4 comments on “When is Enough…. Enough?

  1. enough is enough when the Christians get off their duffs quit playing sissy and make a stand for their faith in unity. Jesus wasn’t a sissy how ever in today’s society with the ever so popular politically correct garbage spewed out by government officials and endorsed and loved by millions is what is keep the Christians down because they are trying to honor their government as the bible rightfully teaches us to do in obedience to authority, however even Jesus had a righteous anger when he ran those thieves off with a bull whip out of the synnagague when they were selling sacrificial animals at a price normal folk couldn’t afford. So when is enough enough ? WHEN CHRISTIANS GET BACK THEIR BACK BONES SATAN STOLE AND LEARN TO STAND ON THE WORD AND TAKE BACK WHAT THE ENEMY STOLE AND NOT BE SCARED TO GO INTO HIS CAMP WITH THE POWER AND AUTHORITY OF GOD AND DO WHAT JESUS WOULD DO AND QUIT DOING WHAT JESUS WOULDN’T DO. THEN WE WILL SO ENOUGH BE ENOUGH.


    • @ dear All :s/m @ sharia unveiled and Rambo ,
      Let me introduce my self ,tarzan9600,Last month I offer Mr. s/m sharia unveiled about BOOKLET PROTECTION for the people against the assault of the Wahhab-Saud CULT,;and now I’m still waiting his answer.Please I’m waiting yr attention ;
      I’ve been 20 yrs reading and know the Qur’an book, know secret of it and convince that it is a book of imitation plus history of Arab + stolen myths from other old faith such as ZARAHUSTRA etc.
      This booklet will be able to neutralize the CULT; Do you believe or not ,before you look at it ?
      So please talk with s/m sharia unveiled , and contact me after wards. Thanks, and best regards.


    • @ Mr.Rambo, I think you are the one I’m hoping for my “co-venture” to produce the medicine to cure our friends under the subdue of the politicians who weaken our friends’s strength and spirit; So if you have time , please contact me soon;
      If posible ,it would be better if you can give me yr private e mail, so I can contact you directly, and we can talk freely ; Thanks for yr attention; You are my “ZORRO’ man , I guess ( lough )- Ask about zorro terminology to Mr.s/m, he knows well.
      @Mr.S/M, I would say the same to you;Thanks.


  2. It’s like there’s three groups of people: the ones who don’t care and want to watch “American Idol” and football, the lunatics on the other side, the wrong side and, then, there is us, the people on the right side, who actually know the truth and are trying to inform others and trying to make them care.


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