6 comments on “US Military Officer Files Formal Complaint Against CAIR Terrorist Organization

  1. I Hope you can nail their butts to the wall I wish i could help more , God Bless you for standing up to all theses Thugs in the White House Obama is nothen but a Dictator he should be impeached and sent to prison For treason


  2. LTC DOOLEY was my Company Commander(then CPT DOOLEY) for over a year during our Deployment for the 9/11 attacks… I’ve spoken to MANY of our fellow Soldiers that we both served with, and this witch hunt is completely preposterous.. LTC Dooley had an IMPECCABLE Service Record UP TO AND SINCE these accusations, LEADING WITHOUT PREJUDICE, and with the UTMOST INTEGRITY that many of us have ever had the pleasure of Serving with…


    • re: Jason Kanarr;

      First and Foremost.. Thank you for your honorable service to our beloved Republic. It is a result of great men of honor, courage, code and integrity.. such as yourself and LTC. Dooley.. that allows us to lay our heads on our pillows at night.. and drift off to sleep beneath the blanket of security that you provide. Then, awake in the morning.. to the breath of freedom. Thank you Sir!!

      I do not doubt a word you say. And, I hope you will not doubt me when I tell you, my brother.. Islam is greatest threat this world has ever seen. Even greater than the Rise of Aldoph Hitler. Why do I say this? Well, the world acknowledged Hitler and what he was doing as evil. Yes.. there was a period of ignorance and denial.. but, eventually.. the world stopped him. As for Islam.. not only are the world powers not attempting to halt the progression of Islam’s spread and infiltration.. but rather, they are aiding and abetting it. Islam operates from the modus operandi of: Top Down/Bottom Up/Crush the Middle! We have a Muslim president, a muslim over the CIA and other muslims in high positions at “the top.” We have CAIR, MAS, MSA, ISNA, ICNA, MPAC and many more terrorist organizations operating in the U.S. today.. at “the bottom.” These two forces are crushing us in the middle.

      The worst thing in the world to be today is a “White Male Christian Patriot who is Prior Military.” “WE” are viewed as the enemy by this current administration..when in reality.. this administration is the only “True Enemy” of our Beloved Republic.

      Blessings of Peace and Love be upon you always.

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


    • I don’t know you or anyone who is in the Military. I don’t know if you or the others realize that there are many, many Americans who look upon all of you with the highest respect as though you are our sons, daughters, nephews, friends. You have SO MANY people who pray for all of your daily. WE ARE SO PROUD OF YOU.


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