65 comments on “Eighty-Six Articles of Impeachment Against Obama

  1. so, when is this going to happen? We need our country back. I keep hearing all this talk about impeechment. WTF? No one has the balls. He should be swinging from a tree on the whitehouse lawn!


      • Darrell Issa has made millions of $ from human suffering, and Allen West is nothing more than a charlatan. Furthermore, getting rid of one man (Obama) does not absolve this country of guilt for all of the crimes against humanity that were committed long before Obama arrived on the scene. That is a ridiculous notion and not very enlightened. But like I said, nice try.


      • re: Annie Joan O.

        Obama has done more damage to this country than cummulative amount of damage of all of his predecesors. He is an absolute disgrace to our republic. Many young men and women have shed their blood in valleys, on hillsides and on the shores of our once great nation, in order to preserve our constitution for the generations to come.

        Obama sees the constitution as a ‘list of suggestions’ that applied in the past, but have now become irrelevant and antiquated.

        He could not be more wrong and neither could you. He is a treasonous bastard and he is most definitely on his way out the door. I can promise you that. You probably have no concept of what is getting ready to take place… but, just be patient.. because it is on it’s way!

        p.s. And. there will be no sympathy for sympathizers!


      • How many millions died before Obama was born? It is not as simple as you say. And what about Issa and West – who put those morons in charge – you?


      • re: Annie;

        What Millions?? If you are referring to wars in the past.. I am personally against war (especially in an offensive posture.) I believe all of our military should be here in our own country in a national defensive posture.

        No.. I did not vote for Issa or West, but neither are in my state.

        And furthermore, I do not vote for the “lesser of two evils.” In order for someone to get my vote, I must truly believe in them and their message.

        I am very proud to say I worked on the Michele Bachmann Campaign Committee. When she dropped out (due to liberal lies and attacks).. I assisted Rick Santorum. When he ended his campaign bid, so did I.

        I voted for no one. I am a person that believes in Truth, Honor and Code! There was no one left in the race that deserved my vote.


      • Michelle Bachman and Rick Santorum are both lunatics. I feel sorry for you, so deluded. I know what’s coming, and all of your guns and religious fervor are not going to save you. You will be scared shitless, but you will be saved anyway because you are loved by our fabulous creator (that would be yourself) in any case. I love you too!


      • You think truth is easy to ascertain, that is why you are in ignorance. Everything evil in this world by your standards is attributable to Obama. That is simply wrong and delusional.


      • I have heard and read almost the exact same words and attitudes (always filled with toxic hate) that Annie spouts about our Country from two people who are Russian that blog in sites here in the U.S.


      • You hate Russians too???? Geeze. Putin is pretty awesome though. But I am just a small town USA girl, all grown up.


      • All of us who live in United Satanic America are compromised because we are still shackled by GENOCIDE and slavery of Native Americans, Blacks (imported no less!), Mexicans, and all other poor working people including Asians. Wake up people. That is what we’re paying for and still owe for, not just one man’s (Obama’s) crimes. That would be convenient, but not just.


      • re: Annie; It’s your precious little treasonous obama that is importing all of those poor slaves… https://shariaunveiled.wordpress.com/2013/02/10/obama-allows-80000-muslim-immigrants-into-the-united-states/ You really have some nerve to speak of Our Creator in the same sentence that you bash Michele Bachmann and Rick Santorum. You are too blind to see your own hypocrisy. Educate yourself… and seek the truth.. because a brain is a terrible thing to waste. I’d say ‘it’s been a pleasure..’ but, like I said.. “I speak the truth!”


      • You can’t speak the truth if you don’t know it (YOU). Also, I HATE OBAMA, he is very very compromised. But I don’t put all my anger for centuries into that one guy. I have 2 advanced degrees by the way. What about you – HIllside College, Bob Jones University? Ha! By the way, if you worked for Bachman – you must have been one that got paid, or worked for free, no? Your allegiance is to the wrong people, and you are going to freak out when it hits you. But have no fear, we will save your sorry ass soul regardless. Even the ignorant will be saved.


