11 comments on “The Fingerprints of Perfection Upon Creation

  1. For all of your knowledge of the parameters proving intelligent design of the universe, it is odd that you think the sun is the center of the galaxy.


    • re: parieluniv.

      The Sun orbits the center of the Milky Way Galaxy at a distance of approximately 26,000 light-years from the galactic center, completing one revolution in about 225–250 million years. Its approximate orbital speed is 220 kilometers per second, plus or minus 20 km/s. This is equivalent to about one light-year every 1,400 years, and about one AU every 8 days. These measurements of galactic distance and speed are as accurate as we can get given our current knowledge.

      Since the Milky Way has radius of 50,000 ly, the Sun is roughly at the middle of the radius.


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    • re: stopandpraytv.

      Thank you so much. I am so blessed that it is. I am actually the “writer” of that article. I say ‘writer’ because I am the one who placed it on paper, but Our Lord is the author.. for He placed it in my heart. Just as He is the Author of All.

      A dream of mine and perhaps my calling is to have a talk radio program or tv program where I can share the message of our Lord thy God.

      If you would ever be able to assist me in this endeavor I would be so grateful and thankful.

      Thank you for the wonderful work you do for our Lord, as well. I know the end is near and the hour is nigh… just as you do. We must continue to spread His message… especially when the day soon grows dark.

      Blessed are you, for you are your brother’s keeper.

      His Servant and Soldier,

      Schuyler Montague


      • It is very nice to hear that the real Author is being given credit for the inspiring article, I am sure He is pleased as well.

        You may set up a YouTube channel to present His Word. Starting an Internet radio show is something to think about also.

        Let’s keep His Word flowing to all.
        God Bless


      • re: stopandpraytv;

        Thank you for the suggestions.

        I hope you decide to follow my site at some point. If time permits, I usually try to write atleast 3 articles per week myself. The rest are usually news postings related to the persecution of our brothers and sisters worldwide, current news from Israel, voicing the plight of muslim women and children trapped in violence and the infiltration of islam.

        Some of the postings can be a little dark.. but, my goal is to bring that darkness out into the light. The only way we can bring an end to certain evils that exist are to first, acknowledge they exist.

        Please know that I see every human being on this earth as a precious child of our one Lord thy God. Second, my heart is only a place for His love and all that I do is out of that love.

        Baruch Haba B’Shem Adonai.

        Shalom u’vracha.

        – Schuyler

        Sha-alu’ shalom Yerushalia’im


      • I am following your blog. I would say use the biggest brightest spotlight on God’s Words and the issues your are called to address.

        May God continue to Bless you and your work with Him.


      • Did you receive my last reply – I don’t see it here. I just want to encourage you to shine the biggest spotlight on His Word and the work He calls you to do. Remembering it is about the message not the messenger. May God continue to Bless you and the work He has given you..


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