2 comments on “The Greatest Enemy of Islam…

  1. ALLAH says in the holy the jews n christians will never stop fighting the MUSLIMS untill we accept their faith…….we know that always you are a biiiiiiiiiiig looooser fuul.ISLAM THE HIGHEST GROWING RELIGION.


    • re: YOHRAMUS

      The “book of lies” is deceiving you..

      Christians and Jews are not fighting the muslims.. but rather, the muslims are slaughtering the Christians and Jews. And, why do the muslims do this?

      Out of fear! The muslims fear truth !! Truth is the only enemy of Islam because it shines a light onto the lies and deceptions of Islam.

      Now.. let’s not allow ourselves to be diluted and disillusioned. Here are the facts:

      1. Yes.. Islam is the fastest growing “religion” in the world.. but, we must then ask ourselves.. “why is it the fastest growing?”

      Well, that is simple! Even a blind man could see through the smokescreen of Islam’s ‘growth.’

      You see, Islam is the ONLY “religion” of the world that is murdering off ALL of the ‘competition.’

      Muslims are slaughtering the Judeo-Christians Worldwide at a pace that even the Romans in the 4th Century would pale in comparison to. The muslims have mudered more Judeo-Christians than Hitler murdered Jews. Oh yes, the Jews.. muslims are slaughtering them to. And in the words of the “great” prophet himself.. He personally beheaded 900 Jews. And, lets not forget about all of the Hindus, Buddhists and Sikhs that the muslims are slaughtering in India, Bangladesh and many other countries in the region.

      So, let us be honest here and ask ourselves.. What is the common denominator in all of the above? Muslim’s murdering ALL non-muslims.

      2. Islam is also the ONLY “religion” that forces people to follow and remain in their “religion.” They are the ONLY “religion” that “Forcibly Converts.” They threaten to murder you if you do not join their cult and they threaten to murder you if you ever try to leave. Sounds like a prison to me. A prison run by the mafia. “Just try to escape and we will murder you.. and if we cannot get you, we will murder your family” is the time-held tradition of islam. Just sounds wonderful.. The Peace and love just oozes out of it from every crevace. Or, no wait.. my fault.. that is the blood of the Christian’s ooozing out.

      So, let’s be honest…

      Even a single Lion among a thousand lambs can become the dominant being on earth, once he has devoured the last of the lambs.

      And, that my friend.. is truth to the growth of Islam. Forced Subjugation!

      I am sure you have children. Would you prefer your children love you out of their own hearts, by their own free will.. or because you force them to love you?
      Do you see a difference in the two “types of love” in that question? Actually, only the result of the free will would be love. The other would be fear.

      Have a blessed day!

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


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