      • re: Annie;

        I most certainly know the truth and I share it with others. They know it is the truth, as well. I do not “hate obama” and that has more to do with ‘who I am’ rather than who he is. I simply do not allow hate into my heart. Our Lord thy God revealed to me several years ago that when we hate, that hatred resides not in the person or thing that we hate, but rather.. it resides in our own hearts. My heart is only a place for His Love. It is out of that vast love that He continuously gives me, that I share with the world. He has made my heart so tender for the persecuted church, for women and children in suffering, for the unborn babies and all of humanity, in general. His love, His will and their plight are my motivation.

        Yes.. I know obama is not the only one to blame. He is a puppet and I know there are people and organizations above him pulling the strings. He should have the courage to stand up to “the earthly powers that be..” If he did, he would not stand alone because “we” would stand with him. Politics is really just a facade. It is a smokescreen to allow.. “We, the people..” to be occupied while “they” make their backroom deals. I am well aware of the Illuminati, the Tri-Lateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderbergers etc. I researched them for years and I know their game.

        If you must know, yes.. I do have an advanced degree in Mechanical Engineering. It is from a very prestigious university that specializes in the field of engineering. I worked as a research and development technician for NASA until my facility was closed down three years ago due to funding cuts. And, NASA hires out of the top 10% of the top 1%. This is actually the first time I have ever mentioned any of this on my site for two reasons. 1. This site is not about “me” but rather, it is about the ones I seek to help. 2. You are the first one to ask.

        And, I volunteerd for the Bachmann Campaign. (ie.) I never accepted a penny. To the contrary, at times when reimbursement for my expenses were available, I intentionally never filed the paperwork and I just paid out of pocket. (ie.) My own money. This was my way of contributing money to her campaign. It allowed money that would have been taken out, to remain in for other purposes.

        It was and is a pleasure talking to you, Annie.. and I do love you to.

        p.s. My soul is already saved.. but, thank you for the offer.


      • You still have your facts confused.
        (Google it for yourself).
        Tribes in Africa were at war. The losers were “sold by THEIR OWN KIND”. Criminals were also sold.
        Once here, guess who the first slave owners were? The New Africans…yes, mam…The African Americans were the first slave owners.

        To make matters worse, Jewish Business Leaders from NY got together and bought “5” Ships offering to take them back to Africa after the Civil War. Would you like to know how many went back to Africa? ONE SHIP WAS HALF FULL. They “chose” to remain here.

        Please learn the entire history of a subject so you won’t appear to be this ignorant…making blanket statements without proof.


    • re: ozzyfightback;

      At the end? The “end” will be too late.

      I want the bastard out of the people’s house and into the big house… now!

      If he left office today.. it would take many generations to “undo” the damage he has done.

      Where is a drone when you need one?

      Hmmm.. that actually gives me an idea…

      Maybe we could start a fund and all of us pitch in together on the purchase of a drone.

      I believe I just recently heard that, it is now legal to launch a drone strike against “ANY AMERICAN CITIZEN..” who is a threat to our nations security…

      Hmmm… Maybe that birth certificate was real after all!



      • It will take generations IF they take it seriously and not just allow things he did “to slide on by” just to keep them on the books for “just in case” specific things they may want to make use of later.


  2. Annie, we can’t take JUST your opinion for anything. You have to prove it or prove you know what you are talking about. Right now? You just sound very ignorant making wild claims without justification.


    • Yes, the same amount of times W. defrauded his way into office. You act as if corruption was born with the election of Obama. Come on.


      • Please explain how bush defrauded his way into office. I am no fan of bush, I think he is a criminal just like his dad herbert walker bush. However g w bush is a natural born citizen since both of his parents are citizens. obama on the other hand is not a natural born citizen since his father wasn’t born in the United States. It doesn’t matter if obama was born in Hawaii, it only proves that he committed a crime by using a fraudulent birth certificate


  3. Most people don’t realize this….Remember when Custer gave all of those blankets to the Indians? It was intended to be a kindness. They didn’t know back then that “small pox” could be transferred from Human Being to Human Being through a blanket.

    Annie? How old are you? Did you finish high school?


    • Yes, Custer was known for his kindness. Dude, Custer got whupped. You must have gotten your education at the Bush Library, the Library of Lies.


  4. Annie, people on this site and other have researched and researched to FIND THE TRUTH NO MATTER WHERE IT LED OR “WHO” IT LED TO!
    Then we accept what we find and don’t sit around making things up as we go along.


