5 comments on “The Dementia of the Southern Poverty Law Center: The Pamela Geller File

  1. Amazing story! Pam Geller is the one light that shines in a otherwise dark room, showing the Muslim woemen that not everyone thinks they are a forgotten group.


  2. For many years I supported the SPLC’s efforts to rid the country of racist hatred.

    A year or two ago, I stopped my support when they expanded their “efforts” to include anti-free-market, anti-business and similar diatribe as parts of their “messaging.”


    • re: plusafdotcom;

      In an attempt at objectivity, i had to think for a little while in order to recall something good they had done.

      Yes.. after their few good accomplishments for civil rights, they truly went astray. They violate just about every law on the books and the constitution is irrelevant in their minds.

      Here is “just one” example of their ludicrous hypocrasy:

      They defend those who hate. They defend the muslims who hate the Jewish, the Judeo-Christians, the Buddhists, the hindus etc.

      The muslims can commit stonings, beheadings, pedophilia, gang rapes, honor killings, etc. and they receive protection.

      We, who merely speak out in order to shed light on the evil atrocities commited against the innocent are labeled as “hate groups.”

      It’s almost like, the guy who robs a bank receives no punishment but, if you write a story about the bank being robbed… you are a thief.

      It’s just another sign of the times.

      Thank you for reading sharia unveiled and for taking the time to comment.

      ~ s/m @ sharia unveiled


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