,what Pakistan Peoples Party’s (PPP) local leader Amir Karamat doing in India, don’t misguide people of either said.


    • re: a.r. sohni. This incident took place in Punjab, India. The story was reported in Multan, Pakistan in one of their newspapers… which is where i obtained the story. It is 100% Factual.

      Thank you for reaing sharia unveiled.

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


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