    • Problem is, your sources are flawed and not authentic. Like the Bush Library. Get out of your baby carriage and walk on your own instead of being pushed around by the likes of Bachman and Santorum. Jesus, could you pick two bigger losers?????


      • Speaking of sources? Where are yours?
        You are sure good at blasting others but all we have seen from you is the “blasting” without evidence.


  5. Articles of Impeachment are a useless road to travel for the simple reason that Barack Obama (AKA Barry Soetoro) has never proven he is a natural born citizen of the United States. Therefore, being ineligible to hold the office, impeachment is improper…but prosocution for his crimes is not. He has waged war upon the United States and should be in Gitmo.


    • *Quo Warranto is the proper procedure for removing an unqualified federal
      official i.e. Obama from office, not impeachment.
      – – – – –
      Many believe the coverup in Bengazigate is to keep the people from learning
      about Obama moving weapons he supplied to the Muslim Brotherhood in Libya
      and Egypt, now that their governments have been overthrown, to the Muslim
      Brotherhood (joined by al Qaida) in Syria via Turkey who are now fighting
      to overthrow that government.

      The long-term objective is to create a unified Islam in northern Africa and
      the Middle East powerful enough to defeat Europe. The religious war
      continues… *

      HOWEVER, this has already been implemented and failed because OF WHO THAT MAN IS. Quite honestly, I didn’t keep up with the articles because I knew nothing would come of it. He spends a massive amount of $ to keep ahead of any and all CORRECT AND LEGAL LAWSUITS and documents filed on our behalf.


  6. Where were you people when Bush was in office??? We know there is a shadow government and Obama has no say so in what is going on get real do you think we are unaware of your political leanings Bush is a war criminal why not go after him first then you may have some legitimite standing I personally am tired of the hate mongering Tea Party and REPs God get over yourselves you have run the county into the ground with endless wars with Bush but now you are upset you all need to be in jail yourselves



  8. I don’t like him and all my friend don’t like him and we are american now my friends in europe don’t like him and my friends in libya don’t like him. So, WHO THE F— LIKE HIM OR THINKS HE IS DOING GOOD FOR THE US AND ALL OF THE WORLD??? ONLY THE WELFARE POOR BECAUSE THEY AREN’T SMART ENOUGH TO KNOW ANY DIFFERENT. THEY ARE JUST PROPAGANDIZED!

    (moderated for content)


    • Barbara, he is THE MOST hated president in the History of Our Country.
      HE now has had 3 or was it 4 impeachment processes and nothing came of them.

      I will tell you this; and it was quite an eye opener to me as to what could possibly be going on in D.C.

      About a year or so ago I took some silver to my neighborhood pawn shop…we were having a very difficult time. I was in line chatting with the owner, and in a kidding way (being in Texas), I asked him, had the shelves for guns been picked clean?

      Before Tommy could answer me, this man in a suit(? – yep) standing in front of me, whipped his entire body around and we were face-to-face as he said, “I worked for him and I QUIT” His face turned WHITE and his eyes were as big as saucers…he RAN out the door before finishing his business.

      The man was visibly scared!


    • Wrong again. You are deluded by propaganda and not educating yourself according to truth. Please look inside your heart for the truth.


    • By the way Barbara, how did you and your friends manage to get US citizenship? – obviously purchased. Shame shame shame.


      • re: Annie;

        Do you know this for a fact or are you just aspiring to the intellectual equivalent of lowest common denominator? I would bet she came here legally and in full accordance with all laws of legal immigration. At the end of the day though.. it is truly none of my business unless she chooses to make it such. You have peaked my curiosity though.. Annie, are your ancestors 100% Pure native american? (and, if “YOU” are not 100% Pure Native American, that would be a NO!)

        A little advice to you Annie.. Do battle in the arena of intellect. (If you are well prepared..) When you resort to challenging someones ‘status of nationality’… it gives the impression to the intellectual reader that you are out of ideas and void of substantiative reasoning. 😉


      • re: Annie;


        Because that would mean we would have a wonderful leader of our beloved Republic like one of the following;

        Big Foot

        c. 1824–1890



        Son of Miniconjou Lakota chief Lone Horn, he was an ally of Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse although he himself saw no action during the Black Hills War. A major figure of the Ghost Dance movement of the late 1880s, he was one of several chiefs killed during the Wounded Knee Massacre.

