3 comments on “The Temple of Ezekiel is Coming!

  1. The South fell because the North burned our cities to the ground. The they stole everything from the farmers that could be melted down into bullets. At the last, we were fighting with rocks and boulders.
    BUT! It was the demoralization that defeated us.

    The two Nukes that were dropped over Japan finished the war.

    This IS just ONE of the ways to defeat and demoralize them. It will have to be more than just one.
    Bombing Mecca and Medina would be a huge demoralizing feat and would bring them to their knees.


  2. Reblogged this on swissdefenceleague and commented:
    The Temple of Ezekiel is Coming!
    In Obama’s Corner
    With The U.N. Curtain
    As A Turkish Delight
    The Lokum Will Be taken by a Lot
    But How Bitter The Taste In The Mouth
    Vomit This Or Even Better is not taken It
    Great To See S.U. that what look nice and full of peace,
    Some See Through and see the dawn of darkness !!!
    Bless You !


    • re: swiss defence league (sdl)

      Thank you so much.. my beloved brothers and sisters of the sdl!

      Never forget.. “WE WIN in the END!”

      There are dark days ahead of us… but, the war has already been fought.. and, the victory has already been bought!

      May His hand of protection always cover you gently.. and, His light be your guide.

      Forever United ~ Never Divided ~ No Surrender!


      s/m @ sharia unveiled


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