10 comments on “BREAKING NEWS: New Information Discovered in Sandy Hook Massacre

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  2. I have found out new evidence on the case. The firehouse station. I watched a man change into a bold headed man and reintered the firehouse. And everyone else stayed the same.


    • re: Deb; “..Bold headed..?”

      What does that mean?

      I do not even understand the contention of your comment..??

      Can you provide us with any information? Supportive links, documents or sources?

      p.s. I do know for a fact that the Fire Station down the street from the school is connected to the shooting.

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


    • Nope….NOT surprised. Not in the least. Didn’t we talk about this when it happened last year that the story just didn’t add up on a number of things.

      What’s with this Batman movie anywho? Wasn’t there another attack using this film?


      • The Batman movie was “connected” to the Aurora, Co theater shooting that occurred July 19, 2012. If you do some “in depth” research of these two shootings, you will find there are too many “similarities” for either one to be “mere coincidence”!


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