3 comments on “Pro-Infidel / Anti-Islamist Blogger Stabbed to Death

  1. So what’s new! From a Christian’s point of view, the Holy Spirit, althought very much muffled in Islamic country’s, is still present instilling the Truth of man’s worth and dignity beyond compare. (See John 1:9 and the Encyclical “Redemptio Hominis” of Pope John Paul II). The words ‘worth and dignity beyond compare’ are straight from that Encyclical. Look it up on Google. The whole Encycical in English. Obviously the Holy Father was basing his words especially on John 3:16. BTW the Holy Spirit has great trouble among us Christians getting His message through to us. Why? Partially because Western Society is ‘corrupt’ to use the word written by Michael Coren whose videos are on You Tube.
    A retired Catholic priest in Canada.


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