4 comments on “Muslim Child Molester Gets Off Because “He’s Muslim and Didn’t Know it Was Wrong”

  1. maybe this guy and his friends should rape the judge and see if they can find some jail time for him. muslims are known liers to reach their goal. and this judge let him off to do it again? give me a break.


    • re: Betty;

      Thank you! You are very wise. A woman just wrote me on facebook after seeing this and said…”ignorance of the law is no excuse..”

      Basically, she bought his lies..!! I guess if she was the judge, she would have let him off to. And, not just at the expense of justice, but more importantly.. an the expense of a 13-year-old little girl’s innocence.


  2. Did he not hear her cries…screams?

    Did he not see the emotional, mental and physical shape she was in when he finished getting his satisfaction?

    What now?


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