4 comments on “Muslim Mob Attacks Five British Christian Women and Two Children in India

  1. Well how bloody brave of them!!
    1) Deport ALL Muslims;
    2) Organize and fight them;
    3) Give in.


    • re: upaces;

      Yeeaaah.. those ‘brave’ muzzies.. attacking women and children, as always. The weak bastards! Weak in body.. void of mind and spirit.

      Your “3 Choices” are right on the money!

      I say start at the top with #1.. and make it work. 100%! Any remaining.. #2.

      #3 ?? I do not know what that means !!



  2. I have no compunction to ever give in…..it IS death of the spirit and even the ending of your own life….
    IF they want to LIVE…they WILL HAVE TO STAND UP!!!

    I have, here in *_______, run across them a few times. One time I “had” to call a cab with is extremely expensive where I live because the cab would have to come out of *__________. A Muslim picked me up and took me to the store. The first thing he said, “Why are you alone and where is your husband?”

    I replied: “I’ve had 3 and they all stole every dime I had and played around. Why in HELL would I ant another one of those!” He looked bewildered.

    On the way back to my home from the store, he told me something we haven’t seen on any site or in the news. Obama brought many of them here from Libya and BOUGHT THEM AN APARTMENT BUILDING (no rent). it is theirs.

    He ALSO bought them a cab company….with brand new cars!

    (*)denotes – Moderated for the security of the commentor


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