12 comments on “Afghan Parliament Claims; “A Law Protecting Women From Violence Would Violate Sharia Law”

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    • re: upaces;

      I think we both know exactly how they feel.

      There are probably many that have been suppressed for so long… that freedom seems scary. I think the younger generation would easily adapt but, for some of the older women.. it would feel foreign.

      I’m reminded of the fall of communism in Russia in 1991. The younger generation (and, a small % of the older generation) were excited, elated and full of anticipation for freedom, capitalism and democracy. But, many of the older generation were scared. All they knew .. all of their lives was communism. They did not want the change.. because it scared the hell out of them. It was outside of their comfort zone.


  2. Oooo, yes, I can see what you’re saying. And, I am sure that is exactly how it was or would be for the older people. It would be very hard to change a belief they have held their entire lives.


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  5. Jesus Christ if the Afghan Parliament want Sharia Law then they are the enemy – blast them for Heaven’s sake! No more blue on green attacks – time for Green on blue – take all the Afghan men out!!! Sub-humans!


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