        Black Elk


        Chief Swift Bird


        A prominent Wichasha Wakan of the Oglala Lakota, he was a combatant at the Battle of the Little Bighorn. During the late-1880s, he was involved in the Ghost Dance movement and was injured at the Wounded Knee Massacre.

        Black Hawk




        Sauk chief who led the Sauk and Fox tribes against the United States off and on during the early 19th century, from the War of 1812 until his eventual defeat following the Black Hawk War.

        Black Kettle

        c. 1813–1868



        Cheyenne chief who resisted the American settlement of the Kansas and Colorado territories during the 1860s. After his village was destroyed during the Sand Creek massacre, he participated in the Colorado War with the Comanche and Kiowa negotiating several treaties with the United States before his death at Battle of Washita River.

        Blue Jacket

        c. 1743-c. 1810



        Billy Bowlegs

        c. 1810-c. 1864



        Joseph Brant

        c. 1743–1807




        c. 1720–1805



        Touch the Clouds

        c. 1836–1905



        Minneconjou Lakota chief; supposedly was seven feet tall. Cousin to Crazy Horse and son of Lone Horn

        Lone Horn

        c. 1720–1805


        Minneconjou Teton Lakota

        Chief of Minneconjou teton lakota Indians, signed the treaty of fort Laramie in 1868. Father of Touch the Clouds and Spotted Elk, uncle to Crazy Horse

        Captain Jack

        c. 1837–1873



        Mangas Coloradas

        c. 1793–1863




        c. 1815–1874








        c. 1720–1777



        Crazy Horse

        c. 1842–1877








        Early 15th or 16th century


        Chief Joseph



        Nez Perce

        Chief Logan

        c. 1725–1780



        Mingo chief who took part in Lord Dunmore’s War.


        fl. 1761–1763



        Known as the “Delaware Prophet”, he founded a movement during the mid-18th century to reject European goods and a return to traditional way of life. His teachings would later be adopted by a number of tribal chief, most notably Chief Pontiac.


        c. 1554–1646



        Pamunkey chief after the death of his brother, Chief Powhatan. He led the Indian massacre of 1622.





        The principal leader of the Second Seminole War, he led a small band successfully resisting the U.S. Army for over two years before his capture in 1837.

        King Philip

        c. 1639–1676



        The second son of Massasoit, Metacomet (or King Philip) led an open rebellion against the English Massachusetts Bay Colony known as King Philip’s War.

        Chief Pontiac

        c. 1720–1769



        Odawa chief who resisted British settlement of the Great Lakes region during the Pontiac’s Rebellion.





        Shawnee chief known as “The Prophet” who was an ally of his brother Tecumseh, together founding Prophetstown.


        c. 1835–1905


        Hunkpapa Lakota

        A war chief of the Lakota, he took part in Red Cloud’s War and Black Hills War.


        c. 1840–1887?



        Sister of Chihenne-Chiricahua Apache chief Vittorio, Lozen was a prominent prophet and warrior against Mexican incursions into the southwest United States.

        Red Cloud



        Oglala Lakota

        A chief of the Oglala Lakota, he was one of several Lakota leaders who opposed the American settlement of the Great Plains successfully winning a short-lived victory against the U.S. Army during Red Cloud’s War.

        Red Jacket

        c. 1750–1830



        Major Ridge

        c. 1771–1839








        c. 1740-1673


        Chief Seattle

        c. 1786–1866


        Sitting Bull

        c. 1831–1890




        c. 1628–1698




        c. 1768–1813



        Shawnee chief who attempted to organize a vast alliance of Native American tribes in the eastern United States during the early 19th century. Siding with Great Britain during the War of 1812, he led the Shawnee against the United States until his death at the Battle of the Thames.

        Chief Swift Bird

        d. 1832


        Sans Arc Lakota

        Leader of the Swift Bird Camp. Rescued white people from Shetek in 1862.


        c. 1856–1932


        Northern Paiute

        Paiute spiritual leader who founded the Ghost Dance movement whose religious teachings became popular among the tribes of the Great Plains and western United States until the Wounded Knee Massacre in 1890.

        … instead of that piece of excrement we have now!


