5 comments on “Were the Missile Attacks on Israel by Hamas in Gaza a Setup?

    • re: George

      To the contrary… I am sure they are well equipped to resolve these issues.

      I would say the most challenging of the few I proposed would be the interceptor system locking on to one incoming missile and allowing others to pass by unengaged.

      While the recovery time can be increased, there are mechanical limitations to simultaneous interceptions. I would think additional interceptors would be the likely resolution. Although, there is the issue of proximity. The interceptors are strategically placed throughout the country. If 50 missiles were launched simultaneously from one location within a confined grid, currently there are only a few interceptors within the corresponding response grid. At best, 5 would be intercepted and 45 would engage their targets. I am sure there are solutions although, none will be simple.

      Thank you for taking the time to comment and thank you for reading… sharia unveiled.

      Baruch Haba B’Shem Adonai.


      s/m @ sharia unveiled


  1. Let me tell you what Israel didn’t reveal to Iran.


    Allah FUbar: Muck Fislam!


  2. Reblogged this on swissdefenceleague and commented:
    ……With the current instability of the middle east, Israel’s enemies at every border and Iran’s self-admitted plan to ‘annihilate Israel off of the map’, It is not hard to believe or envision a scenario in which Hamas was simply acting on the request or orders of a higher entity. When month after month of failed negotiations usually result in a continued, never-ending attack on Israel, this time was not the case. Perhaps the data collection mission was achieved.

    Please Pray for Israel !


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