3 comments on “Could Adam Lanza be a Manchurian Candidate?

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  2. OF COURSE–Adam Lanza was a Manchurian candidate–one of the easiest to make. His act was supposed to be the catalyst for getting automatic assault weapons limited and mostly out of the hands of the Tea Party extreme right-wing (racist) gun nuts and the various red state militias. Why? Because if America is going to move to a police state to prevent civil unrest and/or civil war, as all indicators are showing, it cannot have a significant portion of its citizenry matching or out gunning the police. It cannot! If Adam Lanza had mass murdered 100 adults, it would have made the news and people would have called for more gun control and then moved on to the next event in the saga of Lindsay Lohan’s life, as was the case in all the other mass shootings. But Adam Lanza killed mostly little white children which America holds MOST precious. This lurid act was to be so sensational for Americans that it would, at the very least, get high capacity magazines banned and national background checks implemented, but the Senate did not go for it. Also, Adams Lanza’s rage was never at his mother. If it was—THINK ABOUT IT–he would have simply left her alive and snuck out of the house to do his dirty deed. Her punishment would have been discovering what Adam, her son, had done. And many would have blamed her for harboring a monster. Lanza’s mother was killed to spare her the pain of Adam’s crime and to silence her voice about the STATE OF MIND her son, Adam Lanza, was in.
    And yes, you are right about Sirhan Sirhan and Lee Harvey Oswald. And I might add James Earl Ray, Jack Ruby, and Eddie Ray Routh, the killer of Chris Kyle, to name a few.
    You need to stop it with this tired socialist/Marxist rant and WAKE COMPLETELY UP! Many red state Americans have been programmed to rant against socialism and Marxism, yet they are the first in line to collect SOCIAL SECURITY and food stamps when they need it. The Cold War is over! Sarah Palin is a quitter and a loser—literally. I am not stating that Marxism, socialism or capitalism are good or bad. But until you release the programming, you will NEVER see one of your true enemies—THE CAPITALISTS, not the government. Please note: I stated that the enemy are the “CAPITALISTS” and not capitalism. The government is only a tool used by the capitalist as a means to an end. Everyone keeps stating: it’s the government, it’s the government. You must think about WHO is controlling the government, how and mostly WHY. The goal is not to implement some Marxist socialist agenda. As long as you keep seeing this, you are half awake. You have smelled the fresh coffee; now get a whiff of the frying bacon too.


    • re: mrfaisel34

      Excellent Contention! I concur with your response. At minimum.. we are kindred spirits. I do hope you stay in touch.

      Thank you for reading sharia unveiled and for taking the time to share your knowledge.

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


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