2 comments on “Pastor Saeed Abedini’s Letter to His Wife From Prison

    • re: Jeana;

      Yes.. I am aware… Thank you.! I reasearched this issue and learned that Facebook is starting to attach this message to links on facebook pages that lead you away from facebook. This is an effort to encourage you to stay on facebook and increase their advertising revenue. This is a very dirty tactic. I suspect there is more to this issue in my case. I also learned a few weeks ago that there are now several muslims in high level corporate positions at Facebook. I have reason to believe this could also be a personal attack against those who reveal the truth about Islam. Regardless, it is very dirty. There are people now investigating this issue and a Class Action Lawsuit against Facebook is pending. As you can see for yourself, unlike facebook, there is absolutely “NO” advertising, pop-ups, spam, etc. on my site. Just the truth!

      Thank you Jeana!

      s/m @ sharia unveiled


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