9 comments on “Keith Ellison: Black Panther Member – Nation of Islam Member – CAIR-Hamas Member

  1. Remember this, as part of the Islamic Faith, they are taught that LYING and otherwise Not Telling The Truth, is totally acceptable, and in fact, are encouraged to do so in order to promote world domnation by Islam. That is their aim. that is why Ellison, Obama, Jeremiah Wright, Lewie Farakhan and others can and do Lie as a Way Of Life. They will say anything for the Cause. Never Forget That!!


    • re: Jeromeennis;

      Absolutely and Unequivically 100% Correct!

      Also known as “Taqiyya.”

      ALL Infidels need to understand this! Muslims are instructed to lie to us. It is not a suggestion… It is not a recommendation… It is a mandatory requirement!

      The ends justify the means! Their ‘ends’ are; world domination under a one world caliphate. Their ‘means’ are; by any means necessary!

      Here is a great place to start in understanding “Taqiyya.” : http://www.meforum.org/2095/islams-doctrines-of-deception


  2. Several of us fought hard for Michelle Bachman and Newt Gingrich. It doesn’t matter if you or anyone, personally likes them or not.
    The point is: They were THE ONLY TWO running for President who spoke out very loudly about Muslim infiltration is our government (side bar: They did NOT infiltrate. They were invited in the front door).

    They also fought hard to keep Sharia Law OUT OF THE USA.

    Right behind them was Romney running for President who, by the way, wanted to use the U.S. Tax $ to build a Charter School for Islamists.


    Newt’s official site was infiltrated by, supposedly as they said, “Romney/Santorum” people and kicked us off.

    Okay, Romney gets in through fraud (we all know that)…but we were willing to give him a shot. He failed miserable in the debates. The man is wealthy and didn’t get that way NOT knowing how to side-step a few landmines.

    Did he? No! He did win but never asked or made noise of any kind to demand an investigation for the campaign run-offs!

    He gave up and ran like a rabbit only to have lunch with Obama a couple of days later (or , it was reported that he did.


    • I have said for a long time that where Republicans and Conservatives in general, have gone wrong, has been to Ignore The Black Vote by assuming that all blacks are Democrats. The reason that so many Blacks and Other Poor People in general, have stayed with the Democrat Party is because nobody on the Conservative and Patriotic Side have spent any time Speaking Directly and Bluntly with Blacks and other Poor and Lower Working Class people and Explaining How The Government Programs like Food Stamps, Welfare, etc. that the Democrats Created are the Very Programs which the Government Has Created as a way of Taking away Your Will To Thrive and Survive and to Achieve the American Dream.

      The Democrats have Convinced The Poor of this country that They Have To Remain Poor and Therefore Dependent on a Benevolent Welfare State Run By Benevolent Slave Masters In Government.

      Nobody on Our Side has been willing to Speak This Bluntly and Then at the Same Time educating them how to Escape from the Slums That That the Government Slave Masters have Confined Them To.

      This guy can reach them, and others can too, but we need somebody With a Big Megaphone who can reach the poor and underclasses and Promise and Deliver a Path to a Better life with Upward Mobility. So far, the Heroes for the Poor have been the TV Rap Gangsters which so many of our youth of all colors today, try to emulate and wind up dead in the streets or in jails and prisons.

      And, Obama Celebrates this lifestyle by Inviting These MTV Gangsters and Militants to the White House to Celebrate the Lifestyle of Cop Killers and other Thugs and Subversives such as the recent Invite of some Cop Killer Poet by the name of Kommon or Komet or some such nonsense as that.

      Kids need to have better Heroes than the Likes of the Community Organizer and Racist Mooch-Elle and Barack Obama and Cop Killer Poets without a name that anybody recognizes outside the Gangster Community.


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