One comment on “BREAKING NEWS: Pastor Youcef Has Been Acquitted of Apostasy Charges and Released !

  1. this in and of itself is nothing less than a true miracle right before your eyes. If I am not mistaken this pastor was to be hung on the false charges of apostasy. It seems to me as though the Muslims are serious about charges like this and will punish all who they think commit this so called crime against their false god. This is why America and the rest of the free world needs to wake up other wise this will come into their own backyards and they will have no one to blame but themselves. The bible warns us of these vary things and we must be vigilant against them. The best weapon against this false religion and these sharia laws which seem to dictate it is to ask for the glory of God to shine upon each others faces and to show through our lifestyle how the god of the bible is the one and only true living God. remember when Moses went up on mount sionai for the ten commandments and came down the first time and saw what the people were doing? He had been up there in the presence of God, but when he came down he showed no glory he showed and brought with him the wrath of God, the second time he went up and got the second edition of the ten commandments he ask God to show his glory thus he did why? Because the bible says ask and ye shall receive, as long it is in accordance of His will. We need to ask for the glory of God, What is the glory of God though? in order to receive something you need to know what it is. The glory of God is simply put like this, his personality, his attributes that show in our everyday actions, such as mercy, you show mercy when someone needs to be in trouble but you don’t chastise them, and through love show them the proper way. That is mercy an attribute of God.I hope you like this and yes I did write the article just waiting until you want me to send it so you can post it.l


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