4 comments on “Catholic Priest Shot Dead on Way to Church by Muslims and Pastor Beheaded

  1. I’ll have to share this with my white African co-worker who claims that it’s the Arab Muslims who are violent… not the black African Muslims.


    • re: K. Kafir;

      Greetings Infidel! Yes.. it is ALL muslims who are violent! Either “directly” through violent action.. or “indirectly”.. through support. Even silence is destructive and facilitates violence.

      “You” may be the one pointing the gun and pulling the trigger.. but, if “I” stand there and watch you shoot someone… and “remain silent..” I am considered complicit in the crime and charged as a “participant.”

      Those “alleged” peaceful muslims.. need to speak the hell up. Or, shut the hell up about being “peaceful muslims.” If they are silent ..they are complicit!

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


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