2 comments on “Muslim Terrorists Attack BP Facility and Hold American and British Hostages

  1. it is the high time may be for all the people belongs to JUDAISMCHRISTIAN true faith must understand changing world more towards IS-SLUM islamisation, keep away as much you can or get out of them. be far away for total safety


    • re: Brother Emmanuel;

      You are very correct. I believe in my heart as well, that the Jewish and Judeo-Christians have been moving closer and closer in the past several years. This is a wonderful blessing that I have been working to facilitate, as well.

      As you know, in the first century church… the Jewish believer and the person now referred to as “Christian” sat side by side in the same house of worship. It was not Our Lord thy Gd that separated us… but rather, man created the divide.

      We must now work in a very diligent manner and make a truly concerted effort to bridge the divide between Judaism and Judeo-Christianty and unite the one church together. Just as it was always meant to be.

      Baruch Haba B’Shem Adonai.

      Shalom u’vracha.


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