18 comments on “Four Muslims Behead Cat in Sweden

  1. Quick remarks:
    “where you can see how the cat tear off the skin with a large knife and stand proudly with the cat’s head” = misprint?


  2. To be fair to the second-largest religion on Earth, this is not in fact an example of “muslims being muslims”, and shame on the narrow minded twit that wrote that. On the whole, Islam is exceptionally pro-cat, giving that Muhammad was a big cat person. If these guys are in fact Muslims, this is an example of how people can be complete jackasses without any regard to the overall views of their religion. For a bit of perspective, one should remember that it is Christianity that came up with the idea of cats as the witches familiar, and it used to be standard practice to throw them off of buildings or pitch them into the witch fires. Naturally, these guys are total scum, but there’s no need to point holier-than-thou fingers at Islam for something five jerks did.


    • re: Kyle;

      Your first three words you wrote (“To be fair”)..are completely negated by every one of your following words after that.

      You are an obvious “muslim” or “muslim sympathizer” (same thing).. and shame on you.

      I am not even going to waste my time or the time of my intellectual readers by addressing your lies and fabrications.

      Take a little time and read a little on my site. But, if not here.. please educate yourself somewhere to the truth.. because a mind is a terrible thing to waste.


    • You are an idiot. To be fair…they cut the heads off of humans, cats, dogs, assault goats and other animals. They are inhuman bastards and you can’t put their practices down to a few bad, little boys. The over view of the religion is VIOLENCE…that’s all that need be said. Holier than thou? You’re damn right…most people are more decent than these pigs and other muslims, so YES, holier!
      You need to look at other instances of MANY acts of violence by muslims, if you are that stupid. Are you just excusing them because you are one of them? Probably…the scum of the earth always find an excuse for their own sins and evil.


  3. Wow, Im an EXTREAME Cat Lover and animal activist, and as sickening as this looks, it sounds like nothing but ANTI MUSLIM racisit bullshit to me. They could just as well be white boys from the hood in anytown USA, give me a fkn break, blaiming all |MUSLIMS whoever you are your a bunch of idiots from a proud Canadian who hates ANYONE who would harm an animal BUT intelligent enough to know you don’t blame a whole segment of our planet for one cruel act of abuse wtf


    • re: Lilly;

      Well “Lilly” …you are simply ignorant.

      I mean.. you think that “Muslim” is a “race.”

      Go get an education.

      Muslims come in ALL races.

      1. Anglo-Muslims

      2. African-Muslims

      3. Asian-Muslims

      4. Arab-Muslims

      5. Hispanic-Muslims

      – – – –

      Now who’s ignorant?


      – – – –

      This is a site for intellectual thinkers.. not brainless retards.

      Now, GTF off our site.

      – – – –

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


    • re: Waqas;

      Please try your link to the video.

      When I click the link there is no video. Just a message that reads: ‘..The page you requested was not found..’

      Thank you.

      – – –

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


  4. islam will not be tolerated in the Americas any longer, say we, The Native Americans. These are OUR lands, and islam, the invasion, is Invited to Leave. Or we will Cleanse the Americas of every trace of islam by ANY MEANS NECESSARY.

    islam can expect the same mercy from us that it has spent 1400 years showing everyone else.


  5. this is unforgivable! innocent animals shouldnt be treated like this. this cat doesnt deserve this. i have a fun loving and compassionate cat and it breaks my heart seeing this cruel stuff.


  6. This is what happened when you allow that islamic shit come to Europe. I don’t understand why it happened in Sweden, France, Germany and why it continue in central Europe. This MUST BE STOPPED forever !!!


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