7 comments on “Court Finds Obama in Violation of the Constitution

    • re: C. Grissom

      My thoughts exactly. Every action he has taken in the last 4 years has been a violation of the constitution in one form or another. Yes, Treason and Dereliction of duty. He should be charged with both and even if the treason charge was dropped, the dereliction of duty charge (which is easier to prove) would still be punishable by impeachment.

      I must correct you on one point…

      You are more president than that piece of excrement ever dreamed of being.

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


  1. with GODs help maybe this is a beginning lets PRAY SO. obama is doing so much damage to this country I PRAY every day for GOD to deliver us from this evil person.


    • re: Betty

      That is awesome.. and by all means… continue praying for this. We must come to an understanding though, that we have the leaders we deserve. We ask for God to bless our nation… but, I ask you Betty.. “Do “WE”, as a nation bless God?”

      We have allowed 50 Million of God’s children to be murdered through abortion. We have allowed homosexuality to become legal. We have allowed euthansia to become legal. We have allowed the death penalty. We have allowed prayer to be taken out of our children’s schools, the courts, the workplace and the public square.

      God will not be mocked! We are less than leuke-warm as a nation and we are being spit out of the mouth of God and spit out of the Kingdom of Heaven.

      I am not one to give the “feel good” sermon. I speak the truth.

      There is truly only one path back into the Grace and Blessings of our Lord thy God as a nation… and, that path is through Godly Laws. We must first, Bless God as a nation… and then, He will bless us with the leaders we deserve.

      His Servant and Soldier,



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