11 comments on “BREAKING NEWS: Muslims in England Admit… “We Had Infiltrators at EDL Demo Creating Violence”

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  2. This is very interesting story. Could you please cite some sources for this? I really hope this is true, but as it stands, the only other sources are other anti-islamic blogs. It would be easy for the mainstream to dismiss this as simple propaganda.

    Please don’t get me wrong, I am vehemently anti-islam and fully expect this sort of infiltration by muslims, but without any names or sources, it is just another ‘islamophobic’ post on a ‘far-right’ blog to the average Joe or Mo on the street.


    • re: de-mu… While i appreciate your interest… and concur with your contention… i am neither authorized nor permitted to release the names of the three individals referenced. First… I only received given names, not family names.

      Let me ask you… Is ‘de-muslification’ your real birth given name..? I ask rhetorically, of course…

      Perhaps the “3 names” given by the individuals are of equal relevance.

      I can assure you of one fact… the three individuals are as real as you and I… although… I may be able to give you something to satisfy your inquiry…

      I will msg. you shortly…


      • Thanks for the response Mr/Ms. Unveiled. I do understand that you are not permitted to give the full details.

        Unfortunately we are living in a society where questioning the motives of the muslims is almost on a par with questioning the holocaust. I would not be surprised if soon, it will also be a criminal offence to do so.

        As such, people like me feel slightly uneasy at disclosing our full names, because apart from the threat of retribution from the muslims and persecution by the authorities, there is also the ostracisation from the loony apologists upon which we rely to keep us in employment etc.


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