6 comments on “Islamist Interfaith Deception in Virginia, US

  1. Your warning NEEDS to be heeded. There are many “churches” and “church members” that will be cut down and thrown into the fire. The problem is they are NOT paying attention to the One True Living Creator God. Every church should have Jesus as their head, Every business should have Jesus as their head. Every family should have Jesus as their head.Every person should have Jesus as their head. This world would be a much better place if Jesus where first everywhere.


    • re: s&p

      I completely concur with everything you said. As I should, since you speak the truth.

      I just don’t know what these people are thinking. I want to be careful not to judge, especially when it comes to churches and others within our faith…although, I believe they must be told.

      They clearly cannot be assisting others in cleaning their houses, for their own house is in utter disarray.

      I could spend all day telling you about my faith. Simply put, I see Judaism and Judeo-Christianity as the same Faith. As I am sure you know, “Jesus” or “Yeshua” (as I call Him) .. was, is and will always be Jewish. He was/is a Jewish Rabbi. He converted people to Judaism. Now, think about that for a moment… Why would He convert the people to a Faith that He did not want people to believe in? Therefore, He wanted people to be of the Jewish Faith. In the First Century Church, of course.. there was no such thing as “a Christian.” Everyone who worshipped Our Lord thy God was either a Jew who remained a Jew… or a Jew who later converted to “Judeo-Christianity.” The latter maintained their Jewish Faith but, accepted Our Lord as their Saviour.

      It is very, very important that we are clearly “monotheistic.” The largest (and truly only) separation between Judaism today and Judeo-Christianity is the belief among many Jews that “Christians” are polytheistic. When I heard this for the first time… I said..”What..?? Are you being serious?” They said.. “Well they are.. they worship “God the Father, the Son (Jesus) and the Holy Spirit”

      They showed me in Torah and in the Holy Bible (Original Text Translation from Torah) where it clearly states there is “Only One Lord thy God.”

      The Trinity is 3 parts of the One Lord thy God. NOT 3 separate individual entities.

      I think about it kind of like I would describe my own being. There is my physical body and there is my spirit. = (2 parts) of my one being.

      We must believe this truth, share this truth and teach this truth to others.

      One of my missions on this earth is to facilitate the re-uniting of the Jewish and Judeo-Christian Faith into One Faith.. as it was intended to be. We were not divided by Our Lord, but rather we were divided by Satan acting through the Romans.

      I am sure you have heard, “Divide and Conquer” and “A house divided cannot stand..”

      We must simultaneously work on two fronts; We must try to eliminate all denominations… and re-unite Protestant and Catholic into One Body. Then, re-unite that body with Judaism.

      Trust this message, my brother… Our house is divided and it will not stand in that hour of tribulation. Our house, if left as it is now… will fall.


  2. Jesus did talk about the blind leading the blind and that group is blind. Ezekiel 33 tells us to warn people, not to make them hear. If we do not warn them about their sins we know about, then it is counted against us. If we warn them, then they are accountable for their own sins.


    • re: s&p;

      Yes absolutely!

      Hey, I was thinking about writing an article tonight…

      Do you think that would be a good topic?

      Maybe a warning to the church?

      or do you have a suggestion that may be better?


      • As the Lord leads you….a warning to churches such as the seven churches in Revelations is ALWAYS proper – until He comes again. Let His Word be the inspiration for the conviction.


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