9 comments on “Map of the World Illustrating Muslim Nations Versus Jewish Nations

  1. Israel is a bully because its existence has been synonymous with war since the beginning. And it’s funny, how many sionists claim to feel disturbed by what the Quran says about conquering the world, but they are the ones supporting the conquering (stealing) of land done by Israel. Which happens not by the sword, but by missile, tank and bulldozer.


    • re: David G;

      Are you freakin’ serious? The Jews have been the victims of persecution since they stepped on the earth.

      At some point in time.. almost every group of people has attempted to enslave and/or annihilate them. All because they are the direct blood lineage of God.

      NEVER did Israel attack Muhammad or any Arab land.. yet, he beheaded 900 Jews with his own hands, raped their women and stole their daughters. (Those are the words of Muhammad, himself.) He bragged about it and instructed ALL MUSLIMS to do the same. And they have.

      Israel NEVER invaded or attacked Arab lands.. and yet Saladin led an Army of Arabs into Israel, murdered all of the men, raped the women, molested and raped their daughters, burnt the villages down and destroyed Solomon’s Temple on the mount.

      And, then there was the rise of the Ottomon Empire when the Arab nations surrounded and attacked Israel.

      Israel NEVER attacked Egypt, and yet they enslaved the Israelites. Tortured them and slaughtered them to near non-existance.

      Israel NEVER attacked Rome, yet the Romans attacked Israel, murdered the Jews and enslaved their people.

      Israel NEVER attacked Germany, and yet Hitler slaughtered at least 6 Million Jews. Burnt them alive.

      These are only a few of the many unprovoked and unwarranted attacks on Israel.

      As far as today.. Do you know who those people are in Gaza and the Golan Heights today?

      No! You don’t know, because you do not study history.

      They are Jordanian prisoners that were serving life sentences in Jordan and were released early by the Jordanian government under one condition:

      “We will give you early release but you MUST go to Israel and put up a tent and lay claim to the land..”

      Let me ask you.. How long would “YOU” allow a group of men to stand outside your home and shoot bullets into your house at you and your family before you responded? How would “YOU” respond?? – “..Hey Guys.. Pretty Please Stop Shooting..?”

      Israel accepts so much violence, hate and aggression directed towards them..

      They allow so many missiles to fall in their cities before they even begin a response.

      And, then when they do respond.. it is a very tempered, mild response.

      That’s their problem.. they should have nuked the entire Middle East years ago…

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


  2. Turkey is a secular country, and so is Ethiopia at least. Sadly Israel isn’t, and many even consider the non-jewishness of Israel as the “destruction” of the country. It’s a “destruction”, however, that would finally turn it into a real, legitimate country instead of religious sect colony with an army.


  3. Israel is indeed in a peculiar situation. One wonders why going to all that trouble and if the positive aspects are enough to overcome the negative psychological effects of living there, which most don’t even realize until they go to other countries. Look at this testimony for example, of an israeli that moved to Germany:

    “It begins with a person coming from Israel with existential stresses and fears, with constant tension over our Jewish identity, from a place with a lot of negative energy. These things make us think we are the center of the world, and then we get out of Israel and discover that we are not – and that we are not as hated as we’d thought. Here I have an easier time addressing my Jewish identity and the Holocaust. They remember it, but they don’t hit you over the head with it. You discover there was another Germany before 1939, and the memory of the Holocaust is palpable here daily.”


    The world has moved on but many israelis seems to be stuck on a darker period, and stubbornly creating it too, by clinging to the past instead of moving courageously into a better and less doomed future as true human beings, without “chosen one” illusions and persecution manias that keep them living in fear and separated from the rest of humanity.


    • It’s because you don’t understand the history of Jewish persecution: 109 expulsions from countries in Europe & Africa, with continuing anti-Semitism from those in the world wanting to wipe out Israel & all Jews. So it’s so terrible to have one tiny Jewish nation as a haven? Why?


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