8 comments on “Islamic School in Virginia Rejected

    • re: gardener; First, Thank you for the wonderful compliment on my articles.

      This was my first site design. I love the color black and I felt it was a good fit for the “darkness” of islam and sharia law.

      I had never heard that reading “white letters on a black background” was any different than reading “black letters on a white background.”

      Then, within a week after launching my site… a friend visited it and said… “i like your site but i am surprised you put white lettering on a black background since that is never recommended.”

      (For the reason you just said.)

      I said to my friend… “well I had never heard that.. I guess i’ll change it…”

      He said… “actually i would just leave it because it looks so nice..”

      So, I left it like this.

      I love the look… but, I think reversing the color scheme would alter the “darkness” of the aesthetic appeal. Although, yes it would be easier on the eyes.

      What do you think?

      Do you think I am losing readers because of this?

      Would you recommend I reverse the scheme?

      Do you know how to do this?

      I would be willing to try it…

      Thank you in advance for any advice you can offer!


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