8 comments on “U.S. Military Labels Evangelical Christians as “Religious Extremists” on Terrorist List

  1. We are soooo screwed!
    Take God out of our country and/or mention of him; and He will abandon us UNLESS we stand up!


    • re: upaces;

      Oh yes.. we are screwed 6 ways to Sunday! That’s a fact! Oh well.. it was fun while it lasted. lol..

      I can almost taste the gunpowder… from the smell of the revolution!

      s/m @ sharia unveiled

      p.s. Take a close look at that picture on this article… Is it just me.. or does it look like there are words beneath the surface of the background? Maybe it’s just an overlay.. or maybe it’s something else… hmmm…


      • Looks like a page inside a folder with another page underneath. I can read the word Military on the underlying page.


      • re: muse1876

        Yes.. that was the first word I noticed, as well.

        Enlarge the photo and see if you can read:
        “Navy Petty Officer Hassan Abujihad”

        That is near the top.. directly beneath “Religious Extremism” and just above the first line.. “Evangelical Christianity (US/Christian)”

        Would you believe.. I almost have the entire bottom sheet transcribed?

        When I complete it.. I will release it!

        And, it looks like it could be even more shocking than the top sheet!

        One thing that was “drilled” into me for several years was.. “Attention to Detail!”

        ..And, it’s still paying off.

        s/m @ sharia unveiled


      • There is something VERY interesting in that list. HAMAS is listed. Yet, HAMAS gave $$ to “54” of our politicians for their campaigns (24 hrs after that list came out, Pelosi also received $ from them).

        Isn’t Obama a Sunni Muslim?

        So? What’s going on?


  2. I just now thought about this. Let’s put the blame for this on the right entity.


    They do take orders from him; and, in the last several months he has fired and/or replaced many of the top commanders.


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