5 comments on “Obama’s Wedding Ring Inscription Discovered: “There is no god but allah”

    • Romney isn’t grasping at anything! Liberals are in a constant state of denial when it comes to the truth about this President and it is coming back to haunt them. If there was ever a true statement regarding devout Muslims it’s this, “You don’t have to believe what they believe, but you better believe they believe it!!!” Whether you choose to believe Pres. Obama is a Christian or a Muslim is irrelevant. You only need listen to what he says, but more importantly, watch what he does. His actions can’t be disputed as easily as his words can be claimed to be taken out of context. This man – and the people pulling his strings – will sell you the knife they’re going to cut your throat with!


    • re: Nick; You are exactly right..!! 100% !! I told people he was a muslim in 2007… no one listened. I told people he was a marxist who followed the teachings of Saul Alinsky in 2007… and, people thought “I” was nuts…!!

      When you said… “stole” the election… that is the clincher..!! I have been saying that for four years now… and, here is something i have been saying for the last 2 years…

      He is going to steal the election again… in 2012 !!

      Nick… I hope and pray I am wrong…!! I mean… never would I love to be so wrong… but, here is the thing… unfortunately, I am usually right.

      I’m sure you can relate because… by your insight within your comment… I would wager that you are usually right, as well.

      Although, there may be a consolation to his “alleged future victory”… or should I say consequences and reprecussions?

      There are a lot… and, I do mean a lot of citizens of our beloved republic that have vowed under oath… not to stand idly by for another 4 years and watch the final touches be put on our republic and our constitution…

      “If” you wake up on Wednesday 07 November 2012 and they are declaring.. “Sheikh Omar Barack Abdul Hussein Muhammad Obama” the ‘winner’….

      …All bets are off…!!



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