      • Indeed! Alas, we have found common ground 🙂 (except I would not call current president excrement, unless you are willing to say the same about his predecessors in crime, of whom there are many.)


      • re: Annie;

        lol.. i see you read all the way to the bottom. lol..
        Annie.. I assure you we have much more “common ground” than we have uncommon.

        We have only focused on the ‘uncommon’…

        You know, as I do… that solutions are only acheived on the common ground. I only wish our current “2 Party” System could learn that rule.

        Let me ask you… Would you favor a “multi-party” system? By that I do not mean just one additional party like an “Independent Party”… but rather, 3 or 4 more parties?

        Just for example:
        (A ticket may look like…)

        1. Democratic Party
        2. Republican Party
        3. Tea-Party
        4. Green Party
        5. Labor Party
        6. Nationalist – Freedom Party
        7. Conservative Faith Party

        Now.. imagine we walk into the election booth and have 7 candidates to choose from..

        Imagine the competition and New Ideas that additional parties could bring.

        Honestly Annie.. I think the two party system has far exceeded it’s expiration date.

        In “most cases”.. I think the two current parties are in bed together… but, “We, the people..” are the only ones getting screwed! 😉


      • Comment slightly tardy, but it still applies:
        Time to service Obama’s and all the other Communists’ chamber pot.
        Seems that’s all you’re worthy of.


  9. The most glaring deficiency is your reasoning 88 and Silano and others, is your contempt for the poor. That shows to what level of consciousness you aspire, which is plainly low voltage. 😦


  10. White font on black background is not very kind to one’s eyesight.
    Update this article to 87 reasons for Impeachment, due to item 41 listed twice.


    • re: dusel1

      As to the “white on black”… the theme i am using does not offer “black on white” or any other color scheme combination. Sorry.

      I have re-read all 86 again..twice.. and I do not see #41 anywhere else. If you do, please give me the # location where you found it. Thank you.

      p.s. If it appeared twice.. that would be “85” …not “87.” I am sure that is what you meant.

      Thank you for reading sharia unveiled and for taking the time to comment.

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


  11. Annie O,
    What is it that you think you know? I say you don’t know squat! It was the muslims that sold blacks in to slavery! and no less in Africa . 2) The republican party was founded by 120 black men and 20 white men. Our first republican congressmen where black men. It was the democrat party that founded the KKK to stomp out blacks in politics. It was the democrats that took women’s right to vote away, why? they voted REPUBLICAN. It was the democrat’s that wrote the and put in place the Jim Crow laws. So don’t give the crap about American slavery, call it what it was and is.
    Democrat slavery


    • Are any of your poor, how many of you are Mexican, Black, how many of you have been raped, how many of you are sick and hungry? Maybe 1% of you?

      Re: slavery. So if a person comes to you and says, “I can make you rich off the suffering of my people” you do it, and blame all the death and other suffering on the person whose offer you accepted.

      Can one of you address your racist and sexist issues? No. You ignore them. Ignoring something makes you ignorant.


  12. Good luck But this will never fly>>>>>> Your waisting your time, I do hope things work out for the USA. I fear we “AMERICA” have lost our way.Who to blame ? answer US only US!!!!!!!


    • Vince, allow me to defend you, okay?
      He WAS NOT voted in the first time. He won by fraud. Palin wanted a “re-count” and McCain cowered in the corner of the room, symbolically speaking.

      He WAS NOT voted in the second time either. He won by massive fraud.
      Romney did win. Again, no one investigated but we all know that THERE WAS MASSIVE FRAUD.


  13. There is no USA, except United Satanic America. Face the facts. America is an idea usurped and rendered obsolete by satanism. A fight against satanism is the fight to save the idea of freedom on earth, not just a particular location.


  14. Annie, I don’t know if you know this or not. Custer DID NOT know that germs could be spread and kill those Indians. That knowledge was not known at that time.

    Maybe since you Hate Our Country so much, you should go live in a country you don’t hate.
    You must be miserable.


    • Well then he was a fool as well as a tool (not to mention a loser). A twenty minute battle.

      “Our Country”. Says who? America is a state of mind of freedom, without borders.


  15. You must feel very sad. You seem to hate everything. I feel pity for you. I read all of your posts. You seem to be a very angry person…very unhappy.
    What would make you personally happy? Where can you go live so you’ll be happy?


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