3 comments on “Indiana Elementary Schools Allow Muslim Man to Distribute Literature on Islam

  1. I know a LOT of school teachers…and I am tellin’ ya, those people are in serious need of long term, extensive counseling.

    When I was getting my Masters in Counseling, many school teachers were there getting their Masters in “School Counseling.”

    Listening to them was the first time that I realized these people are somewhat mentally ill. I mean it. They are NOT into reality as it really is.

    This is a perfect example! It is late now, but I will “double star” this to come back tomorrow.


    • re: upaces;

      lol.. at the chance that, at least a percentage of my readers are teachers, i am going to “plead the 5th” on this one… ‘caus anything i might say, will most definitely be used against me. 😉


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