10 comments on “Two Muslim Men Rape and Murder 3-year-old Baby Girl and Five-year-old Baby Boy

  1. This dos’nt supprise me , as we know islam has no resect for other religeon’s and they are probably mentaly unfit through all of the in breeding that muslim’s get up too.


  2. Bring back the death sentence for crimes like these!!! Islam has no place in this society, the Socialist scum that appease Islam are enabling these crimes. I want the borders closed and all the Muslim radicals thrown out of this country immediately with no right of appeal.

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    • re: Moondog; I concur with you 100% in every point you made except, “possibly” one…

      I am against the death penalty… because I believe that God is the Creator of life and we, as humans should not decide when that life ends.

      If I was a supporter of the death penalty… yes.. this would most definitely be an open and shut case for it.

      I assume you live in England, because we have the death penalty here in the states. I would love to see all of the other points you mentioned be implemented here. I would actually support a one time tax placed on all americans to be used to purchase one way tickets to the middle east for every muslim here. No exceptions and no new entries. They have plenty of countries they could choose from, in addition to their country of origin.

      They come to our beloved countries that our young men and women have fought for… and, so many have died for. They are not even guests… but rather, uninvited pests. They multiply like cockroaches and refuse to show any respect to us or our nations.

      They rape our women, they rape our little girls… and steal their innocence… they are truly savage bastards. They refuse to assimilate but, do not stop at that. They rob us of our freedoms and our rights… that our young men and women paid for with their blood.

      Their day is coming… and, if they had half a brain cell and a partial glimpse into their future… they would be running for the borders, trying to leave. I can tell you one thing for a fact: There are citizens here just waiting… waiting for that moment… because the day will come when they will either leave here of their own accord… or, leave by any and all means deemed necessary, by the will of the citizens of the Free and Sovereign Independent Republic of America.

      Don’t Give Up… We Win in the End !!

      No Surrender !! nfse


    • re: John; Yes.. I hope the same … for the UK, the States and the rest of the world.

      As i see it… there are only two possible solutions.

      Solution I: A combination of halting immigration and immediate deportation. It is not enough to just implement halted immigration alone and allow the muslims who already reside in our nations to remain. The reason being, the average muslim family has a reproductive rate of 8.1 children. So, the family of 2 becomes 10. Now, each of those 8 children have 8.1 children of their own… and that becomes 64. If a 100% freeze on immigration was inacted today… it would still be just a matter of time until the UK, the States, etc. were Islamic countries. So, complete deportation must be part of this solution. Deportation, to some has a negative connotation. Well, living in our country with an islamic regime allowing child rape, beheading, stoning, acid burning, etc. has a little negative connotation, as well… don’t you think? We must present the case… in this manner. From an intellectual point of view. Deportation can be completed in a very respectful and cordial manner. It can be presented and implemented as a matter of self preservation and national security.

      Solution II: Neutralizing the threat.


  3. Re Admin. I totally agree with everything you have said there , the only problem we have is that the government are too PC and wont offend any minoritie’s , but dont mind offending the true national’s of this country. They are allready trying to impliment sharia law in certain part’s of the UK , So that mean’s there at stage 2 of the infiltration /takeover , it seem’s to me and a few other people that this will end in bloodshed but the government will most probably back the muszzie’s as they will be giving them contribution’s on the side !.


    • re: John F. Yes… you are absolutely correct! What you described is exactly what is going on in the states. I realize… in many ways, the islamic intifada against our cultures and our civilizations began in the UK prior to the states. I believe that can primarily be attributed to geography. Thank God for the pond between “us” and the savage’s homebase.

      Trust me, they are rapidly gaining ground here… and our current situation has progressed to a position not far behind you guys. I believe “socially”, in society.. they have made further advancements in the UK. Although, I believe they are deeper entrenchd in our government here, than in the UK. The primary reason for the rapid progression in the states is our Radical Muslim Brotherhood Commander in Chief, Omar Barack Abdul Hussein Muhammad Obama. That piece of excrement has done everything in his power to bring his muslim brotherhood subordinates into our government, society and legal system. CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) is an organization here that has been allowed into the White House, the Dept. of Defense, the FBI, DHS (Dept. of Homeland Security) and several other agencies of the US Gov’t. at the Federal, State and Local levels.

      A confidential source also went so far as to state that “… One Federal Government Agency is actually acting on behalf of CAIR and a few other muslim org.’s here…” The islamic org.’s are searching for and monitoring websites that reveal the truth about islam and sharia law and supplying a “hit-list” to the a “Federal Agency” of the US gov’t. and this agency is launching investigations at the request and behest of the muslim org.’s.

      We cannot allow ourselves to be intimidated. We must not give up any ground… We must actually ramp it up a notch. The stakes are “high risk” so, our Modis Operandi must be high risk.

      Do you notice that “ALL” of the governments around the world are, simultaneously, submitting to islam and sharia law??

      John, this is no coincidence… This is all by design… and, the strings are being pulled from way above the national level.

      Always Know… We stand with you guys.. 100%. There is nothing between us, but a little water… and we know from where we came… Our Blood is English… even after death.


      • Re Admin Thankyou for you’r word’s of support , it certainly look’s like thing’s are getting much worse in the state’s.

        What ever happened to seperation of state and religeon ? it look’s like the beast is growing more head’s so it has more eye’s to watch the people with.

        I wish that we over here had the right to bare arm’s and then i don’t think thing’s would have got this far along for the muslim scurge.

        I will stand against muslim oppression till my last breath.


      • re: John F. You are very welcome…! And, Thank you for your support, as well. You may be surprised to learn that I have about an equal amount of daily readers and followers from Britain as I do from the states. I have received such a tremendous amount of support from my English brothers and sisters from across the pond. Their love is a tremendous motivation…

        As for the second amendment, the right to bear arms… Yes… we have it… but, have yet to use it… so, the effect and results are the same as they are for you.

        As for the future… hmmm….

        All bets are off !! 😉

        Us ( f ) – – – – – – >—<O (X) them


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