2 comments on “U.S. Muslim Brotherhood Springs Into Action

  1. It is time for Europe and the Pan Arab community to step up and act. With Gaza now uninhabitable, given the repeated aggression of the State of Israel, the Arabs of Gaza must be evacuated and resettled. London, Berlin and Amsterdam have vibrant, well-established communities that can accept the Gazans. They will be refugees and enjoy UN support awaiting their return to Gaza. Saudi Arabia and the gulf states can admit significant numbers and train them in the petrochemical industry in anticipation of gainful employment there or throughout the region.

    Even if it takes a generation, or perhaps two or three, these Gazans should not live as victims. Free them from the prison that is Gaza. Free from fear and far from Israel. The European Union will surely win the Nobel Peace Prize. And they will deserve it.

    Pack up and go.


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