13 comments on “Understanding the Monotheism of the Trinity

      • You Post, you get credit too. In my view the reblog and posting gets OUR news to as many people as we can, quickly. It will enable us to finally get rid of the stranglehold of the MSM once and for all time.


      • re: s/j;

        You are exactly right! We are the “New News!” We are the truth!

        That is precisely why they want to silence us. Have you been keeping up with the legislation in the UN by the O.I.C. (Organization of Islamic Cooperation) to end all negative speech against Islam, in ALL nations of the world?


        I assure you s/j… this is the single greatest threat to Free Speech in every nation of the world. Hillary Clinton is one of the creator’s of this legislation and she is leading the push for it. She has already given the green light for it here in the states.

        Here is a petition to stop this legislation in the states:


        If you would like assistance in locating the petition for the UK/ or Europe.. just let me know. I am sure I can track it down.

        I just realized.. you already reblogged this petition. Awesome Job s/j! Please keep it in the forefront of your readers…

        Bangladesh has already enacted this legislation and they just arrested there first three “test cases” this week:


        The “FIRST” violation of this “Defamation of Islam” legislation carries a possible 10 Years Imprisonment! I believe this will be the universal standard for ALL “First-time” violators.. in ALL countries.

        The definition of “defamation” and “blasphemy” in this legislation is so loosely defined and open to interpretation.. that once enacted.. if you simply said..

        “..islam is sorta’ negative..” or “..muslims can sometimes be a little harsh..” etc. = 10 Years in prison.

        I have heard the second offense carries a 25 Year Prison Sentence and the third offense is the Death Penalty.(These 2nd and 3rd Offenses are unconfirmed, at the moment)

        If this passes, (which I believe it will).. our ONLY alternative is revolution! (or acceptance.) And, I hope you can tell.. “acceptance” is not my style. To me, acceptance is not an option.

        I would rather die a free man than live in bondage.

        s/m @ sharia unveiled


      • SU, I’m afraid I may be willing to die for this. Anyway, I am not gonna stop blogging. And as you know, they can find me if they want to with relative ease. Well if that is what it takes to wake our foolish people up, so be it.


      • re: s/j;

        I do understand. Here is a reality to consider: Let’s say hypothetically, I receive my news stories from a news source in the Middle East… and, you receive your’s from me.. and others receive their’s from you.. and, so on…

        If the earthly powers that be.. scare or intimidate that source in the Middle East into silence and submission.. there goes my news.. there goes your news.. and there goes the news of those beyond you. How else will we know what is going on there? “We” are not personally witnessing with our own eyes, the news we share. We are so dependent of those above us who are. I believe they will “cut off the head” of the stories… leaving us blind. A “Beheading of Freedom.”

        I know this may sound rather pessimistic.. although, I consider it to be realistic. Forward thinking.. to ensure a contingency plan is in place.

        I hope and pray I am incorrect in the visions I see for our future.

        s/m @ sharia unveiled


      • I fear you may be correct s/m. Ppl like You, BNI, Pam Gellar et al are my Inspiration. I don’t care for me. I’m 51 yrs old and my days are numbered, It’s our grandkids I fear for.
        Anyway we’ll keep on ’till we cant, I promise our readers that.


      • re: s/j;

        That is one of the greatest compliments you could have ever payed me s/j! Placing me in the same category as those who were my inspiration to first begin to speak-out. Even mentioning me among those two, and the few others I look up to provides me with a comfort and a drive to continue what I do. Thank you so much!

        And, please do not sell yourself short, my beloved brother. You are a gentleman, a scholar and you have wonderful taste in websites! (lol)

        s/m @ sharia unveiled


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