9 comments on “Sharia Scars London: A Muslim ‘Acid Attacks’ A Young English Woman

  1. To begin with, BAN ALL face coverings in public places. Second, deport ALL Muslims and Exile ALL converts to Islam…NOW!


  2. the cops are either plain daft or the powers to be dont know how to tackle internal terrorism in case it is misunderstood as anti islam, i aint anti islam but imagine young youths wearing balaclavas on estates the average person would never tolerate it. also i am sure it was westfield and other shopping centres that banned a fashion fad when these new hoodies came out with a face mask and duh huh whats a full face islamic veil! daft leftest appeasers and do gooders messing things up again!


    • re: truthbeknown;

      The police and these governmental agencies know very well how to deal with terrorism. They are simply appeasing the muslims to further their agenda of a worldwide islamic caliphate. Case in point, here in the states.. “WE” ..the ones who speak out in defence of the Judeo-Christians, the Jewish, the Hindus, the Buddhists and the muslim women and children, are labeled as terrorists. According to our government, “WE” the voice of the persecuted are terrorists. The ‘poor little muslims’ are innocent and just misunderstood. The muslim hatred and violence expressed through beheading Christians, burning their churches down, molesting our daughters, raping our women, “dis-honour murdering’, stoning, acid-burning their own women and little girls… All of this is okay.

      But, just let us try to be a voice for them and tell their story to the world in the hopes of ending these evil atrocities… and “WE” are a hate group.

      That is okay.. because “WE” know the truth.. and so does Our Lord thy God. We follow His Law.. not the inept laws of corrupt earthly governments.

      truthbeknown, Thank you for reading sharia unveiled and for taking the time to comment.

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


  3. forgot to mention perhaps these sharia suppoters would now apply sharia law and cut the hands of the person that threw the acid! oh forgot sharia is to suppress us not for them!


  4. This is a terriost attack on the western people they are using there hijab to committee these crimes Ban them Now!!!!!


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