2 comments on “BREAKING NEWS: Christian’s Homes Torched in Pakistan, Churches Attacked

    • re: John Daniels; Thank you for the recommendation and link… and, I absolutely will check it out.

      John… I truly believe that islam is pure, unadulterated evil. Islam is the earthly “religion” of the anti-christ. Their “text” calls for the elimination of ALL Judeo-Christians and Jewish Believers. The muslims are awaiting the rise of the 12th Imam (ie) “the mahdi” who resides in the center of the earth. The muslims seek to hasten his arrival from his pit below to the surface of the earth. Their text states that “the mahdi” will cleanse the earth of ALL of the Judeo-Christians and Jewish Believers right down to the last one. I am sure this will also include the “cleansing” of ALL Buddhists, Hindus. and others…

      When I lived in Europe I had the opportunity to visit the Headquarters of the New World Order. The Command Center of the One World Government. It is located in Brussels, Belgium. I have read most of the Governing Charter for this One World Government and it allows for only “ONE RELIGION” on the earth….of all of the existing ones at this time.

      Care to guess what this one allowed religion will be?

      If you guessed islam… you guessed correct!

      You see… Judeo-Christianity and Judaism both place Our Lord Thy God Above All. He is the center of all of our parts… and, All governments fall beneath the authority of Our Lord Thy God.

      Islam is different… in this respect. Islam becomes the government.

      Islam rules with an iron fist and a seared heart where absolutely no love, peace or compassion falls within the confines.

      In the eyes and minds of the purveyours of the One World Government… they see Judeo-Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism and ALL who follow those beliefs as…

      a threat to the establishment.
      an enemy of the state.

      However… The NWO sees Islam as consistant with the objectives their One World Government. Essientially, the OWG plans to eliminate ALL Judeo-Christians and Jewish Believers. The OWG will assert themselves into the position of “a god” and they need no competition from this “Judaistic/Judeo-Christian God”

      By allowing islam to exist… the One World Government will utilize the muslims as their “hitmen”… their “army of evil”, so to speak.

      John… Look around the world … in each and every nation today… and what you see is the muslim capturing, imprisoning, torturing and beheading members of every faith other than islam…

      … and what is the punishment for these evil, barbaric atrocities carried out against the innocense?


      Now… on the other side of that coin is “us”…who try to spread the truth and sound the trumpet… and as you may know… there is legislation in this country that states…”it is illegal to print, speak, etc. any message that contains any “negative image” of islam or any speech containing negative connotations about islam…”

      Do you know there are writers, authors, journalists… etc… in prison now in the UK for printing the truth… about islam.

      So, here is my question…

      1. Why are none of the governments of the world prosecuting the muslims who are raping, murdering, beheading… etc.?

      2. Why are almost all of the governments of the world prosecuting those who just spread the truth and point out the evil?

      It would be like…. If you murdered your neighbor… and I printed the story in the paper… and I went to prison for mentioning it but you were not charged for commiting the act itself.

      The governments are not “remaining neutral” but rather, they are deeply commited and entrenched into one side… the side of islam.

      We are in a period of extreme conditioning and desensytizing… so, be strong and do not allow your mind to be taken hostage.

      Please Stay in Touch…Okay..

      Blessed are you, my brother John… for you truly are your brother’s keeper.

      Thann you for reading sharia unveiled…

      His Servant and Soldier,

      Schuyler @ sharia unveiled


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