3 comments on “Nine Muslim Men Accused of Sexually Abusing Little British Girls Aged 11-16

    • Killing is 2 good for this lot of pig s**t, pork belly scum (sorry pigs’)..
      Prison is due & no doubt [true] British men will instill a fear that poor girl underwent at the hands of those HOGS. Talking of which: Booooohooo PORK in halal foodstuff for the atrocious ones’ within our jails already! menu’s available! JC I thought jail was a deterrent? MENU’S/SWINE..oops, WINE LISTS! Oh’, but apparently alcohol forbidden? LIE…just walk down Finsbury Pk Rd & the SWINE with beer at hand along with cannibis joint outside ‘prayer points’ ogling WHITE BRITISH GIRLS making derogatory remarks.
      Put them on a jet back to whatever shanty town/group & let that justice be dished out…..How we shall hear protests’ – HUMAN RIGHT’S with legal-aid ‘Lawyers’ dragging on for years using our taxes, with appeals galore. I am British & PROUD & I detest our [laws] with Cameron & Co allowing/ignoring the real truth – England is slowly succumbing to those b******s laws and, exposing this filth is merely the tip of the ice-berg for as I type another young BRITISH GIRL RAPED.
      We need to take a stand NOW.


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